(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 3, February, 2015

Chapter – 24

To achieve the Supreme Cult there is no need of sacrificing woman      and wealth

On 8th March, 1959, Diamond said :

In this religious world, this quote ‘Sacrifice woman and wealth’ – can you tell me from where this has come? Buddha left his nine miles long Kingdom as well as his wife. From that period this quote has entered into the religious world. That is about two and half thousand years ago. If you say, why? Upanishad has also mentioned about this sacrifice. But those were introduced after Buddha’s era, though it is very difficult to understand this. Look at the life of Rishi Jagyabalka! He had a pair of wives, though he was a ‘Brahmabid’ (who has known the Supreme Being).

However, look at us! There is no question of any kind of sacrifice. Where is the proof? You are the proof. Have you come here after sacrificing everything? You are leading the most ordinary life as other commoners.

As I use to say that you are ‘Brahmabid.’ So this knowledge of the Supreme Being does not arise according to their theory. But still it happened here and proves that the question of sacrifice does not stand. This oneness is the birth right of every human being.

This present life is the truth

On 9th March, 1959, Diamond said :

In Keno Upanishad it is mentioned : ‘There is no rebirth’. Even Swami Vivekanda said, ‘There is no rebirth according to Vedanta.’ From whose bourne no traveler has ever retuned. The eighty four millions rebirths is the greatest fraud in the world and I have written it long time back in my book.

Can anybody bring a human being to achieve the Supreme knowledge by showing fear? Either you achieve this knowledge or you have to take rebirth again and again in this world full of sorrows, hazards etc. As if this world is always full of all these sorrows and hazards, and you have to come again and again to participate in these affairs!

Then what is there? Line of heritage. And when this knowledge can be achieved? In every human being there is only one and same Atma or Soul. No, I should not mention it as Atma. Rather it should be called the form of a living human being and that form is mine. This form is seen in grandfather, father and grandson. By seeing this form a man is achieving the knowledge of oneness in this birth and there is no question of rebirth. Only the eternal truth exists and that is the form of a living human being which is mine.

Absolute and sportive forms

On 9th March, 1959, Diamond said :

What is Absolute and what is sportive form? What we are seeing here? From Allahabad (U. P., India) only three to four persons saw me in dreams after coming here. Otherwise the rest fifty people of the Allahabad Reading Center saw me in dreams without seeing me in reality. Sitting there they read regularly ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.’

One Sikh gentleman, gives lectures on religion and write articles on religion in a magazine. One day he asked one of them, ‘what do you do here’? He does not know Bengali language. They said, ‘We read “The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna” and we know such a man whom we see in dreams and have come to know him as God.’ Later on they gave the Sikh gentleman my English book ‘Religion and Realization’. On the very night he saw in a dream that I was telling him, you know nothing about religion, but yet why do you give lecture or write articles on religion? Well, you read my Foreword, then you will understand it.’ After three or four days after this dream he again saw a dream – As if I was walking away on a sea and calling him by waving my hands.’ Can you explain this?

One person answered, ‘Follow me.’ ‘Yes, thank you! Thank you’! Diamond exclaimed.

Then what does it show? I am a living human being absolute. Why? Because I don’t know anything that he is seeing me in dreams. And the pure consciousness within his body takes my form and shows these sportive forms. Here these thousands of men, women, children, old men are seeing me within them in dreams – this phenomenon is Socrates’ Absolute equality and Abstract equality, though Plato could not give any explanations of it.

In Isha Upanishad the Rishis are explaining it as ‘Supreme Being or Parama Brahma in the sun’ and within the human body they have mentioned as the man in the golden sheath. With louder voice they are announcing, ‘That Person is me.’ Now come to the present era! Some men and women saw me in sun in their dreams and are announcing. All these happened before your eyes and you have heard from their mouth.

Such concrete example of Absolute and sportive forms is the first in the world history.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 3, February, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Tarasankar Ganguly


One day at about 3/3.30 p.m. I had gone to Jibankrishna and he made me sit on his cot. I had always a great urge to sit on his cot. When there was a big crowd he allowed some old listeners to sit on his cot. When I used to see that I had no place on his cot, I felt depressed and grew some kind of tiff on him.

In that evening, there was a large gathering. At first I sat near his legs.  When some of the listeners sat on the cot and I sat beside him. After a while, Dhiren babu who was seated on the floor told Jibankrishna,”Let him sit on the floor  otherwise his legs might touch your body.” He said,”No, no, it does not matter.” Saying this dragging me near his chest he said,” oh, my little boy, my diamond,” and he went on patting me for a while. Then said,”well, you sit on the floor. For a long time you are seated in the same posture.” Still now I feel his happy touch on that day.

