(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume- 20, October, 2014

Chapter – 17


October4, 1958

Isha Upanishad has mentioned that the Supreme Being or Parama Brahma can be seen in the sun. Reading this quote I thought what a dangerous matter! To see Supreme Being in the sun outside means spoiling the eyes! And by doing this myriads of people inIndiahave lost their eyes. But in another Upanishad it is written that this sun can be seen within the body. Of course, I have said so many times that whatever is seen outside, can be seen within the body.

The traditional theory of Knowledge of Supreme cult is after death. But actually this knowledge means to become ‘One’ with every human being and this perforates the spiritual life.


October4, 1958

The Supreme Being (or Brahma) is quite ignorant. It means, He does not know anything. Yes, it is so! Can I come to know all these incidents happening here? Otherwise, all your realizations in one night would have flashed in my brain at a time. But it can’t be.

When you see me within, my form is ignorant. But when my form is within you, but you don’t see me in dreams, my form is inert Brahma (or Supreme being).

What we are seeing here, that the Supreme being is a living human being. He is seen both inside and outside. The man seen in the sun (inside the body) is also visible outside. Then what happens? All the old traditional religions are reversed. And I don’t consider those imaginary ideas that after my death whether I will fall into the ocean of bliss or I see God. My religion is just opposite. That means whatever you will do, do it within this life and that will serve your purpose. My religion is always positive, perpetual positive.


October10, 1958

At this stage, I can remove the barrier of mothers coming here. But do you know what will happen? Such wonderful phenomenon may stop. Because, there is no such reference in the world history that merely by sitting at their houses, mothers see me in their dreams and reality without coming here. So if I do so, this may be stopped.



The religion of Sri Ramkrishna is positive, because he had the sense of ‘Asti’ (sense of God’s existence). Nothing happens in religion via media. There is no compromise in religion.

He said, ‘I had to exert much during my period of austerity’. But many imaginary things sprout during such exerted austerity, and in my case these were manifested automatically. So, all come to me saying, ‘Sir, we have seen you in dreams’ – these are automatic and this is the universal austerity. In an individualistic austerity a man becomes self-hypnotized and as a result experiences many imaginary things. But in my case, throughout my life I merely lie on my bed and such wonderful phenomenon has happened and I become the witness. So this is positive as this is spontaneous.

Try to remember this quote, ‘Moral life thus becomes universal. To live in perfect goodness is to become oneself in the all’. As this is true in my spiritual life, myriads of people are seeing me within them



Whenever you see me within you, you will feel in due course of time that everything is dreamlike, even in reality it will seem so.

God may be achieved by self-exertion, but that creates imagination. The seer can create that imaginary thing and experience it. Though it can be said that an imagination is also Brahma.

But what I am saying? My image was within you and so you have seen me within you. The concrete proof lies with the mothers, who, without coming to me, have seen my by merely staying in their own houses. Foreign agency cannot penetrate you, and see, I am a living human being. When these states e.g., Godhood, Brahmahood manifests encircling a living human being, then only this can be conceived and taken. This is the knowledge of Supreme cult.


October16, 1958

As a child is born from mother’s womb, in the same way God also can come out of a human body in flesh and blood body and there are many proofs here. Some of you saw me in flesh and blood body elsewhere and asked, ‘where were you at that time’? He got the answer from him/ ‘I have come out from your body’. Though it happens in a very advance stage of the seer. Otherwise it will be very difficult to tolerate it.

Such phenomenon occurs just like child birth. This means anybody coming out of a human body lives his life just like an ordinary man in the material world as it happened in Sri Ramkrishna’s life till his death.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 20, October, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

I saw Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man before meeting him

Ganesh Chandra Das

The first day I met Jibankrishna, I felt an electric shock in my body.

‘Come my boy, come,’ such affectionate welcome gives me a great divine joy which I can never forget in my life.

Our office senior colleague Jyotish Chandra Roychoudhury met Jibankrishna three years back and told 2 – 3 of us about him. From that day everyday before our office starts and after our office hours we used to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and discuss about our dreams. After a few days when we felt great urge to meet Jibankrishna. We heard that for the time being he was not meeting anybody.

