(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 23, December, 2014

Chapter – 20

Spiritual Realization occurs spontaneously without any especial attributes

January 10, 1959.

I am a man like you, nothing less nothing more. I cannot claim anything more. I had miraculous individualistic austerities. So many realizations occurred, but all spontaneously.

This is absurd that I shall eliminate my own ego.  God has sent me with ego, how can I eliminate that. If He wishes then only the ego will be extirpated.

I am not doing anything of my own. Don’t be so thinking for heaven’s sake. We have created a God. He is doing everything. Each one of us is the playground of God to show His sportive forms.

These realizations are manifested due to the attributes of the body. Though all bodies are without these attributes, but everybody has the birth right of achieving these realizations.

What is Buddha

January 14, 1959.

What is the meaning of Buddha? It means the awakened one. The opposite term is dormant which means without divine consciousness. Who has this divine consciousness, he must have a form. That may be a divine light or a form of a human being. Whose form is seen among many he is Buddha. This is mentioned in Buddhist Philosophy in Pali language.

A forecast by Jibankrishna (Diamond)               

January 15, 1959.

Every human being is Brahma or Supreme Self. When this is applicable to all, this will be universal. Though this phenomenon is happening in selected class, but later on this may happen in all. Yet, another probability is there that this may not be universal. It may stop here. But this will not be spoiled, it will continue like a husk fire.

What happens in divine dream                                                                       

January 20, 1959.

God is always eager to shower his grace on us. But our ‘Ego’ consciousness is always creates a barrier. When this ‘Ego’ consciousness will be eliminated he will manifest within ourselves. What happens in a dream? A man sleeps and then the ‘Ego’ consciousness does not exist and God manifests within him. Whatever you term Him as God, Allah, Khoda, He will not be offended. Human beings have given Him such nomenclature.

What is Absolute

January 20, 1959.

Yesterday I have found a new meaning of ‘Absolute’. ‘Absolute’ means ‘Living’. Absolute devotee, Absolute Krishna, and furthermore ‘Absolute Jiban Ghosh?’

This morning I was reading – In Vedas there was no re-birth. Vedas mean Ric, Jaju,Sam. I thought that, oh, I have told about this!

Now, what is the natural rhythm of human life? He should be universal. From where I am saying so? From my life. How does this rhythm arise? It arises spontaneously. Nothing more wonderful thing exists in a human life than this. This mystery was hidden by the Vedic Rishis. They never distributed it outside. They have suppressed it by saying ‘Tattamasi Swetoketo’ (Swetoketo you are that ‘He’) They made a law that they would expose it only to the eldest son of the family.

Achievement of Godhood – Its meaning                                         

January 20, 1959.

To Achieve Godhood means to be transformed into God. Someone begins to see gods and goddesses or to see divine dreams and from here this phenomenon starts. Visualization of Soul or Atman or God is its Zenith.

There is another stage of achieving Godhood –The deity manifests in a human form. Just see for example: Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna father dreamt that ‘Raghubir’ (Their deity) was telling him, ‘I am here in the field, take me to your home.’ Actually the mystery lies in the fact that this universe is in his cerebrum his mind reached there and he saw that thing.’ When this was materialized? After going to Gaya (Sacred place of Hindus in Bihar State, India) he saw in dream that Raghubir was telling him, ‘I shall be born as your son.’ He could not conceive that he saw it in his cerebrum. This also happens with Goddess Sitala. But whenever this is taken in the material world there will be the end of this spiritual progress.

Ocean of humanities                                                                        

February, 1959.

One day during reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna It was read, Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘Once I saw an ocean, and being a salt doll I was going to measure it. But due to grace of God-the-Preceptor I was transformed into a stone.’

In this context Jibnakirshna said, ‘Listen! As Thakur (Sri Rmkrishna) went for measuring the ocean, he became stone! Now, what is ocean? How many times I have told you, that it is the ocean of humanities. I have drowned myself within that ocean of humanities, and I am not saying so. On the contrary you are saying when you are seeing me within you.

Now think, have I become stone being drowned in that ocean? Just opposite to it – Being appeared within a human body I am controlling him but not as a stone. Morever, I was enjoying this within myself so long, now through innumerable people that bliss is transformed into an ocean of bliss.

How many times I have told you that with the advent of evening, as in more and more number you come to me, my force energy and joy begin to increase. Thakur told the right thing when he said, ‘I was transformed into stone.’ Do you know why? If this manifestation of spiritual power does not occur spontaneously in a body, he becomes stone. All the individualistic austerities are defective like this.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 23, Decembe, 2014

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Arun Kumar mukherjee

It was saturday, March 7, 1959.  Today I first met Jibankrishna.

