(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 12, June, 2015

Chapter – 33

What is true knowledge

June 26, 1959.

Only I exist. I exist in all. All of you, thousands in number have seen my form in dreams. So I only exist. The true knowledge means the knowledge of Supreme self, and he is a living human being. Nothing is outside that. But this won’t do if only I gain this knowledge.

The whole human race should say that ‘We see you within us’, and this is happening here and they are being transformed into my entity. But this won’t do if anybody sees a dead person, because past is merged in Brahma. What is the real knowledge? I am this universe – God.

Co-ordination of Religion

June 26, 1959.

In the first instance when people saw me in dreams, I interpreted my form as God-the-Preceptor. But now I have understood that I should not term it as God-the-Preceptor.

On 4th June, 1958 I suffered from Cholera type disease for a day. Thereafter I started questioning you, what was the meaning of ‘I worship Sri Ramkrishna but see JIbankrishna,’ – what was the meaning of it? These were just to unite all into ‘one’. Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Parsees all are seeing me in dreams. How great is it! This proves that every human being is ‘one’ in the religious world.

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) has mentioned, ‘So long the religions like Hindu, Parsee, Jain, Christians, Muslims will exist, there will be no co-ordination.’ But real co-ordination will come this way – everybody will see me within the body, and then only everybody will be ‘one’ in the spiritual world.

Seeing Jibankrishna’s form within the body is new in the world history

July 5, 1959.

Visualizing God is individualism and achievement of God is universalism. To achieve God means to become God and this proof will not be borne by the seer but by the human race.

Rabindra Nath Tagore has mentioned, ‘He cannot hide himself. He manifests in all times an ages’ But this is also judicial, and the Vedic sages who have established this truth mentioned it judicially. Such concrete proof was not found anywhere and anytime and for that reason ‘Sankhya’ denied the existence of God.

Keep in your mind, that I am merely a living man. If you term me as Brahma or God, I shall say that you are imposing it. Never support this phenomenon on the basis of past reference and you cannot force me to agree to it. This is completely a new thing.

Difference between visualizing God and to get God

July 5, 1959

Can you say what is the greatest magic of God? He is one and at the same time he is many, outside He is many, inside He is one.

Now comes the question – Visualizing God and getting God. Visualizing God is individualistic and getting God is Universal. To get means to become God. And the proof of it will be borne by mankind not by me. Rabindra Nath Tagor has mentioned (in his book ‘Religion of man’), ‘He cannot hide himself. He manifests him in all eras.’ But this is judiciary, because there is no proof. And see, the Truth which was mentioned and established by the great sages of Upanishads was also judiciary. No concrete was found anywhere in Upanishads. For that reason, in later parts ‘Sankhya’ (Philosophy) mentioned God as proofless as they had no proof. But look at here! I am a living human being whether you term as God or Brahma will not be accepted by me as I would say that you have implied it. If you want to establish this phenomenon through any examples of the past, you cannot make me grant it by force, because this is completely a new phenomenon.

The only welfare of the world is through Oneness

July 8, 1959

Can you say how the welfare of the world will be  established. It is only by oneness. My own self manifests within the human beings without my knowledge. And so seeing my form within the human race announce ‘Thou art all. The moral life thus becomes Universal.’

Replace ‘moral’ by spiritual. The Western world has termed as ‘moral’. To live in perfect goodness is to realize oneself in the All’ – This perfect goodness in the Superior self.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 12, June, 2015

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Narayan Nandi

The first time I visited Jibankrishna at his residence of Kadamtala, Howrah. I heard about him before but knew that a saint used to stay at Kadamtala. But I did not know his name and his appearance. It was November 18, 1956. It was Sunday. I went to meet Jibankrishna with two of my friends. After searching for a while we found an one storied house with open corridor in Kedar Deoty Lane. The door was opened. Some people were seated silently on the floor inside the room. One book was read at that time, and all the listeners were  listening with rapt attention. At the end of the room a cot was placed with a thick cushion.

Jibankrishna was half lying resting on his arm. His age was about 64-65 but looking very strong and stout.

We did not dare to enter the room and so with my friends we sat on the front open corridor. We were discussing whether to enter into the room and ultimately I entered into the room with folded hands and was going to sit on the floor near the door. Seeing me, Jibankrishna called me near him waiting his hands and said, ‘Come my boy, sit in front of me.’ Going near him I bowed him by touching his feet. Patting on my body with great affection he said, ‘Can you do some exercises’? Then he told me to sit on his cot.

