By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-18, December, 2011

Man is the Eternal Truth—Veda’s declaration

“In the Vedas He is called Brahma, in the Puranas He is called Krishna and in the Tantras He is called Shiva”—says Sri Ramkrishna.

Who is ‘He?’ This very indefinite ‘He’ is the greatest deviation from the Vedic principle. With all its glory and grandeur this very ‘He’ is but a hypothesis and has directed the humanity into a zone of darkness to grope for ever and anon. The history of mankind bears the testimony.

Whereas the Vedic Truth declares—‘ I am Brahma’. It is not an empty solace or compromise or meaningless utterance but bears its own proof through the agency of the humanity.

If this Brahmahood or Para Vidya (Supreme Cult) spontaneously manifests itself in you then your attainment of Brahmahood will not remain latent or concealed in you. Wonderful is the method of publicity as it will be speaking within thousands and they shall be crying out in one breath and in one voice—‘Thou art the Supreme One’—that is, a living man is Brahma.

The operationis carried on through the agency of the five elements—a) Earth; b) Water; c) Fire; d) Air and e) Sky. But the base of every iota of anything concerning this Para Vidya rests on the Rajyoga spontaneously revealed in the body.

Sri Ramkrishna does not speak anything to clear the idea of ‘Brahma’ as in the Vedas, though thousands and thousands of years ago the Vedic Rishis declared it openly and very cordially to the humanity—an eternal Truth—the secret of the summum bonum lying in every human being—that man is Brahma. It is obvious how Sri Ramkrishna fares in comparison with the old Rishis who elevated the mankind to the highest level and the data is substantiated even now in the present era with a definite proof. The proof is carried en masse.

Krishna of the Puranas is but a poetic creation of imagination and is based on idealism, but this idealism, is of a magical order, nay, in short, it is rather a hotchpotch.

Shiva, the maker of the Tantras, of course, as a matter of fact bears variegated attributes but at the same time he is adorned with a yoga of a very lower order, such as Hata yoga mantra yoga and Laya yoga. This is the creation of the anti-Vedic school who revolted against the cosmic law of spontaneity. By self-exertion they wanted to reach their imaginary destination and this procedure has created millions of evil practices in the midst of the humanity making them more miserable and giving them a scope to bring out their animality in lieu of their divinity though they are ‘Amritasya Putrah’ children of the Perennial Bliss!

We find that both Krishna and Shiva are creation of myths whereas the Vedic Truth is eternal and it is the characteristic of every living human being…..


Volume – 18, December,2011

Diamond in his life-time

I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream before seeing him in reality

Amar Guha, Allahabad, U.P., India

Amar Guha narrated his experience thus:

One late night in the month of August, 1942 I first saw Sri Ramkrishna in my dream. I was seeing that in my bed room He was sitting in meditation facing south on his neck there was a garland of Hibiscus flowers. I gave him a handful of Hibiscus flowers and he took it. Thereafter I never gave my thoughts on this dream.

In the month of September, 1951 I was suffering from heart trouble. My. Bhibhuti Roy was a resident near my house. He was of the same age as my father. He gave me a book ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Lilaprasanga (on Sri Ramkrishna’s life) and after completing this book I got a great satisfaction. Then he gave another book ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). The same satisfaction I got after reading this book. From that very day I have become a regular reader of this book.

On 11th November, 1954 in a dream I reached Dakshineswar Temple (Kolkata) from Allahabad. I entered into the garden and saw some devotees of Sri Ramkrishna. They were seated on the corridor. I thought whether Sri Ramkrishna was not present there! I approached and saw him sitting. Seeing me he told, ‘Go immediately from here! I have told you that you are in the devotional order and you should stick to that?’ My dream was then off.

After a few days I have grown some intimacy with Jyotish Roychoudhuri his younger brother Khitish Roychoudhury (companions of Jibankrishna or Diamond) and Nirod Barat. We used to have discussions on the Gospel and Jibankrishna. I am mentioning now, about an incident. One night at 3-45am. I was singing devotional songs on Sri Ramkrishna. Suddenly I saw the smiling face of Jibankrishna. Though I never saw him physically (at that time there was no photo), I felt that he was Jibankrishna.