My brother-in-law Sushil  Mukherjee and my second elder brother used to go to Jibankrishna. They used to discuss about Jibankrishna at home. Hearing this an interest gradually grew in my mind. So on the scheduled day I went to Jibankrishna with my brother-in-law at Kadamtala, Howrah. It was 9 a.m. then. Seeing us he welcomed and made us sit near him on his cot. Hearing from me that I used to study he said,” study with attention  and practice physical exercise every day.” Then he asked whether I had dreamed anything. I said,” yes, I have seen but not in dream. One year ago at noon I slept in my room. Nobody was there at our house that day. Suddenly I woke up and saw in reality as if you are standing near my head and you said,” you will see me at this house. Jibankrishna asked,” Have you seen anything more?” I narrated some of dreams.

At about 10.45 a.m. we stood up for departure. I asked my brother-in-law in a low voice,” please ask him whether I should come again.” Jibankrishna asked,” what is the matter?” My brother-in-law said,”he was asking me whether he will come again.” Hearing this Jibankrishna got down from his cot and then patting me said, “yes come, whenever you will get opportunity meditate.” Getting his touch on my body I was having goosebumps and felt a great divine joy. That day the whole journey to my home was full of divine joy and peace. Every moment it seemed that in every step he was with me. Since that day for  a few days I felt as if I was drunk with divine drink.


16/A/1 Barabagan Lane

Srirampur, Hooghly

West Bengal (India)



Volume – 23, December, 2014

Chapter 39

Reality  and  dream  are  identical  

182.      23rd October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  Arun Ghosh brought the cream of milk for feeding me. I told him to keep it as I would eat it after sometime due to my hastiness for going to Mr. Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala where many devotees used to gather frequently for spiritual discussion.

In the mean time Mr. Ghosh asked me what was the reason for my absence at Makardh on 21st October, where many devotees gathered. I answered that due to illness I could not go there (In reality the same thing happened). Then the dream went off.

Here the dream and reality all became identical which is the realization of Vedanta.

Hints  for  removal  of  Nature’s  obstacle

183.        25th October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I was saying something about  Jibankrishna to my father and a great force was coming out from my inside. Suddenly one of my sister named Prakriti (Nature), who had been standing beside unnoticed, was about to say something and my lecture was obstructed. I got furious and with a great snub, blew on her face loosening some of her teeth . I then said, ‘While saying anything about Jibankrishna such type of obstructions would result such consequences. After a while when again I met his sister said to her, you should not make such type of obstructions and if this happens I would even kill you’, although there was no anger in my mind during that time.

The dream indicates that no obstructions will come during my austerity in future.

Vision   of   Future  and  elimination  of  doubt  about  previous  dream with narration

184.         26th October, 1976.   

Early morning dream:  The first scene was Mr. Raghunath Sen’s room at Taltala, (where regular spiritual discussions are being held among the devotees) Kolkata .At this moment one of my old school mate(1956 A.D) Atulesh by name came and was seated and with a great respect began to listen to  Jibankrishna’s sayings. I became too much astonished and then watched that many of my College mates also had come there and listening with great regard to the discussions about  Jibankrishna, and then I  woke up.

I again felt asleep and this time saw in dream discussing with many devotees about  Jibankrishna and narrating to someone about the vision in trance seen on 4th July,1976 in which my life was transformed into a point . The listener asked, ‘How did you feel at that time’? I answered, ‘I was transformed into a point without any body-sense. There was no world and nothing else in the sense’. The dream then went off.

In reality I had a doubt about my previous vision in trance about Viswarup Darshan (The whole Universe in the body) whether it was an imagination or real spiritual visualization, but in dream God eliminated my doubt . This is the way the Holy Ghost teaches the seer.

The dream also indicates that in future the philosophy and influence of Jibankrishna will spread among school and college students.

[ It happened when innumerable students at Bolpur, Birbhum District began to see  Jibankrishna in dreams .]

Visualisation  of  Future

185.       31st October, 1976.

Early morning dream:  I was going somewhere by bus. Meanwhile one unknown fellow sat on a sit after 2-3 passengers beside me and began to recite the name of ‘Jibankrishna’. Hearing  this I became astonished and went on thinking—He is a quite unknown person, how he could know the name of Jibankrishna! Then again it came in my mind—no! There are so many persons unknown to us, where Jibankrishna has become manifested without our knowledge.