On the floor about 12-14 people were seated. I said, ‘No, let me sit on the floor’. But he did not leave me and again said affectionately, ’Come and sit near me on the Cot.’ I was hesitating if others say something. When he told me 4-5 times I looked at others. Ultimately one of them told me to sit and then I sat on his Cot. One gentleman was then reading a book. Still then I had no idea what was that book. Later on I came to know that it  was the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Khitish Roychoudhury was the reader.

After a while Jibankrishna went outside and seeing my other two friends asked them with sweet voice. ’Have you come here’? They said, ‘Yes Sir.’ ‘So why have you sat here, go inside and sit there. Nobody says. Getting permission from Jibankrishna they sat inside.

Today was Sunday, so many visitors had come ultimately the room was packed up. After a moment Jibankrishna came back and sat on the cot. He asked the visitors about their health and talked with joyous mood. Once uttering a word his body shivered and became still. Seeing his facial posture it seemed as if he was smiling. Seeing this scene I was surprised. Everybody  fixed their eyes at him. I was thinking what was it? Later on I came to know that it was called Samadhi (Profound meditation merged into God) and frequently it used to happen.

After a while he became normal and began to talk about the Gospel. His talking seemed so charming to me but at the same time I was repenting for not grasping such high level discussion. I thought perhaps coming to him regularly I might understand. Jibankrishna had a small bottle and inside it he used to keep snuff. During talking he was taking a tip of snuff and rubbing his nose with handkerchief. Gradually the room became jam packed and visitors sat outside the room on the open Corridor. During reading often Jibankrishna was giving the yogic interpretation. It was then 9 PM. Stopping the reading everybody touched the Gospel on the head and the bowing down to Jibankrishna they left the room. I also bowed down and patting affectionately on my body said, ‘Come again my boy’! I said, ‘If you attract I shall come.’ He again said, ‘Come.’

November 19, 1956. Monday. It was about 4 in the afternoon. I started for Jibankrishna’s residence. Entering into the room I saw that there some visitors inside the room and one person was reading the Gospel. Seeing me today he said gain with with affectionate voice, ‘Have you come my boy? Come and sit.’ Saying this he pointed out his finger to one place of the floor. Touching his feet with my hands I sat on the floor.

Reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘If there is a little fibre in a thread, it will not penetrate the whole of a niddle.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘This thread means mind. When there will be any lust (Fibre) the mind does not reach the sixth plane(Near forehead). I could not conceive this meaning that the reading again started. Gradually in the evening more visitors came from the office. All were listening the reading with full attention. Being charmed I was looking to everybody and some times I was listening to the reading. Upto about 9 p.m.the reading continued. Jibankrishna bowed to the portrait of Sri Ramkrishna and others. Bowing to Jibankrishna every went out one by one.

When I stood for bowing down to him he asked, ‘Have you seen any dream my boy’? Bowing to him I answered, ‘No.’

About 15-16 days passed, every day I used to bow down to Jibankrishna and come out.

Then I had a series of dreams.

1)      I went out of my home for  meeting Jibankrishna. But the more I was approaching, the more I was backing and ultimately I could not go.

2)      I came near Bantra Public Library at Kadamtala to visit Jibankrishna. I saw that Bholanath Mukherjee and some visitors were coming from Jibankrishna. I was thinking, Oh, they were coming from him!

3)      I saw that I had gone near the room of Jibankrishna. The door was closed though I was hearing the voices of some visitors from inside the room. I understood that there were visitors inside. Then my dream was off.

4)      I saw as it I had sat for meditation. Suddenly I saw a huge tree in front of me. There was a cement platform and on it was seated mother Sarada (Wife of Sri Ramkrishna). Looking at my left side I saw that Jibankrishna was also seated. The dream was then off. I narrated this dream to Jibankrishna.




Volume – 12, June, 2015

Chapter – 51

Accompaniment  with  devotees  and spiritual  practices

234.   5th  April, 1977, Tuesday.

Early morning dream:  Khagendra Nath Ghosh of Sainthia, Birbhum District (A companion of jibankrishna) was saying something about the spiritual manifestation in a human body through a loudspeaker. I was listening to it and thinking that when yoga is manifested within a man, his vocal sound becomes like this. Then I noticed that Mr. Ghosh was preparing himself for saying something more about God. I also noticed Dhiren Mondal, another companion was staying with him. Then the dream went off.

