(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 5, March, 2015

Chapter – 26

What is Absolute

On 26th April, 1959, Diamond said :

I have given three explanations about Absolute. Firstly, I am Absolute and showing my sportive forms within your body. Secondly, each of you is Absolute and you can also see Avatar within you, though I have a doubt how many have seen Avatar within their bodies. And thirdly, this universe is Absolute.

Yes, if I can live forever, then it can be concluded that ‘Absolute’ is there. But I have no idea what will happen. But still one thing can be said that such phenomenon has never been seen before. So, anything may happen in future.

Not ‘He’ but ‘I’ exist

On 26th April, 1959, Diamond said :

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘He is unlimited, infinite Brahma’ (Supreme Being).

In this context Diamond said, ‘See, this word ‘He’ is so dangerous! In this world so many wars, riots, bloodshed, conflict between nations, all the roots lie in that word ‘He’. So long searching for this ‘He’ has anybody ever found? No, there is no such proof. But what exists? Not ‘He’, only ‘I’ exist.

Can you say what were the objectives of these warlords? Either you surrender to me or die. Their main aim was to fetch every human being under my control. But were they successful? No! Still they demanded the doer of the progress of human civilization. So what is the main theory behind it? Unification of religions and mankind. And this unification should come through peace, joy and happiness.

Now come to the point here. What you are witnessing here! Myriads of people after seeing a single form of a living human being can announce, ‘I have known that great Soul, I have seen that great Soul’! Who is that Soul, ‘I am that Purusha’. Today you have got that ‘I’, not ‘He’. SO what is the result? A man seeing God within himself is also transformed into God. Oh! How he is getting God as so near and dear ones, and so intimately!

Without emotion the Truth reveals in a body

On 26th April, 1959, Diamond said :

Listen, unless one acquires consciousness without emotion, no Truth will reveal within him. When I have created an emotional consciousness how Truth will reveals? The false emotion will manifest. What I have told you so long? I have never offered a single flower to my Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) except whom I have never recognized any deities throughout my life. It means I am free of any prejudices since my birth. SO God is showing his sportive forms within me being manifested spontaneously. And this is such which never revealed anywhere and anytime. What is that? My own form is manifesting within myriads of people irrespective of caste and creed, religions, sexes and ages in dreams, trances, reality and meditations.

Furthermore, the proof that a living human being is transformed into God is established by thousands and thousands of people. They are announcing, ‘You are the God’. And imagine what a great Truth it is! As because nobody has come here to see me within their bodies. It revealed spontaneously within them and so this is the Truth.

Now you can ask a question – ‘Well those who have seen you within them, what they have achieved’? I have told you this answer so many times, ‘Those who are seeing me within them, have also become God and are bearing the proof of my Godhood.

God can be directly visualized

On 26th April, 1959, Diamond said :

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, “God can be visualized and one can talk to him as I am talking with you.” Whom he was talking with? Pandit Iswarchandra Vidyasagar (A social reformer and great scholar of Bengal, India in the Nineteenth Century). Yes, it is so wonderful! But what does it matter? What did Vidyasagar achieve? Did he visualize God? No! And in place of that you see here! People used to come to me and I said to them, ‘My boy, are you in search of God? He is within your body.’ And then seeing me within them they came and told me, ‘Sir, we have seen you in dream.’

There was no necessity to tell them that ‘God can be seen and one can talk to him, as I am talking with you.’ Even and that is within this human body – in the seventh plane or cerebrum.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Volume – 5, March, 2015

Dr. Gopal Das.

In the year 1962-63.

I was a resident in Howrah as a neighbor of Ram Chandra Das, a companion of Jibankrishna. He often used to discussed with me about Jibankrishna and gave me Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization’ in English version). During that time Jibankrishna stayed for about a year in Puri and when he returned to Howrah in the year 1963 I went to him at Kadamtala. Welcoming me he made me sit near him and told to listen to the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. He seemed to be very kith and kim. I got his accompaniment for about three-four years. I want to him in Betaitala when he shifted there with his cousin brother from Kadamtala. He used to ask me to go to him in the morning but I could not go.

One day after the reading was over I told him, ‘See, I have a great change in my life.’ Hearing this he hugged me with great joy.

Before going to him I had a dream after reading his book. When he returned from puri I told him about this dream and he gave yogic interpretation, though I had lost it from my memory.

