(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 21, November, 2014

Chapter – 18


October21, 1958

I am an ordinary man, nothing more, nothing less than you. Then you can raise this question, ‘Sir, then you have such vast experiences of individualistic austerity’! But see, even those things I am eliminating. This mass austerity I am considering now.

One thing should be remembered. The more these spiritual aspects are practiced, the more it can be clearly understood.


November-December, 1958

Whether God is male or female – no such question arises. When you see me within you, what am I? You will say that I am male, because that form belongs to a male. But what I have told you before that whenever you see me in your dreams, you are transformed into me. In your case you may say that this is male. But what with mothers who are seeing me in dreams by staying at their homes? They are also transformed into my form. What you will say in those cases? How a female is transformed into a male form? The truth is that, those differences are applicable only in the material world, not in the spiritual world. God has no sex.


November7, 1958

‘Gyanamanantam’ means to become universal, and ‘Anandamamritam’ means Truth. These have manifested here. What is the knowledge of supreme cult here? In spiritual world we are one, as all of you have seen my form within you, being one in a point.

The ‘Knowledge of self’ as mentioned by Astabakra Muni (Astabakra Sanghita) means, ‘One is All’ and ‘All is One’. Though this covers on surface, the phenomenon happened here is quite different. Here only ‘oneness’ exists.

Yes, with my birth this has started in me and people started seeing me within themselves. There are references that people saw me at my fifteen years age. Sri Ramkrishna told me in a dream, ‘you are a born sanyasi’. Yes, I had austerity in every particle of my body which was shown to me. I saw that my whole body was illuminated by divine light in one of my realization.


November 8,1958

I have a great Truth in my life. How the manifestation of God reveals in a human body is shown in my life. And what is there in my appearance among the bodies of innumerable people? It proves that the Truth is revealed in my life.

Sankhya, he was an enemy of the Aryan culture. Sri Ramkrishna quoted Sankhya as they mentioned, ‘If there is existence of Soul or Atma, then there is also non-existence of Soul’. In that case he is denying all his life-long realizations as well as the whole Aryan cult.


November16, 1958

A new phenomenon is expressed here automatically. When God manifests himself within a body spontaneously, the whole purpose is served.

You have established my form. Nothing is done by me. I don’t have any knowledge about. The form of mine which you see within you is the action of Paramatma or the Supreme Being.

Why am I saying so? One day two people came to me. One is Graduate and a Brahmachari (Prior to monk state) and another one was a scavenger. Three of us were having meditation. Now, that Scavenger had more realizations than the Graduate. So, what happened? In the material world, the Graduate Brahmachari is superior to the illiterate scavenger; but here, is the Scavenger superior to the Graduate. No! Not at all. Both are same in the spiritual world. Every human being is same in the spiritual world. ? Everybody has the birth right to become Supreme Being, of course, these things should be manifested within him.


November16 – 23, 1958

I am saying that I shall live forever. Vedas have mentioned – Free of sorrow, death and disease. And this ‘forever’ means unless the whole human race see my form. Why I am saying so? Death is the prejudice of every human being and it is destined. But now I have become free of it. The meaning of birth and death run simultaneously. But I am not accepting it. I live forever with this form, otherwise before death I shall say that all these are nothing but hoax. You may charge me then, what are all these? I will say then, ‘Yes, this is one, so you see my form.’

Now you are the authorities of all these, and it is true. You bless me so that this becomes universal. I want to get the whole human race within me.

People may call me insane. But actually I am in a cool brain. I am explaining this matter with logic, and this is mentioned in ‘Kaibalya’ and ‘Bibhutipad’ (written thousands of years ago).

We cannot still conceive the final conclusion of this phenomenon, though, there must be an effect of it, and in future we can see it. When there is a work there must be the ultimate effect.

“Here a gentleman named Moni came and said that he saw me with shaved head twenty five years back sitting at Chetlahat (a market place at Kolkata). At first he could not recognize, but when I shaved my head one day, he said, ‘I have seen you with such shaved head sitting at Chetlahat. ‘Chetlahat means the place of universal consciousness. It indicated that I would be in existence in this form within the consciousness of every human being forever and this is the explanation of my immortality”.

