(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 1, January, 2015

Chapter – 22

Jibankrishna’s image is within every human being

February 15, 1959.

To achieve God means to become God. Is it the end here? Whether a man becomes God will be proved by the fact that he will be seen within the body by myriads of people, and it is irrespective of ages, sexes, religions and races.

Now, can you say how people see me in dreams and reality without seeing me or knowing anything about me before? It is because, my image is stamped within a child in the embryo stage and so they see me within them.

Dualistic religion is false

February 17, 1959.

So long all the dualistic religions are based on falsehood. Swamiji (Swami Vivekanda) said, ‘Is not the dualistic method based on falsehood’? But he merely mentioned. Where is the proof? But now seeing my form within the body myriads of people are bearing the proof.

In Pantheism Dr. Urquehart is saying – ‘The moral life thus becomes Universal. To live in perfect goodness is to realize oneself in the All’ – A person who is in perfect goodness, feels himself in all. But where is its proof that he is feeling this existence in all?

When the human beings will bear the proof by saying, ‘We see you in our dreams, and trances,’ what will be their answer?

You know that my physical body is the abstract form of Atma or Soul. Just see, what a foreign philosopher David Hawkins is writing – ‘In the Aristotelian tradition, the soul is described as the form of the body and by ‘form’ is meant all the habitutes and capacities of that body.’ But see any scholar of this country could not say about it. Their ‘Soul’ is ‘nothing can be said about him.’ Nobody is saying that there is a stage beyond it. But I always mention to you that as soon as you see my form in dreams, you get my whole attributes though in embryo stage. The later manifestation depends upon the conditions.

Manifestation of Godhood in Jibankrishna took place spontaneously

February 17, 1959.

Have I told you any time that I have visualized God? No, it was just opposite at the beginning. I understood that these austerities took place within me spontaneously and also realized that such full–fledged austerity never happens within anybody.

Now if I go to tell anybody about my visualization of God, I have to cheat them. For this reason at the beginning I never allowed anybody to come to me for any discussion. Even when anybody came to me to tell me that they saw me in dreams, I almost drove them out saying that it was their hallucination and in addition, told them to eat more in the night to avoid such hallucination. Did I know anything about these matters? This was completely a new phenomenon. Among many, ultimately I allow only 2-3 persons to come to me. Still then I had no idea why did they see me in dreams giving me the Brahmagyan or Supreme Cult. This Supreme Cult does not occur in individualism, it is donated by the human beings. This Supreme Cult means knowledge of oneness which you are giving me after seeing me within you. This is reality – a living phenomenon.


What is Divine life

February 24, 1959.

Sri Aravinda mentioned about ‘Divine Life’. What is the ‘Divine Life’? These are some high sounding words. Because the term ‘Life’ means abstract, imaginary something. Then can you say what is the truth? This ‘Divine Life’ means ‘Divine form’ which are shown here. I am a living human being, my divine form which is manifesting within you is the Divine human form. But this is not also correct. Divine human form thus becomes universal.


God is nowhere else except this human body

March 3, 1959.

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘I shall see, Lord Hari (God) everywhere in this universe’. The esoteric meaning is that, when the mind reaches the fourth plane wherever the eyesight falls only the light is seen. This refers to the sayings of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna), ‘Is it a yellow fever that everywhere I am seeing you’! But what is this ‘you’? Even Srimad Bhagavat Gita is saying, ‘wherever the eye sight falls, I am seeing Lord Krishna’. But where is the proof that he is seeing Krishna? Now come here! I am appearing within the human bodies and they are seeing me, and when they are bearing this proof, this universe enveloped with God’ comes true from both sides. A living man sees him within himself and he also sees innumerable human beings within himself. This is mentioned in Kashmir Shaivism’- ‘Iswartatva’ and ‘Sadvidya’. ‘One is all and all is one’ – Pantheism.

