(BY Diamond picked up in the street)
Volume – 16. November, 2011

The proof of attaining Brahmahood or Supreme One

…… The attainer of ‘Brahmahood’ will be seen by numerous people as ‘Man in the Sun’ in their own cerebrum. This denotes in the vedic term that He is ‘Paramatma’. Again, He will be seen by millions within their own bodies and then it tantamounts to a proof of his being Paramatma. Wonderful are the vedic versions as they admit of a proof and then furthermore, this proof concerns the humanity and the humanity alone. Every human being bears this vedic proof latent in him. Long live the Vedas the torch bearer of the light of Truth to guide the mankind to a world of eternal bliss, not of milk and honey, but of ‘oneness’.

The Vedic principle accepts only Universalism

The vedic principle does not accept the individual experience but marches into the midst of the humanity – the living ocean of humanity (Jana – samudra) and declares at the highest pitch of its voice.
‘Thou art man, thou art woman, thou art boy and girl and thou art verily the whole humanity’.
This declaration is not a series of empty vocabularies or exalted poetic ideas but the summum bonum where with a man proves his attainment of Brahmahood, as the places and manifests himself in the heart of each and every member of the humanity comprising the old and the young alike as it was so declared thousands and thousands of years ago – ‘Eko’ham bahusayam’ – ‘I am one but I shall be many and furthermore it adds – ‘sada jananam hridaye sannivishtah’, that is, ‘placed ever (He is) in the heart of mankind’.
The above vedic experience is obtained through the seers, who announce it and ‘Man the Brahma’ is but the only recipient of the bliss.

Volume – 16,November,2011


(I met Diamond after seeing him in dreams)
Sambhudas Chatterjee
It was 7th December,1957. I was lying on my bed. Suddenly at midnight my sleep was interrupted. The church bell nearby was rung indicating 2-00 AM. I sat on my bed but felt no imbecile attitude. I was a bit surprised and thought it might be some kind of spiritualism. I took the name of God but again lied down. Suddenly I felt a peculiar sensation on my body hair starting from foot to head just like the breeze over the paddy fields, making those places free of any sensation. When this reaches to my chest region I felt as if I was going to drown within a whirlpool of a river and I became almost senseless.
Next stage – As if I became the tip of a lead pencil having no thoughts and senses of the outer world with only a feeling that somebody was rising from my chest upward direction. Later on I noticed a thick cloud like object like a body form having hands, legs, eyes and a Robin blue color (for washing cloth). That figure stood for some time and again approaching in a forward movement stood. Then ultimately that figure stood on a high place. I noticed that the figure bending his neck looked at me and then and there vanish.
In the next scene I saw in front of my forehead an eye lens which suddenly began to whirl clockwise. Then it started becoming bigger and bigger and ultimately the inner region took the shape of a bicycle type with white illumination and inside that light was seated an old, stout man looking at me.
It seemed that he wore a vest and a dhoti (white long cloth wore by Bengalis on the lower part of the body). I fixed my eyes on him thoughtlessly. At that moment his ye lids moved and he vanished. Instantly I got back my body feelings and senses of the surroundings. I sat my bed and a question came in my mind, who was this man? Whether he was a soul of a dead man or a living person? If he was alive, then he must live in any place of Himalaya and it would be impossible for an asthma patient like me to go there! Afterwards when I met one Fakir, during discussions he told me that I would meet that man.
After two and half years once I went to visit Mother Anandamayee (holy mother) and I came to know about this man from Dhiren Roy, Abalakanta Dutta and Nalini Banerjee. They told me that his name was Jibankrishna (Diamond) and he used to reside at Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta). So I took the address from them and in the month of April,1960, one day I went to Kadamtala. Standing in front of his house I was thinking which house it might be. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘are you searching for somebody’? I looked inside the room and saw a gentlemen sitting on a cot. I said, ‘yes I am searching for the residence of Jibankrishna Ghosh’. He said, ‘come, come! I am Jibanhrishna Ghosh’.
That was Sunday and the time was 2-00 PM. On the floor I saw four people were seated on a cloth mat. Jibankrishna wanted to know where did I get his address. I told him about Dhiren Roy and others. Then opening the backside window he asked me whether I saw him before. I said, ‘yes, I saw, just as you are seated here, in the same posture I saw you in my dream. Being asked by him, I narrated the whole dream in brief of course two of the scenes I forget to mention before. (i) Before seeing the image a posture was created in a hand infront of me and then touched my chest with a great force (ii) Immediately after visualizing the figure the name ‘Hari’ (God) was uttered in my mouth.
After hearing this dream, Jibankrishna said, ‘do you know what happened to you? You experienced Samadhi. Have you seen any other dreams’? I narrated in brief some of my divine dreams. He remarked, ‘Oh! What you have seen, any one of threes dreams would have liberated a man’. See whether there is any development. Otherwise at the point of death the same, scene will be repeated and you will be mixed with me’. I thought, ‘what this man is saying’!
Then I repeatedly said to everybody, ‘see, what he has seen’!
After narrating my dream to him, he told me three meanings : (1) you have seen blue consciousness (universalism); (2) you have seen ‘Rama’ or ‘One’ and (3) you have seen your own self’.
I realized later on that I visualized the Great Soul or Paramatma in the first scene. In the second scene I saw Jibankrishna or Diamond. It means he himself is the great Soul or Atman or Brahma. Thereafter I regularly go to him.


