(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 22, November, 2014

Chapter – 19


November27, 1958

Today I shall tell you a very important thing. In the morning Khagen came to me. I was telling him, ‘see, a moment may come when you look at your wife, you may see my form in her place and vice versa. If means to see own self in the causal body. Even this may happen, while walking on road, if you look at anybody you may see my form in his place. Do you know why I am laughing? Because such incident has happened here. One person told me about such incident. Another person was taking his lunch, but saw that in his place I was taking it. But this is just an initiation. When this will be extended, in many this may be manifested.

Remember that an unknown force is working here. It is called supreme cult and it is happening encircling my form.

THE PREJUDICES OF A MAN ARE EXPRESSED IN AN INDIVIDUALISTIC AUSTERITY                                                  

December, 1958

See, we have no reference till now whether such full-fledged individualistic austerity has been manifested elsewhere, as we don’t have any examples of such realizations anywhere. But still I am not accepting this because it is nothing. The prejudices innate in a man are expressed through these realizations. Every human being has the prejudices of his own caste, family, clan, county and of the whole human race within him. In an individualistic austerity all these prejudices are expressed in various ways.

I am explaining to you why I am discarding my individualistic austerity. The zenith of the individualistic austerity is visualizing God, though there are many other realizations.

During visualizing God, God-the-Preceptor shows the seer the God or Atma and says twice, ‘This is God, this is God’. He repeats twice because in future the seer may have doubt about it. Then showing God, God-the-Preceptor merges with Atma. Now you see, I even had no idea that God can be seen. So how could I visualize God? So far as I have thought that during Vedic era any of the Rishis visualized God then thousands of years Sri Ramkrishna visualized God, and that prejudice is manifested in my body. Well, is that prejudice confined in my body only? No, it exists in every human being. Where have we got this body? From the five elements of nature. Then that prejudice was merged in those five elements which has manifested in me.

From time immemorial the human race have been exerting efforts to unite all into one. And that desire is personified here by Nature’s selection.


December, 1958

ONE IS ALL AND ALL IS ONE –   With a proof here, many have become one and one has become many. Yes, our human birth has become fulfilled here. How wonderful it is!

Here the unity is with a living person, you are transforming into Supreme Being in your lifetime. The more you will see me within you, the more you will be transformed into me. The attribute of Brahma is bliss. And not only I have achieved it, all of you have got it.

How wonderful this human life is! A man can be transformed into God. What more happiness can exist above that!


December27, 1958

God  is within you. When He will appear within you in the form of a living person, then only it is called ‘Bhakti’ (Real devotion). And what is its maximum Zenith? When the seer becomes universal.

Don’t look at the past. To look at the past means to move backward. Only march forward.

Khagen once asked me, ‘What is the ultimate effect of it?’ I said, ‘The ultimate result is that, when you will look at your wife, you will see my form and when she looks at you, she will see my form. In the world also this may happen.

Through real devotion a man can be transformed into God. So far in the world only worshiping of foot of the religious teachers has been followed. But what I do? I worship your head. How? Well, you can see that I place my head on yours. Worshiping foot indicates that one is superior and another one is inferior. But I see that all are same.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 22, November, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)


Netai Chandra Malik

One day in an afternoon of 1958-59 Madan Koley introduced me with Jibankrishna at Kedar Deuti Lane, Kadamtala (Howrah). On that day his room was packed with listeners of all ages. He was seated on his cot. He had black and white beard on his cheek with short hair cutting. His face was bright. When I was going to take my seat on one corner of the room beside brother Madan, Jibankrishna welcomed me with words,”come my boy, come straight on my cot.” Then he showed the empty space with his hand. I was hesitating whether to go or not, brother Madan said,” Go,Go!” so I sat on the cot beside him. Jibankrishna  asked my name. When I mentioned my name, he patted on my back. Gradually I was feeling very hot and it reached its extreme though I was not  feeling comfortable. The reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on continuously at this moment, and Jibankrishna was giving yogic interpretation. Sometimes he was becoming senseless. Later on I understood that It was called Samadhi (profound meditation merging in God).

However, I was feeling suffocation as if my body was having burning sensation, my head became heavy. I could not tell anybody about my situation as everybody was unknown to me, even brother Madan was seated away from me. In this way about one or one and half an hour passed. Then gradually I felt that my body was becoming cold with a great peace and joy. I was thinking so that I should not get up from here.

