(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)
Volume – 7, April, 2015

Chapter – 28

Immortality may be achieved in future

May 3, 1959.
Till to-day who has become immortal? None has survived till to-day with a physical body. If one dies he cannot be immortal. If I live forever with my physical body then the meaning of immortality would have been understood. But still this is not conceived.
In Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna) time in a red Hibiscus plant white flowers were grown. This means that everything is possible in this world of God, because He is omnipotent. So this immortality may also come in our life.See in early ages the Vedic sages used fire woods for producing light. Then gradually mankind discovered oils, gasses and now electricity for producing light. With this betterment there is a possibility that one day man will acquire immortality.

Now, it cannot be said that the Soul is immortal. Because, unless there is existence of physical body, Soul cannot exist.
The Vedic sages have mentioned that the Soul or Atma is excreted from this physical body. So without body Atma cannot be imagined.
What is happening here? An unknown force is emerging from here producing action within the human race which I cannot understand. As this force will be strengthened, this phenomenon of seeing my form within the human body will spread more and more. My form is the Divine conscious who wants to transform everybody into my form, because with betterment he wants to convert everyone into ‘one’.

God is within a human body

May 5, 1959.
Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) has mentioned about four types of devotees. But listen, there is another kind of devotee who never remembers God, still he showers his grace upon that devotee. I am talking about my life. At 12 years 4 months of age I saw Thakur in my dream, though I had idea who he was. See, I never offered any flower on his feet, what about other Gods and Goddesses!
Those who have come here never had the idea that God is within a human body. A human being is transformed into God through Rajyoga. Upanishads mentioned, ‘He is One’. Monsur said, ‘Un – Ul- Hak’. After six hundred years Chandidas (A devotee and poet in Bengal) said, ‘Listen brother, a man is the truth above all, nothing is above him.’

Vedanta is complete

May 12, 1959.
Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) said, ‘Vedanta continues its search for the final unity.’ Yes Vedanta is still searching. That which is searched is then incomplete. Now, have you understood what is Vedanta? Listen, a living human being is the truth. In the austerity of Vedanta extreme purity is required. Otherwise how Muslims Golam and Mohammed saw me in dream? So this phenomenon is completely a new thing.
When the whole human race will see my form within them, then only I shall understand what is the final oneness, at least the majority should see.
Here we have achieved something, there is no doubt, but still there remains so many things unexposed, cannot be fathomed.

Anything happening in the world or will happen is within this human body

On May 15, 1959.
The Holy Goddess Kali is saying to Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna), ‘Live with emotion and ecstasy’. But the emotion checks the manifestation of Truth within the body. This means that the phenomenon occurred in their era will not be universal, and will not be suitable to give more than individualism. In one book I have read that the emotion obstructs the Truth. But they have not mentioned anything about devotion. It means that devotion is non Aryan. So they have omitted that term.
I have told you that whatever is happening or will happen in the world is within the human body.
Those mythologists have created problems by taking macrocosm instead of microcosm. A yogi will never take any outside agency leaving his body. And as they have talked about religion on the basis of macrocosm the ultimate result has mislead the human race. Only this human body is the Truth.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)
Volume – 7, April, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Jitendra Nath Chattopadhaya.

