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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 16, August, 2014

Chapter – 13

Forecast of Diamond

27th – 29th July, 1958.

The end of this phenomenon of seeing me within the human body cannot be conceived. But one day may come when a man saw me within him and then he forgot this incident. Later on perhaps another man could see the seer in my form standing before him, as because long before he saw me within him.

Seeing me only once or twice will not serve the purpose. There are many such incidents. How much do they understand this! Seeing me once within the body means this has manifested in embryo. Then gradually when you will get my full-fledged attributes then only this will do.

New Concept of Religion

30th July, 1958.

Religion means that which holds a man. The common factor of every human being is his life force. To corroborate our states, eight of you have seen me in the sun within your body in the form of Parama Brahma or supreme Brahma of the sun (microman).

The religion exists encircling that Parama Brahma of the sun. the transformation of life power of a man into that Parama Brahma is the religion.

Real Equality comes through getting Diamond within the body

August, 1958

The differentiation between family man and monks has brought a great harm to the world. Only a class of aristocracy is created. You are a family man so you are a lower class and we are monks so we are higher class. Is the God is different for a monk and a family man? Even if anybody leads a family life, is it his fault? Does the fault come upon that God who makes him so?

So long this tradition in the religious world continues that you are superior and I am inferior. But what is happening here? I have transformed you into my own form. Everybody is equal. There is no question of superiority or inferiority. And this is the true equality.

Seeing Diamond within the body is the most mysterious phenomenon

2nd august, 1958

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) made a comment, “Sachcidananda is the Preceptor”. He did not say that man is Preceptor. The maximum of individualism is Samadhi. But with further advancement here, we are getting that Man is Brahma (Supreme). Our phenomenon crosses region of Samadhi. In Sri Ramkrishna’s era only 4-5 people saw him dreams. But here the number is continues. Even the children see me, mothers see me within them merely sitting at their houses. And countless people have seen me without coming to me or without knowing anything about me. We are witnessing such wonderful and mysterious phenomenon in our life.

The human body is Veda

3rd August, 1958

See, man is Brahma (Supreme). There are limitless manifestation of spiritualism within a human body. Anything about the past, present and future can manifest within this body. Is there any end of it! And for an unlimited time this can continue. In one sense this human body is the Veda which is created from the limitless spiritual manifestation of a human body.

The meaning of Adam & Eve

4th August, 1958

The first man of the world in whom God was manifested is Adam, and Eve was the casual body of Adam. Just like Rami who came out of the body of Chandidas (in West Bengal).

The phenomenon of spontaneous spiritual manifestation within a human body was prior to the Aryan era. This phenomenon happens encircling a human being. Here it is happening encircling me, otherwise it cannot be conceived.

Everything comes from inside the human body

4th /7th august, 1958

The old religious were based on the doctrine of human-preceptor. Here you are the preceptor of yourself. Man is Brahma. Whatever you see outside is your inner materials. And the concept of inert Brahma (supreme) means my ignorance about seeing me within myriads of people. This is termed as unconcerned consciousness. Here we have got a universal austerity – oneness. Here so many people see a man within themselves – this is called oneness.

“Here we have come to know the mystery of religion. In my boyhood I promised that whatever mystery of religion is there, I shall expose all to the world.”



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 16, August, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Asim Biswas


After meeting Jibankrishna I saw innumerable divine dreams, but a very few are given.

1)             February 4, 1957. I saw that Jibankrishna, some of his companions and I went to Salkia, Howrah. There we saw steps of Martin Railway  station and a big well. It was newly dug and its mouth was very wide. While crossing the well. I heard that my sister was saying, ‘Jump into the well.’ Hearing this Jibankrishna said affectionately, ‘Oh, why do they jump? Are they any less? They have visualized God.’ Then all of us came to our Salkia house. Sitting there Jibankrishna said, ‘Once Sri Ramkrishna went to America. The Americans asked him, ‘Why we do not have realizations like Bengalis?’ Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘The Bengalis have the good prejudices of the previous birth and they understand it well.’ But he gave them hope that they will have to a certain extent. It is not that they will have nothing.’