At about 8p.m. the reading was over. Everybody was leaving after bowing down to Jibankrishna. I was prepared to leave with brother Madan, Jibankrishna told me,” come again.”

Thereafter I began to go frequently. After a few days in one night I had a dream. I saw the room of Jibankrishna and one gentleman started meditation. In the mean while a robber entered into the room and told Jibankrishna,” Jiban babu, let us go for robbery.” He said,” I have no time now to go.” The robber forcibly dragged him by holding his hands. Seeing this, I was raged with anger and shouted,” leave him.” But he did not leave Jibankrishna. I Had a big stick in my hand. I began to bit the robber with that stick. At this moment I woke up. Hearing this dream from me Jibankrishna told me,” you are my guard in my spiritual life.” Another dream I had like this: I had come to Jibankrishna. One married lady with a child in her lap entered into his room and said in a doleful voice,”will my son be saved?” Jibankrishna said,” had he come earlier, he would have been said .” My dream was then off.

When I narrated this dream to Jibankrishna, he said, ”yes he was supposed to die.” But he did not say anything. However, I saw innumerable dreams and is still seeing and every time I get unfathomable divine joy.

Jibankrishna’s behavior was so sweet which can never be forgotten. The behaviour Jibankrishna showed on a such a poor fellow like me  was unimaginable and this was the first time I got in my life.


7/2, Narendra Ganguly Road

Santragachi, Howrah



Volume  – 22, November, 2014

Chapter 38

 Revelation  of  other’s  condition

175.          13th October, 1976.

Early morning dream     Abala Kanta Dutta, was having his bath in the river Ganges and saying something to  Arun Ghosh . From a distant place I was hearing this. I was realizing that Mr. Dutta was having ‘Ecstasy’. I was thinking whether I would request Mr. Ghosh to stop him  Meanwhile Mr. Ghosh said, ‘Well, Anath (Mondal—a devotee) was asking whether you are now relieved  from sexual feelings . I answered, ‘no, still now it is persisting to some extent’. The dream here went off.

The dream reveals again to the seer the conditions of other devotees as well as himself and shows that during the period of austerity many obstacles come as it came in the life of Lord Buddha, but ultimately these are removed by God-the-Preceptor.

Achievement of Eternal Bliss

176.           15th October, 1976.

Just at the moment of waking up in the early morning my father’s face (Amrita) appeared before during my half sense condition and then faded away.

This visualization reveals that the seer will achieve ‘Amritatva’ or spiritual immortality.

Removal  of  mental  accusation 

177.          16th October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I had sores on my body due to Chicken Pox and all were on the way of drying. Some were beginning to be detached from the body.At this moment the dream went off.

The dream indicates that all the mental accusations are thus removed from the body. During these days some changes are observed—As soon as the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ appears in mind, the whole body becomes horripilated with delight. The mind gradually becomes introvert but with a great joy.

In addition, a continuous recitation of the name ‘Manus’(‘Man’) is appearing in mind frequently. Is it the physical effect of the dream seen on 25-9-1976?

Achievement  of  apathetic  condition

178.       18th October, 1976.

Early morning dream:            I saw Mr. Jiten Bairagi, a devotee in front of me. This was the second time I saw Mr. Bairagi.

‘Bairagi’ means apathetic to worldly interests. So to see Mr. Bariragi means the seer is having this condition of apathy.It confirms the present mental condition of the seer which he is passing through, i.e., he actually has no worldly interests and sometimes is having a state to leave the body through yoga . This condition was described by  Jibankrishna as an apathetic condition which may come to the seer having austerity through different phases.

Getting  lessons  about  the  condition  of  yoga

179.          20th October, 1976.

I had a question in my mind—whether trance is a condition of yoga.

I had a sleep in noon time and I had a trance. At this moment I myself was announcing, ‘This condition is included in yoga—this is yoga’, and then my trance went off.

The question is thus solved and revealed automatically within the seer through realization.

Afterwards this was corroborated by the sayings of  Jibankrishna, recorded in a diary, where he described the trance as a yogic condition.

Accompaniment  with  devotees

180.       21st October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I had gone to Makardah, Howrah (Where many devotees assemble from time to time to discuss about sayings of  jibankrishna) and reading his book. There I saw many devotees like Deb Kumar Chudhury, Ramkrishna Ghosh etc having spiritual discussions. Here ended the dream.

Due to illness I could not go to Makardah along with other devotees in reality. But in dream I experienced the same accompaniment with devotees.