With these thoughts I had in my mind to talk to the person, but the fellow got down from the bus and the dream went off.

This dream indicates that in reality this may happen in future. [In the long run it happened in many occasions.]

Accompaniment with  devotees  and  spiritual  practice

186.   2nd November, 1976, Tuesday.

Early morning dream:  I had gone to the residence of Khagendra Nath Ghosh at Sainthia, Birbhum, District(West Bengal) accompanied by Dhiren Mondal, a devotee and my next brother Asit, But very few conversations were held between Mr. Ghosh and me . Once he said, he saw in one of his dream that my elder brother’s wife was licking something in a bowl. I said that he saw the same dream. However I told Mr. Mondal that I would return the next day and he also agreed. Then I woke up.

[In dream the seer has in this way regular practice about spirituality.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 23, December, 2014


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(354)          “It is a very tall talk to speak out that the

Universe is illusory like a dream”.

By self-exertion, this stage that ‘the Universe is illusory’ cannot be attained. It is but a fictitious

remains at least a little ash”

Wood—represents human body”.

When wood is burnt—means real manifestations and realizations of God in the five sheaths and the unfoldment and revelation of Atma in His real Self.

Ash—represents ‘Knowledge of Thou’ Tattagyan. One’s ego is burnt; then comes ash, that is, ‘Thou’. It is termed ‘devotion in matured state’ Paka Bhakti. This is succeeded by Descent as in an incarnation of God or Avatar. Then this man gets the capacity of seeing ‘God, illusion, living beings and the Universe’—all together in their inter-related and inter-linked condition. He and he alone is in a position to say that the world is but an illusion; but he seldom does as he is fully aware that every aspect is but different aspect of God. On the contrary he says that the world is real too. Thakur often used to say, ‘The world is but God’s pleasure-house”.

(355)             “It is like camphor, when burnt nothing remains”.

Camphor—represents Atma. In an ordinary man if Atma unfolds His real Self then the body collapses within 21 days. But it seldom happens.

(356)             “When wood is burnt there remains at least a little ash”

Wood  –  represents human body.

When wood is burnt  –  means real manifestations and realizations of God in the five sheaths and the unfoldment and revelation of Atma in His real Self.

Ash  –  represents “knowledge of Thou” Tattagyan. One’s ego is burnt; then comes ash, that is, “Thou”. It is termed “”Devotion in matured state” – ;Paka Bhakti;. This is succeeded by Descent as in an incarnation of God or Avatar. Then this man gets the capacity of seeing ; God, illusion, living beings and the Universe; all together in their inter-related and inter-linked condition. He and he alone in a position to say that the world is but an illusion; but he seldom does so as he is fully aware that every aspect is but different aspect of God. On the contrary he says that the world is real too. Thakur often used to say,”The world is but God’s pleasure-house.”

(357)                   “Padmalochan though a devotee in the Path of ‘Knowledge’

(Jnani), yet, respected me like anything inspite of my repeating

Before him ‘Oh Divine Mother, Oh Divine Mother!”

Padmalochan, a great Sanskrit scholar, a big Pundit, did not see Atma or God. So he was not a man of Knowledge Gyani. He was a devotee. Furthermore, he was a learned man ; as such, he tried to get God by discrimination, and that cannot be done.

(358)                   “When he (Padmalochan) heard* Ramprosad’s song from me,

tears rolled down his cheeks in devotion”.

These tears of Padmalochan bore the testimony that he was a devotee. He was a lucky and blessed man as he came in contact with Thakur and heard the name of the Divine Mother from Thakur. Thakur’s utterance of ‘Mother’ brought a flood of devotion in Padmalochan ; so tears rolled down his cheeks.

*  [Ramprasad of Bengalwas a real devotee and

made many devotional songs. His songs are very

popular like that of Italian Tasso.]

(359)                      “Once Padmalochan was asked to decide which of the two deities,

Siva or Brahma, was the greater ? With a child’s simplicity he said,

“I do not know, Neither I, nor my ancestors back to the fourteenth

generations have ever seen Siva or Brahma”.

Padamalochan had no knowledge of the Causal body (Bhagabati Tanu). It is this Causal body in the sixth plane which takes the human shape made of God’s light appears before a devotee and talks with him. A devotee sees and hears Him or Her. In case of a superior receptacle this Causal body takes various forms of gods and goddesses, Avatars, saints etc. It helped one to understand that the very same causal body is changed into various forms. “He is blessed who was come to know the mystery of One changing into many”.

