By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-17, December, 2011

Diamond – Man in the sun and the person in dreams

Vibhu means Paramatma.

……. The man in the sun is called ‘Paramatma’,‘Parameswara’, ‘Parama Brahma’ and everything else so far the vedic principle runs. Even both Sankaracharya and Ramanuja, in their commentaries agreed conjointly on this score. But their ‘Man in the sun’ is seen in the outside – Macrocosm – as mentioned in the five of the Upanishads with one voice. The ‘Man in the Sun’ is not seen outside but in one’s own cerebrum – microcosm and this man is identical in form with ‘Diamond’.

It is obvious that a living human being an attainer of ‘Brahmahood’ is ‘Parameswar’, ‘Paramatma’ or ‘Parama Brahma’. In short in the vedic version He is all in all. To add to it, ‘ Diamond’ is seen by myriads of people in their hearts within and a replica of ‘Diamond’ a living one expresses himself in thousand ways as the vedic aphorism says:- ‘It is the same in-dwelling person who keeps awake within those who are asleep and keeps on expressing himself in forms according as He pleases, who is the purest of the pure, and is Brahma and is the Eternal one.

It is defacto now that by ‘Paravidya’ (supreme cult) a member of the humanity becomes ‘Vibhu’ and by appearing within the heart of a number of people makes them ‘one’ with Him.

Where the mind rests in a human body

Where does the mind normally rests? The mind lodges in the first three planes- the organ of evacuation, the organ of generation and at the navel. Here mind is engrossed in worldly pursuits, Woman and wealth. The mind moves up to the heart and rests. Here the light of God is seen. The seer sees the light and cries out- “What is this?” The mind moves upwards and rests in the throat. Here the aspirant likes to talk about God and hear only about God. Up the mind rises in the sixth plane, in the forehead between the eyebrows. Here he finds the light of Sat-Chit-Ananda and feels a keen desire to touch it and to embrace it. But he fails. It is exactly like light seen to burn with a lantern but it cannot be touched. It transpires as if it is not so. Inthe seventh plane, when the mind stops nobody can speak of his experience as it cannot be spoken by tongue.

The Eternal Bliss

What is eternal bliss? A man becomes Brahma(Supreme one). He is but ‘one’ and He becomes ‘one’ with the whole humanity by installing Himself within the bodies of all human beings- it is ‘Para-Kaya-Praveshana, that is, to enter into the body of another and the humanity gives publicity to it. It evinces that ‘One is All and All is One’. Brahmahood never remains confined in Samadhi as is depicted by Sri Ramkrishna. On the contrary, the Vedic principle does not remain hidden but it is ventilated through the five elements in the the most mysterious way which cannot be fathomed; nay, a bit more, the most mysterious achievement which is unique one as there is nothing else which can sustain comparison with it.


Volume – 17, December,2011

Diamond in his life-time

I saw Diamond in dream prior to meeting him in reality

Ganesh Chandra Roy, Kolkata.

It was an incident happened long time ago when I was a school student. One day I dreamt that I was standing in a huge field. A dead body was lying under a tree and I was standing beside that I saw a gentleman moving from the western side and having a monk’s dress with only a piece of cloth on his body. He told me, ‘hey! What are you seeing’? Then he bit the dead body with a stick and told him, ‘Hey, get up’! The dead body vanished. We both were standing there. He told me, ‘come on’! He started walking and I followed him. Then the dream went off.

Later on I came to Calcutta, passed graduate ship in Arts. After serving in some concerns ultimately I joined central collegiate school in the year 1953. Later on Ayurveda specialist  Dhiren and Phani joined here.

One day Dhiren told me, ‘will you  go to a place? A holy man resides there’.

I said, ‘let us go’. It was the year 1955.

When we reached Kadamtala, we saw Diamond entering his room from outside. Dhiren bowed him before entering into the room and so I did (I could recognize him to be the same man seen in my previous dream long time ago). He asked my name and said, ‘let us go inside the room. He told others to sit on the floor and me on the cot with him. I was hesitating, but Dhiren told me, ‘go, when he is saying’.

