(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 14, July, 2014

A forecast – Establishment of ‘Oneness’ and eradication of traditional religions from the earth

All the traditional religions will be wiped out one day. Why? Hindus have come here, they have seen me in dreams. Muslims have come here, they have seen me in dreams. Christians, Parsees, have come here, all of them have seen me in dreams. What does it prove?

Vedas have mentioned, ‘He is one, many say this.’ So I am ‘one’ but at the same time have become many. Now what we are seeing? Many have become one. Vedas have said about ‘many’, but here ‘oneness’ is established. Now the question is, how many ‘Parama Brahma’ (Supreme One) are there? BY illusion ‘one’ seems many, but actually there exists only ‘one’.

Idol worshiping is unsubstantial

24th June,1958.

See, even Vedas were against idol worshiping. Koran also said the same thing. Now what is the drawback of idol worship?? Those who worship idols never get the sense that God is within the human body. By offering flowers at the feet of idols the man is deceiving himself, deceiving the whole world. Flowers symbolize brain cells. Those who can sprout them to Godhood, in true to sense they offer flowers to the feet of God within themselves. See my life! Being born in Hindu family I could never offer any flower at the feet of Sri Ramkrishna. I have never read any Hindu religious books except Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, though I was a voracious reader of histories, novels and dramas in English and extensively read European literatures. I was a reading man. I know ten thousand years history. Seeing these Upanishads in the self don’t think that I have read these throughout my life. Why those books are here? In Astabakra Sanghita it is said that after completion of austerity those books should be corroborated.

See, what Vedas could not say, Astabakra Sanghita has mentioned about the phenomenon happening here, though they could not say about the cause behind it.

Religion is achieved through a honest and simple working life

28th June, 1958.

Ravi means religious teacher. How wonderfully this book (one of the book ofSt. Paul) has mentioned, ‘Ravis will earn their own livelihood by working’. See, it was mentioned more than two thousand years ago and this thing has happened in my life automatically. This means, you earn your livelihood by working honestly, otherwise in begging there exist some addictions. This revelation occurs in a simple and honest life.

In every human being Diamond’s image exists

29th June, 1958.

My image exists in each of your brain. The reason is because many of you have seen me in dreams or reality before coming to me, even from your birth you are bearing this image and the proof is this child.

We are born to eradicate the old traditional religions. I was shown that I was holding ‘large chakra’ in my hand (as is shown in the hand of God Bishnu, the mythological figure to destroy all evils).

Gradually these individualistic realizations have occurred within me and we have understood this phenomenon slowly. But what reference we have got so far, I know that some saw me in dreams when I was 15 years old. That means, it was flowing in an undercurrent condition for a long time.

The reason of seeing me in dreams is because you have my stamp from your very birth. And this stamp is within every human being. Now one question may arise. Why not the whole world, why only such limited people her are seeing me within themselves?

One answer is that God’s manifestation is maximum in human body and not in animals. So only human being can see God in my form and he will manifest with his attributes.

Two among the human race those who have spiritual prejudices will see me, otherwise no others.

Thirdly, those who have seen me in dreams, trances, meditations and in reality are about five thousand in number till now. This reference, we don’t get anywhere, that a living man is seen in dreams among so many people. This can be termed as Universal in the sense.

A forecast – seeing Diamond within the body will be the initiation of true religion

5th July, 1958.

This phenomenon can be defined as seeing the form of living person within a human body. We have understood that this human being is the truth and this is the zenith. Now who is that person? Still now we have not conceived why it is happening and what will happen in future.

In far future this phenomenon will spread and then you will get your answer.

What are the forms of Brahma or Supreme One

9th July, 1958.

What are the forms of Brahma? He has three forms.

1)             Abhay or Fearlessness – It means to become one. When there is no existence of the second one, whom to fear?

2)             Ananda or Bliss – when you see me within yourselves, what is the form of him? It is condensed bliss. The universal bliss being condensed takes the form of mine and manifests within the human body. So the natural form of Brahma is nothing but bliss.

3)             What is the third form of Brahma? It is immortality. But it is not understood till  now.

What is infinity

10th July, 1958.

I have got the meaning of infinity in Upanishad. It means – to exist in ownself.

Sri Ramkrishna has said, what is Brahma cannot be conceived. Everything has been touched but not Brahma.’ That means the infinite Brahma. It is not applicable here. Here I am all. In one sense you are my form (in the spiritual world). For 17 years I have not understood this thing. But now I have understood that my both inner and outer aspects have joined in one point.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 14, July, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Ashim Kumar Biswas

Part –1

My first day meeting with Jibankrishna so many years back, but still seems to me very recent incident.

