(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 19, October, 2014

Chapter – 16

THE RELIGION IN DIAMOND’S ERA IS OPPOSITE TO THE RELIGION RUNNING FOR 2500 YEARS                                                                       


What we are seeing now that Brahma is active and that is for the spiritual world. Brahma is a living human being. Sri Ramkrishna has mentioned about the old religions. But ours is quite opposite, though he is the one who said about the religion. Before that we do not know anything about religion.

Moses improved the life-style of human race. They were not civilized in those days. He brought the people fromEgyptand gave them a better life through knowledge on morality and a better social life-style, then gave them Ten Commandments. In old days those great religious teachers gave human race a better life, and those moral teachings were considered as religions. But none talked about realizations within a human body.


September27, 1958

Ego consciousness cannot be eliminated in an individualistic austerity. I have nothing to show egoism as you are also me. Even if I show any egoism, that won’t last, because those who have seen me in dreams before knowing anything about me by merely sitting in their won houses, will spoil my vanity.

It is well understood that in an individualistic austerity it is very difficult to eliminate egoism. So, to perish this, God has created this universal religion. Every human being is Brahma (Supreme) and that is the cause for which they see my form within. I am a living human being and what you see within you is nothing but your own consciousness taking the shape of my form. The life power of a human body is the truth and to see that life power in my form is the evolution of life power.



Diamond said one day, “This great conflict about in-form and formless God is a great mistake and imaginary. Imaginations are of three types:

1) Personal, when a man imagines many things;

2) Hereditary, when this is running through heredity; and

3) Universal. There is a universal sketch of imagination which is expressed whenever it finds the opportunity.

The explanations mentioned in my books (‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ in Bengali and ‘Religion and Realization’ in English) are all based on my personal experiences. And those experiences are so deep which I cannot express. Even I am saying that those experiences are wrong, imaginary. Am I mad? Am I insane? No, far off from it! Nobody has got such rational brain as I have and for this reason such wonderful phenomenon is created here. Could I think fifteen years back that so many people would see me in dreams and other states? God showed that religion is not imaginary; it is with a living person.


October-November, 1958

The natural motion of a human being is to be ‘one’ with each other. There is no difference between any caste, religions, sexes and ages in the spiritual world. Listen, even if I have a least flaw, whatever has happened here, will be stopped. And I have no credit for all these. God is protecting us.

Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘This world is not true. How this can be! Where will you see God? In this world Brahma or the Supreme being is the content and the world is container. So the world and Brahma are both true. So, what we are getting finally? Brahma is in the form of a living person who is seen both outside and inside. And here the question of immortality comes. There is a quote in Rabindranath Tagore, ‘After one hundred years from today…..’. So, if I live for one hundred years, I can see what will happen.


October1, 1958

So far I have not got such a rational brain who can say why a man is seen in dreams, trances, meditation and reality by so many people. Even through, I myself cannot conceive this. All of you present here are so educated, and intelligent or in other words you are intellectuals, now say why I am seen in such a way? The answer of such phenomenon may not be known in my life time, but after my death it may reveal in you. Yes, all these answers will be cleared to you in future.


October2, 1958

You can be everything. Everything is confined in a human body. He can control the past, the future and the present. Immediately after birth a child projects the world outside and see it. This can be understood clearly when one visualizes ‘Biswarup’ or ‘Universe in God’. My idealism is so created that everybody irrespective of wives, sons and daughters have seen me within them.

One Mr. Singha Roy, when he and his wife almost began to see me in their dreams, their sons started to see me in dreams.