I am narrating here a few of my dreams.

I saw that I had gone to my birth place. There I saw a cobra spreading her fang. She was pasted with earth. Then I went to Jibankrishna and he blessed me.

1.I was going to Jibankrishna. Before entering into his house I noticed from the road that a man was seated learning against a window of a room. Entering into the room I saw that the room was full of women folks. One of them bowed down to me. I asked her, ‘Where is Jibankrishna’? One of them showed me. I saw that Jibankrishna was in meditation, and a snake was encircling him with three rings, extending her face towards the front. The dream was then off.

2.One Palanquine was coming with a procession. Inside was seated Jibankrishna on the lap of Ram. He was holding Jibankrishna with both of his hands. Raghu was also seated inside the palanquine.

As soon as Jibankrishna called me I went and bowed down to him.

In the next scene I saw Jibankrishna seated in a room. Many people were giving him coins. I gave him one rupee coin. After taking the coin he hugged me, and I also hugged him. He shivered and the dream was off.

Many of my family members including my daughter-in-law, grandson, grand daughter and even cook.

My daughter-in-law saw that Jibankrishna left a nice sari with wide red border on her lap. Then he gave her same lac-dye (Hindu woman use to paint, the borders of their feet) and said, ‘This will stay for ever.’ My grand daughter saw that Jibankrishna was giving her flowers after plucking from the tree.

Another day she was seeing that she was lying on bed and sitting beside her Jibankrishna was tickling on her body.

November, 1977,




Volume – 5, March, 2015

Chapter – 45

Attainment  of  one  phase  of  Austerity

208.          19th December, 1976.  Sunday.

Early morning dream: I was having discussions with a known Lady named Uma (the name of goddess Durga of the Hindu Purana).

After a while I was offered siddhi (a drug extracted from a narcotic plant) to drink. I drank it and at the same moment I was hearing somebody’s voice chanting ‘come and have pasted siddhi as much as you can’t (A song on goddess Kali) .After waking up I felt nothing about the dream. But when I was preparing to go out for my work, I felt that really my head was whirling just like the effect of drinking siddhi in reality. So I had to take bed – rest. After a long time I recovered and went out.

Here not only the effect of dream came down on the seer’s body but also indicated that the seer has the attainment of one phase of austerity, as to drink siddhi denotes the attainment of one phase in the austerity . Here the effect became predominant in the body of the seer which means that this phase of austerity will be effective within the body of the seer in future.

Descent  of  Mahabayu  or  the  great  life  force 

209.           24th December, 1976.  Friday.

Early morning dream:  I was staying on the rooftop room of my house. Suddenly I noticed that one of the teacher of my school from his flying condition came down to me and had some conversations with me. But nothing could be remembered after I woke up from sleep.

The seer had no idea about the teacher’s name, but later on he came to know that his name was Ramsevak which means ‘Hanumana’ of the Ramayana. Instantly the meaning flashed in the seer’s mind—Oh! Hanumana means the ‘Mahabayu’ or the great life power which descened in him, that means some special realizations in ‘Descent’ may occur in him in future.

Increase  of  spiritual  power  with  accompaniment  of  devotees

210.          27th December, 1976.   Monday.

Early morning dream:  I had gone to Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala, Kolkata , where regular spiritual discussions used to be occurred. I noticed that the room became full of devotees and spiritual discussions were going on. Here the dream went off.

Seeing so many devotees at the same time  within the brain increases the brain power of the seer.

Repeated  accompaniment  with  devotees

211.        1st January, 1977.  Saturday.

Early morning dream:  A continuous announcement was heard in the market behind my residence—‘The seer has been awarded a presentation’. But what for and what was it, was unknown. The announcement was repeated several times. Meanwhile my mother suddenly jumped downwards from the top floor with an intention to go there. I became astonished thinking that my mother instead of using steps went downwards in such a way ! After going down I noticed that nothing serious happened except a slight injury in the waist. Then I took my mother on my lap to the top floor and thought that with a slight medicine she would recover. The dream then went off.

The present condition of the seer was revealed in the dream—The award is given by God Himself for the seer’s present spiritual condition. Mother symbolizes the body itself or Adyasakti. To drop down instead of using steps indicates the descent condition in austerity of the seer—it is a caution, means if the descent happens without proper stepping, this will be harmful to the seer. So God gives caution to him.