I told Khitish about my dream and said that I saw Jibankrishna in my dream.

In 1956, Jibankrishna came to Benaras along with some of his companions. Hearing from Jyotish about Jibankrishna’s arrival I felt a great urge to meet him. So with Jyotish and Nirod I went to a house ‘Yogashram’ where Jibankrishna was staying. He was standing on the corridor of the first floor. Seeing us he said, ‘Come up here’. After going to the first floor we bowed down to him. Holding my shoulder he began to utter, ‘Hail Ramkrishna’, ‘Hail Ramkrishna’. That scene I never forget in my life. Jyotish and Nirod sat on the mat placed on the floor. One monk with red-ochre cloth was sitting there. Jibankrishna told me to sit on the cot and asked me, ‘Do you meditate’? I said, ‘No, but I sing devotional songs on goddess Kali.’ Hearing this he fell into Samadhi state. After a few minutes he told me to sing a song. So I sang two-three devotional songs on Kali and at the same time watched his Samadhi state at frequent intervals. One companion from Kolkata told me, ‘Amar, please stop singing as he is not well’. But still I continued for some time as I thought that I would never get such opportunity for the second time.

After my song, the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read. At night he asked me, ‘What is your opinion about Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)’? I said, ‘He is the Parama Brahma (The Supreme One). He said, ‘Correct!” Once I asked him, ‘Well before seeing you, I saw you in my dream. Whether it is right or a hallucination’? He said, ‘You have seen the correct thing. You are linked with me’.

Next day we went to him and then started for Allahabad. I didn’t feel to come, but I was helpless to stay. What a memorable and joyous moment I spent with Jibankrishna that day!

Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

The mysterious book of Diamond and his action through

Bolpur Reading Center

Part – 4

One day Snehamaya took a very strange news from the residence of Anadi Mondal of the Bohara Village of Sainthi (Birbhum district, West Bengal State, India). They were having discussion on Diamond. Once Anadi’s wife Mrs. Sibani Mondal narrated her dream. She was seeing as if she was searching for a saint at the bank of river ganges. Suddenly she noticed a jogi, though seemed to be almost alike Sri Ramkrishna, but was not he. She bowed down on the feet of that jogi and her dream was off. Snehamaya had Diamond’s photo in his pocket. As soon as he showed her the photo, she was overwhelmed with surprise and said, ‘Oh! This is the man!’ After this, Anadi and his third daughter saw Diamond in drams several times.

One devotional singer Barat Mondal joined the centre. Everybody became overwhelmed after hearing his song on Diamond. In the first day he joined the reading centre, he saw that Diamond in flesh and blood body was standing before him.

In such a way it was observed that a number of families became devoted to Diamond. Not only so, even many of their relatives after coming to their houses began to see Diamond in dreams.

One of Premamaya’s relative spent only one day at his house and he saw Diamond in a dream. The next day, showing Diamond’s photo he said, ‘I have seen him in my dream. He was rubbing the snuff on his nose with his hankerchief.’  It was a strange matter that he had no idea about Diamond before this.

Seeing Diamond in dreams was not limited only within the families. The maids who used to come to their houses got the grace of Diamond after seeing him in dreams.

One woman Sandhya Bagdi was a maid at Govinda Ganguly’s house. One day she in her dream that Goddess Kali was transformed gradually into the form of Jibankrishna with a luminous body.

One maid was working at Jiten Chatterjee’s residence ‘Mrinmayee’. One day she told him, ‘grandpa,I am Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream. But he had sacred threads on his body. Is he Brahmin’?

One stranger incident happened with Gouri Bagdi. For a few days she had been dreaming Diamond. But she had no idea whom she was dreaming. She became very eager to see that person in her own eyes in reality. During any fair she used to go there and search that man. While walking on road, she used to search him among the pedestrians, but became hopeless.

One night she dreamt that she was going to Sriniketan market. While passing by the residence of Jiten Chatterjee ‘Mrinmayee’, she peeped into the house and saw that many people had gathered in a room where a photo of a man was hanging on the wall. She shivered when she looked at the photo minutely. This was the same man whom she often use to see in her dream! She woke up and informed Snehamaya about her dream and later on coming to ‘Mrinmayee’ she identified the photo and got a great peace in mind.