One thing used to happen in his room. Whenever I used to sit in his room I looked at him and I had automatic meditation. One day I was having meditation, suddenly it seemed to me that all the surroundings became silent. The reading stopped and everybody became silent. Just at that moment I heard that he was telling everybody ,”See, he has become merged into infinity!”

I always noticed that in his room there was a calendar with Sri Ramkrishna deva’s picture. One day I saw that a new calendar with Sri Ramkrishna picture was hung  on the old one.  I had a desire to take one. At the end of reading I said to Jibankrishna,”You have two pictures. Will you give one to me?” He smiled and then said,”oh Ramkrishna(ghosh), you give him one calendar.” Ramkrishna babu was standing there. He gave the old calendar to me. Later on I made the pictured framed.

When for a few days Jibankrishna used to stay at Ravi Ganguly’s residence with a few people like a mess  one day at noon I went to him with my father. Nobody was there inside the room. He was half lying. After a while an aged man entered into the room and after bowing down sat silently. Then after a moment he said,” Sir, kindly give me an amulet.” With folded hands Jibankrishna  told him,” There is no such system here.” Still the gentleman went on insisting and Jibankrishna repeatedly said,”No, it is not the system here”. After a while the gentleman went away. Jibankrishna sat for a while silently. I noticed that his eyes were glaring.

When Jibankrishna again went back to Kadamtala, along with me my two sisters (child stage) also went to him. They were hardly 10-12 years at that time. When we went to him, the reading of Gospel was just finished and none was in the room. He was taking snuff sitting on the cot with hanging legs. My sisters were observing him standing outside on the road. Suddenly seeing us he called us and said,”older mother and younger mother, come inside the room.” All of us entered into the room. My sisters bowed down him by touching their hands on his legs. I introduced them as my two elder sisters. He said,” well,well!” Standing or a few moments we came back. Addressing my sisters he said,”older mother and younger mother, come again.”

One day the reading of Gospel was finished. The room was cleaned up. Suddenly one listener started talking about physical strength. He said,”you know, I used to take heavy physical exercise in my young age. Still now my strength is more than yours.” Saying this he began to pat his thigh muscle removing the dhoti from his knee and jokingly said to others,” now come on, who else will come to fight with me.”

When he settled at Betaitala,Howrah with his cousin brother Manik babu, once he told me,”Practise  mathematics and take physical exercise well.” In Betaitala, one day uncle Ananda showing me told Jibankrishna,” Today let him read the Gospel.” It was then 7 p.m. Jibankrishna  showed me the reading place and told me,”start reading.” With a louder voice I began to read his bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhuti” third part. I was reading very fluently without any trouble. Suddenly stopping me he said,”wait, let me tell you a story.” Saying this he began to laugh and started a story of a teacher  and a student. The story was very funny and everybody  started laughing though I could not remember the story now.

Another day I was seated on the floor. Jiten chatterjee was reading “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”. The reading was almost finished, Jibankrishna told me,”come near the light.” I did so. Then when the reading was finished he told Jitenbabu to handover the book to me and told me to read loudly a portion ‘oneness’ of the book.  With a great enjoyment I began to read loudly.

After coming to Betaitala when Jibankrishna became sick my attendance became poor. My last visit to him was at the hospital.

One day I went with my father to pay a visit to him and when entering into his cabin I bowed down. With the usual sweet voice he welcomed me,” come my boy come!” Then he asked, ”How are you my boy, is everybody of your home well?” It seemed to me that he became well. After waiting for a while we came out.

I start to have divine dreams since I went to Jibankrishna. One of them was as such:

I saw a big two storied building and nobody was there. I went to the first floor and entered into a big hall. I saw that in a corner Sri Ramkrishna  was seated silently leaning against the wall, as if he was thinking about something. Entering into the room seeing him in that condition I also stood silently near the door. Seeing me he beckoned me. Approaching  towards him I bowed down and my dream was off.

In another dream I saw that I was opening the pages of a big book to read. Opening the first page I noticed the picture of swami Vivekananda with a turban on his head.

In another dream I saw that in front of a big wall mirror  I was standing, but instead of my image I saw the image of goddess kali. The figure was very huge and she was smiling and moving. Calling my sister I showed them the figure.

The next day in the evening I was seated in my room. There was a drama going on in the radio. A dialogue was going on ‘God walks towards the door of his devotee.’  Hearing it I fell into ecstasy and saw that  the same figure of goddess kali seen  in my dream in the previous night was approaching towards me. Being scared I ran to my mother and with crying I hugged her.