I am establishing the proof of this phenomenon on the basis of your realizations who are present here, not with others who do not come here, because they have no realizations. But ever if I project it on the whole world, it will not be wrong, though, till now I am not considering them as no proof is obtained from them. As the inert materials have no proof of seeing me within, I am not considering them at all.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 19, October, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Biswanath Banerjee

It was July 4, 1956. This day was remarkable for me. From the early morning I was in a joyous mood. As I was supposed to meet Jibankrishna about whom I have already heared from a gentleman Subodh. So after the office hour I got up on bus no 53, which would take us to his residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. I became a bit absent minded and it seemed as if I heard a very affectionate voice ‘Come my boy, come!’ And a strongly built body with smiling face having a few short beard appeared before my mind. However, my mind was disrupted by the voice of Subodh, ‘Biswanath! Kadamtala has come. Come down.’ I got my sense back and both of us started towards west. It was a short distance from the bus terminus. Entering into Kedar Deuti Lane we went into a room beside the narrow road. There were some persons seated on the floor. Jibankrishna was seated on his cot. He called me, ‘Come my boy, Come! From where you are coming?’

I said, ‘Chatra  para, Srirampur.’

‘Have you married?’ He asked.

‘Yes’, I answered.

Suddenly he exclaimed, ‘Oh!’ And he became like a statue. This was the first time I saw Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God).

I sat with sweating feeling guilty. After a while he asked, ‘My boy, have you any children?’

I said, ‘I have one daughter.’

‘What is done , now come near me,’ he said. Then he made me seated near him on the cot and began to pat on head and body. Then said, ‘My boy, God is within you. Appearing as God-the-preceptor within your body  He will perform austerities through you. You are merely an object. Have you seen me any time?’ I said, ‘No!’

‘If you see any dream, tell me,’ he said.

Then as per his instruction the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on.

At  about 8 PM I said, ‘Now let me get up.’ He said, ‘Will you get up? Will you come again?’

Then bowing down to him I came out with great peace and divine joy.

My first dream was such:

I saw a huge well in front of our house. The water stood at a very low level and I was watching that water standing beside the well. Various types of animals were moving inside the water and a white thread was hanging from above to the under water. Showing me that Jibankrishna was saying with smiling face, ‘My boy, from to-day the door of Susumna was opened.’ Then my dream was off. Next day when I entered into Jibankrishna’s room, he asked, ‘Have you dreamed anything?’ So I narrated my dream to him. He said, ‘A good dream you had my boy. God appeared before you and now the door of your Susumna (nerve) has opened and as a result, you will have austerity of descent (Nigam).

That day Bholanath Mukherjee was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Jibankrishna told me, ‘Now, listen to the reading with full attention.’



Volume – 19, October, 2014

Chapter 35

Attaining  the  power  for  preaching  and 

editing  ‘Manikya’  magazine

161.       10th September, 1976.  

Early morning dream:  The scene opened with a place alike Bagbazar area of Kolkata. After traveling in many places I reached there. I was carrying a book on Jibankrishna on my hand. I saw two boys there and being asked explained about the existence of God in human body and then narrating about Jibankrishna. The boys understood everything.

Next scene:  Thereafter I had gone to a devotee  Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala of Central Kolkata, although the house seemed to be a different type. There I saw the room was full of  Jibankrishna’s devotees.  Jibankrishna was seated on the cot with some devotees. I also sat on the floor. I had in my hand the manuscripts of the coming issue (10th year 2nd issue) of the tri-monthly magazine ‘Manikya’. One by one I handed over each topic of the magazine to Jibankrishna and  after scrutinizing he returned the topics to me and I also kept the manuscripts with proper arrangements . Once when Jibankrishna was scrutinizing the topic ‘Vision and Realization’ written by  Amar Bose of Bagbazar, someone from my backside told me to sit on the cot . I said, ‘If I sit on the floor. I shall see him face to face and it will be convenient for me.

However, after a while, the meeting came to an end. I had in my hand the whole bunch of manuscripts corrected by Jibnakrishna. Everybody was going out . I asked  Indranath Mukherjee, ‘Will you go to Makardah (one of his residence where many devotees assemble and spend nights from time to time)? He answered that he would not go there but spend the night at  Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala.

Thereafter when I came outside, a Marwari boy and his wife repeatedly request me to go to their house, but what I said could not be remembered later on.

