(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 8, April, 2015

Chapter – 29

Truth is a living human body

On May 15, 1959 Diamond said :

‘To see others as own self’ – How to see others as own self? And is it possible? But there is a way as God is all pervading i.e., He awakens in every human being in his own form. And as he holds everybody will be seen by everybody. Then only this proof will be borne by all that he sees everyone as his own self. Otherwise it is merely an empty talk.

Rabindranath Tagore said, ‘Truth itself proves oneness by its own power.’ But he could not mention what is ‘Truth’. What we are witnessing here? Truth is a living human being. If a living human being is not the ‘Truth’, how the whole humanity will become ‘Truth’? ‘Man is above all’ – this has been proved here.

Can you say whom a man really loves? He loves himself. And then what does he do? He transforms each one into his own self. This is the real proof of universal love. Does he do it at his own will? No, not at all. Here the quotes of Rabindranath Tagore come into picture, ‘Truth by its own power becomes all pervading.’ But where does it occur? It occurs in the spiritual world.

The real Great-Soul exists within every human being

May 17, 1959 Diamond discussed :

In the morning Choudhury talked about the world creator. Later on I tried to find out the reference of the world creator in the new edition of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s book ‘Religion of Man’, but couldn’t trace it. It is mentioned on the old edition. But I read it more I found a very strange reference, though it was not his own version. He explained it by quoting from Vedas. But such explanation was made by none. Even Swami Vivekananda, he was such a great scholar, could not explain in such a manner.

Going to Amerca he said in his lecture in Chicago, ‘Vedanta continues its search for the final unity,’ i.e., he was discarding Vedanta as it was in complete, and at the same time in one sense did not accept Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). He was very intelligent and so he used the term ‘Search’.

So such a great scholar Swamiji, even he couldn’t conceive that thing which Rabindranath did. Sri Arabinda was also such a great scholar, even he couldn’t explain in such a nice way, and so with Thakur (Sri Ramokrishna). But what a strange thing! How wonderfully Rabindranath Tagore explained – when a man becomes Supreme he exists within every human being and they experience realizations encircling that noble person.

Though in their cases, a man becomes great after getting publicity from outside. But  in my case it is just the reverse, as I said before that Truth comes from the reverse. Here in our case the greatness has been established automatically. Though we cannot answer what is this phenomenon, why it is happening and who is doing.

Man is Brahma or Supreme One

May 22, 1959 Diamond discussed :

This afternoon I was telling these people – In Svetasvatar Upanishad Aruni announced, ‘I am Brahma’ (Supreme Being), but he could not cite any proof like ours. But still, he could at least conceive that man is Brahma. Before that some Rishis announced.

‘Listen the world, that man is the son of immortal one,’ ‘Svetoketo, thou art that’, ‘I am Brahma’, and ‘only I exist’. Now, long after those days, think about those scripture writers and mythologists! What imaginary stories they have given to the world! And see, how Rabindranath Tagore has mentioned about man only!

This phenomenon (seeing him in dreams, trances etc) has manifested in so many people I can’t count. Still I say that this is in minority. But I can challenge the world with this minority. May be it may not be established ultimately. What is God’s will, cannot be said and what will be its ultimate result we cannot say. To visualize God in individualism is the zenith, and Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) visualized. But people may not accept it, because it cannot be proved. Suppose a Chinese, if it is said to him, why he will accept it? He may say, ‘Sir, I am not accepting you,’ then it ends the matter. But when he will have this experience as is happening here then he will become one with all of us. Here lies the difference between the traditional religion and ours.

In my office everybody used to see me in dreams.

As I told you so many times that even twenty years back I never imagined that such wonderful phenomenon would happen in my life. As an instance I never thought that Vinay will see me in dreams without seeing me before and not only that, even his son and daughter will see me in dreams without coming to me was beyond my imagination.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 8, April, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

I saw Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man

Sujit Kumar Mukherjee

On the occasion of my service during my stay at Puri, one night in the year 1961 I saw a dream. One unknown old man came to me and said,”on 21st you will have initiation.”