[Diamond is still seen in dreams and reality even after his demise in 1967 among innumerable people not only in India but in many parts of the world being God-the-Preceptor of the seers, guiding and teaching them the mystery of yoga within a human body and thus they get the supreme knowledge to become one with the humanity – Author]


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 21, November, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Santosh Kumar Dey

It was Sunday in the month of November, 1956 when I first met Jibankrishna. It was about 2.30 p.m. I went to Jibankrishna with my office colleague Kali Banerjee. During that time he was seated on his cot after taking a rest. Nobody was there inside the room at that time. As soon as I entered into the room I saw as if Sri Ramkrishna was seated. With a great surprise I bowed to him with folded hands and sat on the floor. But at once he told me to sit on his cot. With great hesitation I sat on the cot with my legs hanging down. Brother Kali sat on the floor. But Jibankrishna told me to sit with folded legs and I obeyed his instruction. Later on brother Kali gave him my introduction.

After a while touching my shoulder Jibankrishna said with smiling face, ‘Now you have found time to come to me!’ At once goose bumps appeared on my body and I became overwhelmed. I got back my sense by his question. With my head down I said, ‘As you pulled me, so I have come.’ Then he looked at me several times and asked whether I had any realization before. When I gave negative answer, he again asked, ‘Well, have seen divine dreams like seeing gods or goddesses. I said, ‘Yes, I saw but hazily.’

Then quoting Sri Ramkrishna’s sayings that god can be seen mentioned in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna he said, ‘Yes my boy, He is seen as He is within your body.’ He fell into ectasy and I was looking at his face with great surprise. After a while he talked something about Swami Vivekananda, though I could not remember those things.

In this context I should mention that many days back brother Kali told me to go to Jibankrishna many times. But every time I answered, ‘When time will come I can meet him.’ Probably Jibankrishna told me in this context, but he could know was a mystery to me. In the mean while one by one people began to come. It was then 3 p.m. and as brother Kali and I had to go somewhere, we sought permission to leave from him. So he permitted and told me, From time to time come here to listen to the reading of the Gospel of Ramkrishna.’

February, 1969.

56/2A, Rammohan Mukherjee Lane, Sibpur, Howrah.



Volume  – 21, November, 2014

Chapter 37

Experience of Lila to Nitya—Nitya  to  Lila  (From  sportive forms  to

Absolute and vice versa)

169.      2nd October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  The scene started with my school compound which had become much larger than it was in reality as if a huge palace and having multi-stories. I was practicing up and down on the staircases. Once I saw myself going upwards, not through the staircases, but with the help of the retaining wall of the staircases just like a monkey and ultimately I reached the room at the top floor. There I saw a photo hung against the wall. I went nearby and noticed that the photo was of an old man sitting and with a child on his lap. I went on watching the photo and it came in my mind that this was the photo of Jibankrishna and at the same time the child was also Jibankrishna. But again I went on thinking that I had never seen such a photo of Jibankrishna of his childhood, although there was a young age photo . Just at this moment the dream left and I woke up and simultaneously it flashed in my mind that both the figures of the photo were of  Jibankrishna.

The dream reveals thus:  To go up to the rooftop means from Lila to Nitya—Ascent; Child Jibankrishna on the lap of old Jibankrishna means from Nitya to Lila as he explained of child Lord Krishna on the lap of Mother Joshoda in his Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’.

Retaining of  Mahabayu  in  the  cerebrum  or seventh plain

170.       4th October, 1976.

Early morning dream:   I reached the roof top of a house and saw a huge Monkey seated there. Then I got down keeping the monkey on the roof top after closing the door from inside and the dream went off.

The dream indicates that some high-pitched mind may come in near future.

Attaining  the  power  of  editing  ‘Manikya’ magazine

171.       5th October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  In a room Mr. Binay Mukherjee, a devotee was arranging the matters for me to publice in the magazine ‘Manikya’. But after a while I noticed that Mr. Mukherjee was transformed into Jibankrishna and he was arranging innumerable matters for ‘Manikya’. Amongst them besides the diary of Mr. Mukherjee ‘Binay Satak’ there were other matters which he kept separately and the rest suitable matters for publication he handed over to me. The dream went off.

This is the third dream in which I saw Jibankrishna relating to the magazine ‘Manikya’. This means that  Jibankrishna’s power is acting through the seer for publication of ‘Manikya’; Another meaning also is this in microcosm, whatever the Holy Ghost said is written in the magazine and he selected the suitable matters for publication which means whatever he said will be revealed in the body of the seer in future under suitable conditions . Another significant matter happened in this aspect; After a long gap the diary of Mr. Mukherjee had begun to be published in the magazine. Not only so, many new matters also were added for the magazine.

Accompaniment  with  the  devotees  and  gaining  the sense  of  oneness

172.        After the previous dream (5th October, 1976) for 4-5 days every day I had dreams in which I had the accompaniment with a number of devotees of  Jibankrishna.