My elder brother Amal used to go to Jibankrishna at Kadamtala. After a few days when I requested him to take me there, he said, ‘I shall take you later on.’ So some more days passed. Ultimately I decided that I should go to day.

It was a day in the months of July – August, 1956, taking the bus fare from my mother I went out. It was then 3 P.M., I reached the residence of Jibankrishna.

At that time one gentleman (Bankim Chakravarty) was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. About 10-15 persons were present in the room. Jibankrishna was seated on his cot resting one hand on the side post of the cot and another hand resting on the bed. He wore a dhoti with bare upper body having a muscular figure. With closed eyes he was listening the reading. Silently I bowed down to him and sat on the floor facing Sri Ramkrishna’s portrait hanging on the wall. Sometimes I was listening to the reading and some times I was looking at him. After a while Jibankrishna opened his eyes and his look fell on me. With a very mild voice he asked me, ‘What is your name my boy? From where you have come?’ I told him my name and also said that I had come from  Salkia (Howrah). He again asked, ‘My boy, have you any dream?’ I said, ‘ No, I have not. But many years back I had a chicken pox with a high fever. In the noon time at about at 12-30 P.M. one lady weaving red bordered sari was patting my head. I thought that she was my mother as she also used to wear red bordered sari, and at that time nobody was there except my mother. Within a few minutes I slept and when I woke up I felt better. I told my mother that due to her nursing I could sleep. Hearing me my mother only looked at me but did not say anything.

Later on when I was cured I came to know that during that time my mother did not nurse me.

Still now when I remember that incident of that day, I think who was that lady wearing sari with red border?’

Hearing my incident Jibankrishna said, ‘ Yes my boy, once the same type of incident happened with me I was then 9. I had fever and I was lying sidewise. I saw that one lady was sitting beside me. I turned myself on the opposite side, but saw that on that side also she was seated. Not only that, looking at the sides of my head and legs she was seated. Now, listen to the reading.’

During this conversation the reading was stopped. Again it was started. In the evening more people came. It seemed that they use to come everyday and they are familiar for a long period.

Addressing one by one Jibankrishna was welcoming with the words, ‘Come my boy, come!’ This voice seemed so sweet to me! This call seemed to be eternal and I had never heard anywhere in my life.

It was 9 P.M. The reading came to an end. Everybody was touching the Gospel on their heads. At last Jibankrishna held it on his head, and began to shiver with ecstasy. Then after bowing to the Gospel he opened his eyes. The eyes were so calm and full of divinity with a sweet smile on face. With folded hands he was bowing to everybody. When from a distant places I was getting up, he said, ‘Asim, come again.’

In that same night I saw a dream. I saw that raising the palms Jibankrishna was saying, ‘Why your clothes are kept dirty. Clean these properly.’

Next day I went to him. It was then 3 P.M.. The reading was going on. Seeing me bowing to him from the door he said, ‘Ashim, come and sit here.’ Today he sat on the floor. I told him, ‘Last night I saw a dream.’ With great eager he asked, ‘Say what have you seen.’ When I narrated the dream some gentlemen present in the room said, ‘It is over within a day!’ From that day I became one of them and every day I started coming. Sometimes I used to narrate my dreams and he interpreted these dreams. One day he said, ‘ Whatever you see, write it down.’ I could not write all, some of these I wrote and the numbers are about hundred.

One day, at noon time someone brought some grapes and apples to offer him. He told that gentleman, ‘My boy, I should not take anything from anybody. Better you take those back, feed your children.’ With a great surprise the gentleman looked at him and then kept those fruits in his bag. After a while when that gentleman was going out, Jibankrishna told him, ‘My boy, whenever you find time, come here. You don’t need to bring anything. My boy, your Thakur (Looking at the portrait of Sri Ramkrishna) has created a new thing here.

One day I was seated with him on the cot, he showed the awakening of Kundalini. I saw that in his body that something like a ‘parwal’ (Vegetable) was moving inside his body and different parts of the body were swelling, but instantly they were moving away.’ I saw both ascent and descent. Then he fell into Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God). After coming down from Samadhi he showed the descent of Kundalini from the neck to lower region of his back side.

One day he said, ‘My boy this is a physical cult. The body should be made strong. Every day you take physical exercise and bow down to your parents.