This kind of accompaniment with devotees increases the brain power of the seer and at the same time injects the feeling of ‘oneness’ with others.

Vision  of  unnatural  scene and advanced science

181.       22nd October, 1976.

To-day is Dewali. In the night I had a dream. The scene opened with a vast open space. There I was seated with some devotees like Dhiren Mondal, Arun Ghosh, Abala Kanta Dutta etc. It was complete dark at night. While I looked at the sky, it was deep dark without any stars . Suddenly an unusual scene was seen in the sky as if it had been turned into a screen just like movie screen and the figures of the seated persons were observed in the sky covering the whole sky. It seemed to me as if I had been visualizing a movie in the sky. Whatever they had been acting beneath, the same picture were flashing in the sky i.e., the same scene of moving hands & talking to each other, laughing of Mr. Dhiren Mondal had been observed in the sky . While with great surprise I was observing this scene in the sky, Arun Ghosh asked me, ‘What are you seeing’?

I pointed the scene in the sky to him, but nobody could see this. I became surprised and asked, ‘strange! You are not seeing anything?

After a while I observed that the whole scene suddenly vanished and the sky was glittering with innumerable stars. Here the dream went off. This dream remained hazy to me.

[After a long time it flashed in mind that this dream indicated my increased brain capacity quite different from others and showing possibility of advanced science in future when human being will be able to discover such machine producing such effect.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 22, November, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(350)                     “The Divine Bliss of ‘Jara Shamadhi’ cannot be given out”.

It is utter silence and there remains almost no ego. The next step is Sthitha Samadhi and it is to get through collapse.

The  Master  with  Adhar,  Rakhal,  Shri  M and  other  devotees

at  Dakshineswar

July  22,  1883.

(351)                  “Do you know the views of these type of men?  With them be self-exertion

one must  start with practising spiritual discipline, self-restraint, self-control

and renunciation. They aim to be merged in the First Cause Nirvana.”

It is to obtain liberation by self-exertion. Buddha and Sankar introduced it. I control one’s animality by self-exertion and thereby to be merged in the Great cause or First Cause or the Absolute.

This is spoken of an ordinary man Jivakati. But by self exertion to control animality and to be merged into the Absolute never takes place.

(1)      Yamevaisha Vrinute Tena Labhyah. “Whom God chooses, the chosen man alone is liberated and blessed with Supreme Bliss”.—The Veda.

(2)      “If God out of sheer mercy liberates Himself from the body then there is liberation”.—Shri Ramkrishna.

(3)       “It depends upon the grace of God whether to keep one in bondage or to liberate him”.—Shri Ramkrishna.

(4)      “Let you exert in thousand-fold but without God’s grace nothing can be achieved”.—Shri Ramkrishna.

Self—exertion cannot liberation God from the body. It is God and God’s grace which alone can liberate one from  the bondage of body. He is a mere witness with whom such liberation happens.

(352)                         “These people are Vedantists. They always on discriminating—-God

alone is real and the world is illusory”.

It is not by discrimination but by realization alone that one can attain such stage when he says that God alone is real and the world is illusory. To attain this stage one has to realize all these stages and conditions—

(1)        God  is  in  the body.

(2)        There will be a spontaneous liberation of God from the body.

(3)         God will be seen in human form made of God’s light.

(4)         Then He will be seen and shown as Atma in the seventh plane by God-the-Preceptor.

(5)         Then the Universe will be seen within Atma or God.

(6)         This Universe within God will be seen to be transformed into a Seed

(7)          This Seed in its turn will be transformed into a Dream.

These are all the sportive forms of God. A devotee sees all these sportive forms, realizes all these states, and his angle of vision changes by these realizations and the world appears illusory like a dream to him.

“If Atma or God unfolds Himself then all these sportive forms are seen.—Shri Ramkrishna. If God reveals His real Self then this stage that ‘the Universe is illusory like a dream’ is attained. “If God needs it then a man is blessed with the Supreme Knowledge.”—Shri Ramkrishna. Thakur was blessed with all these realizations but it was not with Totapuri Maharaj, the Vedantist Preceptor of Thakur. No such  unfoldments took place either in Totapuri or in Sankar. Even in case of all other incarnations of God, all these unfoldments did not happen.

(353)       “If the world is illusory as a dream then you too are illusory like a dream;

the speaker and his speech are both alike illusory and but dreams”.