This signifies thus: On one side the seer has been gaining the attractions for the devotees with growing sense of oneness and on the other hand he is gaining increasing brainpower by seeing so many persons inside his cerebrum as explained by Jibankrishna.

Second  time  confirmation  of  seeing  God 

173.       10th October. 1976.

Early morning dream:  I was narrating to Arun Ghosh, a devotee, about my visualizing God and at the same time its process also. After waking up I could not remember how I saw God.

On 15th September, 1976, I had the 1st confirmation of seeing God in a dream and this has become the second time. The process was not remembered, that means it is not required by the seer.

Revelation  of  Oneness  

174.        12th October, 1976 .

Early morning dream:  I saw Abala Kanta Dutta, sitting in front of me . He went on saying ‘ I am being transformed into Jibankrishna—I am being transformed into Jibankrishna’; Saying this he actually was transformed into Jibankrishna and the dream went off.

Once Jibankrishna said, ‘one day will come when you will see any human being who has seen me in realization, instead of him you will see me and the reciprocal will happen and this will bring oneness in the world’. His saying reveals thus in the dream and it means Jibankrishna’s forecast may come true in the seer in future.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 21, November, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(345)                      “Without  the  keenest  yearning  and  the  deepest  love  to

God  one  cannot  attain  God  in  him”.

It means to attain the Supreme Bliss, the state of Satchidananda. The word ‘Satchidananda, ’has got three parts in it—

(i)          Sat—it means ‘yea’—the God exists

( ii )       Chit—it means yoga—the process of transformation of life-power into God.

(iii)        Ananda—it means Bliss—the Supreme Bliss which can be felt in the human body.

The manifestation of a man enjoying the Bliss in the state of Satchidananda is visible over the body. His two cheeks will get swelled, his two eyes will be almost or totally closed, his lips will be parted and his whole facial appearance will be beaming with ecstacy. Let one simply ask him, “Sir, What is Catchidananda?” Then at once all these manifestations will come over his body. It is the Supreme Cult. Its peculiar aspect is that the man who has attained this cult will no sooner hear any term of this cult, it will produce spontaneous inward change along with the outward manifestations which will be seen. But every stage has got its own different kind of manifestation, though ultimately they merge into Samadhi.

(346)                       “When a ‘Kumuri’ insect sits on a cockroach with its sting penetrating

in it, the cockroach in terror and pain commences thinking about ‘Kumuri’

insect and ultimately it is transformed into a ‘Kumuri’ insect”.

Kumuri insect—It is an insect preying on cockroaches. It means transformation of life-power into the Supreme Bliss in the process of Yoga. Yoga it is not addition as it is popularly viewed but it is transformation.

(i)                 Kumuri insect—represents  God.

(ii)               Cockroach—is life-power or Primal force.

This Primal force undergoing a series of transformation ultimately turns into God, the Absolute.

(347)                         “Exactly it is, as if a fish freed from a

Pot into the water of the Ganges”.

Here it is spoken about the bliss enjoyed by a devotee in Samadhi.

Pot—represents  body.

Fish—represents  consciousness.

Ganges—represents  the  Eternal  Bliss  Brahmananda.

It is one kind of Samadhi. In this Samadhi consciousness is like a released fish in the water. Life-power has been transformed into consciousness only and it is gay and frolicsome in the seventh plane. This state of bliss is visible on the cheeks. It is like a slow writhing of an eel, and the face becomes besmeared with a dim celestial aura.

(348)                    “There is a grain of gold. Let you rub as hard as possible against a

grindstone, but still a remnant bit will be left there”.

The gross life-power is transformed into a pinpoint consciousness pervading the body is changed, transformed, collected and ultimately becomes like a pin-point; nay, more than that, it is transformed into the Euclid’s point.

(349)                   “The outer consciousness leaves me but inspite of getting changed into

God in toto, there remains only a point of ego-consciousness and it is

only for enjoying the Divine Bliss”.

It is a state of dualism in name only.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 21, November, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 26

How I heard Jibankrishna’s voice long time back without seeing or knowing him before

Bibhuti Santra attends regularly the Vijayananda Park, Reading Centre and listen to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

He narrated his dreams and experiences in waking condition thus :

1)) On July 16, 2006 I was bowing to Jibankrishna’s portrait with folded hands. Suddenly I saw my

own form in his place. I became astonished and again looking at the portrait I saw Jibankrishna’s form.

