(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 11, June, 2015

Chapter – 32

What is formless God

June 11, 1959.

This afternoon I have understood what is formless God. It became clear automatically.

The formless God – are they describing it in macrocosm or in microcosm? No, not in macrocosm, because we have found the form in macrocosm. They are saying it in microcosm. Whenever we use the term ‘I’, it means the attributes, power and wealth of my body. These attributes or powers of the human body which are unknown to us are termed as formless God.

As I say that this form is all and its un-manifestation is the formless Brahma.

Plato has mentioned it as ‘The great unknown and unknowable? It may be unknown but when it becomes known, it does not exist as unknowable. Now I am guessing that the Vedic sages have mentioned about this human body. They have termed the unknown faculties of human body as formless God.

Man is Satchidananda – He is the creator

June 13, 1959

This Satchidananda is the human being. You are that Satchidananda. A man is the creator – he creates everything – all these deities.

Nobody does not want to keep a man like man. They will always try to drag down human being from his higher place and so they created different gods and goddesses. Seeing all these anomalies it seems to me that all these people have tried to displace man from his higher place to downwards.

Religion manifests spontaneously

June 18, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, “After visualization of God the seer behaves like a child”. But this does not mean that he will become a naughty boy. Its actual meaning is that, as a child does anything without any prior thoughts, so after visualizing Atma or Soul or God, Atma performs his austerity within a human body automatically.

What I have told you? About twenty years ago, could I ever think that so many people would see me in dreams? I have also told you about the first stage of seeing me in dreams. When anybody coming to me has narrated their dreams about seeing me, I drove them out, because I knew that my step by step austerity cannot occur in anybody. Otherwise I had to cheat them. Then, after long period I thought that something was happening here, and so I allowed only 2-3 persons to come to me saying, ‘I use to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, you can come and listen.’ These are all the examples of spontaneous proof.

All Religions meet at a point named Jibankrishna (Diamond)

June 20, 1959

Here so many people of all religions like Hindu, Parsee, Mohamedan, Christian have seen my form within them, and they name it as Jibankrishna, nothing else.

See, a man is transformed into God. Otherwise there is no God anywhere. Rabindranath Tagor has mentioned in his book ‘Religion of man; that mankind have worshiped that very man in different names. But now the question is, who was that man? This question is eternal and is  never solved.

Now, a man is God – this is also said by Upanishads. Human race wanted that man and came the prophets, religions teachers. When they were asked, ‘Where is that man and who is our inner man’? They were answered in different ways – ‘God is infinite, he is beyond sense perception’, some said, ‘He is Shiva, Krishna’ etc. So to remove this eternal confusion of mankind, God is manifesting Himself in myriads of man in my form and hammered your two – three years’ prejudice. And ultimately human race come to understand that God is one and with one name only.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 11, June, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Bibhuti  bhusan  Sen


I came to know about Jibankrishna from Dr. Monisankar Banerjee who was my neighbor. He used to live at Parasar road near our house. At first he went to Jibankrishna with his friend Sudhindra nath Sinha. For the first time at the end of the year 1956 when I went to Jibankrishna, I had to tie a red handkerchief around my neck aa I was suffering from cellulitis. To cover the oozing of blood from my neck I used to do it, so that others  could not see it. Jibankrishna looked at it several times because he thought that it might be a sign of any religion occasion. Once being asked I explained it to him.

My first dream after going to him was such:

On April 29, 1957 at noon time I was seeing that Jibankrishna had come to our house though it was not our real house. I was feeling very happy getting him at our house. It was then summer but I ordered a cup of tea for him. Saying this I was showing him a factory. Then my dream was off.  On that very day going to Jibankrishna I narrated the dream to him. Hearing my dream he was pleased.

On September 9,1957 I dreamed as if I had gone to a place without any habitat. It was dense dark and I was hankering for a light. Suddenly piercing through that darkness a luminous figure appeared and the surrounding was flooded by that light. With a great surprise I saw that the figure was mine.  Hearing this dream Jibankrishna was very pleased.

Then again, on November 30,1958,suddenly I dreamed that I had gone to Jibankrishna at Kadamtala, Howrah.He was seated on the floor facing south. I sat facing him. The conversations I could not remember but once he said, ”you are a person of the same place.” I said, ”Those who are the devotees of god are the persons of the same place.”

Once being asked about my absence I answered something which I could not remember.

One day Jibankrishna asked me,”Can you say why so many people see me in dreams, meditation or trances?” I answered,”It is just a phenomenon, this is my opinion”. “But is it a special type of phenomenon, don’t you think?” He said. I said, ”yes, you can say that.” In his room I asked him many things, though some did not like it. So I used to control myself and avoided asking him. But it always seemed to me, when could I appear before him and ask so many queries. But that never happened in my life.