This state is rapidly followed by no-ego-consciousness, i.e. Sthitha Samadhi when the body collapses. Only Avatars, incarnations of God, come down from this state. Then follows ‘Knowledge of Yhou’.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 22, November, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams by both husband and wife

Ms. Gita Saha and her husband Vaidyanarayan Saha to to Baguiati Reading Centre, Kolkata, where Ms. Biva Das reads the Bengali book of Jibankrishna (Diamond) ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) regularly. Both of them have seen Jibankrishna getting him as god-the-Preceptor. Here is the narration of Ms. Gita Saha.

1. It was a night in 2002 A.D. I saw in my dream that I was sick. Jibankrishna came to me by a steamer through a large river and said, ‘Hey, let us go’. My door was open. Here the dream was off.

[The seer got Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor.]

2. In our room Sister Biva was reading ‘Dharma-O-anubhuti’. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna came and sat behind us. In front a little girl was seated. Jibankrishna told her to bring two ‘jilabi’ (a kind of sweet). When she brought the sweets, Jibankrishna told me, ‘Now you eat one’, and he took another one. The dream was off.

[In dream God-the-preceptor shows his sportive forms.]

Vaidyanath Saha’s dreams:

Some day in 2002 A.D. I saw in my dream that a marriage ceremony was going on in our house. There was a large gathering. I saw that Jibankrishna had come. I saw someone who cooked rice mixed with grapes and took it to me. Here the dream was off.

[The seer got Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor. Cooked food means the seer will have divine realizations in future.]

Both sisters have seen Jibankrishna in dreams

Ms Namita Bera is a listener of Baguiati Reading Centre. She listens regularly the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-D-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

She narrated a dream thus.

One night in December, 2000 I saw in a dream a bright light illuminating my room. The brightness was so intense that I could not look at. Inside that light Jibankrishna was seated. I was looking at him and with a great joy I was calling my husband saying, ‘Look! Look! There is Jibankrishna’! Then my dream was off.

[The seer got Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor. Room is her cerebrum (Sahasrar) or seventh plane; bright light is God’s light, Divine consciousness has awaken within her.]

Ms Savita Bera, sister of Ms. Namita Bera has narrated her dream as such:

On January 1, 1999 I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna was entering into our room. What a huge body he possessed! His head almost touched the ceiling. I shouted saying, ‘The Lord’s feet touching! The Lord’s feet touching! Jibankrishna’s body was transforming into goddess Kali from time to time. Then my dream was off.

Next morning my sister Namita, who was sleeping in the next room told me,’Why were you shouting last night saying ‘The Lord’s feet touched ‘again and again’? I told her my dream.

[Jibankrishna’s huge body indicates Brahma or Supreme self. Un Upanishad He is described as huge or infinite and again as smallest. Becoming Holy Mother means there is no difference between Brahma and power or Nature.]



By Debkumar Chaudhury

Volume – 22, November, 2014

Part 7

Now we will I discuss functioning of the fifth and the last element—sky or ether. It covers that   aspect of seeing Him which cannot be explained by the former four elements. We have explained how people see Him inside by reading His book, by hearing from Him, by seeing Him outside and by hearing about Him from others. But we have not explained how people see Him without coming in physical contact with Him, without hearing about Him from others, without reading His book, staying at a great distance from him (even several thousand miles) and even without coming to know His name. And you will be rather surprised to know that those people who have seen Him long before coming in physical contact with him, say ten or twenty years back, find the same figure of Him when they somehow come to him after a long time . This happened with Mr. Paul Adam, a French soldier who saw Him in the battle field of Europe in 1939, and recognized the face when he happened to come to Him in 1959. This is not a solitary instance. A large number see him in that way. The explanation of this aspect of seeing Him rests in the functioning of the fifth and the last element of nature—sky or ether. Let me explain. You all know that ether pervades the entire universe. When one speaks there is a sound. The sound vibrates through the ripples of the vast sea of ether; reaches the ears of the listener and he hears the words of the speaker. In the case of Brahma i.e., the man who has become Brahma, his words act in the same way as these do when he speaks to an audience. If one’s body is a fit receptacle, His words which reach through the sky or ether takes His form and appears before him. Thus one sees Him even without coming in physical contact with Him and without hearing of Him in any way or even without coming to know His name.