After 2/1 months in the month of September/October I was transferred to Howrah. Accidentally the day I was transferred to Howrah was 21st. During my stay at Puri through a letter of my brother-in-law Sushil Ganguly (a Jibankrishna companion) I came to know about Jibankrishna. So the next day on 22nd alongwith my brother-in-law I went to meet Jibankrishna. At first I was standing on the road outside the room. After my brother-in-law entered into the room Jibankrishna saw me and told my brother in law,”Hey, call him in. I knew that he would come”. After entering into the room I bowed down to him. He told,”You don’t have to bow down. Both of us are the same”. Then he asked me,”have you seen any dream?” I narrated my previous dream and said,”The man seen in my dream resembles you.” Hearing this he gave a mild smile and said,”coming here means getting initiation.”

Then I said,” I saw that on 21st I shall have initiation, but today is 22nd . Jibankrishna said,”There is no difference between 21st and 22nd and of course you have come from Puri on 21st”.

After a few moments I narrated a few dreams. One of them was thus: One lady came and told me,”Take this sacred thread and wear it.”

Jibankrishna explained,”To take sacred thread means to achieve Brahmahood (godhood)”. Regarding other dreams he interpreted ,”whatever you have seen was within your body .” Again and again he went on saying ,” listen, a man is God-a man is God.”

I had another talk with him. During meditation I used to feel pain on my right throat. Hearing this he said,” Our life force moves upward through our right side. This is your initial stage, so you feel it. After staying for some time I bowed down to him and on my way back Jibankrishna told me,”Come here every day. The reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna continues from noon upto 8 p.m. Come everyday and listen to the reading”

Since then I used to go to Jibankrishna every day after my office hours. After a few months due to my transfer to Durgapur I was not regular to attain him. During this time I had a few dreams.

1.Jibankrishna came to me and taught me meditation. Before that I could not meditate well. Immediately after he taught me meditation I had a good meditation and felt shivering in my body.

2.I was reading a book on a biography of Jibankrishna. The printing was not clear in many places. As if it will be seen in a movie. It was written in the book  that Jibankrishna was a good student but he was a naughty boy. A man named Narad used to look after him. When he was seven years old Narad wanted to rub mustard oil on his body and as Jibankrishna told him something he left the work.

3.A huge snake hugged me and said,”Do you know who is Jibankrishna ? He is Parama Brahma(Supreme Being)”. I narrated this dream to Jibankrishna. When Dhiren Roy came, Jibankrishna told me to narrate again. Hearing the dream Dhiren babu said,” The meaning of the dream was said within the dream.”

4.I went out for sea voyage. Once I got up on the mast and writing the words “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”(Jibankrishna’s Bengali book and English version is ‘Religion and Realization’) on small pieces of paper  spread all over the surroundings.

Hearing this dream Jibankrishna said,”Oh, how wonderful  is this book! Read it every day, at least read a line everyday”.

Now let me narrate a few recent dreams:

1.On January 12,1980 I saw that I was staying on a two-storied house. A good number of mangoes were kept in that house. I was tasting mangoes and distributing  to many people.

2.On August 15, 1980, I saw that I was going somewhere. Suddenly it started heavy raining. I began to run and entered into a room of a house. I saw that Jibankrishna was seated alone in that room. As soon as I entered he said,”Come. You have become completely drenched. See there is a food on the shelf, eat it”. I took the khai(rice fried in sand) and milk and ate. Then he said,”Drink tea from the tea shop”. When I came out there was no rain. But after a while again it started raining and again I began to run. I reached a tea shop and took a cup of tea. Then my dream was off.


Barabagan Lane, Srirampur

Hooghly(West Bengal)



Volume – 8, April, 2015

Chapter – 48

Revelation  of  a devotee’s  condition

222 .  20th February, 1977. Sunday,

Early morning dream:  I was spending my days with many devotees at Makardah, Howrah, where in reality I used to do the same thing as in dream.

Among the devotees Debkumar Chowdhury was also seen. He was discussing with somebody about some of his problems. I went outside and when again entered the room saw no trace of  Jibankrishna’s photo and here the dream went off.

After some days I heard that brother Chowdhury decided to leave his service from the bank due to some problems and was mentally upset. I realized that there was the indication in the dream about brother Chowdhury’s condition.