After I sat with him, he pointed with his finger on my forehead and said, ‘keep your mind here and sit silently’. I followed his instruction. Then after reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, he asked me, ‘had you have meditation’?

I said, ‘I couldn’t realise anything.’ He said, ‘yes you had meditation, I noticed’.

After coming back from him, a sense of great urge played in my mind to go to him again, though none of them went to him. So one day I asked them, ‘will you not go’? They said, ‘you go alone.’ So one day I went alone to Diamond and from that time I used to go regularly to him. Ultimately the situation was such that whenever I saw 11A bus, I used to forget my house and get up in the bus going towards Howrah.

Whenever I went to Diamond he used to give me the book ‘Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ to read. One day he said, ‘after reading, the room shivered.’ I asked, ‘what does that mean’? He said, ‘the cerebrum was under pressure.’ Once I asked him, ‘Had you have beard? Because I saw you with beard.’ He asked, ‘when did you see it?’ Then I narrated the dream.

During those days I noticed that a large number of people narrated their dreams to him and said, ‘I have seen you in our dreams’? Simultaneously the reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna with his interpretations continued. Often I used to hear from him one saying, ‘There will be only one ultimately, no two’. But I never understood it then, though later in my life I realized this quote.

Gradually I started seeing him in trance. One day I dreamt at night. ‘Diamond had come to my house watching here’ and there and then sat on a chair. He asked me, ‘Hey! What happened to you?’ I said, ‘I had a neckache’. Hearing this he touched his hand on my neck and I lied on one side. The dream then went off.

During his illness (cancer attack in 1966) I saw a dream; Diamond wore a new cloth putting off his old ones.  I thought, he might be recovered. But when he expired I realized, it was an indication of his demise.

During this time, one day I dreamt that I had gone to hospital and his body was lying in darkness. I was patting his legs and went on crying. Meanwhile his body moved. I doubted, why did his body move? So I called Phani. He put on the switch and I saw Diamond sat on the bed. But I still was patting his legs. I told Phani, ‘we thought that he expired, but actually the case was not so! See, he sat on his bed now.’ While all of us was enjoying, the dream went off.

I told Phani later on, ‘This dream indicates that we should have regular spiritual practice instead of mourning, because to pat means regular practice.’

After so long years, he is always awaken in me and appears in dreams which give me great peace and divine joy in life.


Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

The mysterious book of Diamond and his action through Bolpur Reading Centers

Part – 3

As the gathering at Jiten Chatterjee’s residence at Sriniketan (Bolpur) was increasing day by day, it was decided that the days for reading Diamond’s book should be increased to two days a week – Tuesday and Wednesday.

There were three young men named Ramkrishna Bhadra, Naren Dutta and Shantimay Sarkar who used to come by heir bicycles every week even inspite of bad weather. And this used to happen with all the listeners.

Besides the reading days during other days discussions on divine dreams used to be held regularly. In such a manner the reading centre at ‘Mrinmayee’ (Jiten Chatterjee’s residence) was flourished with a group of educated listeners.

After a few days Jyotirmay Basak, a regular companion of Diamond came to Sriniketan for a visit. One day when he was listening to the tape recorder on Diamond’s voice, he was merged into meditation and heard the voice Diamond who was telling him, ‘Oh! The ‘Sree’ (Beauti) of  Niketan has come back’!

Everyday, the news of new amazing facts used to be received at the reading center.

Once a Muslim girl named Bimbi came from Bangladesh to study at Sangeet Bhavan’ (Music house) of Shantiniketan. On the previous day of her admission text she spent one night at ‘Mrinmayee’ (Jiten Chatterjee’s residence). Next day she attended the discussions and reading of Diamond’s book and told the listeners about a peculiar dream she had last night. She dreamt that as if to-day was the day of ‘Keyamat’ (All the Muslim believe that to-day Allah does the justice for all living and dead men). So everybody was eager for the appearance of Allah. At this moment it was seen that Allah was coming down from the sky. He was a person in form, with shaved head, bare upper bare upper body and seated in meditation posture. Showing the photo of Diamond hanging on the wall he said, ‘Allah you have seen in your dream is same as this photo.’ Then her dream went off.