Then, Thakur took a piece of a shirt and making a hole in it hang it like a flag. He was explaining to others how much austerity the prophets gained. Then he hang the cloths of each of Christ, Sri Chaitanya and Buddha in one place and placed the cloth of Sri Ramkrishna separately. Then he wanted another cloth to judge his own austerity. My mother went inside a room to fetch a cloth for him. I wore a winter garment. Showing it I asked, ‘Shall I give it?’ But Jibankrishna told, ‘No, let it be. She has gone to bring my shirt.’ The dream was off.

2)      April 19, 1957. I saw in dream that Jibankrishna was seated in his room. Being kneel down before him I was saying, ‘In Dakshineswar Naren (Swami Vivekananda) and Rakhal (Swami Brahmananda) were having debates. They started debate with me, but I came from there. I was saying so and was patting the cheeks of Jibankrishna with my two hands. Then my dream was off.

Hearing this Jibankrishna said, ‘You were in the era of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and even nursed Thakur. So it was shown here also. Your previous birth was shown.

3)      May 23, 1957. Thursday.

At noon time I saw that I had gone to a very lonely place. Rows of many sapling were planted there. It seemed that the garden  was endless and as if those were planted in memory of Sri Ramkrishna. My elder sister and I were there. I was watching every plant and walking. I noticed that the base of one plant was dry. Beside this plant I saw a small water tank and was full of water. Taking a container I filled it with water and poured on the base. While pouring my hand was shivering and I was thinking that I might see Sri Ramkrishna. Then I did not see my sister and I was alone. Suddenly I saw that Sri Ramkrishna was seated on a column like mound. Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) was also there and he asked Sri Ramkrishna three time, ‘What I have got?’ Sri Ramkrishna also asked three times, ‘what do you want?’ Then Swamiji vanished. Jibankrishna then came and asked him, ‘What I have got?’ Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘What will be there to you, you are God yourself.’ I was hearing their conversation and laughing. Jibankrishna was then leaving the place and I was running to the same direction where he went. I was shouting calling him as ‘Mother, Mother! And next time as ‘Brother, brother.’ My sense was at that time that as if Sri Ramkrishna was my father and Jibankrishna was my mother. Then Jibankrishna vanished. I was crying. In the mean time a married lady came and asked me, ‘My boy, are you not finding him? Come with me.’ She approached and I followed her. At this moment my dream was off.

I narrated this dream to Jibankrishna when I was alone. Hearing it he said, ‘Be quit, don’t tell any body about this dream.’ But after a few days I narrated this dream to all according to his instruction.

4)      October 4, 1957. I saw in a dream that Sri Ramkrishna was seated in his room. Sitting on his big cot he was giving advice to 2-3 persons. At that moment Jibankrishna and we 2-3 persons entered there. Jibankrishna sat on one side of the cot and we sat on a small cot beside the big cot. Sri Ramkrishna told Jibankrishna, ‘You are God yourself. What shall I talk with you?’ JJibankrishna said, ‘No, you talk and I shall interpret it.’ Then my dream was off.

5)      March 24, 1958. In the night I dreamed that my younger brother (Rabindranath) was saying, ‘The affection and love of Sri Ramkrishna for his devotees were incomparable. It is very rare.’ When he finished his words I saw Sri Ramkrishna. His cloth was wrapped below his waist. The lower portion of his dress was touching the ground and standing there he was laughing. Just at this moment Jibankrishna came. Then my brother said, ‘He is more beautiful, more joyous.’ Then I could not see my brother, and saw that Sri Ramkrishna was gradually merging in to Jibankrishna and only Jibankrishna was saying something to my brother. But I could not hear anything. Then my dream was off.

6)      June 3, 1958. I saw in dream that I had gone to our country side house. In one place there were many wells side by side. All the sides were sloppy. I got down into the well slowly. Many persons were inside the wells and I joined them. Then I got up from the well and found a one rupee note. I took the note and got down into the next well. This time also I found a two rupees note and with the notes I got up.

