(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 4, February, 2015
Chapter – 25

Religion is Realization

March 15, 1959.
Religion is realization. If somebody is told about the realization, he will not understand it.
If this phenomenon (seeing Jibankrishna in dreams, trances etc.) use to occur within only hundred or five hundred people, it may not be accepted. The criticizers may say that they are hypnotized to make a group. But in our case this cannot be concluded as this phenomenon is happening with innumerable people of all religions, ages, sexes and races. So who will disbelieve it? Here whoever is coming is seeing me within him. Not only so, their family members, maids are also seeing me in dreams, trances etc. So this a truth to all of them. No negation will stand.

God himself is the Religious Teacher

March 19, 1959.
Here we don’t have to bother about formless God or God with form, I am a living human being and the phenomenon is connected with it.
This term ‘Form or formless’ is an abstract idea. Everyone is God. The same God exists within you and me, and he is within you, so he will teach you. And, his message has reached you, so all the people sitting here see my form within them.
In Koran I have got this wonderful words, ‘Allah is Supreme intelligent.’ He takes my form and shows everyone in dreams, trances etc.
Now, can you say how oneness comes, but not in the moral sense?

Without the grace of God-the-Preceptor nothing will happen in spiritualism. He is within you and you need not go to Badrinarayan, Rameswar, Jerusalem or Mecca. He is your nearest one and lives within your body. This Universe is God and for the sake of mankind this world is created.

What is Divine Love

March 26, 1959.
Let me give a new interpretation of Divine Love. I have achieved Divine Love. When one gets this Love what does he do? He wants to consume others. I have achieved that mentality and so I shall consume the whole human race. This means I am willing to transform everybody into my form and you are that proof.

What is badge of preaching

April 1, 1959.
The term ‘Badge of preaching’ is not applicable in the life of Sri Chaitanya (Preacher of Vaisnaba cult in Bengal 500 years ago). In the life of Jesus Christ it was found though in a different way. But do I go anywhere for preaching? Why should I? It is God’s universe, let him work, and so, you see how he is manifesting within myriads of people in my form and without my knowledge.

This human life is the Truth

On 16th April, 1959, Diamond said :
I should tell you a new thing today. It is a very serious talk and may create pressure on you. This ‘Advaitism’ (Nondualism) does not exist. On the other hand many and one, both are simultaneous. One cannot exist without the other. All of us are one in the spiritual world. When you are seeing me within, you are becoming one, but still your different bodies exist.
Then what matters with my body? This is also one and many – simultaneous. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, ‘Nirgun Brahma’ (Infinite Supreme

Being), beyond perception and mind. But there exists only this Brahma or Supreme Being in body. There is still more and that is ‘one exists’. By ‘Maya’ (illusion) this ‘one’ seems many. This can be well understood when one undergoes austerities on Vedanta to a large extent.
See, you have seen me in dream, your son has also seen me in dreams, so in the spiritual world both of you are one. Think very deeply about this matter and then you will understand it and it will manifest spontaneously. So these words ‘One is All’ or ‘All is One’ do not exist. One and many are becoming simultaneous. Remember, this human life is the Truth.

Diamond’s form is the own-self of Supreme Being

On 25th April, 1959, Diamond said :
Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) mentions – “Granted that you attain personal liberation by means of the realization of the ‘Advaita’, but what matters it to the world?” But see here! You are seeing my form within your body – among you there are Hindus and people of other religions, and everybody see my form. Then what happens? My form is becoming the own-self of yours as well as the human race of the world. And this is the own-self of Parama Brahma or the Supreme Being. What does it prove? Where are your existence? My form only exists. Your Upanishads has mentioned the same word – ‘Man in the Sun is ‘Parama Brahma’. Sun means light – Life power. No! Not the ‘power’ to be mentioned! Better say only ‘Life’. And that life taking my form is manifested within your body. Then ultimately what is the own-self of every human being? My own form is your own-self.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)
Volume – 4, February, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

I saw Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man

Dr. Basudev Pal.

It was the incident of the year 1962. I heard from my elder brother Jaydev that a great man of the spiritual world has appeared in the world and he was living at Howrah. But I did not show any eagerness, because with again by applying my argument I became quite uninterested about the traditional religion, and also I have passed M. Sc very recently. I was quite engaged with my carrier and had no time for spiritualism. One day my brother told me that he would take me and my father to that man. Out of curiosity I agreed. I asked my brother, ‘What will happen after going there?’ He said, ‘You will see after going there.’