So we were waiting fervently to meet him at the first opportunity. And at last the day came. It was February 12, 1958. With brother Jyotish I went to Calcutta from Allahabad and stayed at the residence of Khitish Chandra Roychoudhary, next brother of brother Jyotish. His residence was at Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah. Still then Jibankrishna was not allowing all to go to him, even not in the morning or noon. Only those who was very familiar to him for a long time were permitted to take new man of course he must have seen him in dream before.

So brother Jyotish took me to Jibankrishna at about 3 P.M. The door was closed. As soon as we entered into the room, with a very, affectionate voice he welcomed, ‘Come my boy, come!’ I saw a very complacent, bright figured man was seated on a cot. His face was very simple and smiling. On head a mixture of black and while short hair was visible with a short beard on cheek. I remembered that many years back I saw him in dream. Touching his feet we bowed down.

His first question was, ‘My boy, have you seen any dream?’

‘Yes, at my 12 years age I have seen you in dream.’ ‘Khagen also told me that 4 years back he saw me in dream and also said that you are the only familiar man to me, I don’t know anybody in this room. He is honoured, you are also honoured. You are no less than anybody, all the groups of Allahabad are. Shiva emerged spontaneously from the ground. See I saw Parthasarathi (Lord Krishna as chariot driver of Arjun mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata) in reality. But do you know that this vision was symbolic, only Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is the object, the rest are symbolic.’ After a while another devotee came. His name was some Mr. Sengupta who resides at Dakhsineswar, Kolkata. Jibankrishna asked him, ‘What do you want? I am not liking you now a days. Don’t come everyday. Then he told us, ‘You have come from such far away place. Let me bow down to you.’

At 5 p.m. after bowing down to Jibankrishna we came out.

Next day at about 3 p.m. we went to Jibankrishna. After bowing down we sat and saw that Jiten Chatterjee, Kumar Babu and another devotee were seated on his cot. On the floor the mat was laid down. Jibankrishna also sat with us on the floor and asked me, ‘My boy, have you seen any dream?’

I said, ‘No.’

He asked, ‘Have you anything to ask?’

‘No,’ I answered.

‘What is your name?’

‘Sir, my name is Ganesh Chandra Das.’

‘Ganesh gives ‘siddhi’ in austerity (Completion of austerity). Does Nirod see any dream?’

‘No, We have not heard anything from him.’

‘Does he stay during reading?’

‘Yes, he comes in the morning and then we discuss about our dreams.’

Our conversation continued for a while and at 4 p.m. we came out.

Next day at the same time  after we took our seats discussions on lord Buddha, Emperor Ashoka and Tantra were made. Jibankrishna told us many things about Tantra, Hinajan, Bajrajan, Mahajan etc.

Asked by him about dream I said, ‘Last night I saw in my dream that brother khitish was giving the best, object purchased from the market, and that was you.’ He told jokingly, ‘Then how much did he pay? You know my boy, really, I have sold myself to you in lieu of the name of God.’

Next day I could not go to Jibankrishna for some reasons. Then for two consecutive days we went to him and a long conversation was made by him. Some I understood and some I could not understand. During conversation he had Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God) several times. This was the first time I saw Samadhi. When he asked about my dream, I said, ‘Last night I saw in dream that my wife Uma was seated in front of you with a big list. You are asking her questions one by one and she was answering. Once you asked, What is its meaning? She answered, ‘I know, this is Rama’s (god) will. When you asked about the will, She answered that also.

It was the last day on February 17 when we met Jibankrishna and after bowing down we had to get up, because we had to avail train for Allahabad.

February, 1958




Volume – 20, October, 2014

Chapter 36

 First time  confirmation of  visualization of  God

163.        15th September, 1976.

Early morning dream:  First I saw Bhabani Prasad Bandyopadhyaya, a devotee, who was describing to me some of his dreams.

In the next scene I saw myself at Lake Town but without any buildings. There were only open spaces and water bodies. I felt a great joy seeing these open spaces and saying to myself—I have seen God and I have kept myself seated! With these in mind with great joy I uttered

continuously the word ‘Bhagawan’, ‘Bhagawan’ and went on walking and walking without any outward sense.

Even after waking up the word ‘Bhagawan’ used to be uttered internally for a long period and my body and mind became full of joy. The dream indicated that this was an automatic confirmation about the seer’s seeing of God so that he has no doubt in his mind.

Accompaniment with  the  Holy  Ghost  and  devotees

164.       21st September, 1967.

