(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 17, September, 2014

 Chapter – 14

‘Oneness’ is the religion

9th August, 1958

“Religion means oneness. It means only one exists. Otherwise in traditional religions dualism causes conflict – ‘you and me’. Here this phenomenon is happening through Rajyoga, that is through spontaneous process.”

“Whatever is manifested here is known. The rest is merged in time. Whatever will manifested will be known. There is no end of it.”

The man in the sun is Diamond – with proof

12th August, 1958

The religion manifested here is not a hero maker. It is not that I am the only supreme one. This is a birthright of every human being, of course if my form manifests within his body.

Those who see my form in the sun your life-force takes the form of mine and manifest within your body. Even it matters nothing whether you see me in the sun in microcosm or not. The only criteria is to see my form within. Here those who have seen me in the sun inside are the references, just to prove the hymns mentioned in Isha Upanishad.

Man is truth – this world is truth

14th August, 1958

Those ten persons have seen me in the sun within their body. It is because it is a truth. Another meaning is that the prejudices of Vedas are eradicated from their mind. There is no necessity of considering the old regions. This is purely a state of a living human being. Those who are seated in my room, all of you have seen me within you. Now tell me who is this ‘Jiban Ghosh’. I don’t know A, B, C, of this phenomenon and even don’t understand how it is happening.

Only thing I can say that all the thoughts of human race starting from time immemorial are personified here. This universe is Brahma (Supreme), so you are also Brahma and so this form is manifested after so long years.

Man is Brahma, so man is the eternal truth and the universe is also eternal truth. This universe is neither created nor will be destroyed. This is eternal.

Perhaps you will understand all these after my demise.

Self knowledge is only for human race

15th August, 1958

As you are seeing me both outside and inside, so this is a truth.

Those who have been sun within your bodies, you should know that your life power takes the form of sun and those who have seen my form in the sun, is the same case. Though that form is not me. Your life power takes that form. Seeing my form in the sun establishes the fact that the descriptions about the man in sun in the Upanishads are true.

But how wonderful it is! So many people in thousands are seeing me within their bodies! You are also that Supreme one, mind that. And this knowledge of self is applicable only for human race, not for animal world as there is neither any proof nor the animals are saying, ‘Sir, I have seen you in dreams.’ So there is no necessity of considering their cases.

Lastly, I should say that I cannot conceive what is the end of it. Perhaps more new phenomenon may happen in future, or it may end here. Nothing can be said in conclusion.

Sacrifice of the self knowledge and establishment of a new religion

16th August, 1958

This distinction and classification in our religion has created an egoism among a class of people. But here only ‘one’ exists. So there is no question of classification.

Here, we are on the struggle, on the way, but not reached the goal. And this struggle means a new thing may come.

For a few days we have been discussing on the knowledge of self. But now we are not taking this term, because it is mentioned in our religious books. We have got a new religion, so we need not take the old ones. To-day I have given a new nomenclature to our phenomenon – Natural consequence. Here everything has happened automatically. Otherwise, how it is possible that Nagen Das saw me ten times before coming to me? Did I know that he had seen me ten times in dreams? When came her and narrated to me, then I come to know. Achieving such wonderful phenomenon I wish to live forever to enjoy such thing.

When husbands will achieve Godhood their wives will have

17th August, 1958

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, ‘Do they know that their husbands do come to me’? (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). He meant to say that they should listen to their husbands. But as soon as I read it, I gave this interpretation that when the husbands will see me within, their wives will also see. And this began to happen. Wives, by merely sitting at their houses began to see me.

Another aspect I should tell you that there is no connection between worldly affair and this spiritualism. Otherwise if I am fully fed, will you? Or if I am ill, will you be ill? So, try to understand that this is only for spiritual world.


17th August, 1958

How to I understand that a man is saint? Sri Ramkrishna has mentioned, ‘He is the saint whose mind, life and everything are merged into God? Where is God? He is within you. The only saint is God. If any saint is outside, then God within your body takes the form of that saint and appears within you.

Now whoever comes here, see my form within them whether it is dream, trance or meditation and even in reality. This is completely a new phenomenon happening here. This may be called fusion in nature or Brahma.