The spiritual condition of Mr. Ghosh is revealed. This becomes effective also in the seer . Besides, more realizations will occur in the seer in future, as Mr. Ghosh was preparing himself for mentioning more spiritual realizations.

Confirmation of  previous  dream  and increase  of  brain  power    

235.  7th April,  1977.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:   I was narrating one of my previous dreams to Jibankrishna and on hearing it he fell in Samadhi state. After this I saw many devotees. Then the dream went off .

The dream seen previously is confirmed and will be effective within the seer as Jibankrishna has fallen into Samadhi after hearing this. Moreover to see many devotees in the dream means the brain power is increased for further superior realizations in future.

Increase  of  introvert condition  and  the blessings  of God  

236.  10th April,  1977.  Sunday.

Noon time dream:  Along with a person I was going somewhere through Amherst street of Kolkata. It seemed that there was a riot sometimes back. But he went forward and so I also

followed him. After going to a certain distance a tunnel was found. We went down through it and found a floor. Then we saw another tunnel and went down through it and saw the same thing. While crossing down through 5th or 6th floor we reached the ground floor and there also a tunnel was observed. We again went down through it and ultimately found ourselves in the ground floor of a devotee, named Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah of Howrah District, where many devotees often used to assemble and stay for some days. There we saw two caretakers of the house sitting inside a room. While I was going to come outside the house opening the doors, they said, ‘Some notorious boys are coming to attack, don’t go outside’. I saw through the window a field where many boys were playing. Along with my companion I started going upwards. We realized that the notorious boys were coming to attack us by trying to find passages. I was closing all the passages and windows. Each floor was found to be of different types .Fifth floor was found to be for books only, thereafter the 6th floor and then the roof top. At last reaching there we found ourselves safe. The roof top also was open leading to the road and then we realized that nobody was after us. Here the dream went off.

The dream indicates that during austerity the seer’s mind cannot be extrovert by the grace of God. Here the unknown companion is God himself who was always accompanying the seer.

The dream has revealed another meaning to the seer after 28 years (October, 2005) thus—The seer reached the ground floor and then crossed down that, which may indicate that in future the seer may have realizations of the 1st, 2nd,3rd plane, but at this moment his body is not prepared for this . So he was prevented by the caretakers. When he will be suitable, this will occur in his life with realizations of the lowest plane.

Here every plane of the body was shown from 1st to 7th plane. The 5th floor was shown for keeping books, means when the mind stays in the 5th plane, the devotee will only speak and hear about God as said by Sri Ramkrishna Deva.

The  own  self  of  Brahma  is ‘Ananda’ or  Divine  joy

237.   12th April, 1977.  Tuesday.

Just before waking up from sleep early in the morning I was hearing, ‘ The own self of Brahma is Ananda, the own self of Brahma is Ananda’(Bliss). Twice this sentence was heard and then I came out of this trance and got back my full sense.

The dream indicates that the seer has achieved this condition.




By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 12, June, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

431)                        “As the ocean is approached by the river, the force of

flow—tide and ebb-tide is increasingly felt by her”.

Ocean—is God, the ocean of Bliss.

River—is life-power.

Flow—tide and ebb-tide—are the outward signs of manifestations of God in the body and they are seen.

The inward transformations of life-power get their expression over the body. It so happened with Thakur every now and  then. In successions he used to have Samadhi of various forms and in every case of Samadhi, his out-ward expressions altered and they were visible.

432)                        “In ‘Jnani’ (man of knowledge), the river flows

only in one direction”.

A man knowledge (Jnani) wants to get himself merged in the First Cause. They did not get their five sheaths separated in their body. Neither they realize the sportive forms of God as life-power after undergoing transformations assumes and appears before a devotee, nor they are a quainted with the mystery of God, illusion, living beings, and the Universe. The best example was Shri Maharaj who stopped with Thakur for eleven months in the temple of Dakshineswar. Totapuri Maharaj had no knowledge of primal power (KaranSarir—the Causal body, the body made of God’s light i.e., God with form). Yes, Totapuri Maharaj was a man of very high order and merit but his realizations were short. A Jnani’s realizations are not in full measure. This is Lady Yoga or life-power running towards void zone or annihilation.