Revelation  of  a  devotee’s  condition

223 .  22nd  February, 1977. Tuesday,

Early morning dream:  I was spending days at Makardah. At one time I saw Abala Kanta Dutta, a devotee coming inside a room was lying on bed. He seemed to be very much depressed and tired. I went to him and then the dream went off.

In reality I came to know that brother Abala was really passing through such condition.

Indication  of  achievement  of  spiritual  power  transmission

224.    24th February, 1977.  Saturday.

Early morning dream:  First I saw our school building at Kolkata where I was teaching many young students. Then another ex-student named Ganga of my one ex-institution came there. Somebody said, ‘He entered the body of another person.’ Ganga also said, ‘Yes I can show it by performing’. Then many students told him to perform that practice. When he wanted to perform it on me, I said, ‘Don’t do it on my body, otherwise it will do harm to you’. So he wanted to perform it on another senior student of his institution named Abhay. I was waiting to see how did he perform it. He then tried to enter the body of Abhay but failed. So by sitting beside Abhay he began to perform some other practices which made Abhay’s body shaking . I clearly understood that all these were bogus.

Then addressing to the other younger students I began to say, ‘This is nothing but a type of hypnotism. This is only possible through the evolution of life power in the body’. When I was saying this, the school Librarian named Lakshmi while passing by, challenged me. So I answered with a great force, ‘Yes, this occurs in the body and I have experienced it’. She kept quite. Then I began to tell the students about the awakening of Kundalini or Life force within the body. When saying, ‘There is a type where the man jumps like a frog—then I noticed that one of the student’s Kundalini was awakened and began to jump like a frog.

When I said, ‘Here is a type where the body shakes like a serpent’, then and there another boy’s body swarmed due to awakening of his Kundalini. While saying all these, I noticed that everybody was listening to me very attentively. After this I began to say, ‘Now I will say about the evolution of life power in the body. You all know about the lowest part of the vertebra. Here the life power concentrates and step by step goes to the cerebrum. There it becomes God. At this moment I woke up.

The dream indicates that the seer has the power of transmitting spiritual power to others only by uttering spiritual words. Although mentally he does not intend to accept this. This has the reference in Jibankrishna’s Bengali book, ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ like this—‘Spiritual Conciousness appears in the body of a human being. He, in whose body it appears, experiences the dalliance (Lila) of the consciousness in his body and it awakens the same of others ……This is the real form of ‘Sambhabi’ (power of spiritual transmission)—[ ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti—929] .

Achievement  of  Sri Chaitanya  Deva’s  entity and experience of identical state of dream and reality

225.  11th  March, 1977. Friday ,     Noon time dream :  Chanting of  God Srikrishna with khol and kartal (country musical instruments played by ‘Vaisnabas’, Devotees of Lord Krishna) was heard from all over the places while I was seated. After hearing this I fell into ecstasy, and gradually noticed that my body was transformed into Sri Chaitanya Deva (Founder of Devotional cult worshipping Lord Krishna in fifteenth century), with long curled hairs on head and cloth wrapped on the body as seen in the picture. Then I watched that two other persons – handsome with long curled  hairs on head and wearing the cloth in the same fashion sitting on both sides of Sri Chaitanya were moving their bodies with great spiritual emotion. Sometimes they were vanishing and sometimes the chanting of ‘Srikrishna Chaitanya’ was heard and I was feeling a great divine joy as was experienced in a previous dream. When I was half sleepy with a slight outer sense, I was hearing the same chanting outside everywhere. Again when I was falling asleep, the same chanting was heard from everywhere.

When I really woke up, I was surprised having full sense—Oh no chanting was there! This was a dream only! Only one word flashed in my brain and that was ‘Bhakta’( Devotee).

This dream is related to the previous dream where there was an indication of the descending of spiritual consciousness within the seer’s body and which showed the power of transmitting the spiritual power to others.

Sri Chaitanya is the incarnation of Lord Krishna with devotional cult (‘Bhakti’ or Great spiritual devotion)’. Here the dream indicates that the seer has achieved the same condition. Another significant fact is that the seer experienced the realization of Vedanta where they are saying that reality and dream are identical.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 8, April, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

The  Master  with  Shri  M  and  other  devotees

At  Dakshineswar  Temple.

August  19,  1883.

