(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume – 9, May, 2015

Chapter – 30

Indication of a new phenomenon in future

May 24, 1959 Diamond discussed :

Listen, a strange phenomenon has happened here! For the last four months I have been seeing Abhay (Fearless) in trance or dreams. Then I found in the Upanishad that Reship Jagyabalka was saying to king Janaka, ‘Janaka, you have got fearlessness.’ But still I couldn’t understand its inner meaning. Lastly I realized its meaning that when there is ‘one’, there is no fear.

In addition to this I used to see many like Amar, Prafulla, Satish, Souren etc. in my dreams or trances. I see Ananda (Bliss) in maximum numbers.

I guess that something new may happen in future, which we cannot conceive now.

The own-self of Brahma or Supreme Being is the manifestation of his own greatness within the human body

May 24, 1959 Diamond said :

Four questions I am putting to you : (1) What is the phenomenon whether this is religion or not; () How this is happening; (3) Who is doing this; (4) Why this is happening?

We could have explained it on the basis of time and space only of Vedanta. But as it is happening beyond that, we cannot conceive this. Otherwise from my fourteen years age people are seeing me in the present form. But I have still no idea why they are seeing me in dreams.

Then, why this is happening, we can answer – it will not be a mistake if we say that this happening to unite the whole human race to ‘one’. But still it remains a puzzle. This is only understood that ‘All is One’ and ‘One is All’. To see me within means to be transformed into me.

It is said in Upanishad, ‘Manifestation of His greatness is spontaneous.’ He has got his own adjectives. So many people see me within yourselves – this is the same as this is spontaneous.

Religion manifests spontaneously

May 24, 1959.

In my 12 years 4 months ages I saw Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) in my dream and I had no idea who he was. So I realized later on that religion manifests automatically, and what manifests automatically becomes true.

Somebody may say that this type of dreaming is a type of hypnotism. But it is not actually so, because innumerable people have seen and in various ways.

There is no similarity between the dreams of different persons. So this is truth and there is a manifestation of this truth.

Again something more exist beyond it. For example, somebody has seen a dream and after waking up he is seeing the same dream in front of his eyes. This proves that as the waking condition is true,so the dream state is also true.

A Great Man is manifested spontaneously within human bodies

June 4, 1959 Diamond discussed :

What a wonderful conception Rabindra Nath Tagore had! He had no realization like ours, but still how could he conceive this phenomenon! In his explanation on Atharva Veda, he meant a human being to be Brahma or Supreme Being. And it means ‘You’ ‘He’, means I (Diamond’s form). He is giving this man as ‘great man’. How could he conceive it? Then he is quoting, ‘Rite’, ‘Satya’, ‘Tapasyay’, and ‘Karme’. ‘Rite means Universalism and when it become Universal it becomes Truth. ‘Tapasya’ (austerity) means those who see me within. ‘Karma’ (work) means the nature which you achieve after seeing me within.

How wonderfully Paul Adam quoted in his letter from Hindu mythology, ‘Narayana lying on the bed of infinity is having dreams.’ What is that dream? This material world. This is a very strange thing. We reflect this world from our own brain, because this Universe is limitless but at the same time a seed – both simultaneous.

[Paul Adam was a French Soldier. During the second world war, he saw Diamond with turban on his head in the Maginot line in a dream. Later on he came to India and accidentally went to Diamond’s residence with another person and identified him to be the same man he saw in Maginot line. They had long discussion : He termed Diamond as ‘the Supreme of divine dream’ (Swapneswarnath).

Later on he became a Buddhist monk and took the name as Aryadeva.]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 9, May, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Kushal  Chakraborty

It might be the last half of 1960 or the first half of 1961 when  I first met Jibankrishna. My father took me to him. I was then eight years old. Jibankrishna patted me too much on that day, made me sit on his cot and said,”Today you are our president.” I saw many people in the room and all of them were listening to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. While listening I lost my half sense and had some visions, though I could not remember anything. Jibankrishna told my father that I had meditation. After meeting Jibankrishna I saw many divine dreams.

The first one was as such: I saw a reddish white lotus flower and on it Jibankrishna was seated in meditation. Suddenly his chest became open and inside it was seen Sri Ramkrishna seated in meditation. Again his chest  was opened  and inside the chest were seated Lord Rama on one side and Lord Krishna on another side. They wore red ochred cloths with marking of sandal paste on foreheads. In both of their hands were held Kartal(musical instrument) and they were singing devotional songs. Here my dream was off.

Let me narrate another dream . I was seeing a huge river Ganges. It was raining very heavily, and Jibankrishna  was walking along the bank of the river. On the other side of the river a tomb of a temple was v

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