One morning a gentleman from Hoogly town (West Bengal, India) came to Jiten Chatterjee’s house for discussion on Diamond. The very day at noon when sleeping, he dreamt that he was lying on a bed. Suddenly it seemed to him that a gentleman was seated on the floor. He hurriedly got up and told the gentleman, ‘please get up and sit on the bed.’ He noticed that the body of the gentleman was luminous. Watching minutely he saw that the gentleman was Diamond himself (as he saw in photo) and was surprised. He was a disciple of Anukul Thakur (a religious teacher in West Bengal State, India).

Next day as usual when he sat for meditation, he saw his own preceptor standing before him. But at tat moment when Diamond entered into the room, Anukul Thakur slowly went out with is head down. From that day Prabhat gave up all the ritualistic practices and became a dedicated follower of Diamond.

A girl Sikha Goswami came to her maternal uncle’s house at Surul (a village in Bolpur), from her residence at Chirkunda of Dhanbad (Bihar State). When she heard about Diamond from Snehamay, she protested and said, ‘why are you considering Diamond as God’? Snehamay said, ‘He is really God, so we consider him as God. And if He wishes, he will let you know in dream.’ Strangely from that night she started having peculiar dreams. In the first night she saw that Diamond was standing in front of her with bare body. She became frightened and cried, and her dream was off. She spent twelve days at her maternal uncle’s house and saw about six to seven dreams and ultimately agreed to consider Diamond as Universal Preceptor. Later on she saw many dreams and narrated to Snehamay through letters.


Volume -17, December, 2011

Vision of past

Appearance of Jesus Christ

June, 1974 .  Early morning dream :  I was looking at the sky . Suddenly a huge image of Jesus Christ up to bust appeared in the sky covering its major portion. It was so living and wonderful! Then the image disappeared, and the scene was off.

In the next scene I saw that on the top of a hill there was a plateau and Jesus Christ was seated on an open place. I had some conversations with him . In the mean time I saw that Arun Ghosh along with some other devotees of Diamond had gathered there surrounding Jesus. They were listening to His teachings with rapt attention.

After sometime, with great curiosity I asked Arun Ghosh , ‘What a strange thing ! How did we come to Jesus Christ’? He said, ‘from era to era we use to come with ‘these Prophets as their companions’. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream is self-explanatory. During advancement of austerity these previous births are seen, though it can be explained like this in microcosm: The whole universe including past , present and future is within Atman or great soul . Atman is within the human body. So the whole universe is within the human brain. At any time this past or future may reveal in a pure and divine body .I is a strange coincidence that in the month of May, 2011, I saw a photograph in a website about a hill top( where Christ gave the sermons and it is the same place which I saw in my dream. These types of coincidences happened many times in my dreams.]

Vision of Noah’s Ark

10th August, 1980, Sunday.

Early morning dream :  I was traveling alone around the world. Suddenly great flooding came and all the cities, towns, villages and human beings were drowned in the floor. But I noticed that I alone survived and was travelling on a boat.

With a great surprise I observed that even the hills, the mountains, all were drowning under the water. The vision was so unnatural and beyond any description and within the dream it seemed to me that it was the scene of the great flood on earth as described in Old Testament. Here the dream went off.

[The dream seemed to me to be the scene of Noa as described in the Old Testament. These past and future scenes can be seen during austerity as past, present and future are merged in the seer. In microcosm it indicates my esoteric condition – Only I exist and this is a realization which is mentioned in Upanishads.]

About St. Paul

February 23, 1981.

In my dream I saw a very beautiful place surrounded by hills, flowering plants etc. and it seemed to be a place outside India. I was roaming here and there. Then I saw in a place six stone statues with European stature. They seemed to be the disciples of Jesus Christ. In front of one statue it was engraved on a stone that he used to have ecstasy. Then and there I also had an ecstasy and at that moment felt that in my previous birth I was him.