The mysterious book of Diamond and his action through Reading Center
(Collected and translated from the experiences in Bolpur Reading Center)

Part – 2
A new chapter was added to Sri Niketan Reading Centre when some Muslim students began to attend this reading Center.
Fazlul Hawk used to come to the Centre. One night he dreamt – Diamond came out in flesh and blood body from his photo and said to him, ‘What is the need of running here and there? You think about me. I am God and that will serve your purpose.’ Then he gradually vanished.
He saw in another dream that everywhere it was dense dark. Only in the place in front of him it was illuminated and Diamond was standing there. He showed Fazlul some writings on a paper and said, ‘you should know, people know that I am God.’ Thus he began to have innumerable dreams. In one of his dreams he saw that Diamond was the first primordial man in whom the manifestation of God occurred and with his appearance the march of civilization started.
One Muslim hawker named Seikh Alimuddin was taking rest placing his head on the bag of the clothes at noon time in a place of Ilambazar. Suddenly he saw infront of him a very bright figured person was looking at him with smiling face. After a while that form vanished.
For long two years that hawker searched in many place to find out the man whom he saw, but failed. Suddenly one day he went incidentally to the residence of Kamal Malakar to drink water. There two-three persons were discussing Diamond. When he heard about their experiences in dreams, he narrated his vision to them. He was shown a photo of Diamond. Being overwhelmed with surprise and joy he said, ‘there is no doubt that I had seen this man in my vision. To day I got a great peace in mind.’
There was a barber named Mahammed Saukat Ali at Srineketan Market. He used to attend the reading centre at Jiban Chatterjee’s residence. After hearing the reading of Diamond’s book, one day he had gone to a mosque for ‘namaj’, he saw Diamond standing beside him in flesh and blood body all the time.s coming back home through a very lonely place and reciting the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ (Diamond) feeling a great fear in mind. Just at that moment he saw that an old man was following him wearing a dhoti upto his knee with bare upper body. Reaching near his village, the old man told him, ‘There is no fear now, go home’! But when Sauket turned his head towards his backside, there was no trace of the old man.
After coming home when he knocked the door, his wife came and opened the door. She told her husband, “I was having a nice dream. One old gentleman coming to me said, ‘Mother, don’t worry. I am with you. You need not be anxious.’ Just at this moment you knocked the door and my dream was off.” The description of the old man given by his wife was identical with Diamond’s photo.

By Diamond picked up in the street

What is God-the-Preceptor – his role

God-the-Preceptor assumes human form, appears before you, blesses you and says, ‘you will attain God-head’. God in the body takes this unknown or by gone human form selects you as a bridegroom, in other words, makes your body a play ground for his blissful and joyous sports.
He teaches you the whole course of ‘Rajyoga’ – the emanation and transformation of God through the five sheaths or the seven planes into the Supreme Bliss………..
Without attainment of God-the-Preceptor, a devotee is not lucky enough to see God in vaious states in him; nay, not only this, but he will not get the least response of God in him.
Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, ‘Without the bliss of God-the-Preceptor, there cannot be any upward progress’. This upward progress means the upward motion of the life power in a man, that is waking of life power and her march in the seventh plane without the attainment of God-the-Preceptor, the life power does not wake up. There cannot be any realization without life power being wakened up.transformation into God-with-Form as God in the body assumes that form out if sheer mercy.