Early morning dream:  It was raining and I stood beside a wall somewhere. It seemed that Deb kumar Chowdhury, a devotee was also standing beside me. I had an umbrella in my hand and opened it. I  noticed one old person standing beside Mr. Chowdhury. After some time giving proper attention I realized that the old gentleman was Jibankrishna himself. When the rain stopped I closed the umbrella and noticed that  Jibankrishna was no longer there. The dream ended.

In dream also the seer is undergoing the accompaniment with the Holy Ghost and his devotee.

The  Holy Ghost with  blessings

165.           22nd September, 1976.

Early morning dream:  A huge auditorium was seen where a function would be held. I was present there along with a large number of audience. Suddenly an unknown boy asked me about religion, but instantly I noticed that. Jibankrishna from behind came forward, wrote something on a paper, and gave it to the boy and then told me, ‘Do you understand, I wrote it’. Then nothing was remembered and the dream went off.

The dream indicates that whenever the seer will say anything about religion to anybody, he will be guided by the Holy Ghost and there will be spiritual development within the listener.

Accompaniment  with  the  Holy  Ghost

166.         23rd September, 1976.

Early morning dream:  For a long l time I had a company with God-the-Preceptor although I could not remember the conversations. Only the effect of joy retained for a long time.

In dream such long accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor is increasing the brain faculty of the seer for more and more realizations in future.

Blessings  of  the  Holy  Ghost  for  achievement

of  austerity  on  ‘Manustatwa’ or human cult                        

167.       25th September, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I had a prolonged accompaniment with God-the-Preceptor. A part of that time was only remembered— In a room Jibankrishna was seated with a book kept in front of him. Some other people were also seated though they could not be remembered. I was seated in front of him. Jibankrishna was explaining something from that book. Then pointing out a portion of the book asked me, ‘will you say what does it mean’? Instantly I answered, ‘This means ‘Manus’ (Human being)’. As soon as he heard, he roared with an expression ‘Ah’ and then with a very affectionate tone said, ‘Well my boy, did God give His blessings upon you without any cause? He would do something though you in future, that’s why you have such realizations and conception.

After this he again started explaining, but all explanations were concentrated only on human beings. The dream then went off.

The dream indicates that the seer has attained the highest stage of the austerity which is even higher than the Godhood as because human being is the Supreme One and the Truth and nothing else.

One thing is being clear now to the seer, that such long company in dream with the Holy Ghost is increasing the conception as well as brain faculty day by day changing thus the mental world of the seer.

Increase  of  the  spiritual  power

168.       28th September, 1976.  Place:  Makardah, Howrah.

Early morning dream:  Just at the awakening condition from night sleep I heard an oracle ‘Paramau Briddhi’, ‘Paramau Briddhi’(lingering of longevity).

It is an indication that the seer will have increasing spiritual power day by day as this is correlated with longevity according to Jibankrishna, who had almost similar oracle while he was at Puri during 1962-63. The oracle was thus, ‘Paramau lombi Ho gaya’(Hindi), that means the longevity has become increased.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 20, October, 2014


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )


(338)                   “As  if  Siva (another name of God) has  come  out after  penetrating

the earth  and  not  (the  image) set  up  by  human  hands”.

God out of His own will expresses and manifests Himself in the human body and not to be obtained by self-exertion. The question may rise—“What others will do?” The answer is the life of Jesus and Shri Ramkrishna.Others will lead their lives according to the instructions as given to them by their (Jusus and Shri Ramkrishna) own lives !.

(339)                  “Only  some  of  the  birds  have  crooked  beaks”.

Beak of the bird—represents Adam’s apple in the throat of a man. Every man has got an Adam’s apple in his throat. Projecting out of this Adam’s apple is not a good sign in the process of transformation of life-power. If this Adam’s apple projects out in the throat then there cannot be emanation of God in full measure.

“A bird with Adam’s apple in its throat cannot learn to whistle or to talk”—–Shri Ramkrishna.

(340)              “A man with spontaneous of God in the body (Nitya Siddha) is like a bee

which lights only on flowers and sips the honey”.

Flower—represents cerebrum, or lotus with thousand Petals—the seventh plane.

Honey—is the Supreme Bliss comes under such an easy control of the man with spontaneous emanation of God in the body that He transforms himself into the Supreme Bliss every now and then, and the turn of his mind is such that it does not permit him to take part an any mundane matter.