Realization of Vedanta – Dream and waking condition are same

212.          2nd January, 1977.   Sunday.  Place:  Makardah, Howrah.

In reality in the early morning two devotees Anath Nath Mondal and Arun Mukherjee were singing spiritual songs. I was hearing the songs and gradually felt asleep. In dream I was hearing the same song and saw that another old aged devotee Phanindra Nath Samaddar was leaving the room. At that time it seemed to me that I was having a high pitched mental condition for which I could not bear the songs. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream has revealed the condition of Phanindra Nath, as well as that of the seer. At the same time the realization of Vedanta was also revealed within the seer where the reality and dream become intermingled. This is possible when the brain is free from any prejudices.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 5, March, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

(393)                “Is Shyama  male  or female”?

Atma is one. There is no distinction of gender in Atma or God.

Atma is one. There is no distinction of gender in Atma or God.

(394)                “I am not yet able to find out whether Shyama is male or female”?

Male and female—they have got one and the same Atma in them. So inwardly there is no

difference. Yes, there is but one Atma ; but go ahead and then you will find there is a tiny touch

of ego-consciousness in the form ‘Yea’.

(395)             “Brahma  is  Sakti—It  is Descent.

(396)             “Sakti  is  Brahma”—It  is  Ascent.

(397)            “They  are  but  one”.

It is Absolute. Ascent and Descent are but two different aspects of the same and one Absolute.

(398)            “Ever-blissful God (Satchidanandamay) and ever blissful sportive forms of

God (Satchidandamayyee) are but two aspects of one and the same Absolute”.

Ascent with all its sportive forms of God is blissful. It terminates in Absolute. Then Descent

comes and every state of it is full of Bliss. God is ever Blissful at every condition and

realisation the body. It is called ‘from Absolute to His sportive forms and from sportive from to

“Absolute’. Nitya to Lila and Lila to Nitya. Its Bliss is enjoyed only by Avatars and none else.

(399)                  “In conjunction with Atma (Purusha) the human body(Prakriti) performs all her

activities of creation, preservation and destruction—Yogamaya”.

This is God’s sports in the human body and it is Ascent.

Creation means birth of Atma as seen in the seventh plane, i.e. life-power is transformed in Atma.

Preservation is that when Atma holds the Universe within Him.

Destruction is that condition when Atma turns into the Absolute.

(400)                  “The roof is made of the same materials—brick, lime and brick-dust—with which the staircase is made”.

Absolute in one form is this human body and this human body in another form is Absolute.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 5, March, 2015

 Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

[A large number of people both male and female have been attending this reading center since 1965 when Jibankrishna was in physical body.  Though women folks were not allowed to go to Jibankrishna due to certain yogic reasons, yet by merely sitting at their houses or by reading Jibankrishna’s book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ in Bengali or ‘Religion and Realization’ in English or listening to the reading of these books in the Reading centers, they saw Jibankrishna in dreams and thereafter from outside Jibankrishna’s residence identified him without his knowledge.

After Jibankrishna’s demise in 1967, the dreamers use to identify him by his photo.  Here are some of the amazing examples as narrated by them.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in sun

Mrs. Santilata Dutta.

It was a day of the month December 1965.  In the night I was seeing in my dream that Jibankrishna was telling me, ‘Drown in the Ocean of Sachidananda(supreme self)’. I said, ‘I have no extra cloth’.  Then he said, ‘Here the cloth is not required’.

Then I saw the form of Jibankrishna in the sun, and here my dream was off.

[Upanishad has mentioned about the person in sun some thousands of years ago.  The same shenomenonhas received here.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream before seeing him in his life time

Mrs. Charubala Mitra

I am talking about the time when Jibankrishna was alive, may be in the year 1965.

One night I saw in a dream that I was going to somebody’s house.  When I reached there my small tobacco container fell in a dustbin.  Then I entered into the house.  But what I had done there I could not remember. When I came out I left my shoes there and remembered I came to road.  Again I rushed to the house but couldn’t trace it.

When I was returning, one gentleman told me, ’Will you come with me’ I followed him.   While walking with him I thought, who was he?  He was resembling my husband but actually he was not so!  He had short beard and seemed to be a noble person.  At this moment my dream was off.