We are now witnessing this great ‘Truth’ in our own eyes. But I am not only seeing you within myself at the sametime you are also seeing me within yourselves. This is the near proof of the term ‘The universe is enveloped with God’, otherwise all are merely imagination. From time immemorial mankind have been seeking ‘Truth’, trying to feel ‘Truth’, trying to realize ‘Truth’, but the scholars and so called saints and priests took the undue advantage of the fervent mentality of human race and misguided them. They diverted the spontaneous evolution of life power of a human body.

Where is God? Is he in temple, mosque or church? But with that idea nothing was obtained. But look here! You are seeing me within yourselves and I am also seeing you within myself. Thus where is God and what is God – this confusion is eradicated forever.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume  – 1, January, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

 Sishir Kumar Mukherjee                             


It was a day in the month of July of either 1957 or 1958 when I first met Jibankrishna. I had no idea that the day will be a remarkable day in my life. Otherwise I would have noted down the exact time and date.

Generally on Sundays or some holidays  i used to go to Dakshineswar temple or Belur Math with a friend. On the said day I went out with my friend. We did not decide where to go. Coming to Dharmatala(Esplanade of Kolkata) my friend said,”let us go to Howrah.” I said,” What will we do at Howrah?” He said,” let us have a trip there.” So coming to Howrah station we availed bus no 57. My friend said this time,”There is a gentleman at Howrah. He resembles Thakur Sri Ramkrishna and the Gospel ofSsri Ramkrishna  is read there. Let us see him.” I agreed and said,” I shall not stay there for a long time. I shall just see him and then come back.”

We got down at Kadamtala market and my friend bought a few mangoes. Then we entered Kedar Deuti lane and after approaching a few yards I noticed a gentleman inside a room of a one- storied building lying on a cot and some persons were seated on the floor. He had robust health. One of the gentlemen was holding a thick book. At first we approached a few yards instead of entering into  the room, and then again coming back near the door thought whether we should enter into the room. In the mean time one gentleman entered into the room after putting off his shoes on the narrow space beside the room. Following him we also put off our shoes and with folded hands entered into the room. Seeing us Jibankrishna sat straight on the cot and with smiling face welcomed, ”come my boys, come!, sit there. My boys, where have you come from?” We said, ”From Kalighat.” Again he asked, ”Have you come here before?” We said, ’No.’ He asked, ”So how  have you known my information?” My friend said, ”We have come to know from our office colleague.” Then with laughing face he asked,” Are you crazy about religion? Well, listen to the reading of the gospel with attention.”

When we entered into the room it was about 2 or 2-30 p.m. I thought that after sitting a while I should come back. The reading was going on and Jibankrishna was giving interpretation. I had already gone through the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna but I had never heard about such beautiful interpretations. Though I was not understanding all, yet I was liking it too much. After the evening was over we bowed and became ready for coming out. Then Jibankrishna said,” Hey, probably I have seen you somewhere as you seem to be familiar to me! Well, go now. You have to go to a distant place, come from time to time. “We again bowed down and came out.

Coming on the road I went on thinking that probably I had seen him somewhere. But I could not remember it. I saw the wrist watch. It was then 7.30 p.m. I could not even imagine how could I sat for such a long time. My friend said, ”I bought mangoes to offer him but did not dare to offer it”. We decided that we would go to Jibankrishna together from time to time. Then after a few days when I went to Jibankrishna with my friend for the second time, he asked, ”well, do you see any dreams?” I said, ‘No’. He said, “well, listen attentively to the reading.”

Henceforth my friend never went to Jibankrishna. His name was Purnendu Bose. I told him many times to go, but he did not agree. After some months I changed my residence from Kalighat to Behala. I always walked to go to Jibankrishna but I was scared to go to him alone. I did not know why such things happened. During this time once I went to Jibankrishna with one of my office colleagues Ambarnath Bhatta. Seeing Ambar Jibankrishna  told him smilingly, “Hey have you come here without intimating in the office? Who is with you?” Ambar said,” He is my friend.” He asked me,” Did you come here before any time?” I said,” yes sir.” He again asked,” Have you seen any dream?” I said, ‘no.’ From that day onwards he used to call me a friend of Ambar.