In the next scene I saw that fishermen were fishing in a huge pond with net. I was standing on its bank. Gradually they were winding up the net and I saw innumerable big fishes were jumping inside the net. I shouted, ‘Leave them, leave all the fishes’, and my dream was off.

[The dream indicated that Jibankrishna’s form has become the form of the Soul or Atman of every human being, and for that reason the seer has been transformed into Jibnakrishna’s form in the spiritual world.

Fish is the symbol of Atma. They stay in water and water is seen in Pranamaya Kosha (Sheath) within the body. His is the first step of vision of God’s form. The seer had a symbolic vision of Atma.]

2)It was the incident in May 23, 2008. I went to a large gathering at the residence of Gopal Chandra Roy (a Companion of Jibankrishna), Betaitala, Howrah.

As usual the books ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna,’ and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ were read continuously. The surrounding became very divine and peaceful. Everybody was listening with rapt attention. We couldn’t hear any outside noise.

After a few hours it was interval, and then the C. D. on Jibankrishna’s voice was played, though I could not guess before whose voice was going to be played.

But after a few minutes I was wondering, whose voice was this? About 25-26 years back I heard this same voice in my dream! During that time I had no idea who was Jibankrishna. But this voice came to me as an oracle in my worldly life. To-day I realized that the oracle came from Jibankrishna at that time.

3)      This was my experience in reality where I saw a vision about my future.

The place was the office room of M/s Guest Kin Williums. All my colleagues had gone for their Tiffin-break. As I had some urgent works, I was working with rapt attention. Suddenly a thundering sound was heard with lightening and a voice was heard, ‘This department will be abolished and everybody’s livelihood will be stopped very soon.’

At first this oracle came from the right side and then from the left side and I became puzzle. Within three months the department closed down and was handed over. S I was bound to take forced – retirement. I realized later on that my life power in the form of oracle made my mind strong enough to face the future disaster. So facing these hazards I used to go to the Reading Centre and listen regularly the reading of Jibankrishna’s book filling my heart with divine joy and peace.



By Debkumar Choudhury

Volume – 21, November, 2014

Part 6

Next comes the second of nature—water. It functions in this way. A man hears Him and sees   Him in dream. It happens in this way. By His words the listener’s physical body is transformed into subtle body. The subtle body in its turn gets transformed into causal body and the listener sees him in his causal body. All these are but inward functions of the life-power. Such is the power of the words of the yogi i.e. the man who has been thoroughly transformed into God that on hearing His words the listener’s life-power starts getting transformed into God. That is, his animal passion diminishes and divinity develops. I have already depicted to you how life-power rises upwards. In its upward course the life-power is seen as bluish gurgling water in the lower plans i.e., in the first sheath. The effect of His words is very quick. The listener sees Him in dream and realizations come upon him automatically. This may be considered as indirect seeing of God. That is, one gets himself fully transformed into God and through him other people see god.

Let us now take up the third element—light. Light functions in the following way. Light comes out of the eye. When light comes out of the eye, it is combined with force. When the yogi looks at one, there is transmission of His divine power through His eyes. So he sees Him with.

Then comes the fourth element—air. Air functions in the following way. One hears of Him and sees Him in dream. It may happen that here you of Him from my lips and some of you see Him sitting at this very place. It actually happened so when a friend of mine and a devotee of His was delivering his lecture in London. There an English lady saw His face on the forehead of my friend so long he was delivering his lecture. Many a time it happens that we are taking classes in our reading centres on this subject and some of the audience see Him taking the classes. Though physically we are present there they do not find us; in our places they find Him. Once happened a very funny thing. When in a reading centre my discourse was over, one gentleman was closely looking at my face. I couldn’t understand his purpose. But instantly the gentleman said, “Sir, so long you were taking the class I found that the Master Himself was taking the class, not you.” “Thrice I became vigilant”—he said, “and thrice I saw the Master, not you”. So he was closely looking at my face to notice if there was any beard in my face (because the Master has some beard). I asked one gentleman if he had any vision (actually it is realization). We generally do this after our discourse is over. The gentleman said that he was finding only the same figure of the Master sitting in different places. Apparently these are miracles. But actually these are not so. There is a science. (Of course it is different from ordinary science. In the latter case the things can be manufactured in the human laboratory in accordance with the given formulae. In the former case, however, there is no formula for transmission of divine power). It happens like this. The seer sees Him inside and gets himself completely transformed into him. His eyes are covered with His figure. He ….  Outside and sees the same figure  everywhere.










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