Who is this Blessed man

Who is this man? Yes, he is a marked man. This mark has been given to him by the ‘Supreme One’ from within.
This very mark reveals the meaning experiences and proof of the Vedic aphorism ‘Jamebaisa brinute teno lavyah’.
He attains this Supreme One, in whom the supreme one from within the body expresses himself. It means the spontaneous expression of the supreme one from within. No rhyme or reason can be ascribed to this attainment, save and except the line of the heritage which to all intent and purpose speaks.
The Vedic experiences run thus. From the cerebrum of the human body called the Brahmaopura, the residence of the supreme one comes down Brahma or the supreme one to the man in the form of a human being made of god’s light, and in course of time, teaches ‘Rajyoga’ to the man.
This is the very marked man and not an ordinary man.
References of this type are in almost all the holy religious books of the world when god and also the angels appear and talk.
The operation happens within the body. The seer casts out the reflection and sees hm in the outside. Generally he is made of the light of God.
He shall speak and instruct. Even so much so that he may assume the form of a living man, but at the same time, he shall be seen coming out of the body, and shall enter the body again. The chief agent of these experiences is the seer’s own human body and there is no other agency to operate in the outside. This human body is the fountain head when all these bliss come.
Now, to it to be added the mystery of the first appearance of the supreme one from the Brahmapura and the process needs clarification. The seer’s life power imperceptibly and without any knowledge of the seer himself, making her way to the cerebrum, assumes the human form, comes down and appears in the causal body of the Blessed Man.

The proper age for the appearance of God-the-Preceptor
and his role in the human body

At the age of twelve years four months, God-the-Preceptor assumes a human form, made of god’s light, appears in the body, gives him his bliss denoting the whole future life of the devotee in a single word, teaches him the whole process of yoga (Rajyoga), the method of transformation into god and then disappears.
The God is in the body. The man is not aware of him. He comes out and makes the man conscious of divinity in him. The man sees all these occurrences.
Then commences ‘Sadhan’ (austerity) or transformation of the inner-self into supreme bliss. Innumerable area the conditions and realizations through which the inner-self passes and transforms till it reaches the void zone where no ego or the last thing of feeling exists (Brahmagnan).
Then descent follows. God in the body comes down first from cerebrum to throat then again form cerebrum to the waist and lastly in the form of a manikin (Manus Ratan). This manikin speaks out the process of God’s sport in the body.

(Vision of past and future)
Volume – 16,November, 2011

Revelation of future compilation of Diamond’s sayings and its English translation

4th September, 1977, Sunday.
Early morning dream : I noticed that my compilation of Diamond’s saying in Bengali was being read by someone and I was also listening. After a while its English translation would also be read. Thereafter I was awakened.
After a while I again fell asleep and dreamt that my eldest sister Baruna at home said something which raised my anger and with a single dress I went out of my home. I told my mother, ‘I do not know when I shall return’. After going out of home, I thought were to go. So many names came in my mind. Lastly the name of Dhiren Mondal appeared in my mind. Then and there it was noticed that he himself came to take me in his house and I accompanied him towards his house. I then woke up.
The first scene reveals the future when this compilation would be read by many people and also these will be translated into English.
The second scene in microcosm reveals that the seer would become calm as ‘Dhiren’ depicts calmness.
[After fifteen years of hard work, the compilation of Diamond’s sayings was completed and then after thirty three years its English translation is being made for the website by the seer himself.]

Indication of new realizations and indication of spiritualism in Younger generations in future

13th November, 1977, Saturday.
Early morning dream : I was seated on the 1st floor of Indranath Mukherjee’s residence at Makardah and with him was Dhiren Mondal. After a while I noticed that many young boys were coming upwards and went outside through the Cornish. I was surprisingly thinking that were they thieves! With curiosity I looked outside and noticed that on the ground floor a picnic was arranged and many devotees e.g., Dilip Ghosh, Sourendra Nath Bhattacharya and many others were present. I then woke up.
The dream reveals two aspects : Firstly, there will be more and more realizations within the seer and Diamond will appear in younger generations in future.
[This proved true after some years. The seer is having numerous divine realizations and younger generations are now seeing Diamond within them.]