20th August,1958

God means goodness, there is no space for any evil.Mr. Roy has seen me in his dream as Messiah. Messiah means Saviour. According to Bible this Messiah is above this world. That means I am becoming God according to that theory! But I am rejecting this designation. Some days back I have rejected the designation ‘Parama Brahma’ or ‘Supreme one’. I am only a living human being. I am Jibankrishna Ghosh. ‘Parama Brahma’ is a designation according to Vedas. Some thousands of years ago that term was fixed. If we take that designation, we have to proceed according to their doctrin. So I am rejecting it now. Rejection may bring new things.

Pantheism means ‘God is All and All is All’. But even that Pantheism is not for us. They are dealing with ‘Many’. But we deal with ‘one’, a living human being. And why so many people this ‘Jiban Ghosh’ in dreams, trances, meditation?

So far maximum thirty thousand people have seen me in dreams. But what does it matter? How much percentage is this on the basis of the people in the whole world? If people around the world see me within them, then this would be a concrete conclusion.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 17, September, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Nalini Banerjee

Sudhindra Nath Sinha, a Jibankrishna companion has long been familiar with me and I live near by him. So, sometimes I go to his house and have spiritual discussions. Naturally discussion on Sri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekananda use to come. One day he told me, ‘Let us go Banerjee to place. You will see a honest and pure man, in whom religion is manifested. When you will hear something about religion from his mouth, you will come  know what is true religion.’ But as I don’t believe in one word, I asked him many questions, whether he wears ochre cloth, whether he is a family man etc. I was happy when I have heard that he is very common and simple. He used to do service, now he is retired. He uses to live one of his cousin’s house. Though he is apathetic, yet he wears plain dhuti. He never accepts any offer from anybody. On the contrary those who go to him, he pays his regard to them.

Sudhin also said, that all his discussions are centering Sri Ramkrishna. When anybody goes to him, he will have new ideas about Sri Ramkrishna. I was surprised to hear all these things and became curious to know more about him.

It was a holiday, probably a Saturday in the year 1956, at about 12 noon both of us started for Jibankrishna at Howrah. We talked nothing in the bus. I was thinking what I shall see or talk. When we reached the destination I entered approached keeping Sudhin in front of me. The door was kept open. Jibankrishna was seated on a cot. He was a robust health. As soon as he noticed us, he welcome, ‘Come Sudhin, come!’ Then coming down from the cot he hugged both of us one by one and told me, ‘Oh my boy, you have come under such scorching sun, so much trouble you have got! Now, Put off your shirts and sit.’ Inspite of our protest he begins to fan us with a hand fan.

He got my prior introduction from Sudhin. Now when I gave my father’s introduction, with great joy he said, ‘Oh, how happy I am to-day! You have come and you are son of my teacher (Principal and professor J.R. Banerjee of Vidyasagar college, Kolkata). Now see my condition, I cannot go anywhere. If to-day he is alive, I go to him somehow and say that your son has come to me.’

I was swallowing his words and these were giving me an unexplainable joy.

Then I told him, ‘See, tell me about the true religion which I can achieve.’ He said, ’Come, let me read Bible.’ But I said, ‘No, we are christian for three generations. I have read Bible many times. Let it be.’ But he said, ‘ No I shall explain Bible to you in the light of Vedanta as Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) used to explain to the Christians.’ Still I said, ‘Better tell me your realizations by the grace of Sri Ramkrishna as I have heard from Sudhin and I shall be honoured.’ Hearing it he became silent for a moment and then said with smiling face, ‘Will you listen the grace of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)?’ But whenever he was going to say something, his life face was becoming expressive within his body like a storm. Off and on he was falling into Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God). But in between he was trying to say something about his realizations. He gave a full and clear cut picture by explaining vividly about visualization of God which Thakur showed him. I was benumbed and listening all these and the touch of his Bliss was falling on my body also. He was sweating to a great extent. I was feeling guilty thinking that I was the cause of such trouble and I was repentant. Later on I came to know that these were not troubles, but a great divine joy.

Lastly he said, ‘What you have seen, all are the creations in my body by the grace of Thakur. Now, tell me some of your dreams. Have you ever dreamed either Thakur or me, or have you ever seen Jesus or any gods or goddesses?’ I said, ‘No, not like that, but I have seen houses, cities etc.’ He said, ‘It does not matter. You will see any time. Those who use to come here see divine dreams and they have austerities through dreams.