While remembering my first meeting with Jibankrishna I could not remember the sequence and it was taking time to write it.
However, as previously decided I was waiting for Hiranmay Banerjee, a non-resident and my friend of childhood age and Dr. Prakash Chandra Adhya’s residence ‘Govinda Mandir’ at Salkia, Howrah.
To-day was 27 February, 1966, Sunday and it was 5 P.M. Till then it was out my mind that to-day I was going to meet a man seen in dream as Golden Person (Mentioned in Upanishad) in the year 1943, on the occasion of this get together.
At 5 pm. Hiranmaya Could not come and I was waiting for him. I heard that at 6 pm, the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna would be read. At 6 pm when the reader Bholanath Mukhopadhaya recited ‘Oh Jibankrishna, you are within us….’ I was surprised and the question came in my mind- ‘Why’? My friend lalitmadhav had the same feeling.
At the end Lalit raised the question and Bholanath said that there was a person by that name and his name was Jibankrishna Ghosh. My friend kept quite but I became a bit upset due to my prejudices. But within a moment I remembered the names of Swami Vivekananda and Aravinda Ghosh. In Vedic ages many Khaitriyas were Rishis (Sages).
I asked Dr. Prakash, ‘Where does he reside and whether it is possible to meet him’? He said, ‘He resides nearby at Kadamtala. Will you go to him’? At once I agreed and next day (28 February, 1966), on Monday at 3 p.m. he told me to meet him. Both Latit and Hiramay also agreed to go.
Next day at the schedule time Dr. Prakash, Khagendra, Lalit, Hiranmoy and I reached the house of Jibankrishna. Kipping our shoes on the lane outside the room we saw from outside that a person was half laying on a cot at the end of the room. He wore a white Panjabi and a dhoti. He had short beared and mostache with short hair on his head. The age seemed to cross 70. The body colour seemed to be fair in his youth having a robust health still at this age.
With folded hands all of us entered into the room. Hastily Jibankrishna got up and gave a reply with folded hands with smiling face. At that time a gentleman was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna (Later on I came to know his name as Phani Samaddar). The reading was stopped. Jibankrishna was seated now on his cot. Streching his both hands he welcomed us saying, ‘Come my boys, Come’, and then in spite of Prakash’s request he came down from his cot and sat on the rug placed on the floor.
Later on I heard that this Gospel had been read since 1943 regularly. Khagen gave our introduction to Jibankrishna. Like a young boy Jibankrishna was enjoying it with smiling face and enthusaim.
Looking at his complacent face and eyes I was remembering at that time a dream seen in the month of March, 1943. He was quite unknown to me and he was clean saving head and without beard and mostache wearing dhoti and Panjabi. I was perplexed and astonished. What a mystery it was! My mind was filled up with a stream of divine joy and peace and forgot the whole world looking at him without closing the eye lids.
Jibankrishna was talking about many things. Sometimes he was talking about Eastern and western philosophy, sometimes he was using Bengali, Sanskrit and English languages. I was thinking that he was using my own thoughts and this was the person whom I had been searching throughout my life. I had seen so many monks and noble men but I did not get such divine joy and peace anywhere, and now I got the gold, my life was honoured and how lucky I was to-day!
When Prakash was going to go out, we also got up and Jibankrishna came with us up to the door. All my friends went ahead and with folded hands I was talking with him standing on the open corridor. I placed my dream to him seen on 1942-43 and handing over the picture of him dream in 1949 I asked, ‘Whose picture is this and whom I see still now’? He said, ‘It is your picture my boy’. But I could not understand the inner sense of him. Then I sought from him another permission to narrate another dream. When he allowed I said, ‘On May 3, 1947 at about 3 am I heard a sound of a shell which was mild at the beginning and then became louder later on. Lastly it disappeared. I heard it in reality’. Hearing it he said,’your cosmic sound was penetrated.’
When I was coming out after bowing down to him, he said, ‘Come again from time to time’. I said, ‘Unless you wish how can I come’? He smiled and said, ‘Well you come,’ and then uttering the sound ‘peace, peace,’ he returned to his cot.
On my way Khagen asked me, ‘Hey Jiten, have you seen him in dream before? I said, ‘Yes’. Then after taking tea at Prakash’s house all of us returned home. I had no idea that Prakash used to go to Jibankrishna off and on and so for a few days I was confined in my house. On next Sunday when I went to Prakash’s house he asked me, ‘Hey Jiten, have you seen Jibankrishna in dream. Almost everyday he used to ask me whether you have seen him in dream, because everyday I am seeing him in dreams, Surely he has seen me in dream’. I told him, ‘ That day I already told Khagen about my dream. Haven’t you heard it’?
However, the dream was such:
At it I was standing near a white monument. From it was emerging bright bluish white light. Looking above it I saw a person seated on a square flat stone, about 4 feet above me, He was quite unknown to me. I had never see him before. He was middle aged having a robust health, clean shaved head, without beard and mostache. He wore white dhoti and Panjabi. Learning forward he was seated on the stone, with half opened eyes and went on looking at me with smiling face. I was standing with mum.
Suddenly he said to me, ‘Get up’! I felt a shivering. Automatically I became 4 feet taller and reached the end of the stone near him. From his body a bluish white soft light was emerging. Again he said, ‘Open your mouth’. I did so. Then introducing a golden colour square object into my mouth he said, ‘Eat it’. I was chewing and the more I was chewing, the more it was bigger in size and at the same time my mouth hole was becoming larger. Then the dream was off.