Coming to a place I saw a huge one storied house covering a wide area. There were numerous rooms in the house. They seemed to be different stages of austerity. I saw that Jibankrishna entered into a room and after making a round in side the room he entered into another room. I was standing outside and saw that one by one he entered into one room to another. Coming to a room when he was coming out after making a round, Sri Ramkrishna told him, ‘Where else you will go? Stay here.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘No, coming this time is not for stopping. This motion is nonstop able.

Again I saw that Jibankrishna continued to enter from one room to another. Completing all the rooms he stood near the door of the house and told two persons Santi and Kanti by name, ‘If anybody picks up a coin. You should know that he has got a diamond.’ I thought that I have got three Rupees notes. If one paisa coin is equivalent to a diamond, then what will be the value of three rupees notes? At this stage my dream was off.

November, 1976

7/7, Priyanath Ghosh Lane,

Ghosh para, Howrah-4.



Volume – 16, August, 2014

Chapter 32

Revelation  of  other’s  condition  and  indication

of  numerous  realizations

147.      12th July,1976.

Early morning dream:  The religious master Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath was seated in a house. On the basis of a question on some realizations he tried to find out its explanation in a religious book drastically. I was seated enjoying his helplessness in this matter. Ultimately he could not find it out.

After a while somebody gave him food and he put these in a cloth bag just like the priest do during worships.

In the next scene I saw brinjal  plants yielding plenty of brinjals and I began to harvest the brinjals and filled the baskets. There were both large and small size brinjals, although big sizes were more. Iltimately I completed harvesting and the dream went off.

[The first scene shows the status of the so-called  religious masters proving their very poor knowledge on spiritualism and also their greediness on earthly affairs .

The second scene indicates that in future the seer will have numerous realizations.]

Revelation  of  own  and  other’s  spiritual  status

148.       30th July, 1976.

Early morning dream:  In a huge and open hall Mr. Iswariprasad Goenka, a well known Industrialist (very much  known to me) was seen seated. Conversations with me were going on. Meanwhile it was noted that some other persons were also seated in front . Looking properly at them they were identified as some devotees like Indranath Mukherjee, Arun ghosh, Abala kanta Dutta etc . One of them was explaining something about  Jibankrishna to Mr Goenka and his body was jumping . At first he seemed to be Arun Ghosh, but then I realized that he was not Arun Ghosh but Indranath Mukherjee and I was surprised to see him in such a condition which was beyond imagination.

Meanwhile seeing an aeroplane in the sky Mr. Abala Dutta was going to say something about the plane, but Mr. Ghosh said, ‘let it go’. I also said, ‘we cannot withstand such type of talks’. Saying this I sat with full ecstacy. After a while when I got back my full sense, I saw everybody lying on floor except Mr. Goenka who was massaging the legs of Arun Ghosh . Then while Mr. Goenka wanted to massage my legs, with folded hands I said, ‘I am poorest of the poor, why massaging my legs’? Here the dream went off.

[The dream indicates the esoteric conditions of everybody.]

Stability  of  ‘Brahmagyan’ or Supreme Cult within  the  body

149.         3rd August, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I went somewhere with some of my students. There one unknown boy gave me a ripe mango of huge size. I began to eat it and went on eating as if there was no end of it. Then ultimately I threw out the very thin stone.Then I got a custard apple. I ate a portion of it and then distributed to others. The dream was off.

[The dream indicated that ‘Individualistic Brahmagyan’ has become stable in the seer’s body . Huge mango means the huge intensity of Brahmagyan(Supreme cult) ; very thin stone means the minimum ego sense of the seer—that means the livelihood will be as minimum as required in future ( Sri Ramkrishna said).

Custard apple contains many seeds which in future, through the seer many people will gain spiritualism.

Accompaniment  with  the  Holy Ghost  and  Devotees

150.       9th August, 1976.

Early morning dream:  The dream opened with the scene of Jibnakrishna’s room at Kadamtala, Howrah . He was seated on his cot reading a book. Some other devotees were also present in the room amongst whom only  Indranath Mukherjee was recognized. I was feeling a great enjoyment seeing  Jibankrishna. Even after the dream this sense of enjoyment persisted for a long time.