(341)                 “A meadow is filled with paddy. One has got to cross the meadow.

No alternative for him but he has to walk in a round about way

along the balk”.

Meadow—-here represents this human body.

To cross the meadow—means to go through the body in the process of transformation of the life power and to reach the seventh plane.

Round about way along the balk—is spoken about the ritualistic devotion.

The whole metaphor indicates that a man with ritualistic devotion can hardly expect to get the life-power transformed into Supreme Bliss .

(342)                “There is a village nearby. A man wants to come there. He takes a boat, launches it

in a winding river and tries to reach there by this round about way.”

Here also it is spoken about the ritualistic devotion. It is pointed out that it is like a winding river-course for going to a village nearby—the seventh plane.

Thakur means to say that by self-exertion, such as observing spiritual disciplines, there is hardly any chance for one to get God in him.

(343)                 “When a man gets his life-power awakened, then manifestations of God in various

sportive forms take place and there crops up a love to God as He is the nearest and

dearest kith and kin; then it becomes, as if, to cross a rice-field from where all

crops have been harvested. It is a plain field now and one has not to walk on the

balk.One can go in any direction straight across the field.”

Here it is related to the condition of the man who gets spontaneous manifestation of God in the body.

(344)                    “ One has not to row through the winding river if the country is

flooded deep with water.  Then water runs twenty cubits deep

on the field . Let one row his boat straight.”

It is spoken about life-power. There are two stages of awakening of life-power.

(1)The first stage is called awakening of Kundalini or life-power. She has got two aspects. One is animal aspect and another is divine aspect. As long as life-power runs in the outside world, it has got animal aspect. But when life-power makes its course through the body towards the cerebrum or the seventh plane then she gets her divine aspect.

(2)In the second stage this life-power within gets nineteen times stronger and mighter than the first stage.   Hence it is called Mahavayu.

The second condition is shown in this way : It takes place within the body. The world is lying open before your very sight. There is a boat on the other end of the world. Within twinkling of an eye the boat comes arunning to you. She has a straight course and the stops near you.

It is also manifested in the body. If one comes in contact with such a man and if you simply ask him, “Well Sir, have you got your Mahavayu awakened in you?”—before he can answer you, his abdomen will commence shaking violently in a jumping posture, his body will be shaking violently in a writhing posture, his head will be moving on the neck like a pendulum and finally he will go into deep Samadhi. It is the Supreme Cult; it will be heard and it will come upon the body in outward manifestation expressing the condition of inward transformation.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 20, October, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 25

Biswanath Dhara

2007 A.D.

From Vijayananda Park Reading Centre Viswanath Dhara has his experience thus :

Mr. Kedar Benejee has been familiar to me for a long time. He resides just I used to see that every day he goes to Vijayananda Park in the afternoon at round about 4 O’clock. I had a desire to accompany him.

One day he told me, ‘Let us go to the Park. There we listen to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by JiIbankrishna’.

So I went with him and listened to the reading, but nothing I could understand. I only used to listen. Thus several months passed. I go and listen and again come back. Everybody used to discuss about their dreams. But I always felt guilty as I had no dream.

Then on March 22, 2008 I saw a dream.

Brother Kanai and I was walking on the water hyacinth covering a pond, but noting touched our feet. We saw that Sri Ramkrishna and brother Ram were walking behind us. There was another fellow, but I couldn’t recognize him.

Ultimately we reached a raised dam. We couldn’t decide which way we should go. There was a huge lake in front of the dm, filled with transparent water. From behind Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna0 said, ‘Go ahead, go ahead’! So we started to go forward and the dream was off.

[The effect of listening to the reading of the Gospel and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ came upon the seer and as a result he saw Sri Ramkrishna, the incarnation of God. The unknown person is God. ‘To go ahead’ means the upward progress of life power to the seventh plane or cerebrum to achieve Godhood or Oneness.]

On June 6, 2008 I saw in my dream that by a bicycle I was going to Ramrajatala (Howrah). On my way I noticed a temple. I guessed this must be the temple of Lord Ramchandra. I entered into the temple and saw a light. Beneath it I saw many fallen leaves and removing them by a stick I saw a black stone which seemed to be the idol of Lord Shiva.

