(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 24, December, 2014

Chapter – 21

What is Supreme Cult (Brahmagyan)

February 9, 1959.

Devotional religion is nothing but dualism. But Vedas are saying that a man can never move from false to truth. He can move from truth to truth. So that path cannot lead to the achievement of Supreme Cult. Moreover, the term ‘Supreme Cult’ in individualism means to be unconscious. But actually the Supreme Cult in Universalism is to become ‘One’ with humanities; the whole human race donates this cult to him. So Supreme Cult means oneness with the whole human race while in individualism this is proof-less.

Immortality of physical body may be manifested in future

February 11, 1959.

Sri Aravinda while describing a quatrain of Ric Veda has used the term ‘Immortality as such : To discover and realize immortal life in a body subject to death and constant mutation.’ To realize this four states take place : (1) God; (2) Light; (3) Freedom; (4) Immortality.

Now see, these were the versions of the Vedic Rishis (sages) long, long time ago. But has he become immortal who has translated it? And had that Rishi achieved this immortality who mentioned it?

See, I have not read it before, but long, long time ago I told you that I shall live forever with this physical body. What is the proof that the Soul or Atma is immortal? Unless there is existence of physical body who will prove that the Soul is immortal? This physical body is another form of Soul. When one lives forever with this physical body, the immortality of Soul will be proved, otherwise ‘Soul is immortal’ is merely hypothesis.

But one thing I have understood that as in a human brain there is existence of the cells of joy and sorrow, light and darkness, in the same manner there is existence of death and immortality. As the same cell functions for sorrow and joy, light and darkness, in the same manner the same cell functions for death and immortality. See for example, when a man gets enjoyment, does he feel sorrow at the same time? No. So long human beings have been worshipping death.  They have forgotten the immortality. The prayers of the Vedic sages, ‘Take me from death to immortality’ remain academic. But now this is not merely a prayer. This has manifested in reality though in individualism. Where is the proof? If I become immortal, otherwise this is merely hypothesis.

But keep in mind that a human brain possesses the cell of immortality and death and if it functions spontaneously it will be proved, otherwise not.

What is God

February 13, 1959.

Can you say what is God? My transformed form is God. I saw God’s Light. What has happened? It is my transformed form. I visualized Atma or Soul. What happened? It is my transformed form. I visualized ‘Viswarup’ (universe within body) – that is my transformed form. The Universe becomes seed – that is my transformed form. The seed becomes dream – that is my transformed form. The dream ultimately remains void. But these conditions are confined to an individual. It cannot be proved. But look at me. I am a living human being. Here the human beings are coming giving the proof that I have become God. In Vedas the results were mentioned but without any proof.

[Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned thus:  And thus the Blessed man, rising from the lower pfysical plane (to the seventh plane) attains the Supreme Light, and in his own form made of God’s Light, appears within myriads of people to prove his attainment of the Supreme Light or the Brahmahood, as he is the Perfect and the Supreme One. (8.12.3)

The difference between ‘Tantra’ and ‘Veda’

February 13, 1959.

In the austerity of Tantra a man can only visualize his deity with self–exertion, not more than that. But it will end, and he will not get any further austerity. Even after a few days he will forget it. But when Atma or Soul performs austerity within a body by his grace it is spontaneous, and it is endless. Throughout the life it continues.

All of you here have this spontaneous austerity and so I cannot fathom your realizations. I have told you so many times about the realizations of Thankur’s (Sri Ramkrishna) devotees! But here you compare with your realizations! You are the proof here and unless you tell me, I cannot know anything.

God within the human body is the Preceptor

February 13, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘Unless an incarnation teaches, who will do that?’

In this context Jibankrishna said: Who will teach? Is it me? How many times I have told you, that I am an ordinary man like you. I have to eat, sleep, during fever I have consult Doctor. In the term of dualism let me say that from within every human being God will explain everything to him. In that case they see my form within them. Then it can be concluded that my outward form which is appearing within your body is teaching you, whether you term it as god or Brahma, and this is called Godhood or Brahmahood.

This Brahmahood will teach you from within you, not an incarnation of God from outside.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 24, December, 2014          

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Debaprasad  Roychoudhury

So far as I remember that was a day in winter in the year 1960, when I first went to Jibankrishna . At that time I used to live at Allahabad . I heard about Jibankrishna  earlier from my two elder brothers, as they went to Jibankrishna before and saw him in dreams.  From my eldest brothers office some colleagues met Jibankrishna coming from Allahabad. Once a great urge grew in my mind that I should go to Jibankrishna. During this period I came to Kolkata and lived at my second elder brother’s house. Hearing my wish my brother’s youngest son Sajal said,” I have also gone to Jibankrishna, so let me take you there.”