The conversation went on up to 3 pm. One by one devotees began to come and the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna began. In between the reading he was giving yogic interpretation and the yogic symptoms manifested in his body. The more I was seeing these things, the more I was surprised. Sometimes I was feeling a sense of sweetness inside my body which I never felt in my life.

After a while his tea was brought. He insisted me for the tea again and again, but I disagreed. When he started taking tea, I went outside with Sudhin for tea and snacks. At about 4-30 pm. When we returned, I saw that Dr. Netai Patra was singing devotional song. Sometimes he was also singing. Many of the devotees were having meditation. I was feeling to have meditation and this was my experience.

After about one hour the songs were completed and again the reading started with interpretation. At about 9 pm. After touching the Gospel on head, when we were about to come out, with an affectionate voice Jibankrishna invited me to come again. I shall never forget the memory of that first meeting and still it is beyond my power to explain what I have got from him in my life. I am ever thankful to Sudhin that he took me to Jibankrishna fortunately.

I am now narrating a few dreams after meeting Jibankrishna.

1.       After first meeting Jibankrishna I met him eight times within six months. Then for the first time I saw in dream his room at Kadamtala, Howrah. The reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on and he was giving yogic interpretation in between. Three times Jibankrishna’s face was converted into Sri Ramkrishna’s face. Then I woke up. I realized that Jibankrishna got the full-fledged grace of Sri Ramkrishna.

2.       Jibankrishna was taking me to a white milch-cow. He said, ‘I have taken you to a cow. The cow is the insignia of Avater (Incarnation) and milk is the insignia of devotion. I shall feed you with this milk. I said, ‘Why, you will feed me after milching the milk! Will you become a milkman for me?’ With smiling he said, ‘My boy, I can become anything for you all.’ Saying this he milched the milk and fed me. Drinking the milk I felt a great divine joy and peace in mind and my dream was off.

3.       Swami Vivekananda was saying, ‘In America I said about this ‘one and oneness’ which has manifested here (With Jibankrishna),’ and then he told me to see his complete works, Volume -7, page-161. The dream was then off.

It was surprising that I did not know any thing whether there was any existence of this book and it was more surprising that in the same page Swamiji has mentioned about ‘one and oneness’.

February, 1970

Baithak khana Road,

Kolkata -12.



Volume – 17, September, 2014

Chapter 33

Avatar  Lila (Sportive forms of Avatar)

152.       13st August, 1976.

Early morning dream:   Just before awakening from sleep I noticed that somebody held a white paper in front of me. On it I noticed a number ‘888’ along with a sentence which I could not remember. Then I again fell asleep. After rising from the bed. I could only remember the number but not the sentence.

Thereafter I thought—well let me check the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ and let me see what is written against ‘888’! As soon as I opened the book, strangely I found at the first instance the same number where it was written—from ‘Nitya to Lila’ and Lila to Nitya’ and this short sentence, I could remember was written on the paper seen in the dream (Nitya – Absolute; Lila – Sportive forms of God).

The explanation is given in the book in the following way—these realizations are seen after Avatar Lila . The seer realized that he passed through various realizations of Avatar Lila in dreams and it is the confirmation .

Stability  of  previous  austerity

153.        15th August, 1976.

Early morning dream:   First I saw a devotee named  Bhabani Bandyopadhyaya and began to describe to him about some of my own dreams. Meanwhile Arun Ghosh, another devotee came there and described to Mr. Banerjee about a dream of mine dreamt on 8.3.’76 in which I had the experience of Samadhi. I also described about my another dream in which I had an experience of ‘Sacchidananda’ (Eternal bliss) condition and then the dream went off.

This type of dream confirms the stability of the condition gained in previous dreams as those are being corroborated by narrations in later dream.

Stability  of  preaching  capability  in  seer

154.        16th August, 1976.

Early morning dream:  The scene opened with a huge hall which was filled up with many young ones and a Christian Monk was supposed to deliver a lecture. I was also present there. The Father, looking at me started saying ‘We can only preach, what you have got to preach? Hearing this I became agitated and said, ‘Who are you to preach? Who preaches? God

preaches. God is within you. You are a man. So man becomes God’. While saying this to him, I observed that he could not talk at all. When I repeated these sentences, the Father became depressed and saying good bye left the hall. With a great joy I left the hall.