I am narrating now a few of my dreams.
On 14/15 May, 1966 I saw in a dream that handing over a few books Jibankrishna said, ‘Give these to those whom you consider to be fit.’ Looking at my backside I saw that some people were seated in a row as it they were ready to have a supper. Their dresses, ages and physical structures were different from each other. I handed over a book to the first man and said, ‘Twam jato bhabasi Viswatomukah’ (You are born to be universal) and then and there the person was transformed into the white luminous form of Jibankrishna. In the same manner I handed over books to several persons and uttered the same hymn. Everybody was transformed into Jibankrishna. With great astonishment I noticed that all the persons in front me being transformed into Jibankrishna were seated in meditating posture. Looking at my right side I saw that the row of people were seen so far as my vision went and the number of books remained the same. The dream was then off.

2) 27/28 May, 1966.
In the late night I saw a big hall. Jibankrishna and I were standing outside the door. Half of the hall was visible. Inside a blackboard was attached throughout the left wall and different words were written in different languages on it. The blackboard was full without having any blank space. Sitting on the floor people of different languages wearing different dresses were debating with each other. The topic seemed to be religious.
It was a chaotic condition. Suddenly drawing my attention with a left hand finger on my right side Jibankrishna began to say with a louder voice – ‘Look! What trashes are written there! It must be mopped up and kept clean so that God may write with His own hand! What is required is a clean state – a clean slate – a clean slate!
When I woke up the last words ‘A clean slate’ was heard even in reality and these were echoed in my brain for a long time.

May, 1968
Salkia, Howrah.



Volume – 7, April, 2015
Chapter – 47

Spiritual Practices through accompaniment of devotees

218 . 5th February, 1977. Saturday.
Early morning dream: I again saw Dilip Ghosh but nothing else could be remembered later on.
Seeing ‘Dilip’ so frequently in dream may indicate something which may be understood in future.

Realization of Oneness

219 . 13th February. 1977. Sunday.
Early morning dream: Someone was saying about some sayings of Jibankrishna, ‘this will not stand’ ; A devotee named Anath Nath Mondal was seated in front . He was quoting a saying of Jibankrishna ‘Women-folks see me in dream by merely sitting at their homes’. I was surprised to hear the voice of brother Anath when instead of his voice, I heard the voice of Jibankrishna . Then I went on thinking with great surprise—Oh! Once this fact happened in one my dream when I was talking about some spiritual aspects to some persons, my voice was changed to Jibankrishna’s voice! Then I woke up.
This dream indicates that in future everything will seem Jibankrishna’s entity to the seer and a great sense of Oneness will grow in him . Jibnakrishna used to say, ‘You have achieved oneness but the sense still has not grown in you’.

The Future of Russia

220 . 15th February, 1977. Tuesday.
Early morning dream: Someone had sent a letter in an envelope to me and another unknown person said, ‘It seems, it has come from Germany’. After opening the envelope I saw that one ex-prince of a state of Russia had sent on order on five volumes of ‘Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ and other books on Sri Ramkrishna for the people of Russia. At that moment I was thinking, ‘The base of Russia is very strong to receive such thing’. At this moment my mother said, ‘then you have to send this order’. Just then I was awakened.
The dream is an indication of a future when Russia will be enlightened with Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna’s cult.

Indication of achieving controlling power through
austerity of earth in future

221. 17th February, 1977. Thursday.
Early morning dream: A huge building was seen and I saw myself getting down stepwise through wooden steps on one side of that building . After stepping down a few steps I saw one of my student named Dharani who was requesting me to step down on the base. I saw a narrow river flowing underneath and then getting down a few steps I noticed that 2 to 3 steps at the lowest level were broken. I thought that I could get down by merely jumping on the floor when these steps were broken! At that moment Dharani said, ‘It would serve the purpose as those steps would be repaired. Then I thought, ‘Well, when these will be repaired I shell get down’. So I again went to the roof top and there I saw many people having their meals and at the same time saw a known lady Kalpana by name with whom I had some conversations , But nothing could be remembered later on and then I woke up.
The meaning of the dream flashed thus in the brain immediately after the dream is that there is a possibility of a special type of realization of the descent in future, but in a proper time, as some cells of the descent state are not yet suitable for such realization.
Secondly ‘Dharani’ means earth. He was saying that the steps would be repaired. It means the seer may have the austerity of the last step i.e., austerity of earth which means that the controlling power may be bestowed on the seer in future in spiritual world.
Thirdly, ‘Kalpana’ means imagination and she was seen on the top floor—it means all the individualistic realizations are imaginative which was surprisingly corroborated and noted in the diary of Binay Mukhopadhyaya where on 19.8.58, Jibankrishna was saying—‘All the individualistic realizations are nothing but imagination’. I would gradually realize that when this sense would grow in me, I would lose all my attractions for these individualistic realizations which will be of no use.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 7, April, 2015
Place :—Temple of Dakshineswar .
Place—Temple of Dakshineswar .
(Henceforth Shri Ramkrishna will be spoken of as
Thakur” when required as it is so done in the Gospel )