One day having opportunity when I reached his house, I heard that he had gone to Puri with a few companions. But I must admit that whenever I went to him I felt a great peace, divine joy and a great power in my body.

When he was in Puri in 1962-63, I saw a dream one day that I had gone to him at Puri. He wore a shirt like dress. Seeing me, he was very pleased. I could not remember what conversations we had. Later on giving me a small bag he said, ”keep it with you.”

I met Jibankrishna last time in the cancer hospital in 1967. Talking too much was restricted. He asked, ”Religion and realization was published, have you read it? I said, ’no.’ He said, ”Take one book and read it.”  I took and paid the money to Sushil  Banerjee. Later on I heard that being recovered he was taken back home. But afterward the cancer being relapsed he was admitted again to hospital. But I could not hear it during that time, even not his death news inspite  of living so near we could not even believe that he would demise so early.


38B, Sardar Sankar Road



Volume – 11, June, 2015

Chapter – 50

Achievement  of  69%  Lord  Shiva’s  entity

229 . 21st  March,  1977. Monday.

Early morning dream:  I suffered from loose motion and then washed myself with water. Then I saw myself spending days at Makardah, Howrah with Anath Mondal, a devotee.

Then in another scene I saw some numbers written on a paper. The sum of them were 69 out of 100. Seeing this I remarked, ‘I have also got this number yesterday—I have achieved this percentage on the entity of Lord Shiva’ and the dream went off.

The dream indicates the spiritual condition of the seer which is self-explanatory. Lord Shiva means Oneness.

The  new  era  of   Jibankrishna  and   the  future  of  the  seer

230 .  24th  March,  1977. Thursday.

Early morning dream:  I got a long flute with 4 holes. Very beautiful musical sound and talks were coming out of it. I exclaimed, saying ‘Oh’, it is so nice! Then I took it and while playing it, charming melodious sound was coming out of it. Then I woke up.

Four holes means four ‘Koshas and Anandamaya kosha(Sheath). The seer’s mind is existing on these four Koshas . Moreover, it sounded automatically which means that the spiritual manifestation occurs in the body automatically. Not only that, the flute talked which means that the spiritualism will occur in a new way in the new era of Sri Jibankrishna.

Then the seer played the flute means symbolizes ‘Kundalini’. It is said that Kundalini awakens through music. [This new meaning revealed after 28 years in October, 2005].

Achievement of  preaching  power  and increase  of  spiritual  wealth     

231.  26th  March.  1977. Saturday.

Noon time dream:  I was narrating step by step the manifestation of Atma in a human body to some of the ex-students of my Ex-Agricultural College and they were listening very attentively to me.

In a next scene I saw another senior ex-student named Kanchan of the same college. In reality he had thinly built body, but in dream he was looking very healthy and Joyous.

The dream indicates that in future the seer may have the power of preaching, although he has no interest in it.

The second scene reveals that the seer is having increased wealth in the spiritual world as ‘Kanchan’ means wealth i.e. the spiritual wealth in yoga.

The dream also reveals that the manifestation of spiritualism is taking place step by step within the body of the seer.

Achievement of human religion

232.   28th March,  1977.  Monday.

Early morning dream:  I was explaining to quite a number of people that ‘Man’ is everything. But nothing could be remembered later on.

That the concept of human religion has been established within the body of the seer is revealed in this dream. Moreover, this is the repetition of the previous dream in another way.

The  after-effect  of  the  previous  dreams

233.  3rd  April,  1977.  Sunday.

At the noon time:  My nephew lied beside me. His age was seven years. He was trying to sleep but failed. So I casually told him, ‘Count from number one and then you will fall asleep.’ He did that but again failed. Then suddenly I told him, ‘Well, then closing your eyes you repeatedly utter the name of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna Deva), you may even see him in dream’. He asked, ‘If only I call him, will he come‘? I said, ‘Yes’. He then closed his eyes and within a minute he slept and then I also slept.

Then I dreamed—My nephew (Sanjay) was seeing Thakur in his dream and singing ‘Ramkrishna charana saroje ……etc’.

Both of us woke up, I told my nephew, ‘See, what a fun! As soon as you recited the name of ‘Thakur’ you fell asleep’! He then said, ‘But I have dreamt Thakur’.

I asked, ‘What have you seen’? He said, ‘I saw in my dream that I was traveling in a roundish glass boat underneath the sea and saw Thakur. He talked to me and asked where I was going. Then I couldn’t remember anything’.

This dream indicates that in reality, whenever the seer will say anything about God to anybody, he will have spiritual realization provided he or she will have suitable body for spiritualism, or even merely coming in contact with the seer they may see jibankrishna in dream.