My father was interested in religion since his early stage. So my brother convinced him also. One day in the month of April, all there of us reached a house at Kadamtala, Howrah. An old man was seated on the open corridor in front of the house. Very cordially he welcomed us saying, ‘Come my boys’ and with regard he welcomed my father, ‘Come, Come!’ My brother gave our introduction to him and then we entered into his room. He began discussing with my father about religion. But since our introduction he seemed to be very familiar to me, but could not find the clue, and went on looking at me repeatedly. Seeing my repeatedly look at him he was smiling, and once he asked, ‘My boy, have you seen any dream’? As soon as the word ‘Dream’ was uttered, within a moment I got the clue and I said, ‘yes, about a month ago I saw you in my dream, but your complexion was much fair in dream.’ He told me brother, ‘Jaydeb, have you understood about the meaning of ‘Fair Complexion? It’s meaning is ‘Svatvaguna’ (pure attribute)’

Then my father also said that three days ago he also saw him in dream. But I was not liking to enter into the dream discussion, on the contrary I was feeling embarrassing. It was because in the dream Jibankrishna gave me an assurance which I was not prepared to expose to the public. And without asking anything about the dream he only said, ‘You have seen well.’ I felt relaxed being releaved from exposing my personal matter in the dream.

In the mean time many listeners came and Jibankrishna discussed with my father about religion for a long time. He also discussed with me about my study and carrier. But I was a bit upset when a glass of tea was brought for him only and I felt insulted. Looking at me he was smiling and then said, ‘My dear boy, please permit me to take tea.’ So I thought that ultimately recognized me and being satisfied I permitted him to take tea. Now I think that I was a fool then.

For a long time the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on. All the time I was trying to remember whether I saw Jibankrishna in my dream and after repeated verification I was sanguine that he was the same man in my dream.

However, after listening for a long time about religious talks I was not convinced about religion and ignored about seeing him in dream thinking it as a fun. So when I was going to come out of his room I clearly told him, ‘I am a materialist.’ He said, ‘You do not know yourself. You are a first class spiritualist.’ Then with a very affectionate voice he said, ‘When will you come again my boy’? I could not say ‘No’ and so I said, ‘I will come.’
That was my first visit and after that I went to him many times and do not know for what affection. No doubt I went to him for judging him and ultimately I found him to be a pure gold, and so I have established him to be my life long God and the only religion and Diamond.

November, 1969,
67, Paikpara Row, Kolkata.


Volume – 4, February, 2015

Chapter – 44

Vision of huge ‘Sudarsan Chakra’ (Luminous disc of Lord Krishna mentioned in Hindu mythology) in the sky

205. 6th December, 1976. Monday.

Early morning dream: I was standing in front of the Laboratory of the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata . Suddenly I noticed that the whole sky was covered with dense cloud through which the blue sky was peeping in some zones .Through those areas a huge disc dazzling with light and covering 1/3rd area of the sky was visible on a distant place . The disc was so much ornamental and charming, that it was beyond any description. It was very slowly whirling and coming over my head. As soon as it came over my head, heavy shower started. I ran towards the Laboratory, although I became a little bit wet. After this it rained cats and dogs, and everything was hazy. At this moment I observed that my friend Debasish was roaming in the garden with many other unknown person.

Suddenly a thunderous sound was heard and it seemed that it came from the disc. I saw that except Debasish all other people dropped on the ground along with many trees. Only Debasish continued to roam in the garden without any fear. It seemed to me that under this circumstances nobody would thrive. When I woke up it seemed that something had happened in my brain.

At this moment nothing strikes my brain. But after a few days it suddenly flashed in my mind that was it not the ‘Maha Kundalini Darshan’! Jibankrishna described the ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ held in his hand as a very ornamental and charming one which destructs all evils and will create goodness.

It was described in Purana (Hindu mythology) that Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan chakra used to destruct the evil ones with roaring sound, although it was an allegorical tale. However, in the dream it was shown that only Debasish (Blessings of gods) thrived in the midst of heavy shower, which means by the grace of God the blissful shower will fall on earth for goodness in future.

Achievement of dispassionate condition and
realization ‘Sacchidananda Samadhi’

206. 10th December, 1976.

Early morning dream: Behind my residence a 16-17 years boy was singing a devotional song on goddess Kali, ‘I don’t want anything etc.’ Standing near the window I was hearing the song . Gradually a devotional feeling began to raise in my body and after a while I felt that ‘Mahabayu’ or the life force’ with a great force began to rise upwards within the body and I felt as if the body would burst with intense joy—the chicks became swelled by the wind pressure on both sides and I lost my control upon myself with a feeling of inexpressible delight. Even under this was a condition of ‘Mahabhab’(The great ecstasy)! Then gradually the inhalation stopped and as soon as the sleepy condition began to fade up, I felt that really I could not inhale and when I completely woke up began to fidget. Then gradually I became normal.

The dream has two aspects : the first scene indicates that the seer is becoming dispassionate and in the second scene the seer had the experience of ‘Satchidananda Samadhi’.

Advancement of Austerity

207. 18th December, 1976. Saturday.