—-     Shri Ramkrishna


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 23, December, 2014

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Ms. Purnima Roy attends Baguiati Reading Centre to listen to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O’anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version). She narrated a dream thus:

On June 19, 2002 I saw a dream. My mother came and said, ‘Purnima today is your birthday’. She told my elder brother to buy an ear ring for me. My elder sister was standing beside me. She bowed my by touching my feet. I went out with a hand bag. After going to a certain distance I lost the track. I asked one gentleman, ‘Where is the station’? He said, ‘The station is far away from here’. So after a while I took a rickshaw. The rickshaw puller took me nearer a bridge and got up with rickshaw. Looking below I noticed that it was too deep. Then the rickshaw puller took me down. I saw that I had only two ruppes with me and thought how could I go to such a long distance with such small amount of money!

Just at this moment I met Jibankrishna. He asked, ‘Where will you go’? I said, ‘I shall go to station’. He told me to follow him. So I did that. We were crossing many rivers, forests etc. He was walking in front and I was behind him.

After some time he entered into a room through some steps. I saw there that a lady was feeding her baby breast milk and my dream was off.

[The seer got the grace of God-the-Preceptor. Those who have got Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor are always protected by him.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in sun

Ms. Nilima Basu is a 78 years old lady and attends Baguiati Reading Centdre regularly for listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version). She narrated two dreams like this:

1. OnApril 9, 2004, I saw in my dream that I was walking on a road, I saw a huge pond in front with waving water. Looking at the sky I saw a form of a human being upto chest. Infront of that form a fan was revolving and an electricity being produced was creating waves in the pond. I looked at that powerful man and then some voice was heard, ‘Thee is the creator? After waking up I realized, ‘Oh’, so long I was seeing Jibankrishna in the sun’! I was overwhelmed with joy.

[Jibankrishna being seen in the sun establishes the the proof of the hymns of Upanishads’, The man who is in the sun and he who is outside are the same and one. He is Parama Brahma (Supreme self). Sun is life, produces power among the human life. Jibankrishna is within every human being producing power within him.]

2. OnFebruary 21, 2006I saw in my dream that a monk had come near our area speaking about god. All ladies were listening and enjoying. Later on he came to our residence and sat in a room for meditation. He wore orange colored cloth. He called me and gave me an exercise book where according to the scripts he said twice, ‘Read it’. I read it though I couldn’t remember later on what was written. I said, ‘I have already visualized God. He appeared before me in various ways. I lead my life according to his will? One person sitting beside me said, ‘you have visualized god and hearing it I am feeling a great joy. I have heard that you were married at 14 years. You are leading a family life and within a family life you have seen God! We want to hear that story from you’. I said, ‘This story will take lots of time. Without His grace God cannot be seen’. The looking at the monk I saw that Jibankrishna himself was seated there, and my dream was off.

[The dream indicates the seer’s spiritual condition.]




By Debkumar Choudhury

Volume – 23, December, 2014

Part 7

Now we will I discuss functioning of the fifth and the last element—sky or ether. It covers that aspect of seeing Him which cannot be explained by the former four elements. We have explained how people see Him inside by reading His book, by hearing from Him, by seeing Him outside and by hearing about Him from others. But we have not explained how people see Him without coming in physical contact with Him, without hearing about Him from others, without reading His book, staying at a great distance from him (even several thousand miles) and even without coming to know His name. And you will be rather surprised to know that those people who have seen Him long before coming in physical contact with him, say ten or twenty years back, find the same figure of Him when they somehow come to him after a long time . This happened with Mr. Paul Adam, a French soldier who saw Him in the battle field of Europe in 1939. and recognized the face when he happened to come to Him in 1959. This is not a solitary instance. A large number sees him in that way. The explanation of this aspect of seeing Him rests in the functioning of the fifth and the last element of nature—sky or ether. Let me explain. You all know that ether pervades the entire universe. When one speaks there is a sound. The sound vibrates through the ripples of the vast sea of ether; reaches the ears of the listener and he hears the words of the speaker. In the case of Brahma i.e,. the man who has become Brahma, his words act in the same way as these do when he speaks to an audience. If one’s body is a fit receptacle, His words which reach through the sky or ether takes His form and appears before him. Thus one sees Him even without coming in phycisal contact with Him and without hearing of Him in any way or even without coming to know His name.