Once during the Sriniketan fair, it was announced that the reading would be postponed. But Mr. Jiten Chatterjee dreamt that Diamond was sayi9ng angrily ‘why the reading was postponed’? He answered, ‘All day long the discussions are going on dreams and this is equivalent to reading.’ But Diamond sais, ‘No! This is my standing instruction that the reading should not be stopped for a single day’.

From this day onwards the reading of Diamonds book was not stopped for a single day and day by day the number of listeners was increasing. But after four years due to serious illness Mr. Chatterjee had to sell his residence and go back to Kolkata. And one day before his leaving Charupalli village he dreamt, As if that day is ‘Vijay dashami’ (the immersion day of goddess Durga). Reading was going on at his residence. Some said, where is the food? Mr. Chatterjee’s daughter said, if you wish to eat, go to shop and have your snacks. Are you not fully fed by eating ‘Amrita’ from here? Gradually the reading centre was stopped at Mrinmayee. But a new centre was opened at Snehamaya’s residence after a few incidents.

In front of the Srinanda school at Charupalli there was a playground. Every afternoon many children used to play there and Snehamaya used to attend there everyday. After the game during discussions, many children used to tell their peculiar dreams to Snehamaya, and after hearing about Diamond from him, they started to dream Diamond. Ultimately a reading centre started at Snechamaya’s residence.

A hand written magazine used to be published on divine dreams during the stay of Mr. Jiten Chatterjee at Srinikatan. After he left, some dreamt that this should be continued and accordingly the 7th issue was published in the month of May, 1987.

In that year Sridhar Ghosh started to stay at Charupalli by constructing his own house. Later on he joined the reading centre at Snehamaya’s residence and it was decided that on every Wednesday the reading should be continued in the afternoon.

Thus a new chapter was opened at Charupalli reading centre from where innumerable people of all ages, sexes, religions and social status began to find peace and divine joy after attending and listening to the reading of Diamond’s book.

Many interesting facts about dreams and reality encircling Diamond are regularly published in the hand written magazine ‘Manik’ from Charupali reading center. The ongoing articles may be of great interest to the readers.


Volume -18, December, 2011

Vision of past

Transformation into Garura of Purana (Hindu mythology) and realization on the presence of Mohammed

21st September, 1993, Tuesday.

Early morning dream. The dream had three parts : The first scene opened with my mother (expired in August,1991) calling by my name very sweetly standing near the door of my room.  It was so real that uttering the word ‘Mother’ I opened the mosquito net and came to the door.

In the second scene I saw myself sitting on the floor. Suddenly with a great surprise I noticed that my face was transforming into a bird like creature with long lips, though my body remained like a human being. Then I heard an oracle, ‘you have become Garura’.

Third scene : I saw that some of my familiar ones were entering into a mosque wearing cloths wrapped on heads. I also put off my shoes and wrapping cloth on my head entered into the mosque and immediately I felt the presence of Muhammed there. Then and there I fell into ecstasy. The dream went off.

[The first scene indicates that the grace of the Holy Mother is still being bestowed upon the seer.

The second scene has a long lasting effect on the life style of the seer of being transformed into Garura, the hero of the Hindu mythology who used to exist several thousand years ago in the Vedic era. It means that the seer is going to have all the attributes of Garura. In the mythology it was decried thus: He went for collecting ‘Amrita’(Nectar) for the immortality of the gods to free his mother from slavery. By his great bravery and courage he was given the title ‘Garura’ by a section of Rishis as his original name was ‘Suparna’. Then he was graced by ‘Narayana’ ( Another name of God Vishnu according to Hindu mythology), who being pleased with his work wanted to grant him a boon and he wanted to be placed above Narayana and so he kept a place for Garura on the top of his chariot. Though it was a metaphor and means that Garura became companionless and would have higher realizations to perform on higher spheres. However, the effect in this case was thus, that the seer, after a hard work in spite of many hazards in his life collected and compiled all about Jibankrishna’s spiritual affairs from huge works published in thousands of pages of the magazine ‘Manikya’ and other diaries of many devotees in the form of books and which is  a form of ‘Amrita’ giving peace in mind of innumerable people. In a dream (16.08.1992) also  Jibankrishna became happy and pleased by hearing from the seer about his work. After long years many of the realizations were experienced by the seer which were forecasted by  Jibankrishna.