Till that time I had no idea about Jibankrishna. Later on from Ambar and Umanath Mukherjee I came to know many things about Jibankrishna.  After longtime I saw Jibankrishna in dream. Hearing from me about him my mother and sisters saw him in dream.  I could not go to Jibankrishna regularly. I tried hard but failed. This was due to my weakness to go to him alone. After sitting in his room some shivering used to begin in my chest. I used to fear that I might be senseless and others might mind due to this.

Once I told brother Uma that due to lack of companion I could not go to Jibankrishna. He said that his house was near my house and he often used to go to Jibankrishna. Then he said,” well, henceforth whenever I shall go, I shall call you.” So thereafter he used to call me from my office.

In this connection I am mentioning one day’s incident. It was probably 26th January, a holiday. I felt a great urge to go to Jibankrishna but could not find any companion.  I was roaming alone and once I reached Howrah station. It was then 2 p.m. I thought that at this time there were few people in Jibankrishna’s room. So when it would be crowded  I should enter and after listening to the reading I would come out. With these thoughts I walked on from Howrah station and reached Jibankrishna’s house at Kadamtala. Going there I saw that the crowd was thin with only 4-5 people sitting on the floor and the reading was going on. As soon as I bowed down, Jibankrishna said, “ Hey, come straight and sit on my cot.” I was hesitating and said, “ I had dust on my feet. Let me sit on the floor.” But he said, “ No, come here.” Other listeners told me,” do as he says.” So with trembling with sacrificial goat I went to him and sat on his cot. I went on thinking that I wanted to come in a crowd so that I could listen to the reading and the go out, but could he feel my mind and so he dragged me near him? I had no way out today. The reading was going on and from time to time he was giving interpretation and falling into Samadhi (profound meditation merged into god). I was only looking at him. Once looking at me he said, “ why are you seated like a lump of clay, sit properly.” But instead of sitting well, I felt shivering as if I would fall down from the cot. Once he asked me, “hey, will you say something?” I said, ‘no.’

At about 8 p.m. the reading of the gospel of sri Ramkrishna was stopped. That day I was full of divine joy and bowed down to him. While I was on my way back he asked, “hey, what is the news of your friend Ambar? He has not come for a long time, tell him to come and whenever you will find time come here. Don’t wait for any companion.”

What a grace of god! How did he break my fear! Henceforth I started going to him without any companion and due to this gradually I became acquainted with many listeners.


8A, Banamali Naskar Road

Behala, Kolkata-700060



Volume – 1, January, 2015

Chapter 41

Experience  on  feeling  of  ‘Oneness’

191.          12th November, 1976.  Friday.

Early morning dream:  I was going somewhere accompanied by 2-3 devotees, talking with each other . Suddenly a middle-aged lady was noticed and looking around it was noticed that the place was like the market area of Kadamtala, Howrah. Then after reaching near Bantra Public Library, I noticed more devotees accompanying me. I got the news that  Jibankrishna again came back to Kadamtala after his demise. However, hastily I was going to Jibankrishna’s house, and noticed that the Lady was still following me talking with 2-3 unknown persons. I walked advance and with surprice noticed that now I was going on a very big flat rickshaw-van full of all the devotees of Jibankrishna. could not understand how all the devotees were accommodated on the rickshaw! Among the devotees I could only remember the faces of Hirendra Chattopadhyaya and Bhola Mukherjee and besides the devotees there were so many unknown persons on rickshaw. Just reaching at the entrance of Kedar Deuti Lane where Jibankrishna used to live, all the devotees got down from the rickshaw. My heart was palpitating with great excitement and joy and when I wanted to pay the rickshaw-van fare,  Arun Ghosh wanted to prevent me from paying, but without listening to him I was going to pay 4 numbers of 10 paise coins hastily but as one coin dropped down I handed over the three coins to Mr. Ghosh for payment. Just at this moment the dream went off as I woke up suddenly.