Early morning dream: I had gone to the office of Arun Ghosh at Kolkata . Entering the office I observed many people stepping up . Amongst them a somewhat fatty person was also stepping up and someone said pointing him out. ‘This is Sadhan Babu’. I went on thinking—oh! Jibankrishna also saw him in one of his dream long time back when he was alive!

Then he went up and after going up to the upper floor I saw a person named Haradhan sitting in the room of Arun Ghosh . After he left, I asked Mr. Ghosh, ‘Is there any news’? He then showed me a big size silver cup(For presentation to the seer) and then I woke up.
Jibankrishna saw in his dream that Sadhan Babu stepped up to him . He explained this as his advancement of austerity. Here the same person was observed in the same fashion which indicates that there will be advancement of the seer’s austerity.

Big size silver cup is kept for presentation—it means that in future the seer may achieve the spiritual realizations of the second standard compared to Jibankrishna, as the first prize is awarded with gold cup and the second prize is awarded with silver cup.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 4, February, 2015

Place :—Temple of Dakshineswar .
Place—Temple of Dakshineswar .
(Henceforth Shri Ramkrishna will be spoken of as
Thakur” when required as it is so done in the Gospel )

(385) “Why did I make you angry ? Yes, it has got its own meaning”.

Your spirit was kindled by your anger, and that might get more earnestness and yearning of God.

(386) “I have found * Hazra and he is like a piece of dry wood”.

It means that Shri Hazra will not get emanation of God in the body during his life-time.
While Shri Hazra was on his death-bed, he saw that Thakur came to him. Hazra cried out, “Hush! Be silent, Paramhansa Mahasaya (Thakur) is come” and he expired.

(387) “The display of God is enlivened by the oppositionist such as ‘Jatila and Kutila’”.

It is the oppositionist who draws out more beauty and charm of the thing as if by fanning a fire.
* Shri Pratap Chandra Hazra for sometimes lived in the temple of Dakshineswar and it was Thakur who gave him shelter there but he was an oppositionist to Thakur.

(388) “He who holds the Universe in Him”.

It is Atma. The Universe is within Atma. It is so seen in the seventh plane. This is the fires stage of the mam who attains special Knowledge. This is solving the mystery in relation with Man, God and the Universe.

(389) “The lion, the carrier of the Divine Mother, ‘Jagadhatri’ (the Bearer of the
Universe), keeps the elephant under control”.

Lion—represents self-exertion.

Elephant—represents mind. Mind is like a mad elephant. To control a mad elephant is very difficult ; it is so with mind. So mind is compared with a mad elephant.

Here it is spoken about attaining of God by self-exertion (Vividisha). Mind is to be controlled by self-exertion then there will be manifestation of God in the body.

The image of Jagaddhatri is in three parts. The first one is that of an elephant—mind. Above the
elephant, the lion, an emblem of valour, i.e. self-exertion. Above lion, there is the image of Divine Mother holding the Universal aspect of God in a form of God or a goddess.

(390) “Why does the Divine Mother ‘Shyama’ have a black complexion?”.
“She looks black because she is seen far away”.

It is spoken about meditation and in its first state a man sees utter darkness. Then as he
proceeds deeper and deeper, he finds God’s light and God.

(391) “Go near Her and no colour will be found”.

It is spoken about the Absolute—when there is no ego—consciousness.

(392) “You have to come back a few steps then you will see again the Divine Mother ‘Shyama’ having the color of the grass flower”.

The exquisitely beautiful young dancing lady who is seen in the sixth plane is known as the mysterious Maya.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 4, February, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Mrs Lakshmi Banerjee of Baguiati,Kolkata narrated her experiences after reading Diamond’s book ‘Religion and Realization’:
In my old body I got the grace of God in the form of Diamond and experienced many divine dreams out of which I am describing a few.

1. I saw Sri Ramkrishna was sitting on a throne near the door of our residence saying something in a very low voice which I could not follow. II thought, perhaps I used to go everyday for listening the reading, probably so he had come to take me. When I was running to him, my dream went off.

[I interpreted like this – The seer is getting the grace of God.]

2. I saw Sri Ramkrishna was worshipping a deity and I was seated beside him. Then he gave me a half portion of a sweet and the dream went off.

[Meaning- The seer will have 50 per cent austerity.]

3. I saw Diamond holding my right hand once and then held my left hand. The dream went off.

[Meaning- God-the-Preceptor took the seer’s responsibility.]

4, I saw in dream Diamond illuminating with glazing light.

[Meaning-The seer saw ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’ or God’s light in the form of Diamond.]

Mrs Bela chakrabarty resides at Baguiati, Kolkata. She has a neighbor named Kamala. Mrs Biva Das used to read Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O- Anubhuti’ regularly in his residence. Mrs Chakrabarty also uses to go there often and she likes to hear the reading. Within a few days she started to have divine dreams. A few are narrated in her own version.