[The dream was an indication of increasing brain capacity of the seer as well as growing sense of oneness with others.]

Descent  of  Divine  Consciousness  up to  the  waist

151.        12th August, 1976.

Early morning dream:  In the first scene I saw a huge endless open space and I kept on walking through that space to an unknown place.

In the second scene I saw myself going to Jitendra nath Chatterjee’s house (a devotee), but it was situated at Shyambazar unlike the reality.

Suddenly I observed that the narrow canal existing near Shyambazar became full of Ganges water up to the brim and was converted into a much wider canal. The Ganges water running from Bagbazar Ganges river  filled it up. Seeing this beautiful scene I became overwhelmed with joy saying ‘Oh! How nice!’

In the last scene I saw a room where some devotees e.g., Ananda Mohan Ghosh, Raghunath Sen and I was seated. Brother Raghu was saying on the basis of a dream of  Dhiren Mondal in which he saw God, ‘As  we are mixing with each other, otherwise except Anath (Mondal) and Arun (Mukherjee) others would have been diverted, Here the dream went off.

[The first scene indicated the huge capacity of the seer’s spiritual brain power as symbolized by a huge open space

The second scene means thus—the capacity of the seer’s ‘Susumna’ has become increased where the divine consciousness in the form of Ganges water has come down to the waist as Shyambazar depicts Shyam or Lord Krishna whose divine consciousness came down from

Sahasrar or cerebrum to the waist. Here water cools the body. In a previous dream divine consciousness was seen in the cerebrum in the form of sparkling light.

The last scene is coincided with the reality as there goes on a regular assembly of many devotees at the residence of Raghunath Sen.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 16, August, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

316)             “If  love  of  God  develops  then  there will be a  complete  annihilation

And  evaporation  of  the  attachment  to  the  world  and  the  body”.

This mind is to be withdrawn from the world and it is to be kept confined in the body. Then God out of grace will emanate from the body and attachment of body will get slackened in grade along with liberation of God. But the first and foremost requirement is to get development of love to God and this cannot be had without His grace.

317)                     “The slightest trace of bodily existence with olds the manifestation of

God in the seventh plane and God is not seen”

God pervades all through and over the body. If in full measure God emanates and gets Himself collected in the seventh plane then God will be seen. Or in other words, if God is seen in the seventh plane then there is an emanation of God in full measure from the body. If a single fibre of the body is in a sullied state then there will not be emanation in full measure and God in the seventh plane will not be seen.

“If there is the slightest defect in a black goat then it cannot be used for sacrificial purpose”.

—–Shri  Ramkrishna.

“The man who sees God in the seventh plane is a God’s man and God has made him with His own hands.”

—–Shri  Ramkrishna.

318)                   “A  damp match-stick cannot strike fire though a thousand

times it is rubbed against the match-box”.

Match—box—-is the human body.

This human body has got head on the top ; in a similar way a match—stick has got combustible ingredients on its top.

Within the head there is the seventh plane and thereon Chaitanya (God in Descent) which flaers up like a brilliant red flame of a Chinese red—flame match—stick.

319)                     “ Let your eyes be painted with the collyrium of excessive

divine love, and then you will be seeing Him”

It is spoken of meditations.

There are two kinds of meditations  :

(1)    Vishnu  Dhyan.

(2)    Shiva  Dhyan.

In the Vishnu Dhyan a man has got to fix his mind at the point of the nose. It is for the purpose of seeing God with form. Of course, it needs a matured condition of meditation when a devotee may see Karan Sarir of the fourth shealth taking a human form made of God’s light. A devotee of Buddha will see Buddha; a devotee of Jesus will see Jesus and a devotee of Shri Ramkrishna will see Shri Ramkrishna. It is God in the body taking the form according to the prayer of the devotee.

Furthermore, there is a developed condition of Yoga in this state. It is called Ardha Bajhya—half the mind within and half the mind outside. Half the mind within is seeing the form of Jesus in the fourth sheath. It is throwing reflection to the other half of the mind in the outside. The devotee is continually seeing the form of Jesus simultaneously both within and without. Of course, it appears only one Jesus . So at this stage wherever he will cast his eyes he will see Jesus.