The dream means thus:  To go to the Holy Ghost means the austerity is continuing; to carry all the devotees and unknown persons indicates the spiritual capacity of the seer; to pay 30 paise for fare means the devotees and innumerable people seeing Jibankrishna within them will have austerity of 30% capacity and in future and through me Jibankrishna may manifest in innumerable people. The lady is Adyasakti or Holy Mother with the help of whom the effect may come.

Forecast  about  the  future  of  the  seer 

192.        15th November, 1976. Monday.

Early morning dream:  I saw in front of me one of my friend named Siddhartha and Sudhindra Nath Sinha a senior devotee of  Jibankrishna. Siddhartha was asking Mr. Sinha, ‘Can we take wine with food?’ But Mr. Sinha addressing me said, ‘No! No! So many things will happen in future through you’. Hearing this I thought—what are ‘so many things’? With these thoughts I woke up.

The dream indicates the future about the seer.

Vision  of  Future  about  the  seer

193.        16th November, 1976.  Tuesday,

Early morning dream:  I was distributing curd among many people including my elder brother and then the dream went off.

The dream indicates the future of the seer that through him lots of work of  Jibankrishna may be done for the benefit of human being.

Spiritual   practices  through  accompany of   devotees

194.         17th November, 1976. Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  I had a long accompaniment with  Ashim Biswas, a devotee, although no facts were remembered later on after waking up.

It means that such frequent accompaniment with devotees in dreams will have an infinite effect within the seer in future.  Jibankrishna once said in his previous dream long time ago. ‘See, this is very good that you are having such company with devotees. The more you will have such company, the more you will get practical effects of your dream’.

Here Ashim means infinite.

Rule  with  an  iron  hand  by  the  Holy  Ghost 

195.        19th November, 1976.  Friday.

Early morning dream:  A room was seen, almost alike the room of Sri Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah, but much bigger than it and full of so many devotees. It was four or 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Jibankrishna was seated there. At this moment Khitish Roychoudhury entered the room. Seeing him  Jibankrishna said, ‘Oh Khitish, you have come ! come, come, let us sit at the corridor! Saying this he started coming to door, Khitish was still standing near the door. Seeing the motive of Jibankrishna it seemed to the seer as if he intended to do ‘Saakti’(spiritual hypnotism by touching the body) on Khitish. But he said, ‘no, no! I don’t need it! Then Jibankrishna  was seated at the Verandah. Many other devotees including me were seated inside the room and some in the Verandah. Jibankrishna was looking very strong and bright without any sign of old age as he would be now 83 (In reality he would be so), which seemed to me in the dream. After a while he was in deep meditation and sitting near the door two devotees began to chat with each other, sometimes having jokes also. Seeing this I was becoming irritated thinking whether I would say something. Jibankrishna’s meditation was off and with a great anger he slapped on the back of one of those two devotees who was joking much virulently. That devotee immediately left that place getting frightened and another one shivering with a great fear was seated like a good boy with shedding tears. At this time I was awakened.

Here the dream indicated two aspects: the condition of Khitish was revealed that he is beyond emotion and devotion. The condition of the seer was revealed through another one that under any condition the seer will be controlled under the stern rule of the Holy Ghost.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 1, January, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

365)               “kindness  bears  equal  love  for  every  created  being”.

It means to be one and same with the whole Universe. An episode in Thakur’s life will clear it. Thakur was in his room in the temple of Dakshineswar. In the bathing platform on the bed of the Ganges there ensued a quarrel between two boatmen. One boatmen gave a good slap on the back of another boatman. The latter cried out and along with his cry, Thakur in his room, though he had no knowledge of the occurrence, cried out in equal pitch.

The noise of the cry was so much that Shri Hridaya (nephew of Thakur) heard it, came into the room and saw the mark of five fingers on the back of Thakur. Shri Hridaya was in wrath. He could not squeeze out any cause from Thakur who was silent. Shri Hridaya ran hither and thither about the occurrence and saw the boatman with marks of five fingers on his back. He was simply amazed and came back into Thakur’s room.

This is to be one and same with the Universe and this is kindness. I do love but myself and here ‘myself’  identical with the Universe. But this state does not last for ever and happens when the mind comes down to the fourth plane. This is not ‘Universalism’. It is tasted once in the life of a devotee and then it passes away.