(407)          “Chaitanya”
It is Divine Consciousness which flares up in brilliant red light in the seventh plane seen in the second stage of Descent.

(408)         “Nityananda”.
It is the perpetual flow of the Divine Bliss which pervades and runs through the body incontinuous succession. This Nityananda state has got two aspects. They are—-

(1) There is a continuous flow of Divine Bliss in the body.

(2) Let you remember the state of Nityananda and the volume of flow of the Divine Bliss will get increased . It is the Surpreme Culture ;—remember it and it appears in the body.

(409)              “An unknown man whom the child has never seen before, appears and says,
“Well, come along with me, I shall be taking you to your mother.” The child
will accompany him and the child will be taken on shoulder by the unknown
It is an instance of a child who in his play has forgotten everything. After sometime, the child is satiated with his play, nay, he becomes disgusted with his play. He feels a keen yearning to go to his mother.
Mother—God—the Absolute.
Child—-I or ego.
God—the—Preceptor—God with form (Sagun Brahma).
Child represents any and every man in the world. Being forgetful of his real self he keeps on
holding a chase after illusion. He seeks and runs after something but he does not know what it
is. He gets himself disgusted.
Then he turns towards God and feels a great yearning for His. At this turning point God, out of grace, appears before the man as God-the-Preceptor. This God-the-Preceptor is an unknown man and he will take the man on His shoulder. “The father has taken the child on his shoulder,” —Shri Ramkrishna. It is seen.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)
Volume – 7, April, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Chapter 36

Mrs. Kabita Ghosh

January, 1969
From Beleghata Reading Center Mrs. Kabita Ghosh has narratedhow she saw this man Jibankrishna or Diamond in dreams:

1)I saw in a dream that the reader Rambabu was leaving the reading center after finishing the reading and I was placing the mat properly. At first I saw that Rambabu and my younger elder brother were discussing about this man Jibankrishna standing at a distant place. Then Rambabu went home. After a while somebody gave news that Rambabu was coming back with jiban Krishna. Hearing this, my mother became very joyous and arranged for their sitting by placing the mat on the floor.
During this time, I saw that our one-storied house became two-storied and in a room of the first floor Jiban krishna entered along with some persons. He need not be introduced. As soon as I saw him I recognized him.
Before saying anything to him he distributed sandesh (sweet made of yoghurt) to all and told me, ‘you will success’. Then he distributed the sweets by going to everybody’s house

[The seer got the blessings of God-the-Preceptor and through her everybody got the blessings from God-the-Preceptor].

2) In my dream I saw that Rambabu and I was seated. He was explaining to me nos. 620 of page-29 from Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) about the birth of Atma or great soul within a human body. But he could not properly explain the realization of Jibankrishna. At this moment a lady (her form was hazy) came and said, ‘see, my two daughters saw these dreams’. Then she narrated the dreams. Through the dreams were not remembered properly, yet it seemed that these were related with our discussions. At the same time I felt that beside me instead of Rambabu, Jibankrishna was seated and was hearing the dreams narrated by the lady.
Lastly Jibankrishna told me, ‘see what I have written in my book is seen in dreams by people and are narrated by them’.
I realized that to explain about his version in the book he said like this. Then my dream was off.

[Through dreams God-the-Preceptor thus teaches the seer].

Seeing Jibankrishna in sun as an unknown man

Mrs Raj Laxmi Das

January 2, 1969.
From Beleghata Reading CentER, Kolkata, Mrs. Raj Laxmi das has narrated this dream.
In dream I saw myself seated for worshipping a picture of the paired idols of Lord Krishna and Radha which was placed on a tiny throne. The whole picture seemed to be a red globe. It was red like the color of rising sun though without rays. Inside that globe was standing a form of an unknown person. He seemed to be a Muslim by his figure. The dream was then off.
After about two years when the photo of Jibankrishna was printed, I was surprised to see that I saw this same man in my dream. He had the short beard on his chick.