The third scene probably indicates the seer’s previous birth as a devotee of Muhammed. Such type of dreams on previous birth were also experienced by the seer with Jesus Christ, Chaitanyadeb and Sri Ramkrishnadeva, though, it is explained by the fact that everything of the universe including past, present and future is within our brain and according to necessity these appear in a pure mind.].

Vision of own birth and cosmic existence of Diamond

3rd October, 1993, Sunday.

Midnight dream : I saw that my own soul came out of someone’s dead body and taking the form of astral body entered into the outer space with an automatic continuous recitation of the word ‘God’ which was spreading through air and sky, enveloping the whole universe.

Just at that moment I was feeling the cosmic existence of Diamond. From high and high in the outer space I saw Diamond covered the whole globe and seated alone with folded legs. There was nothing except him in the whole world and it  seemed to me as if he was the root of my origin. I had no sense of my physical body but was feeling the existence of my astral body, a feeling like a free bird flying in the sky in a cloud of bliss. The sky was seeming unnatural having no similarity with the visible worldly sky and everything seemed joyous. I was continuing flying for an indefinite period and how long I could not fathom – for days, months and years. At last at a certain period I began to go down towards the earth,uter space I saw Diamond covered the wh and reached a three storied building which seemed to be belonging to me. The house was full of family members whom I could not remember except my grandfather who expired long time ago. The house seemed to be just like my childhood home at Santipur when it was full of relatives in large number as I used to live in a joint family. At this moment the dream went off.

[A feeling of great joy persisted in my mind and body for the whole day and it flashed in my mind just after the dream that the whole dream showed my rebirth and not only so, it also indicated the truth of Diamond’s saying, ‘you all are born with my dice in your body’. Secondly, the dream indicated the cosmic existence of Diamond; thirdly, he used to say in his life time, ‘when I shall utter the word Bhagawan (God) within me, it will envelop the whole world’. We have no existence of our own self within a divine dream except Diamond or the Supreme Being. Reciting ‘Bhagawan, Bhagawan’ within a dream means he is doing it and so it has the same effect on mankind.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -18, December,2011

Definitions of Jnanis Brahma, Yogis Atma and

Bhaktas’ Bhagwan – God is ‘one’

Jnanis or man of knowledge are those who have attained the knowledge that they do not exist, only God exists. It is the process of elimination and at its end the ego is eliminated and then what remains cannot be said. It is the summum bonum condition in the process of ascent. Jnanis God is without any form, i.e., an unqualified one. Jnanis do not get all the sportive forms of God in the process of transformation of life power into God as planes do not unfold. Yogis are those in whose bodies the process of transformation takes place and it is seen. They call god ‘Atma’ as he has grown out of the body and in the body. Atma means that which grows out of self in the form of light.

Bhaktas (Devotee) are those whose God holds the universe within him. It is special knowledge of God and this is the first phase of attaining the stage of a Bhakta. The final stage of a Bhakta is to get the manikin (Manus Ratan) within him. The ‘Atma’ of the yogis, ‘Bhagawan’ of the devotees and ‘Brahma’ of the men of knowledge are but one God in the body in the way of ascent in three different stages.

Atma is seen in the seventh plane in the first state. God-the-preceptor shows Atma and he flattens in the end like a bunch of paddy.

Bhagawan is that stage of God when he holds the universe in him.

Brahma is that condition of God when nothing can be spoken of him.

About great Transformation

The embodied soul is transformed into the supreme soul. This is called the great transformation (Mahayogo). This great Transformation comes after the unfoldment of the embodied soul into:

1) The universe is in God;

2) It is transforming into a seed;

3) The seed is changed into a dream;

4) The dream vanishes and nothing remains.

Though the ascent stops here, in some cases the consciousness comes down and again it goes up when the supreme soul is seen.

God can be seen in human form

God in human form made of God’s light is seen. A man is a devotee of Jesus. God in the form of Jesus, made of God’s light, will come out from his body, stand before him and talk with him. A man loves Mohammed. God will give him his bliss as Mohammed. A lover of God without any form will see God’s light.