As soon as I bowed down to it, it was transformed into living Lord Shiva. But within a moment he was transformed into Jibankrishna. He told me, ‘Whatever you will achieve, you will get here, no need to go anywhere, Don’t be afraid, I shall always protect at you,.

Then my dream was off.

[Whoever sees Jibankrishna in dreams and gets him as God-the-Preceptor will be guided and protected by him.

Moreover, the prejudices of the seer about idol worship has been eliminated from his mind as Gods and Goddesses are the esoteric attributes of a human being .

Lord Shiva is the symbol of oneness and Jibankrishna is the image of oneness.]




By Debkumar Choudhury

Part 5


By the time you might have been very curious to know who is this strange man whom people from different corners of the world see within. I will give you a short history of his life. He is a living man. He is just opposite other known religious leaders of the world. Unlike them he was never eager to know God. Nor did he know that God could be seen. But when he was only a boy of twelve years and four months, God appeared to him in dream in the form of an unknown person. By that time he was unknown to him. But after about6 3 years he came to know who that man was. He was Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansa. When he was a boy of 13 years 9 mont6hs, he saw Swami Vivekananda in dream. By then Swami Vivekananda also was unknown to him. He came to know about him afterwards. Swami Vivekananda taught him Rajayoga in dream. Then started realizations. Realisations came to Him as a matter of course in the same way as I have already depicted to you. Should you give me sufficient opportunity I will discuss in my future lectures all of His realizations step by step as well as those of a large number of other persons including people belonging to your religion. They had their realizations coming in contact with Him. Though He had very fine realizations He did’t take these into account in as much as these could not be proved to others and He didn’t like to disclose His realizations. But after a time His individual realizations assumed a universal shape. People started seeing him in dream.                    

Even this universal aspect He neglected until it took a gigantic form. Those who saw Him in dream became attracted to him. They enjoyed His company very much and would narrate their dreams of their own accord. It is a funny thing that even a passer-by would see Him in dream. This universalism centring Him started with a Muslim seeing Him in dream in 1942. The Muslim gentleman used to live in the village which He visited occasionally. In his young age He used to keep a company of a few intimate friends only. With them He used to discuss religion. By that time He had entered the first stage of seeing God. Though He discussed religion with His friends He rather shunned books on religion. They only book on religion He used to study very intensively was Gospal of Sri Ramkrishna. There is a long history behind His selecting this particular book for His base work on religion. I will seize the earliest opportunity you give me to explain this to you. He got commandment from God to write down a book on religion. This he did in his off-time. He was an office-goer and completed the book in seven weeks writing in His off-time. God’s commandment to Him to write down this books was corroborated by similar dreams seen by some other persons. Some of them objected to His writing this book, but they agreed finally on seeing such dreams. Thus in 1949 he wrote down his famous book “Religion and Realisation”. Of course, the book has been published only the other day. Here is the book. I will request every one of you to read the book thoroughly. You will certainly find it very interesting. This book has already evoked tremendous appreciation from readers at home and abroad. It has also been included in the reference section of Post Graduate Philosophy Department of Jadavpur University. To an unbiased brain and a true seeker of truth this is a hidden treasure. Please do not neglect this golden opportunity. In case you find any difficulty, please do not hesitate to tell me.

The author is seventy five now. He is counting days for the time when the world would accept this true religion and put a stop to bigotry and fanaticism in the name of religion; when there will be only one undivided world with only one religion—‘the Religion of Man’.

Now, let me tell you a few words about how the thing happens. How it occurs that innumerable people see Him within, even sitting in another hemisphere and even without coming in physical contact with him? It is a big question. It was as well a question with Him for a long time. Only four years back He got the answer. Please give me a patient hearing and you will find it very interesting.

When a man becomes Brahma he becomes all Pervading. His living form flashes in a man through five media viz; (1) earth  (2)  water  (3)  light  (4)  air and  (5)  sky or other. These are five elements of nature. These dive elements cover the universe. People see Him through these media. One reads His book and sees Him inside. Here the first element is in operation. Because, the ultimate form of a book is earth. If you keep a book under the earth for a number of years, you will find it reduced to earth. It will be mixed up with the latter. Earth plays an important part in dissemination of this supreme culture in that it removes the barrier of distance of even a few thousand miles. Thus, a lady reading His book in America sees Him and talks to Him in dream. To her utter surprise the man also tells her in dream who He is.