[It really happened with my nephew and a lady who without knowing anything about Jibankrishna saw him in dreams and reality after coming in contact with the seer. This is the case with many companions of Jibankrishna. Innumerable people either coming in contact with them or hearing from them about Jibankrishna saw him in dreams and reality and still are seeing.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 11, June, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

426)          “No sooner Thakur heard the words ‘blissful joy of Perpetuity,’ he was merged in deep Samadhi”.

The words pertaining to the Supreme Cult was heard and at once it was exhibited by manifestations of outward signs on the body of Thakur. This was the test of the Supreme Cult.

Let one speak about the Supreme Cult and if the speaker has attained it, then and there manifestations of the Supreme Cult will come upon him and among the audience if there is anyone who has attained it then these manifestations will come upon him also.

427)                 “Let you ascend by transformation of life-power to the bliss to

God-consciousness then you shall be getting ineffable joy”.

If by devotion, your life-power is transformed into God in the path of Ascent, then you shall be blessed with Supreme Bliss and Joy.

428)                 “Yes, there exists in every man the bliss of God-consciousness ; only it is

hidden by the veiling and have the veil removed”.

It is spoken of the seventh plane when it is seen by removal of the cover which rolls up like a curtain in a theater. The water of a tank is hidden with a layer of aquatic plants. The wind blows and gets the aquatic plants shifted aside. The water of the tank is seen”. ——  Shri  Ramkrishna.

Life-power rises by Penetrating the body in the seventh plane, gets the layer of the cerebrum removed, and the ocean of Bliss of God is seen. It is called seeing the ocean of Satchidananda—the all Blissful aspect of God.

Swami Vivekanda once said to one of this friends, “do you know, why no body can compete with me ? The layer in the form of a curtain of my cerebrum is rolled up”.

429)                   “The less your attachment is to your body,

the more loves of God you will get in you”.

The more the liberation of God from the body, the quicker He will make His way to the seventh plane. It is Yearning for God. It is a yogic aspect and it has its own bliss which is felt by every devotee.

430)                  “The more Sreemati was advancing towards Shri Krishna, the more she was Smelling the sweet fragrance of Krishna’s body”.

Sreemati and Shri Krishna—were the heroine and hero of Bhagavat—an epic.

Sreemati—represents this body and ultimately the life—power.

Shri Krishna—is Atma—God

She was advancing—means her life-power was being transformed into sheaths According to the According to  the Vedas there are five sheaths and according to the Tantras there are four sheaths. The realizations as laid down in the Vedas are deeper and superior to Tantra.

The sweet fragrance of Krishna’s body—means the various kinds of realizations ; not only that, but fix your eyes on the tip of your nose and you may have a sweet fragrance coming out from within yourself. Furthermore

God—the—Preceptor sometimes appears with an amazing sweet smell.

Here, life-power is being transformed into God and in the course of transformation various kinds of realizations are  made, such as—(i) to see that every bit of the Universe is smeared with God’s light, (ii) to see the half- man,and half-woman body, (iii) to see the eye of wisdom opened, (iv) to see the exquisitely beautiful dancing lady,(v) to see God in the seventh plane.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume –  11, June, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Mrs. Kalpana Ghosh From Beleghata Reading Center Mrs. Kalpana Ghosh has narrated her dream:

I had my first dream in a night in the year 1985. My mother, aunty, brothers and sisters all go to the Reading Centre to listen to the reading of Jiban Krishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) and see Jiban Krishna in dreams in various ways.  Hearing all these sometimes I joke with them.  But one day Jiban Krishna showed me his grace in a dream.

I was standing near a window of our house.  It was about 8-30/9-00 A. M. At this time, I saw that an unknown person was coming to our house very fast.  I went out of my room and saw that he was standing on the portico.  He had a robust health, wearing dhoti and Punjabi and having a white sandal on feet.

He asked me, ‘is there any one here named Kalpana Ghosh’? With a smiling face I told him, ‘I am that Kalpana Ghosh, whom you are searching’.  Then inviting him in side the room I placed two mats on the floor.  On one he sat and on another one I sat face to face.  Then and there I asked him, ‘who are you’? He answered, I am Brahma’ (supreme self).  Hearing this I was overwhelmed with joy and told him, ‘oh, you are that Brahma Jiban Krishna of Kadamtala?  He said, ‘have you recognized me’!  Saying this he hugged my neck with his two hands. With a mildly seolding him I said, ‘you did not allow women folks into your room, did not talk to them, even did not touch the shadows of women folks, and now you are hugging my neck so easily!