Hearing my vision through my father Jibankrishna remarked,”He is merely a child and so he could not resist such vision.”

Once I had a fever and was lying on bed. Suddenly it seemed that Jibankrishna was standing near the front wall. His legs were very tall and the head was touching the ceiling, though the upper body from his waist was comparatively smaller. Looking at the other wall I saw the same figure. With a great joy I called my mother loudly and said, “Mom, come and see, Jibankrishna was standing in the room. Running to me she said, ”where is he?” I tried to show her the figure near the wall again and again but she could not trace the figure.

Among many of my first few dreams a remarkable dream was remembered. It was such: I saw that a bus was running. It was heavily crowded. But each of the passenger had the face of Jibankrishna.

In another dream I saw that it was raining very heavily and a boat was sailing on a river. On the sail the word ’om’ was written. My dream was then off.


17/B/1 Miajan Darji Lane

Srirampur, Hooghly

West Bengal



Volume – 3, February, 2015

Chapter – 43

Attack  of  old prejudices  and  their  destruction

201.          30th November, 1976. Tuesday.

Early morning dream:  A very big house was seen and in one of the room of that house along with my elder brother I was staying. The windows were kept open and we were coming out of the room. Suddenly I noticed that the windows were automatically closed and opened repeatedly. It seemed that all these were the activities of Ghosts. At that moment my elder brother was not visible. At that time I became a little bit frightened, but after a while the fear went off and I determined to punish the ghosts with the name of ‘Jibankrishna’. But meanwhile I realized that the name ‘Jibankrishna’ was automatically uttered in my brain. After a while I went to a place through the corridor and saw a tunnel going down obliquely and it was dense dark inside the tunnel, nothing was visible inside. Then I saw a little girl going downwards and she also seemed to be a ghost. As soon as I threw a piece of brick towards her, she began to come upwards, with a tendency to trap me. At the same time the name ‘Jibankrishna’ used to be uttered spontaneously within my body. It seemed to me, the moment the utterence of the name would be stopped, I would be trapped by the girl. At that moment the girl vanished, but instead, from the tunnel young and aged ones began to come upwards. All of them seemed to be ghosts and were trying to trap me but due to continuous utterance of the name ‘Jibankrishna’ from my body they couldn’t do any harm to me. On the contrary I threw them one by one into the tunnel. At this moment the dream went off.

The spontaneous meaning of the dream comes thus: Ghosts represent the past prejudices—nothing of them can create any obstacles to the seer due to the grace of the Holy Ghost.

Elimination  of  the  seer’s  doubt  by  the  Holy Ghost      

202.         3rd December, 1976.   Friday.     Early morning dream  :  Jibankrishna was seated in a room. I had gone to him and asked, ‘why don’t you meet us frequently’? He only smiled but said nothing. But I did not leave him and repeatedly went on asking, ‘Say something’! Asked so many times, he said, ‘My boy, the relation between you all and me, will it be disconnected?‘ Moreover, you see, frequent meeting is not necessary, I shall meet according to necessity. Now listen to an incident’. Saying this he narrated an incident and I also thought that immediately after waking up I would write it down, but after waking up nothing could come in my memory. However, while in the dream I was talking to Jibankrishna, noticed that his figure was looking a bit changed alike that of one of my student named Sanjeev, 14 to 15 years old, although he was Jibankrishna himself. The conversation continued for a while, but nothing could be remembered after waking up.

The dream establishes in the mind of the seer that God-the-preceptor always appear in the dream of a devotee according to necessity of his body.

The transformation of the body of the Holy Ghost into ‘Sanjeev’ indicates that he has gained a new life in the seer’s body and will play a new role in future.

Clearing   of  the  Cerebrum 

203.          4th December, 1976.  Saturday.

Early morning dream:  A boy named Parthasarathi, was seated in a very huge house. In front of him I performed the excretion work and afterwards washed my body and the place also. Then I woke up.

The dream indicates the cerebrum gets cleaned for more realizations. In reality, the seer also felt relaxed.

Continuation  of  spiritual  practices

204.         5th December, 1976.    Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I had gone to the residence of Mr. Barendra Nath Mitra, a devotee by a bicycle driven by my elder brother Pankaj. Reaching there I heard that somebody was reading Jibankrishna’s book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ loudly. With a disliking mind I thought—why they are using mike! Then I  saw  another room filled up with a good number of devotees who were having spiritual discussions with each other. After this the dream went off.