The dream indicated the future of the seer, when he will utter ‘God is in the body’ to anyone, even he is oppositionist, he will not say a single word against the seer, and on the contrary, he will be converted . In addition, the Christian world may, in future take the cult of Jibankrishna i.e., they will realize that God is not in heaven in the sky but within the human body.

The  future  indication  of  gaining  the  entity  of  Jibankrishna

155.         16th August, 1976. 

After the previous early morning dream, it was 6-30 A.M, I was seated on my bed and the words ‘Entity of  Jibankrishna’ suddenly flashed in my brain. I was seated with closed eyes, gradually fell into trance and heard the voice of  Jibankrishna.

Jibankrishna from a far distance ‘You will get my entity, you will get my entity’. These words were repeated several times and then I got back my sense. Even the whole day my mind did not come down from the cerebrum.

Company with  the  devotees  and  spiritual  practices 

156.        17th August, 1976.

Early morning dream:  One old well reputed Doctor named Kripanath, very much known to me with great affection hugged me and then took me to his residence entertaining me with delicious dishes.

The scene changed. I saw myself in Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala, Kolkata where many devotees were present.  Khagen Ghosh with bearded face was also seen there, but did not utter a single word. Then he began to read his own exercise book written with his dreams. After he finished reading, I asked him, ‘Where will you take your food?’ He said, ‘I shall take my food at Hotel. I cannot take it in anybody’s house now’. The dream went off.

The first scene indicates that God has His best blessings bestowed on the seer as ‘Kripanath’ means who pours His blessings i.e., God.

The second scene shows that the seer is continuing regular spiritual practices even in dream like reality through constant accompaniment with devotees.

Gaining   the   power  of   preaching

157.        18th August, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I met Jibankrishna, but how I did met, could not remember although the residual effects of joy lasted long.

After a while I saw myself saying some words on Sri Ramkrishna Deva to somebody from the core of my heart and with the sweetest voice. After I woke up from sleep, went on thinking with great surprise—How strange, I cannot say like this in reality!

However, the dream indicates that the seer will have the power of speaking of God and preaching in future, though the seer has not any intention of taking all these achieved in dream.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 17, September, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(321)            “One  cannot  see God  in  the  seventh  plane

without  purity  or  inner  mind”.

The mind is lying scattered all over the world. It is to be drawn up the kept confined within the body. Then there will be growth of inner mind. The inner mind purifies itself in the process of transformation and ultimately it turns into pure consciousness. This pure condition of mind reveals in the realization. A man’s face in the front. It is seen to have turned towards the back when the back is seen. An amazing thing happens. The primal force of the body assumes the form of a girl and keeps on repeating—“Let the face be turned in, let the face be turned in.” And this is full measure getting the mind within and to have it kept in a pure condition for ever.

Again, the purity of mind takes place by parts only. A friend used to take part in the feast of the funeral ceremony. Another friend of him said, “well, Thakur has warned not to take parting the feast of the funeral ceremony.” Though warned the first friend did not take it so seriously. He joined in another feast of the funeral ceremony. On the next day of the feast he dreamt—‘At the very same place and on the very same table he was feasting himself with victuals and viands of the same kind has on the last occasion. An amazing thing was happening. Each and every kind of viand tasted like that of a fish. The friend was a strict vegetarian. The taste of fish disgusted him in a degree. He threw out the food from his

mouth.’ This dream has got several kinds of meanings but in one sense it signifies inner purification of mind. It is but a partial purification of mind. It brought about a change in the first friend. He stopped taking part in the feast of the funeral ceremony.

(322)           “Then  God  attracts  and  draws  the  mind

as  a  magnet  attracts  and  draws  a needle”.

Mind is another form of life-force and its upward course to the cerebrum it appears like an electric current in thbody. The mind is covered with dirt. The dirt is removed. The mind has taken an upward course. After various transformations, it takes the form of Atma in the seventh plane.

(323)            “Then  comes  ‘Samadhi’ and  ‘God  is  seen’.

Samadhi—is one sense means transformation of life—power into God within the body.