Thereafter I went to another place where I met Diamond and narrated the pervious incident. Then the dream went off.

[ Later on he knew that  St. Paul used to have ecstasy.

The previous birth can be interpreted like this: The same gene characters dominant in St. Paul had been exposed in the seer and so he saw such dream with a probable indication that the same prejudices or attributes dominating within the seer will lead to similar type of work in the long run. This also shows that past, present and future all are merged in the human brain and as and when necessary these may be seen in dreams according to the brain capacity of the seer.]


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -17, December,2011

Who is a Holy man?

Who is a holy man? By a single utterance of God’s name the man who gets himself transformed into God is a holy man. In meditation a man is transformed into God but it is a slow measure. To be transformed into God at every moment denotes perpetuity to remain in the state of being God.

The secret of visualizing prophets

‘Nityajiba’ (Eternal body) is he in whose body god emanates and assumes the form of God-the-Preceptor, chooses the body of his field of sportive forms and expresses in various manifestations. These Nityajiba in their form live forever and God when required takes the form of a Nityajiba and appears before a devotee.

Moses is seen by devotees even now though some 3500 years have rolled by Buddha though born 2500 years ago is seen. Jesus of 2000 years old is seen. Mohammed though born 1500 years ago is still seen. Sankar, Sri Chaitanya and now -a -days Sri Ramkrishna are also seen.

How does it occur? God is in the body. The whole universe is in God. The universe is partitioned into three chambers of time – Past, Present and Future. God-the-Preceptor appears in the form which had been in the past and gives his grace to the devotee. A Jew will get Moses as his God-the-Preceptor, a Buddhist will get Buddha, Jesus for a Christian and so on. In course of time if God is so disposed then He will make the seer understand that all these forms of Moses, Buddha and Jesus are but separate forms of God in the body.

What is Faith?

Faith means God’s emanation from the body and its witness and realize his sportive forms otherwise no real faith can grow. Realizations are of two kinds – a complete one and the other by part. By part, it means to see god with form or to see god’s light and in some cases it means both, god with form as well as God’s light. The complete realization is to see god as shown by God-the-Preceptor. Sri Ramkrishna said to Naren (Narendranath Dutta – Swami Vivekananda), ‘If you do not see god, then how can real love for god grow in you?’

What is sin?

To commit a sin – means to hurt himself. God is in you. With hurts god retires in inner parts. He does not emanate. The evil of sin comes over your body and your body becomes stiff and does not permit emanation. It is the highest punishment. It foils the sole purpose of life.

God’s light

There are two kinds of god’s light. One is with form and another is a splash of light only. The later is of superior type to the former. Form made of light is seen in the sixth plane, whereas splash of light at the entrance to the seventh plane.

Revelation of God within the body

God is revealed in a different way in two different planes –

1) In the fourth pane; and

2) In the seventh plane.

1) In the fourth plane it is seen that the whole outer world is besmeared with god’s light. It was so seen by Shri Ramkrishna in the temple of Divine Mother. On whichever side he was casting his eyes, he saw God’s light pervading all the articles – the door steps, the door, the walls, the pots before him and the image of the Divine Mother. If this god’s light is not seen in the outer world pervading everything which comes within sight then god’s light cannot be seen within the body.

2) In the seventh plane God is seen and the God there in the cerebrum holds the whole universe in him. It is seen. It is called to see the universe in God (Viswarup, i.e., universal aspect of God). It is the first step of special knowledge of God and also elimination of the mystery surrounding me in connection with ego, God and the world. Shri Ramkrishna very adroitly expressed it by two letters only. They are ‘Ma’ and ‘Ra’. ‘Ma’ means God and ‘Ra’ means universe. God first and then comes the world. Where is God seen? He is seen in the seventh plane. What is God? He who holds the universe in him is God. All these are showed and seen …….

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