[The dream established the fact that Jibankrishna is Parama Brahma or Supreme self who is seen in sun].

This is described in Maitri Upanishad thousands of years ago as such:

“He who is younder, younder person in the sun – I myself am he. Verily that which is the sunhood of the sun is the Eternal Real. That is the pure, the personal, the sexless of the bright power that pervades the sky, it is only a portion which, as it were, in the midst of the sun, in the eye and in fire. That is Brahma. That is the immortal. That is splender. That is the Eternal Real (6.35).
Moreover, the dream also proved that fact that Jibankrishna is being seen by myriads of people in dreams and reality without being known before].



Volume – 7, April, 2015

Chapter 8

To have excretion in dream means purification of body

March 2, 1955.
Ganesh Roy (To Jibankrishna) – In my dream I saw a pond. I had gone there for excretion in a latrin. In the mean time a crocodile came and tried to drag me in the water. Then I shouted ‘Hail Jibankrishna’, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’. That croc left me then. I ran away from there. Then the croc started to throw broken bricks to-wards me with its two front legs. Again I shouted ‘Hail Jibankrishna’, and I also threw a brick towards it shouting ‘Hail Jibankrishna’. It hit its head and the croc went away inside the water. Jibankrishna – You are sitting for excretion which means your body is being purified. Crocodile – Lust; you are shouting ‘Hail Jibankrishna’ which means you have got initiation in your dream.

Flood in dream means the flood of devotion

March 2, 1955.
Binay Roy narrated his dream to Jibankrishna- One night I saw in a dream that I had gone to a junction of three rivers. I saw there that Ranjit, Dilip, Arun and Mrityunjoy were taking bath. Then I saw that at a distant place a huge ship was anchored. Then within a moment a flood came and took them away. My dream was then off.
Jibankrishna – The junction of three rivers means Ira, Pingala and Susunna (Through which the life force progresses towards the cerebrum or Seventh plane to be transformed into Atma or God).
The ship – God-the- Preceptor (As because ship carries large number of passengers to their destination, so God- the-preceptor guides human race to take them to their goal of life i.e., to Godhood). When an individual gets God-the-Preceptor, his or her austerity will be performed spontaneously within the body.

Seeing Jesus Christ in dream

March 9, 1955.
Gopal Das said to Jibankrishna – In my dream I saw that I was fishing in a boat and caught some fishes. In the mean time Jesus Christ came and told me, ‘Are you fishing? Come, let me teach you to catch human being.’ Then my dream was off.
Jibankrishna – You will bring many people here. I can see that you have become man catcher. And the dream shows that you were one of the twelve disciples of Christ. Here Jiten Babu, Bankim Babu and Satya were the disciples of Jesus Christ in their previous birth. [This has been explained by Jibankrishna in the light of Vedanta that past, present and future are present in our brain. Whenever required a seer sees his past or future through divine dreams.]

Meaning of seeing parents in dream

March 10, 1955.
Govardhan Pal narrated to Jibankrishna – See, my mother is still alive and my father expired a few years ago. I saw a dream that day that both my mother and father were seated on a chair. Mother were dresses like a non-widow and my father wore shirt. What is its meaning?
Jibankrishna asked someone about its meaning.
Dilip Ghosh – Father is God and mother is Holy Goddess. He saw both of them.

God-the-Preceptor removes the drawbacks of the seer’s austerity

March 10, 1955.
Ganesh Roy narrated to Jibankrishna his dream – That day I saw in my dream that you had come to my room. Once you were looking on one side and again looking at another side. I was sitting silently. Then sitting on a chair you said, ‘Hey, what happens to you’? I said, ‘ I am having a neck pain’. Then you patted on my neck and the pain was removed instantly. What is its meaning’?
Jibankrishna – The room is your body. Neck is ‘Sandhini’.(Junction between fifth plane and seventh plane). Plain means ‘Mahabayu’ (Life force) is obstructed at ‘Sandhini’ and God-the- Preceptor rectified it. Then you will visualize ‘Brahma’ (God) after penetrating ‘Sandhini’ in the cerebrum or seventh plane. But you will not understand anything.