First comes Unamana Samadhi. The life—power is transformed into a point made of God’s light at the middle of the two eye—brows. The scattered mind is collected, changed into a point and located between the two eye—brows. Then the mind enters into the seventh plane, takes the form of Atma and God i

(324)             “You  may  exert yourself  thousands  of  time  but

without  God’s  grace  nothing  can  be  had”.

God can be had by the grace of God and not by self—exertion.

“Whom God accepts as a bride, He gives His grace to him and it happens with him”.

It means that it is with him in whom the life—power automatically is transformed into God. A devotee terms it as ‘God’s grace.’

(325)               “Ego  must  be  annihilated  in  toto”.

With the annihilation of ego there comes a spontaneous revelation. Ego lessens in course of transformation and revelations come.

(326)               “The  egoism  that  ‘I  am  the  Master’

debars  one  from  seeing  God”.

In the course of transformation of life-power the egoism spontaneously evaporates. One need not exert himself to obtain this state; on exertion on one’s part can help him to obtain this disposition. As by God’s grace realizations proceed, so, in that proportion elimination of egoism goes on.

A man having no egoism is not conscious of his own state. It happens after obtaining complete and through Supreme Bliss. When a man becomes a teacher, he comes to understand this state. He talks about God and finds he is not talking, but God from within is talking through his organ. Thakur often used to say, “Mother, I do not talk, but you, from within, talk”.

(327)               “The  man  who  imposes  himself  as  master,

in  him  God  does  not  easily  appear”.

There is no room for two in the seventh plane. Two does not exist. Only one exist and that one is God. From one comes two and many.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 17, September, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 22

The amazing fact about the initiation of a Reading Centre

at Vijayananda Park, Howrah

Netai Ghosh was a regular companion of Jibankrishna or Diamond at his young age.

After long years of Jibankrishna’s demise in 1967 he started reading Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) and the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna at a park near Jogmaya Cinema hall along with 2—3 familiar listeners.

Gradually it was seen that the number of listeners were increasing and started seeing Jibankrishna in dreams. Not only so, their wives, and daughters also started dreaming Jibankrishna.

But there is a background behind this which is narrated here as per the version of Netai Ghosh.

On April 14, 2000 I saw a dream :

I saw an unknown room. Inside the room some of us were reading Jibankrishna’s book. I also saw brother Anil (Jibankrishna’s companion) sitting there along with brother Mani. Brother Basu etc.

After a while I came out of the room and reached a place which could be said as either an open space or a room. It was a hut type area opened on all sides and many people were standing there. Seeing me they said, ‘We have heard that Jibankrishna’s book is read here and so we have come here to listen.’

I was thinking, ‘If I say something to them about Jibankrishna and if they don’t understand, or if I can’t explain properly to them?’ I thought again that how can I manage them alone? In the mean time Dilip and brother Saila came there. I told Dilip, ‘you come so late’? Just at that moment my dream was off.

[The dream indicate the growing power of the seer to preach. The incidents happening later on has proved to be true, as many people listening to the reading are seeing Jibankrishna in dreams etc and after getting him as God-the-Preceptor are finding peace and divine joy in everyday life.]

The dreams of quite a number of listeners of Vijayananda park reading center are narrated :

Ram Sundar Karati

Ram Sundar Karati is a regular listener at Vijasanda Park,Howrah where every afternoon Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read.

He narrated his vision in meditation.

On January 19, 2001, Thursday, As usual at night I sat for meditation and after a while I saw a golden plate with various ornamentation. These seemed to be some hieroglyphic signs. The plate was moving down continuously just like a film.

When the movement stopped a beautiful golden chair was visible and Jibankrishna appeared on the chair, sitting in a royal posture placing two hands on both the handles, but the upper body was bare.

Sparkling rays were emerging from his body and illuminated the whole surroundings.

Suddenly his head was transformed into a lion’s head, with roaring sound just like the idol described in Hindu mythology. Then it was transformed into the head of a boar turning the head to and fro and then he disappeared.

[Golden plate – The seer’s body which is transformed into Atma or Soul. Atma is Golden colour. Golden Jibankrishna is Param Brahma or the Supreme Self and described in Upanishads as Golden Person who resides in the cerebrum or seventh plane. Throne is the seventh plane.

Lion and Boar heads are the two incarnations of God mentioned in Upanishads. But its yogic interpretation is: The seer has still animal passion and will be changed into full divinity by visualizing the Supreme Self.]











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