After a few days I went to the residence of Jibankrishna and from outside I corroborated his figure and found that he was the same person who appeared in my dream.

Mrs. Nirupama Dey

In my first dream I saw a huge pond and a sprouted lotus in it.  One of the listeners of our Reading Centre was telling me indicating the lotus, ‘just see, what a big lotus has sprouted on your head’. Looking at the lotus I noticed that Jiban Krishna was seated on that lotus and a continuous stream of honey was flowing from there covering every place.  My dream was off.

[Lotus – cerebrum or seventh plane; Jiban Krishna – God – the – Preceptor, whose place is the seventh plane.  Honey – Divine conscious.  The seer is full of Divine Conscious].

Mrs. Tarunbala Basu

I saw in my dream that I went out of my home to search for a painter who would paint the walls of my house.  But I was not finding anybody.  Then one Muslim person asked me, ‘Mother, whom are you searching for’?  I said, ‘I am searching for a painter’.  He said, ‘I am a painter.  I shall paint your walls’, I said,’ But you have no instruments’.  How do you work without instruments’?  Then he said, ‘Here are my instruments’, and he showed his instruments.

Then he started his work and I was helping him.  Sometimes I could not see him and I was scolding him saying, ‘If you do work in such a manner, I shall not give you full payment’.  After a while I saw Jiban Krishna in place of the painter and then again the painter.  When I was ready to pay the painter, I could not see him.  My dream was off.

[Painting the walls means to shower grace on the seer.  Jiban Krishna is the Painter who does it as God-the Preceptor.]



Volume – 5, March, 2015

Chapter 6

The form of infinity is darkness

December 22, 1954. Sunday.

Dhiren Ghosh (A neighbor) narrated his dream to Jibankrishna.

In reality I was on duty, While travelling by train, I saw in my dream the endless darkness. You are approaching within that darkness and I was following you. I was thinking where and why I was going like this! At this moment my dream was off. Jibankrishna – The deep darkness is the form of infinity as God is infinity. So God-the-Preceptor is taking you to the path of infinity or God.

This human body is the temple

December 28, 1954. Sunday.

Tulsi Chakravarty narrated his dream to Jibankrishna. On the first day of my coming to you, when I got up on a bus along with Janaki Pal, my eyes became closed and had a vision. I saw that along with Bankim Chakravarty (Another devotee) you were seated on a portico of the Lord Shiva temple of our village. The whole village people gathered to see you and I was making for their sitting arrangements.

My dream was off. In reality that temple was discarded and surrounded by forests. Now, is God giving me indication to clean that temple? I am thinking to start that from to-morrow.

Jibankrishna – See my boy, that temple surrounded by forests is not the temple of your village. That is your own body. It was full of forests which means you are fully engaged in worldly affairs. Come here frequently, then every thing will be okay.

Achievement of God-the-Preceptor in dreams

January 20, 1955. Sunday.

Amulya Ghosh asked Jibankrishna – Well, how do I know God-the-Preceptor?

Jibankrishna- He is seen within the body. I got Sri Ramkrishna as my God-the-Preceptor when I was 12 years 4 months old.

Amulya- Suppose if I see you in my dream, then will you be my God-the-Preceptor?  I often see you in my dreams.

Jibankrishna said, Let me bow to you. How have you seen me?

Amulya- As I am seeing you to-day with shaved head, beard and mostache wearing loose Punjabi, the same from I often see in my dreams.

Elimination of grievances

February 3, 1955. Sunday

Seeing Dasarathi Pal entering into his room after a long gap. Jibankrishna asked him, ‘Come Dasu, come! Where had you been for so many days? Why had you not come? What happened?

Dasarathi – See, I had some grievances. I took an oath that unless I see you in dream I should not come to you. Last night you appeared in my dream, so I have come to-day.

Being asked Dasarathi narrated his dream. I was sleeping on my bed beside my wife. Standing near my head you asked me, ‘Dasu, why have you not gone there, you should go.’

I told you, ‘Why I never see you in dream. ‘ You came nearer to me and said, Now, see me properly.’ I sat on my bed and observed you minutely and at that moment my dream was off.

Jibankrishna addressing to other listeners said, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said to avoid wealth and woman. But what is happening here? Lying beside woman people are having divine realizations!












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