(410)                “It  relates  about  knowledge  of  the  self”.

Knowledge of the Self is divided into two parts. One is Ascent and the other is Descent. Ascent  has two aspects ;—

(1)      God  with  attributes .

(2)      God  without  attributes .

A devotee in the process of transformation of life-power becomes indentical with Atma. This is  the first aspect of Ascent. The second aspect is the state of no—ego—consciousness . A   devotee of an ordinary type (Jivakati) does not come down. He gets Maha—Nirvana or melts into the First Cause. It is called liberation  In the true sense of the term.In spite of getting melted in the First Cause if a devotee comes down in Descent then starts  ‘Grand force of life-power’ — Mahavayu and ‘Grand transformation of life—power—Mahayoga

This is the stage which has been described and compared by Thakur as a paddy—field from where crops have been harvested and ‘a locality which is flooded with deep water’ At this stage a devotee sees Param (Grand)Atma. This seeing of Param Atma happens long before realization of Divine Consciousness (Chaitianya) which flares up in a brilliant red light in the seventh plane. But all these realizations happen with Avatars only.

411)                 “I  am  Grand  Atma  or  Param  Atma”.

There is a certain sect who repeats this thing ; not that they have attained this stage but they simply keep on repeating. On their part it is pure and simple imagination. Because the man who is blessed with this realization gets his angle of vision changed and becomes a right royal devotee in these five forms viz.:

(i)                    a servant to God;

(ii)                  a friend to God ;

(iii)                father or mother to God ;

(iv)                 a lady—love of God ; or,

(v)                   absolute quietness .

But mere repetition ‘I am Param Atma’ does not help one to attain this state.

(412)              “They  are  Vedantists”.

Vedantists are they who realize God in the seventh plane in five different sportive forms, viz, ;—

(1)            God as shown by God-the-Preceptor .

(2)            God holding the Universe within Him .

(3)            God-the-Universe changed into a Seed

(4)            Seed in its turn changed into a Dream .

(5)            Dream  Vanishes .

What remains nobody knows and the ego—consciousness has been merged into the Great Cause. These Vedantists are seekers of liberation or Maha Nirvana. They get only realizations of Ascent and they do not know anything of Descent.

(413)              “This is the idea entertained by the sanyasis or monks”.

Who is a Sanyasi ?

Sanyasi – means one who has given up everything. In short, this human body is the only property which a  man has got. To give up everything means that he will realize that he is identical and one with God. To have this stage there will be an emanation of God in full measure from the body. It means separation of body and

God – Its manifestation will come physically.

This transformation of life-power has got its own singular sign. No sooner separation of God from the body will be heard by him, his neck will keep on moving from right to left and left to right and in its course it will be making sound like that of a dried betel-nut in a shell or a dried cocoanut in a shell. Without this special yogic sign a man cannot be a true Sanyasi or ‘given  up-of all’.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 8, April, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Bagala Devi

From Beleghata Reading Centre, Kolkata, Bagala Devi has narrated a dream.

One day in the year 1969, I saw in a dream a huge Baniyan tree.  Under that tree I was worshipping the living form of Jibankrishna.  He had strong and stout figure and head was clean shaved.  Gopal was seated on my right side and Nirmal seated on my left side was reading Jiban Krishna’s book.  Gopal was giving interpretation.  At this time seeing Jibankrishna I was feeling a bit shy.  But waving his hand he said.

Indubala Debi

From Beleghata Reading Center, Kolkata Mrs. Indubala Debi has narrated how she saw this man Diamond or Jibankrishna in dream :

On April 26, 1969 I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna gave me a mango in my hand.  I said, ‘only one mango’?  He said, ‘Distribute it to all.  Then I said, ‘how can I distribute only a single mango to so many people’?  But in the tone of order he said, ‘cut it’.  So I cut it in two pieces.  Then I went on cutting the mango into innumerable pieces, but I couldn’t finish it.  At this age my dream was off.

[Mango is the insignia of individualistic supreme cult. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor.  By his grace there is no end of distribution of supreme cult among the human race.

Through the seer many people will achieve the supreme cult.]