I have explained to you how the five elements of nature—earth, water, light, air and sky or ether function to arouse Godhood in the entire human race and to spread it throughout the length and breadth of the world. I have explained direct and indirect attainment of Godhood with substantial proofs of such attainment. You have come to know a man becomes God and how the veracity is borne by myriads of people seeing Him within them from different corners of the world. This happens broadly in four conditions of a man viz : (1) awakened condition  (2) dream (3) trance and (4) meditation. Mainly it happens in the three other states. I would have been happy to explain why it happens mainly in dream. But, my friends! Let you know that one lecture is not sufficient to explain the whole thing. This is a long course and it is to be digested bit by bit. If you are interested enough I will discuss at length in a future lecture the significance of dream, particularly divine dream.

Now, only a few words about the purpose of my coming over here and about my authority to speak on this subject. We have several reading centers where we discuss the subject daily. We have nearly forty such districts of West Bengal. We have also some reading centers outside this state. We are also trying to open some centres outside India. Some centers are to be opened shortly in London. One such centre was opened in Honolulu, U.S.A. and regular classes were being taken there. The classes were being taken by one American gentleman who was fortunate enough to see our Master i.e, the Author of the book “Religion and Realisation” in dream from there and to have wonderful realizations both for him and also for his wife. You will find the dreams and their interpretation given by the Author in the book “Religion and Realisation”. How ever, for some reasons the classes have been discontinued there.

My purpose of coming over here is to open a reading centre here provided receptive brains are available.

I have come here at the request of one of my Paris friends. He has intimately mixed with the Author of the book “Religion and Realisation”, has enjoyed the bliss of His company and has had his realizations. Wherever we take our classes, the listeners have their realizations; atterwards they understand and accept this new religion which has no connection with the prevailing religious practices of the world as I have told you. I do expect that yours will not be an exception. I will be rather happy of any one of you can take charge of this centre, of course, after he understands the subject himself. I shall make it clear that this is not preaching of a particular religion at the cost of another; but it is propagation of truth. The benefit will come not to a particular community but to the entire human race.

As regards my authority to speak on this subject, let me tell you that I have closely mixed with the Author for pretty ten years; have got my lessons from Him and have had my realizations by His blessings. It is He who has given me the authority to take classes and to speak on this subject. Such is the case with all other readers of our reading  centres. We do not receive any donation whatsoever. Even conveyance expenses we bear from our own pockets. We have set before us the living ecample of our Master Whom we call Acharya and have taken the vow to dedicate ourselves to the cause of humanity by propagating this truth which we have attained by His grace to the theirsty humanity who are not satisfied with the so called religious practices of the world but are restlessly waiting for the real truth.

Before concluding my speech let me recapitulate the whole thing to brush up your memory. My theme is “The Manifestation of God in the human body”. God is in the human body and nowhere else. By spontaneous evolution of life-power a man gets transformed into God. As he gets transformed his animality diminishes and divinity develops. The process and period of evolution of life-power is a long story. This is understood bit by bit as and when realization comes upon a man. The transformation and realization in the wake of the transformation occur spontaneously. But culture may be termed “Supreme Culture”. But the exact connotation is ‘Brahma Vidya’. This is Vedic culture. Vedas use some other terms, viz.

(a)   Agni  Vidya   —  Fire.

b) Sariri  Vidya  —  Physique or Body.

©    Atma   Vidya  —  Pertaining to Atma.

(d)   Para    Vidya  —  The highest subject, the lerning of which is Independent of any outward agency.

None of these definitions is without significance which I intend to explain in my future lectures if arranged. When a man is completely transformed into God. He becomes Brahma. The concomitant fact is that during His life-time His living figure is seen within by myriads of people irrespective of their social status, education and training, religious faith, casts and creed. They see Him in four conditions, viz; (1) awakened condition (2) dream (3) trance, and (4) meditation. Mainly they see Him in dream. Let me tell you once that this is not a theory but a fact and that such a man does exist. He is no other person than the Author of the book. “Religion and Realisation”. The fact that He is seen by innumerable people within them is also not without significance. It has a tremendous effect upon the mankind which, I believe, you will understand yourselves in no time.

Before taking my chair let me thank you once more for the patient hearing you have given me and for your sincere approach to know truth. Let us break off the artificial barriers of dogmatism and stretch our hands to embrace one another in love and affection. Universal oneness is the goal of the religion which I speak of. Let god rise up in us and establish peace in this strife-torn world. The task is stupendous. But we are sure to succeed; because, it is God’s will. And there is no better God than man.

Man first, Man last and Man forever.


—– O —–