From outside I could see Jibankrishna. I thought, when to-morrow is Sunday (even in reality this was so), I shall not go to Makardah, specially when  Jibankrishna is here . I can come to him to-morrow also. At last when I came on the road, I heard that Raghunath Sen was playing  Jibankrishna’s voice on a tape recorder and the dream went off.

The 1st scene again revealed that in future the seer might have the capacity for preaching about Jibankrishna, though the seer has no attraction on these powers.

The second scene indicated that the seer has gained the power of editing the magazine ‘Manikya’ through his God-the preceptor and whoever will read this magazine spiritual power will be bestowed on him.

Teaching  of  the  Holy  Ghost

162.        11th September, 1976.

In reality today was Saturday. I had to go to my school before 10A.M. as the students had their examination.

I had an early morning dream—I had gone to one of my friend Debasish’s quarter at Alipore where I saw the meals were being ready for me. But as it might be late, so I started for my own house. There was no Bus, so I went on walking and reached a house near a lake at Lake Town. This was slightly a distant area from our own house. Jibankrishna used to dwell at that house. So I went inside that house and observed that the room was full of devotees. I was seated near Jibankrishna. Only two were new persons, the rest were his old devotees .While  Jibankrishna was saying something, one of the new person began to say something but instantly his body responded due to awakening of  ‘Kundalini’ within him . But  Jibankrishna did not say anything. I observed that due to shaking of his body the mat became a bit dislodged. So I wanted to rearrange it properly . Seeing this Jibankrishna also gave a hand to it. There was a pillow on my left side, I  kept it beside  Jibankrishna .

After some time one devotee said, one nun of Sri Sarada Math came here once.

Hearing this Jibankrishna got annoyed and said, ‘Who, a woman?’ I also got annoyed and angrily said. ‘What, a women in this room?’ Another devotee said. ‘She was brought through a letter and she was also interested. Hearing this Jibankrishna said to me, ‘They will get nothing, all are the den of prejudices’.

At this time I noticed that the time was11-30 A.M. I  thought ‘Oh’! I am late for the school’!  So with a little bit hesitation I said to  Jibankrishna, ‘I am late for going to school’. Hearing this he hastily said, ‘Go, go quickly’! But I said, ‘No, no, I am not so much late’ and so I  started for my home . But then I thought, ‘Already I have become late, so what is the use of going to school now’! With these thoughts I went home, had my lunch and again started for Jibankrishna . It was noon time then and reaching there I observed that Jibankrishna was sleeping at the room of the top floor and so I went on waiting for him . The dream went off.

Here God-the-Preceptor was teaching the seer and at the same time, it was an indication of his future when he would live a life only on Jibankrishna or the Holy Ghost.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 19, October, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(332)                        “Rakhal, you are ill,  please take a bit of food (dried cooked rice—three

or four in number)  offered to ‘Jagannath’—the Lord of the Universe”.

To take 3 or 4 cooked and dried rice in the memory of the Lord of the Universe means to kate shelter and seek protection from God.

Oh Lord, I am ill. I take shelter at your hallowed feet. You are all. This illness is your another aspect. You are in the body and this illness is your one form. Let you come out in your appeasing form. Please give me your grace, let me have your mercy. Oh, let you see, what a faithful and loyal servant I am to you! I take the leavings of food (there 3 o 4 dried rice) partaken of by you. A man need not be thinking so much. Let him only remember God and God within the body has got thorough knowledge of you and your doing. If he likes then He gives His grace. He acts at His pleasure, and His will is law.

(333)                       “Why  this  dress  of  Ochre  cloth?”

Ocher-cloth dress is not required to see and attain God. God is in the human body. He out of His grace emanates and manifests in the body. Some most lucky men, through sheer mercy of God, can see all these sportive forms of God in his own body. It is not required to have any charms or signs from the outside. Ochre cloth is an outward sign. It is a sign that one is trying to get God by self-exertion.

“Who knows what dress or uniform will help me to get God?” —Shri  Ramkrishna.