366)                   “But Brahama is beyond the three attributes of

Creation,  Preservation and  Destruction”.

The three attributes, (Triguna) of Preservation (Sattva), Creation (Rajas) and Destruction (Tamas) are manifested in the activity of a man’s life. A man’s activity is coloured with one of the three attributes and by its colour the activity is recognized and read. God, the Absolute, is beyond any kind of activity.

367)                   “He  is  beyond  Primal  Power”.

Primal power has been transformed into God, the Absolute. It is to be changed into the First Cause or Great Cause.

368)                  “These  three  attributes  Triguna  are  but  robbers”.

When there is a robber, there is a master house. The master of the house is God. The robber has got no right or claim over the house. He is but a false personnel and he is identical with illusion (Maya). Maya means that which does not exist. Attribute is like a colour and Maya, by this false attribute, declares her existence as real. Maya is also a transitory aspect of God.

369)                    “He who attains the Absolute cannot come back

to give out the revelation”.

The man in whose body the Primal Power is transformed into God, the Absolute, gets Sthitha Samadhi and collapse.

370)                    “A man becomes speechless, keeps on making the sound of

‘ha, ha, ha, ha’; and takes a jump into the pit”.

Speechless—means the state of Samadhi—transforming into God.

Ha, ha, ha, ha—means being transformed into sound Nada and going above it by penetration . It is very easily tested. If a man has got this state then let you speak about the penetration of sound (Nada-Ved) before him, then at once his head will keep on swinging backward and forward on his neck. It is manifestation of the Supreme Cult over the body. No sooner it will be heard it will express itself in its special aspect on the body.

Take a jump into the pit—means changed into God, the Absolute. The human body collapses.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 1, January, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Ms. Asha Sarkar attends Baguiati Reading Centre, Kolkata where she listens to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version)

She narrated a few of her dreams.

1. OnOctober 2, 2001, I saw in my dream that I had gone to an unknown country. There I saw only ripe paddy field. I was walking on the furrows. Meanwhile I saw that a gentleman was seated on the paddy bunches, seeing him from a distant place I was running towards him. I saw him wearing dhoti with bare upper body seeing me he was smiling. From a distant place on his left side Sri Ramkrishna was coming. I was running in the midst of the paddy field. Nearing them while I was bowing down to them my dream was off and after waking up I saw myself bowing down touching the floor of my room.

[Ripe paddy field is the seventh plane, furrows are the channels through which the Life force or Kundalini moves towards the cerebrum to be transformed into God. Here the seer visualizes God incarnation Sri Ramkrishna and got the grace of God-the-Preceptor.]

2. OnNovember 11, 2001, I saw in my dream that an arrangement was made on a beautiful two-storied house on the occasion of reading Jibankrishna’s book. Jibankrishna told me to pick up flowers from the garden. I picked up a lotus-like blue flower and according to his instruction decorated with flowers. Large number of listeners were coming and Jibankrishna was standing there. My dream was off here.

3. OnJanuary 28, 2002I first attended the Reading Centr of sister Biva. That very night I saw a dream. I saw that sitting beside me Jibankrishna was reading his own book. The part which he was reading was mentioning – Distribution of honey in the market – God is within Atma or soul – yoga means transformation, not to be united. Hearing this I said, ‘All these were read today in our Reading Centre. Then my dream was off.

[With the first attendance of the Reading Centre the seer got Jibankrishna as her God-the-Preceptor as well as his grace.]

4. OnFebruary 26, 2002, I saw in my dream an unknown country with open fields, mounds etc. There were many people, old and children, known and unknown and the listeners of our Reading Centre. During that time a chaotic condition was persistent there. Within that chaos, Jibankrishna was making mounds of rice mixed with vegetables on a big plate and began to feed all. With a single mound everybody was satisfied. I also took a mound and swallowed, and here my dream was off.

[To eat means austerity. By his grace the evils are eliminated and he bestows his grace upon everybody. It also indicates that through all evils goodness will come through God’s grace.]