In the Shiva Dhyan a devotee has got to place his mind at the meeting point of two eye—brows on the forehead. It is meditation of God without form. Ultimately it leads one to the realization of the five stages of Vedanta—viz.,

(1)    God  or  Atma  as  shown  by  God-the-Preceptor.

(2)     The  Universe  within  God.

(3)     God-the  Universe  changes  into  a  Seed.

(4)     The  Seed  is  transformed  into  a  Dream.

(5)     In  the  end  there  remains  no  Dream  and  what  remains  nobody  knows.

320)      “In that case a devotee sees God in both

His aspects, i.e. God with form and God without form”.

A.  God  with  form  – (i)     God-the – Preceptor.

(ii)    ‘Bhagavati  Tanu’

or Image of God as

seen in the sixth plane.

(iii)  Several images of gods

and goddesses.

(iv)   Lastly, it changes into a

Child—as child Jesus.

B.  God  without  form –   (i)      To see the sky in meditation.

(ii)To see the God’s light.

(iii)     To see God or Atma in the

seventh plane.

(iv)    Lastly, to get Atma changed

Into Paramatma which happens

only in case of a Mahayogi.

In the human body where God’s emanation happens in full measure it can be understood that God with form and God without form are but both aspects of God in the body lying in an unseen and in an unattached condition.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 16, August, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 21

Kakali Kar

Ms. Kakali Kar from Howrah Reading Centre at 1/1, Kali Banerjee Lane has narrated her dream thus :

1)One night in May, 2003 I saw in my dream the goddess Kali temple at Dakshneswar, Kolkata.

2)Inside the temple on a throne was seated Jibankrishna. On his right goddess Kali and on left side Mother Saroda and faintly Sri Ramkrishna were seated. The dream then was off.


[Temple is this body where God can be seen. Throne is the seventh plane which is the place of God. Sri Ramkrishna is the incarnation of God; Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor and Mother Saroda is the Adyasakti or the primeval force.]

3)         One day I sat for a meditation in my dream and saw Sri Ramkrishna. He said, ‘See, Jibankrishna and I am one and same. But I a individualistic and he is Universal. My meditation was off simultaneously with my dream.

[The dream is self – explanatory.]


Mandirtala Pathachakra, Howrah

Ms. Pratima Pain is a reagular listen at Mandirtala Reading Centre, Howrah where Jibankrishna’s (Dimaond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ is read regularly.

She has narrated a dream as such :

One night in the year 2002 A. D. I saw in my dream that many of us were seated in a place. It appeared that a great man would come. After sometime a tall and healthy European type person. I recognized him to be Jibankrishna. Some of us seeing wanted to flee from there. At once Jibankrishna started putting masks of different animals on their faces and drove them out. I was feeling joke seeing this scene and here my dream was off.

[The dream indicates that those avoids God have the animal passion with suppression of their own self.]


Amta Pathachakra, Howrah

Ms. Mina Bodhak attends Amta Reading Centre at Howrah regularly to listen to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion ad Realization in English version).

She narrated one of her dream thus :

On July 5, 2001 I was dreaming that a good number of items were cooked.  After finishing our supper I kept some itmes in separate containers and was taking rest on bed. Meanwhile a bag came and ate all the items except one. As I was sleeping I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly my husband was calling me and after getting up seeing this scene I told my daughter, ‘Let it be. Later on I shall cook another item.’

Next time I saw that a coconut fell on the water of a pond and floated. One boy was coming to pick it up, but I prevented him. I myself went there and while going to pick up that coconut saw that more three coconuts were floating on the water. At first I picked up three and then picking up the fourth one I found that it did not contain any water, and after shaking it sounded ‘Khat-Khat’ from inside.

When taking all the coconuts I was coming up, I heard an oracle, ‘The Soul and body are separated and the dog represents traditional religions. No traditional religion will exist in the world. In liew of that only Jibankrishna’s religion will persist for indefinite time.’

Then I saw two beds covered with white cloths. Here my dream was off.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]










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