It means that so special dress or uniform is required to get the grace of God.

Did Thakur were other cloth?

The reply is in the negative. It was not required. So he did not were it. Thakur is the ideal of the era. He led an ordinary mean’s life and by doing that he set up an example that through grace of God. God could not be obtained and not by any special kind of dress or uniform.

(334)                    “No  fancy  dress  can  help  one  to  attain  God”.

On the contrary, it is a kind of vanity which prompts one to make a parade of special dress to get the grace of God.

God is for all with all kinds of dresses.

“Uncle Moon (Moon in Indian mythology)is everybody’s uncle”—-Shri  Ramkrishna.

To get His grace, all that is required is to pray to Him and the prayer must be inwardly because He is in you and fully aware of your sincerity.

(335)                       “Again, there are such instances that a man may have everything he wants.

But he is absolutely indifferent to all enjoyments. He weeps alone for Gos

in privacy. The real renunciation is this one.”

These are the signs where there will be spontaneous manifestation of God.

(336)                         “No  lie  of  any  sort  holds  any  goodness  in  it”.

Truth manifests in the body. A man sees his real and true Self in the body. To see God is to establish    truth in life. The man who is on the path of truth or who has established truth in life cannot play a false game in life.

(337)                   “A flattering disciple of Keshab once told him, “you are the God-consciousness

(Chaitanya) of this Ironera”. Shri Keshab pointed out me (Thakur), smiled and

said, “Then who is he?”

It was Shri Keshab Chandra Sen, the leader of Brahma Samaj in Calcutta, who came to know, of course through

Grace of Thakur, that Thakur was an incarnation of God, as God-consciousness came down in Descent (Nigam) in

Thakur, God Himself gives publicity about the incarnation of God. He is in every man. He will take the form of the incarnation of God and appear before the man in dream, in trance, in meditation, or in an awakened condition and tell him, “Do you know who I am?”



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 19, October, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 24

Arun Das

Arun Das is a regular listener of Vijayananda Park, Howrah where Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly.

He narrated two of his dreams :

1)         It was sometime in 2003 A. D. Just one day before the death of brother Dilip (old companion of Jibankrishna) I was dreaming that the reading of Jibankrishna’s book is going on as usual at Vijayanda Park. I was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Suddenly raising my head I saw that Jibankrishna was holding brother Dilip by his hand firmly. Brother Dilip wore a trouser and shirt, hat on head and a stick in his hand. I said, ‘Come, Come Sir’! Just at that moment a light was turned off and my dream was off.

Next day I heard the death news of brother Dilip.

2)         One day I saw in the news paper he life of the astronaut Kalpana Chowla (Indian origin) before they started their voyaga.

In the next night I saw in a dream that on way of returning their spaceship collapsed in the space and she died along with other astronauts. Then after some days I was perplexed when I heard from T.V. news that really their spaceship collapsed and all of the astronauts died.

[Both the dreams indicated the realizations mentioned in Upanishads where they have mentioned that the whole universe including past, present and future are within the human brain. And in the brain where pure consciousness has awaken by the grace of God-the-Preceptor can annihilate both time and space, and therefore he can see the past, present, future and unknown places through divine dreams.]

Kedar Banerjee

2003 A.D.

Kedar Banerjee has narrated his experiences after attending the Vijayananda Park for a few days. The narration is thus :

I am now 75. For the last two years I have been attending Vijyananda Park Reading Centre. Here the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) are read regularly. I started seeing divine dreams and now narrate two of them.

1)         I met a friend. He asked me, ‘Why are you without Rudraksha garland (Beleric tree)’? I answered, ‘As because I have visualized God, so there is no need of it.’ He asked, ‘what is that’? So I said, ‘Have you not read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna?

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, so long the idol of God or Goddess is casted the dice is required. Then it is not required. Then my dream was off.

[The dream is self – explanatory.]

2)         In dream I saw a bright light. I was joyous seeing it. I saw two more things inside the light, but couldn’t understand what were these things. Then I saw numerous fireworks and my dream was off.