Ms. Kalpana Das

From Beleghata Reading Center Ms. Kalpana Das has narrated a dream:

On April14, 1969 I saw in a dream that I was going to Jiban Krishna’s (Diamond) residence at Kadamtala, Howrah with three unknown girls.  Going there I saw that Dr. Prakash Adhya was giving him ear drops.  After taking the medicine he went out for some work.  At this moment as soon as he noticed me his body was shivering violently. I got nervous and though whether I had done something wrong.

At this moment Bholanath Mukhrjee and Ramchandra Das came and told me, ‘see him from a distant place’.  I told the three girls, ‘ do you know, this is called samadhi’.  Then we went out from there.  It was dark and I could not see those three girls.  I approached on the road in the dark and was scared.   At this moment I saw that an old man was going with a lantern in his hand.  Seeing an old man I got relief and asked him, ‘where are you going’?  When he turned his face towards me I saw that he was Jiban Krishna.  I was so happy and I told him, ‘Thakur, show me the direction to my home’.  My dream was then off.

[Three unknown girls signified the three channels ‘Ira, Ringala and Susumna’ of the body through which the life force moves towards the seventh plane for visualizing God.

Treatment of ear by Doctor means God is curing the deficit of the seer’s power of hearing God’s name, seeing women folks Jiban Krishna fell into Samadhi – These are showing the incidents which used to happen to Jiban Krishna in reality.

The seer is also getting the indirect effect through her God-the-Preceptor.  Lastly the seer could not see the three girls and saw Jiban Krishna means after visualizing God there is no necessity of the three channels as God-the Preceptor guides the seer in her spiritual life.



Volume – 8, April, 2015

Chapter 9

Meaning of three stories house in dream

March 30, 1955.

Dilip Ghosh narrated to Jibankrishna his dream thus: One night I saw in a dream that on a boggy place my father constructed a three storied house and then told me, ‘You stay here’.

Jibankrishna – Father said means said. That three storied house means physical body, stuble body and causal body. He told you to stay within those three states. Causal body means sixth plane.

Meaning of seeing goddess Annapurna in dream

March 30, 1955.

Satish Das Said to Jibankrishna – One night I was seing in my dream that I had come to this room. There were some other persons in the room. You told us, ‘Go there and see who has expired.’ So some of us went there and saw the wife of Das Babu expired, gradually her body was transformed into divine light.

Jibankrishna – The name of Dasu Babu’s wife is Annapurna. She is goddess  and gives the Supreme Knowledge to human beings. Again Annapurna is your Causal body. Your causal body is transformed into ‘Brahma’. Again the spiritual state of her is also indicated. She also achieved the Supreme knowledge.

Meaning of getting God-the -Preceptor

March 30, 1955.

Gobinda Ghosh said to Jibankrishna – One night I saw in my dream that I had come to you here. Then going out of this room I sat on a chair in the Corridor. On my side a devotee was standing. After a while wearing a full trouser you went out. The man who was standing beside me went on saying, ‘Incarnation, Incarnation’. Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna – You have seen me before in dream. So you have achieved me a your God-the-Preceptor. Your own austerity is performed through the body of your God-the-Preceptor and you are also getting the state of incarnation.

Meaning of eating butter in dream

April 2, 1955.

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna)- A few days before I was dreaming that a batch of singers singing devotional song were passing on the road. Coming outside I saw that you are in the front of the procession, then Sri Ramkrishna and his disciples. So I also joined the procession. You said, ‘Hey Satya. I have kept butter for you before sunrise. Take it. I opened my mouth and you gave it into my mouth. With eating the butter I woke up.

Jibankrishna – Butter is the symbol of Atma or Soul. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was saying, ‘Take the butter before your mouth’ (Narrated in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). In this case I am feeding you the butter.

To rub oil on body means to acquire divine consciousness

April 2, 1955.

Siddheswar Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – See I dreamed that night that I had gone to river Ganges for bath Three-four persons accompanied me. It was flood in the Ganges during that time. Sitting on the bank I was rubbing mustard oil on my body. They went down for bath. They said, ‘The whay is dirty, so bathing is impossible. So I came back. After a while when I got down I saw the whay was clean. After taking bath I saw that you were standing on the bank and my dream was off.

Jibankrisna – Ganges is the symbol of devotion. To rub oil means to acquire divine consciousness. The dream was nice.









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