During summer season I saw that not only he used to fan himself with hand fan, but also others seated near him. If anybody wanted to fan him, by giving signal he prevented them, as to release him from trouble. During those periods once fear of snakes during walking, sleeping influenced me. One day I told him about this feeling. Addressing a person seated in the room he said, ‘Radhu, he had the same feeling as you had once.’ Saying this he smiled. Looking at me he said, ‘That Radhu, saw snakes coming out of his drawer in broad day light. Say what it is! This is a spiritual state and later on it will be okay.’



Volume -14, July, 2014

Chapter 30

Accompaniment  with  devotees

136.    19th June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I saw myself spending my days at a place like Makardah, Howrah with Ananda Mohan Ghosh and Anath Nath Mondal, two companions of Jibankrishna. Then the dream went off.

[The dream again signifies that the seer is continuously having regular spiritual practices even in dream.]

Indication of controlling the spiritual world in

 future through  the  Holy  Ghost

137.        20th June, 1976.

Noon time dream:  I was going on saying—‘In future the days will come when we shall control the spiritual world through any of his (Jibankrishna) sayings being either transformed into him or having his entity. While saying this I noticed the same scene happening before me and I saw myself wearing a necktie and doing the same thing. The dream ended here.

[It is not known how this dream will be effective in future.]

Indications of merging of  Atma or Soul  and  Paramatma

138.      21st June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  In the first scene the inside and outside reproductive organ of a woman were visible.

In the second scene I saw Arun Ghosh, a devotee telling me, ‘Do you analyze your dreams’? I answered, ‘I only think of my dream and it will serve the purpose’.

In the third scene I saw Abala Kanta Dutta. In the fourth scene one of my relatives seeing my palms said, within a year you will be married. The dream went off.

[The first scene indicates that the mystery of nature may be exposed to the seer in future ; the second scene indicates that the effects of the dreams may be established in the body of the seer; the third scene signifies the establishment of the entity of ‘Shiva’ or oneness in the seer and the fourth scene means that in future the seer may have the experience of the unification of ‘Atma’ and ‘Paramatma’ within him as marriage means the unification of ‘Atma’ and ‘Paramarma’ according to  Jibankrishna.

Accompaniment  with  the  devotees

139.      22nd June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I saw Sourindra Bhattacharjee, a companion of  Jibankrishna having a conversation with me at the edge of a pond for a prolonged period and then the dream went off .

[The seer is having continuous spiritual practices both in reality and dream.]

Extinction   of   the  consequences  of  previous

actions  and  gaining  the  entity  of  the  Holy Ghost

140.        24th June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  our house was  attacked by robbers. But I put everybody in a safe place and through a tunnel underneath the house I reached the Police headquarter, took the police officer on a car to the house and here the scene is changed.

In the next scene the voice of Jibankrishna was heard in a tape recorder. But after a while I was astonished that the voice of  Jibankrishna was changed into my own voice. Here the dream went off.

The first scene signifies as such : Robbers mean the consequences of previous actions ; Police means the extinction of the effect of work. The seer will achieve the effect of dream.

The second scene signifies that there is no separate entity of anybody—only Jibankrishna’s existence  is there in the spiritual world. In future there is a possibility that the seer may achieve the entity of jibankrishna in the spiritual world.

Vision  of  other’s  condition

141.        26th June, 1976.

Early morning dream:  A very sickly and thin person is seen lying on the floor—as if on the verge of death point. Everybody feels sorry after seeing him. But after a while I was feeling -Oh! This man is Raghunath Sen!

(A close companion of  Jibankrishna), I was  going on thinking—Oh !He was so healthy previously and now he is in such a pathetic condition! After a while the patient has become free of disease as if has returned from the death point, and then has turned his face. I also had a sigh of relief and here ends the dream.

[Here in the dream the present condition of the devotee has been revealed and in reality he has been passing through a very miserable condition both financially and mentally . But the next part shows that I shall be relieved from all these conditions and this really happened in my life within a very few years.]

Future  indication  of  publicity  of  the  seer’s  dream.

142.        26th June, 1976.

Early morning:  Dhiren Mondal, a companion was reading my dreams very loudly and then the dream went off .

[The dream corroborates a dream as seen by the seer on 23.6.72 which indicated that once the dreams of the seer would be gaining publicity in future.

This dream came true after ten years when the dreams are published regularly in a magazine and then since 2010 these dreams are regularly published in different websites.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 14, July,2014


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

303)     “Yes, God may be attained also in the path of discrimination.

This is called—Jnana-Yoga. The course of discrimination is very hard”.

Discrimination—touches the brain, produces effect, brings about inward changes in the body, and manifests its make over the body; then it is real discrimination.