I have explained to you how the five elements of nature—earth, water, light, air and sky or ether function to arouse Godhood in the entire human race and to spread it throughout the length and breadth of the world. I have explained direct and indirect attainment of Godhood with substantial proofs of such attainment. You have come to know a man becomes God and how the veracity is borne by myriads of people seeing Him within them from different corners of the world. This happens broadly in four conditions of a man viz : (1) awakened condition  (2) dream (3) trance and (4) meditation. Mainly it happens in the three other states. I would have been happy to explain why it happens mainly in dream. But, my friends! Let you know that one lecture is not sufficient to explain the whole thing. This is a long course and it is to be digested bit by bit. If you are interested enough I will discuss at length in a future lecture the significance of dream, particularly divine dream.

Now, only a few words about the purpose of my coming over here and about my authority to speak on this subject. We have several reading centers where we discuss the subject daily. We have nearly forty such districts of West Bengal. We have also some reading centers outside this state. We are also trying to open some centers outside India. Some centers are to be opened shortly in London. One such centre was opened in Honolulu, U.S.A. and regular classes were being taken there. The classes were being taken by one American gentleman who was fortunate enough to see our Master i.e, the Author of the book “Religion and Realization” in dream from there and to have wonderful realizations both for him and also for his wife. You will find the dreams and their interpretation given by the Author in the book “Religion and Realization”. However, for some reasons the classes have been discontinued there.

My purpose of coming over here is to open a reading centre here provided receptive brains are available.

I have come here at the request of one of my Paris friends. He has intimately mixed with the Author of the book “Religion and Realization”, has enjoyed the bliss of His company and has had his realizations. Wherever we take our classes, the listeners have their realizations; atterwards they understand and accept this new religion which has no connection with the prevailing religious practices of the world as I have told you. I do expect that yours will not be an exception. I will be rather happy of any one of you can take charge of this centre, of course, after he understands the subject himself. I shall make it clear that this is not preaching of a particular religion at the cost of another; but it is propagation of truth. The benefit will come not to a particular community but to the entire human race.

As regards my authority to speak on this subject, let me tell you that I have closely mixed with the Author for pretty ten years; have got my lessons from Him and have had my realizations by His blessings. It is He who has given me the authority to take classes and to speak on this subject. Such is the case with all other readers of our reading  centers. We do not receive any donation whatsoever. Even conveyance expenses we bear from our own pockets. We have set before us the living ecample of our Master Whom we call Acharya and have taken the vow to dedicate ourselves to the cause of humanity by propagating this truth which we have attained by His grace to the thirsty humanity who are not satisfied with the so called religious practices of the world but are restlessly waiting for the real truth.

Before concluding my speech let me recapitulate the whole thing to brush up your memory. My theme is “The Manifestation of God in the human body”. God is in the human body and nowhere else. By spontaneous evolution of life-power a man gets transformed into God. As he gets transformed his animal passion diminishes and divinity develops. The process and period of evolution of life-power is a long story. This is understood bit by bit as and when realization comes upon a man. The transformation and realization in the wake of the transformation occur spontaneously. But culture may be termed “Supreme Culture”. But the exact connotation is ‘Brahma Vidya’. This is Vedic culture. Vedas use some other terms, viz.

(a)   Agni Vidya   —  Fire.

b) Sariri Vidya  —  Physique or Body.

©    Atma Vidya  —  Pertaining to Atma.

(d)   Para Vidya  —  The highest subject, the learning of which is Independent of any outward agency.

None of these definitions is without significance which I intend to explain in my future lectures if arranged. When a man is completely transformed into God, he becomes Brahma. The concomitant fact is that during His life-time His living figure is seen within by myriads of people irrespective of their social status, education and training, religious faith, casts and creed. They see Him in four conditions, viz; (1) awakened condition (2) dream (3) trance, and (4) meditation. Mainly they see Him in dream. Let me tell you once that this is not a theory but a fact and that such a man does exist. He is no other person than the Author of the book. “Religion and Realization”. The fact that He is seen by innumerable people within them is also not without significance. It has a tremendous effect upon the mankind which, I believe, you will understand yourselves in no time.

Before taking my chair let me thank you once more for the patient hearing you have given me and for your sincere approach to know truth. Let us break off the artificial barriers of dogmatism and stretch our hands to embrace one another in love and affection. Universal oneness is the goal of the religion which I speak of. Let god rise up in us and establish peace in this strife-torn world. The task is stupendous. But we are sure to succeed; because, it is God’s will. And there is no better God than man.

Man first, Man last and Man forever.

The End















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