5. OnMay 5, 2002, I saw in my dream that in an unknown field arrangement was made for reading of Jibankrishna’s book. Many people had come though some had not yet come. Those present there were saying that as soon as Jibankrishna would come, the reading would be started. I came to the road and saw that Jibankrishna was coming. He wore a dhoti with bare upper body. I was going to announce about Jibankrishna’s coming, but meanwhile coming near me he told me, ‘Let us go’. Just at this moment my dream was off.

[Open field – the seventh plane or cerebrum, the god’s place.Readingarrangements were made which means the seer’s spiritual practice is going on by the grace of God-the-Preceptor.]

Ms. Pushparani Das is a listener of Baguiati Reading Centre, Kolkata where the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Jibankrishna (Diamond) (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly.

She narrated her dream thus:

(It was sometime in 2006 A.D.) I was seeing in my dream a gentleman wearing dhoti and Punjabi with short-cut hair style. Mixing rice and milk he gave me to eat. Reading of Jibankrishna’s book was going on there. He told me, ‘I am Jibankrishna’.

Another day reading was going on under a big pandal where many womenfolks were listening. One handsome gentleman was reading. At the end he gave me an apple, and I ate that. Then my dream was off.

[The seer got the effect of listening to the reading of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ and got Jibankrishna as her God-the-Preceptor who introduced himself in the dream.



Volume – 1, January, 2015

Chapter 2

Divine dream interpretations by Diamond.

1.       26th October, 1954. Saturday:

Ranjit Banerjee (To Diamond)- I am dreaming one day that arrangements have been made in the middle room of our 1st floor for reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrihna. A white cloth is set on the floor, with a low mini table and you will read the Gospel keeping on it.

Diamond- ‘yes, where this Gospel will be read, I shall read it, and keeping it in mind whoever will read, the listeners will have numerous realizations.

2.       26th October, 1954. Saturday:

Ananda Mohan Ghosh (To Diamond): One day I am dreaming that one of my friend Sachin and myself were seated on the lawn of Howrah playground facing East. We noticed that you are seated opposite side facing towards us. One unknown gentleman was also seated on your right side listening to the explanations given by you on Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Both of us, seeing this, sat beside the unknown gentleman and were listening to your explanations.

Diamond- The field means cerebrum. The unknown man represents God. Wherever this Gospel will read. God will appear there and there will be gathering of large number of devotees. Your dream reveals that, as you are devotees, and you have seen me means you have got God-the-Preceptor.

[This dream came true in the long run, as wherever the Gospel is read, number of people grater there and they get numerous realizations]

3.       26th October, 1954. Saturday.

Sachin Dey (To Diamond) –One day I am dreaming that I have gone to Monastery. Large number of people had gathered there. Gradually darkness covered everywhere due to evening. I was thinking, how could I walk along the road. Suddenly I saw a glazing light which illuminated the road and I could see everything clearly and started walking. With a great joy I woke up then.

Diamond- Your dream is nice. Do you what that light means? It is the light of knowledge, and it was spontaneous. Who enlightened it? God- the- preceptor as you have got him within you. He will guide you to a right path.

4.       27th October, 1954. Sunday.

Phani Mitra (To Diamond) Well did you go to our place to-day? You are calling me by my name through the window.

Diamind – To day is Sunday. In ever go to walk on Sundays.

Phani- But I heard your voice clearly! I opened the window and saw that wearing a long coat you were going away. I wanted to call you, but no voice came out from my mouth.

Asked by Diamond one devotee explained that he saw Diamond within himself and then projected outside. It is a type of realization at Samadhi Stage. For that reason no voice came out.

5.       27th October, 1954, Sunday.

Phani Samaddar (To Diamond)- Once I bought my five years’s old son here. He has seen you in dream. In the morning he said, ‘well daddy, the Grandpa of Kadamtala (Diamond) came to our room. After a while I woke up. But the door was closed, So how could he enter into the room, and where did he go?

Diamond- Pay my salute to your son. What should I say? You can understand yourself.