Some 450 years back Shri Chaitanya met Prakashananda Swarawati, the leader of the Vedantists of the time and a follower in the path of discrimination. Prakashnanda commenced a discussion. Shri Chaitanya marked that there was no mark of God’s manifestation over the body of Prakashananda and he silenced him in no time. Prakashananda became a disciple of Sri Chaitanya.

304)       “God  cannot  be  attained  in  the  body without  true  love  and  sincere  devotion”.

This happens only with Nitya Siddha—born freed.

305)       “Until  and  unless  true  love  for  God  springs  up  in  the  body”.

There cannot be a true love for God till God is seen in the seventh plane. It needs three stages; Then true love for God springs up. They are—

(1) He out of His grace will appear as God-the-Preceptor in the body of the devotee and takes him on his shoulder as a father does to his own child.

(2) Then life—power gets awakened, accumulates and takes inward ascending course.

(3) And lastly, this life—power will be transformed into God and will be pointed out and shown by God-the-Preceptor in the seventh plane.

306)      “Green  or  unripe  devotion”.

It is the devotion of a beginner (Prabartak).

307)       “When  there  comes  true  love  of  God”

This love comes after seeing God in the seventh plane. It has got two prominent marks. The seer of God passes his days in speaking out the glory of God and the process of manifestation of God in His sportive forms in his body to the devotees and thereby to the world. The second one is that a true devotee will get the seer as God-the-Preceptor.

308)       “Ripe  or  real  devotion”.

This kind of love to God springs up after knowledge of ‘Thou’, accompanies the display of              Descent, and reaches the manikin form (Manus Ratan). If anyone attains this love of God, God Himself gives publicity by making other devotees known about it. This knowledge comes from within the devotees.

(309)     “Those  devotees  whose  love  of God  is  not  a matured  one  cannot  get  the

Sportive  forms  or  instructions  as  spoken, expressed  in  or  over their  body”.

It is so with a beginner (Prabartak).



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 14, July, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 19

Ms. Kakali Laha from the Reading Centre of 1/1, Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah narrated dream :

On December 28, 1999,I was seeing in my dream that with my sister I was going somewhere by a bus. Suddenly I noticed that in front of hotel Hindustan Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna were standing on the road by holding each other’s hands. My sister asked, ‘Will you go to them through the window’? Here my dream was off.

[The seer got Jibankrishnaa as her God-the-Preceptor and saw Sri Ramkrishna as God the incarnation. Bus indicates the motion of life-power within her body. This is the effect after listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anibhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version.]

From Howrah Reading Center of 1/1, Kali Banerjee Lane, Mitul Basu has narrated his dream after listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anibhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

On August 5, 2000, I was seeing in my dream that in an unknown place many people were worshipping different pictures of Gods and Goddesses. Suddenly I saw that a picture of Jibankrishna flew from another place and fell on those pictures. I exclaimed, ‘Oh, this is the picture of Jibankrishna’! But none of those people knew him, though all said, ‘We have seen him in our dreams.’ Then they started worshipping his picture.

[The dream signifies the fact that in reality innumerable people without knowing Jibankrishna’s name and seeing his form see him in dreams and get him as their God-the-Preceptor. The dream also signifies that?

Jibankrishna is Param Brahma or the Supreme Self being above all the deities.]

Ms. Purnima Laha from Howrah Reading Centre at 1/1, Kali Banerjee Lane has narrated a dream :

One night in the year 2000 A. D. I was seeing in my dream that on a bootle gourd vine Sri Ramkrishna Deva was giving a lecture and Jibankrishna was seated beside him. Seeing Sri Ramkrishna I was saying, ‘You are so handsome’! After I said this, Sri Ramkrishna blessed me, and my dream was off.

[Sri Ramkrishna Deva often used a metaphor ‘In a bottle gourd vine it produces fruits first and then flowers.’ The yogic meaning given by Jibnakrishna was that now-a-days first visualization of God occurs and then comes the spiritual manifestation.

In JiIbankrishna’s era the same thing is happening.]

From Howrah Reading Centre of 1/1, Kali Banerjee Lane Ms. Puja Jana has narrated her dream thus :

One night in the year 2007 A. D. I was dreaming that Pabitra uncle (Reader of some Reading Centre) was standing in the reading room of our house, holding a black hand bag. He asked me, ‘Have you seen me’? I answered, ‘No, I have not seen.’ Then he asked, ‘You told me before that you had seen Jibankrishna’? Then I remembered that in a dream Jibankrishna told me, ‘Every Thursday during reading hour I used to sit here.’ The dream was off.

[This is the effect of listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) and wherever the reading goes on his spiritual influence acts there.]