1) I saw in my dream that I was standing on the steps of the river Ganges at Dakshinaswar near Kolkata. At that moment an unknown person was seen swimming in the Ganges. Seeing me he said, ’’Come and swim with me.’ I felt very shy and thought how could I swim with an unknown person!’ And moreover I had no practice of swimming for a long period. So I told him, ’I shall take an earthen jug and with this support I shall swim.’ I started swimming. After a while I got up and crossing a bridge I came to the road. There I saw Biva and many other ladies of the reading center. I became joyous when I saw them. All of us took snacks at a shop and then returned home. After this dream I started attending Biva’s reading center regularly.

[The meaning of the dream is such- Unknown man is God who is calling her for swimming which means the seer will experience divine realizations by the grace of God. Seeing others in dream means the growing attractions for others.]

2) I was sleeping in the afternoon. I dreamt that Biva was telling me, ’Bela, will you not go to the reading centre?’ I woke up and went to the reading centre.

3) I dreamt that I had gone to somebody’s house whom in reality I used to call sister. I saw her worshiping an idol. Whichever room I was entering, I was seeing idols in every room. I stayed there the whole day. In the evening, when I was coming out, I saw a person with and shirt. He came to me and said, ‘You should come again.’ I told him, ‘You will also come.’ But he did not answer. I guessed that he might be Diamond. Here the dream was off. Afterwards seeing Diamond’s photo I recognized that person in my dream to be Diamond.

[In dream the seer has got Diamond as her God-the-Preceptor.]

4) I dreamt that in an open field adjacent to Biva’s house reading of ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ was going on. In the meantime Diamond came there. I asked him one question, ‘Well, is this body a temple’? He answered, ‘Yes, this body is the temple.’ Then he himself started reading and after a while I saw that he was climbing on a coconut tree. Then my dream went off.

[ The meaning is- Where ever Diamond’s book will be read, his grace will be showered on the listeners. By showing coconut tree it indicates that the seer will have no diversion in her attitude towards Diamond , because coconut is a single trunk tree.]


Volume – 4, February, 2015

Chapter 5

Diamond in Sun

23rd November, 1954. Saturday.

Santosh Guchait (To Diamond) – Last night I dreamt that I was coming towards Dasnagar (Howrah Town) along the rail line. It was then 7 A.M. Looking at the sun I saw that you were seated within the sun wearing dhoti and without cloth. In clear eyes I saw it.
Diamond asked Sudhin about its meaning. He answered that in Upanishads it has been mentioned that the man in the sun is called Param Brahma (Supreme Brahma).

Diamond said with great satisfaction, ‘you are right’! Married life is not a bar for knowing the Supreme

24th November, 1954. Sunday.

Nitya Gopal Das (To Diamond) – When the first day Gopal and I came to you, the same night I dreamt that my wife and I were laying on bed at night and you came standing infront of us with a smiling face. With a great divine joy I woke up.

Diamond explained later on that marriage life is not a bar for visualization of God.

The meaning of mango in dream

8th December, 1954. Sunday.

Samarendranath Dhar (To Diamond) – I dreamt that an unknown man gave me a basket of mangos.

Diamond – In a dream unknown man means God and mango is the symbol of Supreme knowledge.

Reducing of Ego- Consciousness

December 15, 1954, Sunday,

Jiten Chatterjee narrated a dream to Jibankrishna. My wife was dreaming that wearing a dhoti folded upto your Knee (a white cloth for the lower body) was crossing our house and standing near the door she was watching.

Jibankrishna – Her ego – consciousness was going to be reduced. Cloth symbolizes this body.

Getting Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor

December 15, 1954. Sunday.

Kalipada Banerjee narrated to Jibankrishna his dream. One day I saw in my dream that you were standing. Then I saw the Holy mother Sarada and Sri Ramkrishna. Jibankrishna – You saw me, it means you have got me as your God –the- Preceptor. Holy mother is the primeval power and Sri Ramkrishna is the incarnation of God, It is a good dream.

Getting God-the-Preceptor at the old age

Bholanath Mukherjee narrated his father’s dream to Jibankrishna.

“He was dreaming that you were seated on your Cot with this gentleman Bankim Chakravarty (Present in the room), and all of us were seated on the floor.

Jibankrishna said to Bholanath- Now you will go home. Pay may regards to him.

Then addressing others he said, ‘Just see, he is 80 and in addition took initiation and wears ochre cloth, but he got the injection from Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). What did Thakur do for me? He made free from tension.

Teaching within the dream by the Holy ghost

December 21, 1954. Saturday,

Satya Ganguly narrated his dream to Jibankrishna. I was dreaming that Sri Ramkrishna took me to the old River Ganges and made me taking bath. When I emerged from inside the water, he said, ‘Medidate sitting on the river’. So both of us started meditation.

Jibankrishna –Henceforth you will have deep meditation.