Seeing so many spiritual people within the cerebrum in dream day after day the brain power of the seer gets increased gradually to have more powerful realizations in future. Jibankrishna said, ‘The more you will have accompaniment with devotees either in dream or in reality, the more spiritual power you will gain and at the same time the effect Of dreams will be active in the body’



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 3, February, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )


(378)               “I told him, ‘Why don’t you read befitting signs in a man and then accept

him as a Disciple?” Indiscrimination in making a disciple does not help

anybody in any way”.

Parikshit (the man is whose body God-the-preceptor appears) is the befitting man to listen Bhagavat—about the display of God in the human body—as realization, at least in a certain extent, will follow ; otherwise there will be no realization at all. One cannot be a Parikshit without attaining God-the-Preceptor in him. They are also reckoned as Parikshit whom God shows to Sukdeva—“Well, all these are real devotees and they shall be coming in contact with you.” It was so shown by the Divine Mother to Thakur and Thakur saw them long before they came in each other’s contact. It is also essential on the part of the devotee to get Thakur as God-the-Preceptor. In that event there will be no faltering in the devotee. “The father has taken charge of the son”.

(379)                “Keshab (Keshab Chandra Sen, Leader of the Brahma Samaj in India)

acknowledged the Divine Mother ‘Kali’ (Primal Force—).”

Through the grace of Thakur, Keshab saw the Divine Mother Kali.

(380)                “Bhagavat,  Devotee and God—the trio. They are same and one.”

“God manifests and expresses Himself in the body. In whose body He manifests, he hears God in him and he is the devotee. And narration of God’s display in the body is Bhagavat.

(381)               “Preceptor (Guru) God with form (Krishna) and the devotee (Vaishnaba)”.

Preceptor—is the invisible and unattached God lying pervading the body both in the inside and also in the outside of the body. The invisible God comes down within the body with a human form, made of God light.

(It is Krishna or Jesus or God-the-Preceptor). He who bears this God with form is a devotee. The man who is blessed with God-the-Preceptor, gets realizations both in Ascent and Descent. Of course, there is a variation in the degree of realization. In a big receptacle, the manifestation is in full degree and in a small one, it yields but a taste only.

(382)                “It is very hard to go beyond the three attributes of

Creation, Preservation, and Destruction (Triguna)”.

It means to live after full liberation of God from the body and also after attainment of the Supreme knowledge (here ascent ends ; in other words, it is to live in Descent which happens only in case of an Avatar or incarnation of God.

(383)                “Without attaining God in the body this condition does not come”.

God or Atma as shown by God-the-Preceptor in the seventh plane is to be seen and attained ; then and then alone a man can go beyond the three attributes and get merged in the First Cause.

(384)                “Mother, why hast Thou given him only one-sixteenth part of the whole thing?

Yes, Mother, I understand it. One-sixteenth part will serve your purpose and that

will enable him to teach the people.”

God within Thakur got Himself expressed in the form of one of his devotees in Thakur’s body. In that state Thakur saw that one-sixteenth Part(EK Kala) of the cover of the cerebrum or the seventh plane in the body of the disciple got withdrawn and God expressed Himself thereon. So he was saying in this way to the Divine Mother. At the time while Thakur was talking with the Divine Mother, there were two of his devotees in the room. One was Reverend Brahmananda Swami or Rakhal Maharaj and the second one was Shri M or Mahrndra Nath Gupta, the author of the Gospel of Shri Ramkrishna. To all intent and purpose it transpires that it was spoken of Shri M . At it is self-evident that is ‘Gospal of Shri Ramkrishna’is a perpetual teacher to the human race.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 3, February, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Ms Bani Das is a listener at Baguiati Reading Centre where Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly she narrated her experience thus:

1. I was then about 15-16 years old. I used to go with my mother to Baguiati Reading centre.My first dream was such. I was standing holding two white dishes. I saw a tall man with long beard, wearing dhoti up to knee and holding a brass just in his hand. He was telling me come and see the temple. Here you can see many gods and goddesses. Entering into the temple I saw luminous white stone idol of Lord Shiva. Then I came out of the temple and saw a boat on a river and on it were standing Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna wearing police dress. My dream was off.

[Temple – This body; gods and goddesses – good brain cells. The seer saw both Sri Ramkrishna, incarnation of god and Jibankrishna, God-the-Preceptor.]

2. One night I saw in my dream that I was walking holding the hand of Jibankrishna. He told me, I shall show you many things ‘Then he showed me many places. I only remembered that he showed me ten incarnations of god (According to Hindu mythology). I became frightened, but he said, ‘Don’t be scared, I am with you’. My dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor always guides, teaches and protects the seer.]