He answered, ‘yes you have spoken rightly.  But do you know that there are two worlds.  One is material world and another is spiritual world.  In the material world you are female and I am male.  But in the spiritual world, I am all these human beings irrespective of sexes, races, religious and ages and all these trees, animals, oceans and even every particle of dust.’  Saying this he roared with a sound ‘ya’ and was then transformed into divine light. I was senseless for a while.  When I got back consciousness I saw that sunlight was entering into my room.

[God’s grace fell on the seer through this dream].

From Beleghata Reading Center, Kolkata, Bomkesh Das has narrated his experience thus:

In the end of June, 1975, I started going to the Reading Center lf Kalitara Basu Lane for listening to the reading of JibanKrishna”s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti (Religion and Realization).

At the first instance I was scared and uneasy to pass by that center.  But ultimately some unknown force attracted me to go there.  The reader was Charu Bhattacharjee who was a companion of Jiban Krishna.  So many questions came in my mind whenever he used to talk about Jiban Krishna. But due to shyness I could not ask anything.

However, everyday at 7-00 P.M., I used to go to the center and I was liking and enjoying it.  Gradually I started to see different types of dreams like I was catching fishes.  One night I saw that I was constructing a small dam to check the flow of water but failed to do so.

But in spite of seeing such dreams I always used to think when would I see Jibankrishna in my dream.

Then the day came when I saw Jibankrishna in my dream.  Jibankrishna was supposed to come.  My elder brother and I was standing on the road to welcome him (My brother has expired long time back and this was the first time I saw him in dream).  But seeing that Jibankrishna was late my brother said, ‘ I cannot wait further’, so I said, ‘better you go’.  He went away.  After a while, I saw that an open-hooded taxi was coming.  When the taxi came near me I noticed that one of my sisters (expired) was seated in front of the taxi with her two legs hanging.  As soon as the taxi stopped, my sister asked me, ‘where is the elder brother’?  I said, ‘he went away.’  She said nothing.

Then I requested Jibankrishna to come out and sit on a raised place.

When he sat, I went on bowing down to his feet, but preventing me he said, ‘there is no need to bow down.  I looked at his face having a sense of disbelief.  When I moved away from him I noticed that brother Charu was standing there.  Feeling the condition of my mind he hastily pointed towards Jibankrishna with his finger and said, ‘he is Jibankrishna!  He is Jibankrishna the God! My dream was off and saw in the clock that it was 2-00 A. M. I was feeling a great joy in mind and body.

[Through dreams God-the-Preceptor gives his introduction directly or through other persons and showers his grace to the seer].



Volume – 11, June, 2015

Chapter 12

God- the –Preceptor gives advice through dreams

May 7, 1955.

Binay Roy (To Jibankrishna)- Day before yesterday in the night I saw in my dream that you, Bankim Babu, perhaps Dilip and I were Sitting in this room. I asked you, ‘how do we live our life’? You said, ‘Why, from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. you should meditate. Before that from 12 noon to 2 p.m. read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. After 4 p.m. walk on the road. In this way your life will be spent.

Jibankrishna- God is explaining everything in such a way, but it is difficult to conceive it. This instruction is not only for you, Dilip or Bankim Babu. But it is.

Photo is an outside show-To see God within the body is the true religion 

May 21, 1955.

Khitish Roychoudhary (To Jibankrishna)- One night I saw in my dream that I had gone to garden. While taking a snap the Darwan said, ‘Permission of the owner is needed for taking a snap, ‘ In the mean time the owner himself came out of his room. He was complacent, with white beard and well dressed. I  said to him, ‘I shall take your photograph.’ With a sweet smile he said, ‘No my boy, don’t take a snap, but see me at your full wish.’

After the dream it appeared to me that the owner were you.

Jibankrishna – This restriction of taking my photograph was seen by Radhu in his dream. That was many years back. Here garden- the world; Babu or owner is God; Photo – outward show. To see God within the body is the real religion.

A future is seen

May 21, 1955.

Ratan Das (To Jibankrishna) –One night I saw in my dream that Dhiren Babu was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna in our house. Many devotees had come. Then I saw that about 200-300 old ladies also had come to listen to the reading. I told them to go out, but they did not listen and sat firmly. My dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – There will be reading centre at your home. And I see that in future the majority of listeners will be ladies in the Reading Centres.

[It has happened in the long run that the majority of listeners are ladies in different Reading Centers.]

Confirmation of  visualizing God

On May 29, 1955, Saturday Prabhat Bose narrated a dream Jibankrishna.

Prabhat – In my dream I saw that I was laying in my room. In the morning as soon as I opened the door all my family members were saying, ‘You have seen God. Then after taking my meal when I went out of my house and walking on footpath, all the neighbours were saying, ‘You have seen God.’ In the office all were saying the same thing. Then my dream was off. Jibankrishna- That day what I told you? You had visualized God, and now your dream confirmed it.