[The seer saw God’s light and the fireworks indicated that he would have plenty of divine realizations in future.]




By Debkumar Choudhury

Part 4

“Sada Jananam Hridaye Sannivista”—as the Upanisahad says. Age and distance cannot debar people from seeing Him within them. They even see Him sitting comfortably at their houses without coming in Physical contact with Him. Caste, creed and religion also cannot put up any barrier. People belonging to almost all known religions of the world see Him within. Hindus are Him. Muslims see Him. Christians see Him. Parsees see Him and so on. Even a man sitting is another hemisphere sees Him within, People belonging to different strata of the society—right from a university scholar down to a factory worker see Him within. It is not a theory as I have already told you. Such a man does actually exist. You will be rather astonished to learn that myriads of people see Him within them. A large number see Him even without coming in physical contact with Him. Some have seen Him ten years back; some twenty years back. Even a soldier sees Him in the battle field of Europe while He is sitting in a suburb of Calcutta. Ladies are not allowed to come to Him. But they see Him sitting at their homes. It happens that one gentleman comes to Him. The inmates of his house start seeing Him within. His mother, father, wife, children and other relations, even private tutors, servants and cooks see Him within. It occurs that the gentleman who comes to Him see Him later; his wife who does not come to Him sees Him first. They see Him in various ways. It happens that a school boy see Him as a teacher taking class. A small girl sees Him as her bridegroom; some years hence she gets married with some other person and both the husband and the wife see Him within. A boy sees that He carries Him on His shoulder. A boy won’t believe that ladies see Him within sitting at their homes. One fine morning his mother said to him. “Well ! my boy ! I have come to know whom you go to”. Then she narrated a dream. In the a dream. In the dream she saw that she was pointing to an old man and telling another lady—“This is the gentleman of Howrah to whom Arun (her son) goes”.

One American lady from Honolulu sees Him in dream and asks—“Are you Jiban Krishna?. “Yes”—replied Sri Jiban Krishna. From this place itself I can show two concrete examples. One is Mr. J. N. Batliwala and another is Mr. H. Hiramanek. Mr. Batliwala is present here. You may ask them how many times they have seen Him within and what grand realizations have come upon them. My friends; this is not limited to them, but has spread among their family members. At least  about Mr. Batiwala. I know it very well. Mr. Hiramanek says that he sees Him all the time before him whenever he speaks of Him.

Let us now come to the last part of the Sloka—‘Sa Uttama Purusha’—He is the best man. Vedas say that when a man attains Brahmahood and the veracity of his attainment of Brahmahood is borne by mytiads of people who see Him within, the man becomes the best man of the world. Our question is—In what respect He is to be regarded as the best man of the world? He is the best man in the sense that it is in Him that life has got its fulfillment. It is in Him that the point of union is found among all the so called religions of the world. What is the significance of the fact that people of different religions see Him within? What is its value to the humanity at large? It signifies that there is only one religion in the world. That is ‘Religion of Man’. This religion applies to every human being irrespective of his so called religious faith, his language and his country. It signifies that there is actually no difference between a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian or a Parsi. The difference grows out of our ignorance of the real nature of man. That we all see Him within us signifies that we are all one. Mr. Batliwala, Mr. Hiramanek and myself formerly belonged to different religions. But now we have only one religion and that is neither Hinduism nor Zoroastrianism. Now, we have no different thoughts; no different religious practices. We earnestly feel that we all belong to the same family. We have forgotten that we were born in different families and in different societies. It is the who has forged the link between different men of different parts of the world and that too in an unprecedented way. He has come to cast off the kindergartens of religion and make vivid and powerful the true religion which is oneness. It also signifies that one need not go to a temple, a mosque or a church for getting the grace of God. But God will appear in him at His sweet will. It only depends upon time. Perhaps, the time has come. That is why God has sent me here to give you this grand news. I will be anxiously waiting for the day when I will here from you that you have also started seeing Him within you and have your own realizations.