Boni Saha, a 7years old girl, uses to go to a reading center where Diamond’s book  is read regularly at Baguiati, Kolkata. After a few days she dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond (Jibankrishna) took her to a house and fed her sweets. Then both of them vanished in a pond.

[This was the effect of attending reading centre that she saw Sri Ramkrishna, the incarnation of God and got Diamond as God-the-Preceptor who showered their blessings on her in dreams.]

Mrs Sibani Dhol residing at Baguiati,Kolkata, narrated her experiences thus:

In my house a reading center was opened in the year 1987 where reading of Diamond’s book and Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna continued for a long time regularly. After the demise of my mother-in-law the reading was stopped for some days.

During this period, one day I was having my sleep at noon time. I suddenly heard in my dream that somebody was pushing me saying,’Hey! Get up! Biva is coming for reading Gospel! I am going to listen it. You also come!’ I hurriedly got up and everything.

Strangely, Biva was not supposed to go for reading in my house. Something flashed in her mind and after coming to my house she saw with surprise that I was waiting for her. I then told her about my dream. This was my first dream..

Once I had a heart attack and was admitted in a nursing home. There I had a dream. I saw that a person with illuminated body was taking me somewhere holding my hand. I was feeling to walk. I asked him, ’Where are you taking me? I am uncomfortable in walking.’ That Holy man asked me,’ What do you want?’ I said.’ I only want divine devotion,and want so that I feel no trouble at the time of death.’ He said,’ That will happen.’ My dream went off and realized that the person was Diamond.

One day reading was going on at the residence of Biva and I saw in trance that Diamond was listening to the reading standing on the floor.

[On March9,1999, Mrs Dhol expired. Up to her last days she used to attend the reading ofGospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Religion and Realization.

After her demise one lady of the reading center dreamed that Mrs Dhol was standing in the misdst of the cloud in the sky. Another listener dreamed that in the sky Mrs Dhol was seated on the lap of Sri Ramkrishna.]



Volume – 3, February, 2015

Chapter 4

God –the-Preceptor teaches from inside

17th November, 1954. Sunday.

Ganesh Manna (To Diamond)- I dreamt that you were teaching me yogas.

Diamond- You have seen the right thing. God-the-Preceptor teaches yogas from within.


Innumerable people will see Diamond in dreams in future- its indication

17th November, 1954. Sunday.

Trilochan Dutta (To Diamond) – One day I dreamt that my mother was saying, ‘the room will be flooded by human waves.’

Diamond- Yes/see, day by day the number of people is increasing here.


God-the-Preceptor is achieved within divine dreams

17th November, 1954. Sunday.

Netai Ghosh (To Diamond ) – One day I dreamt you with a very tiny featured body. You asked, ‘What are you seeing’? I answered, ‘I am seeing you’.

Diamond- You have got God-the-Preceptor within you. Now your austerity will proceed spontaneously.


Seeing Diamond in physical body- its interpretation

17th November, 1954. Sunday,

Kalipada Roy (To Diamond)- See, a few days back my wife went to a temple, but couldn’t enter through the gate and she became very anxious. Suddenly she saw that you, wearing dhoti and Punjabi and a sandal on feet stood near the gate and helped her to enter through the gate.

After returning from there she asked me, ‘Well, Diamond was staying at kadamtala in his residence, how could he be at the temple at the same time’?

Diamond asked Kalipada, ‘how  could he recognize me’?

Kalipada answered, ‘She saw you once in her dream and then She along with eldest son came to your residence and identified you from outside.’

The interpretation was given thus, Diamond came out of her body and showing his sports again merged within his body.


Atma or Soul is in all and all is  in Atma

17th November, 1954. Sunday.

Arun Ghosh (To Diamond) –One day I dreamt, you were telling me, ‘now whose face is mine’? I said. ‘your face was transformed into Jiten chatterjee’s’ . But you said, ‘no, it is yours.’ Then you said, ‘now whose’? I said, ‘Bankim Chakraborty’s face’. You said, ‘it is correct/. Then again you asked, ‘now whose’? I said, ‘Ramchandra Das’. Again you said, ‘you are right.’ In such a manner you went on asking me and I gave correct answer. Then my dream went off.

Diamond – you see, what does it mean? Vedas have mentioned this phenomenon like this, ‘Atman is in every human being and again every human being is in Atman’ You are seeing me in dreams and again I see you within me – vice versa. (As because Diamond is transformed into Atman).