So on the said day we reached Kedar Deuti Lane of Howrah near Jibankrishna’s residence. It was 9 a.m. Jibankrishna was seated on his cot facing south. There was none at that time in his room. Sajal bowed him by touching his feet. I did not do that because I heard that unless anybody sees him in dream he should not touch his feet. Both of us were going to sit on the floor, but he said,”No, come here on my cot and sit.” Sajal was going to give my introduction but he said,”I  have understood that he is your uncle, is not so?” Then he enquired about the news in Allahabad about my elder brother and others who met him here. I said,” Everybody is in good health.” He asked,” where do you work?” I said,” I am in railway service.”

“Oh! Everybody is in railway service! No, except Saila(My another brother). Now say whether you have seen any dreams? Any type of dreams you have seen. Have you read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna?” “No, but I have read books about Sri Ramkrishna”. “ My boy, read something from the Gospel whenever you get opportunity . You will like it. Well, have you seen me in dreams? I said,’no.’ “well, when your brothers have seen me in dreams, you will also see.” Saying this he smiled.  Then he asked Sajal,” what dream you have seen say?” When Sajal was narrating his dream, I was observing him. He seemed to me just like Sri Ramkrishna and I liked it.

Then Jibankrishna asked me,” How many days you are staying at Kolkata? However, you come here in the afternoon so long you are going to stay here and listen to the reading of the Gospel  of Sri Ramkrishna.”

I could not go in the next day. I still remember that I was coming by tram from Dalhousie to Howrah. Suddenly I saw brother Robin of Allahabad was seated in the same tram. He got up from fairly place. I was looking at his face and saw that his face resembled Jibankrishna’s face.  With great surprise I went on looking at him. He asked,” What is the matter, why are you looking at me like that?” I told him about my vision. He asked,” Have you gone to Jibankrishna? As you have met him, so you are seeing like this. Let us go as I am also going there.” But I said,” I shall go later on.”

But strangely coming down from the tram whichever face I was looking at, I was seeing that one side of everybody’s face resembled Jibankrishna’s  face. Even coming to home the same vision I experienced. I told everybody about this matter. After two days I went to Jibankrishna. At that time a devotee Sushil Banerjee  was present there. Jibankrishna gave him my introduction as younger brother of  Khitish. That was the first day when I bowed down to him. While I was going to sit on the floor, he said,”My boy, you are of our own self, you have to sit on my cot.”I told him about my previous vision. Hearing this he asked Sushil Banerjee,” you heard it. Now what do you say?” Saying  this he began to laugh. Sushil babu  gave a proper answer  which I could not remember later on.  That day I sat there for a long time. After a  few days I returned to Allahabad. I saw Jibankrishna  in dreams several times. All I could not remember.  Even the first dream I could not remember. In one dream I saw that  with a crutch he was limping forward  towards me. Then I went to some places and when  again I came back to my previous position  I saw that  in the same fashion he was limping. For several times the same scene was repeated. Another dream I saw later on. During that time I was working as General  Assistant  in Allahabad East Cabin(Indian Railway). The dream was like this:

As if there was a collision between 7 UP Toofal Express and another train. The place was East Cabin. I saw that Jibankrishna coming down to the accident site was supervising everything. Seeing him I asked,” You are here!” He only smiled. Going up to the cabin I gave the accident report to my superior over phone and came down. But I did not see Jibankrishna any more. What explanations he gave later on I could not remember.

The other two previous dreams  I can remember . One is thus: The place was at Rambag station of the metregaze line in Allahabad. I saw that many jewels were spread here and there and with both my hands I was picking these.

In another dream I saw that I had gone to Jibankrishna. Standing on the front corridor I was looking through the window at Jibankrishna’s face and noticed that his nose had become eleongated just like the trunk of god ganesh.

After a long time I saw him in my dream. As if from Belgachia Railway Quarters (where I lived 2-3 years back). I had gone to my maternal uncle’s  house at Pataldanga (Kolkata). My wife was with me. I saw that inside the room of one of my maternal uncles (Sudhindra nath sinha who was a regular companion of Jibankrishna) the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read and many devotees like Hiru, Mrityunjay etc were present there. Near the door I saw that Jibankrishna was seated. I thought that perhaps my second elder brother must be there. So I thought that I should meet him. When I asked one of them, he said,”Khitish is seated. “  Saying this he pointed out the place. Looking at that place I thought that so long Jibankrishna  was seated there, not my brother. At the same time  I saw my brother seated there. Thereafter I went to another room in the first floor. I saw there someone like my youngest grandmother (already expired). She gave me some offered food for god. I was calling my wife to take some food. But she was busy to search her lost shoes. When I was shouting my maternal uncle Sudhin came and said,” Don’t worry, the shoes could be found out.” Later on the shoes were recovered and then my dream was off.


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Volume – 24, December, 2014

Chapter 40

Atma  is  devoid  of  any  crime 

187.         3rd November, 1976. Wednesday,

Before going to bed at night, I had one question in my mind—what will happen if I do any crime? With this thought I went into a trance and saw that different types of crimes were coming to touch me. Instantly I went on thinking—well all these cannot touch me! Then and there I felt that my life force in concentrated form had reached my cerebrum and I had no body sense. During that period I realized that no such crime would touch me and then suddenly with a great jerk of my head I woke up.

[This realization taught me a lesson that no crime could touch me].

Achievement  of the state of ‘beyond attributes’

188.          5th November, 1976. Friday,

Early morning dream:  I was observing a good number of bunches of big white brinjals (Egg plants) and thinking with admiration—oh! What lovely brinjals! I also intended to pick up those brinjals.

Then I saw that Madan Koley, a devotee of Jibankrishna was limping and going somewhere with injured legs.

Then the dream went off.

[The first scene indicates that the seer has attained the condition of a pure soul . The second scene shows that the seer is going to have a minimum physical attachment. Here white brinjal means beyond all attributes and Madan, according to Hindu religion is the God of lust].

Realization  on sense  of  ‘oneness’  and  blessing

of  Holy mother Mother  or  Adya  Sakti                                                    

189.        7th November, 1976. Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I had gone to the residence of Jitendra Nath Bairagi, a devotee at Howrah. His brother told me that his elder brother fell sick some days back. I noticed Mr. Bairagi lying on bed and began to weep after seeing his condition . Mr. Bairagi also began to weep. I started passing my hand on Mr. Bairagi’s legs. He narrated many of his dreams to the seer. As I was patting my hands on the legs, it seemed to me as if I was patting my hand on the legs of Jibankrishna.

After a while I saw my mother who told me to put off the dresses as Mr. Bairagi had an infectious disease. So in spite of my unwillingness I had to put on new dresses and then I woke up.

[This was the third time I saw Mr. Bairagi in dream and a great attraction for him grew up in me for which I went to Mr. Bairagi in reality and got his article on his first meeting with Jibankrishna with realizations . Besides this the dream indicates my future picture when I shall feel other devotees as  Jibankrishna in reality . jibankrishna once said, ‘A day will come when you will meet any of my devotees or any other persons who has seen me within themselves, you will see me instead of them.

The next scene indicates that I will have more and more new realizations by the blessings of Adya Sakti in future.

Indication  of  Descent  below  waste

190.         10th November, 1976. Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  A huge and a very high  rise building l was seen. I was going upwards inside the building as if I would take a class of the students, but could not find the room. Then I reached the top floor, but could not find anybody. From there I looked up and saw the blue sky and then noticed that in the opposite direction the steps went down.  I saw a student named Kanai standing at the bottom. I went down and after a conversation with him again went up. While going up, looking down my head whirled due to the extreme height. After a while I crossed Kanai and stepping down to a lower zone saw a floor where I found the class room full of students and entered there to take the class. The dream then went off.

The dream is an indication that the austerity of the descent within the seer happened in embryo . The huge house is a symbol of the body of the seer with great spiritual capacity. Kanai is the name of Lord Krishna who had austerity in descent up to his waste. Here the seer crossed down Kanai which means the seer had the descent up to waste and will have further austerity. Through him the student community will have spiritual manifestation according to their body capacity.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 24, December, 2014          


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(360)                    “Ah  poor  me!  I  do  not  know .

But  I  do  relish  ‘Woman  and  Gold”.

Thakur’s body renounced ‘Woman and gold’. It was a spontaneous renunciation and

(361)                     “When he got back partial consciousness he began to

utter only ‘Ka’, ‘Ka’ (The first two letters of ‘Kali)’.

There was a tremendously vain Pundit (a learned scholar in Sanskrit). He did not believe in God with forms.

God revealed Himself as Primal Power to the Pundit. He saw Kali and lost consciousness. When he regained partial consciousness he commenced uttering ‘Ka’, ‘Ka’, ‘Ka’. Such happens with one when he sees God with form, made of God’s light, for the first time.

The scene was in the temple of Dakshineswar at the foot * Panchavati.

Latu Maharaj (afterwards Swami Adbhutananda, a disciple of Thakur) was lying senseless on his back. Thakur with on e of the feet was rubbing Latu’s breast and said, “Be quiet and silent ; you have got a very poor drinking capacity. You have seen divine Mother, ‘Kali’, so you are wailing and shouting like this. Be quiet”.

* Five trees of different species clustered together. It is looked upon a holy and befitting place for meditation and prayer. Panchavati is an outward symbol of Muladhar with five different currents, named—(i) Ida, (ii) Pingala, (iii) Sushmna, (iv) Chitra, and (v) Vajrani—in the human body. These currents make their way through the spine into the cerebrum when Kundalini or life-power is awakened. Muladhar is the resting place of the life-power and it situates between the sexual organ and the anus.

(362)                    “Vidyasagar (the then Principal of the Sanskrit College in Calcutta and the most

learned Sanskrit scholar of the time) has both scholarship and kindness ; but

he lacks in inner sight”.

The sight is scattered in the outer world. It is to be collected and kept confined

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