433)                         “To a man of knowledge (Jnani) the Universe is like a dream”.

Who is a man of knowledge ?

He who sees God in the seventh plane and becomes conscious that he is not body but God (Atma), is a man of Knowledge.

It happens only with Avatar—the chosen man of God. All others simply pretend to be a man of knowledge.

To see the Universe like a dream is the fourth stage of realizations when Atma in the seventh planeopens Him-self to show His real Self, i.e. He is with attributes and form a man cannot have knowledge of God without attributes and forms. So to say that the Universe is like a dream is a pretension and imagination.

434)                            “A man of knowledge always remains in the Real Self”.

To a man of knowledge, the Real Self is the Absolute . It never happens with a man save and except in the last course of Samadhi known is Sthitha Samadhi. “Well, the ego—consciousness never leaves one”— Shri  Ramkrishna .

435)                          “To a devotee, realizations of God do not remain closed but they unfold.

He gets floe—tide and ebb—tide of realizations”.

Flow—tide of realization—is to see the different sportive forms of God and ebb-tide of realizations—is to witness the finer forms of God in the course of transformation to the Absolute such as seen in the unfoldment of Atma. God—the—Universe changes into a Seed, and the Seed into a Dream and after Dream, nobody knows what remains. “A devotee at first sees glorious God with form and with glorious attributes, then the attributes of God with form lessen, then He turns into a baby form and finally He becomes God’s Light” —- Shri  Ramkrishna



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 12, June, 2015

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Ms. Mana Mondal

From Beleghata Reading Center, Ms. Mana Mondal has narrated her dream:

For 3-4 years, I have been listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) in different Reading Centrers at Beleghata, Kolkata.

On August 30, 1995 I was dreaming that I was transformed into a girl of 12-14 years wearing frock (at present I am 25 years).  It seemed as if I got a job as maid in somebody’s house.  That house was named as Ghosh Villa.

On the first day, when I joined, the house wife told me to sweep the room.  While sweeping I found a newspaper where it as written ‘Hiranyamaya Kosostha Brahma’ (Brahma or Supreme self in the sheath of gold in the cerebrum or seventh plane).  Besides that writing there was a picture of 4-5 months old baby and jelly like substance.

After my sweeping was over I saw that all the members were going out by a jeep for an excursion.  I asked the housewife, ‘where are you going’?  She said, ‘we are going to Mayapur’ (a sacred place of Vaishavas  who worship Lord Bishnu).  Saying this she handed over a baby of 4-5 months old in my hand and said, ‘there is a stove in the kitchen and full pan milk,  boil it and feed him.’

Looking at the child I saw the baby had short beard on the cheek, though I could not have the full view of his face.  Seeing this I was trembling with fear and told my mistress, ‘I cannot take the body in my lap’.  She said, ‘your Lord Jibankrishna has mentioned about this Brahma in golden sheath.  This baby will show you that Brahma’.  Then and there I remembered that news paper.  When the car left, the baby got down from my lap and holding a vertical rope went upwards.  Ultimately he went up so high that he looked like a doll.  Then he started whirling and ultimately took a shape just like the jelly as I saw in the newspaper, and he remained in that jelley.

[The seer visualized Supreme Self or God as in the golden sheath as mentioned in Chandogya Upanishad as such:

That Golden Person who is seen within the sun, has a golden beard and golden hair.

He is exceedingly brilliant, all, even to the fingernail tips. (1.6.6)

This is the mystery why and how a man or woman or a boy or old see Jibankrishna in dream in different states as described in Upanishads.]

2)      It was an open field.  In the midst a person was seated in meditation.  He had turban on his head.  I couldn’t recognize who he was.  But after some days I realized that he was Lord Buddha.

[To see Lord Buddha means to achieve the attributes of Buddha].

3)      Within the dream I woke up due to a bursting sound.  Opening my eyes I saw the rising sun and inside that I saw the form of Jibankrishna.  Gradually the sun moved through my right side and merged into my body.  I was at this state for a long time and then my dream was off.

The dream proves that the old Vedic Rishis used to see a person in sun as narrated in Upanishads.  But in Jibankrishna’s era it has been proved that he is that person in sun.

Suren Das

From Beleghata Reading Center, Kolkata, Suren Das has narrated his experiences thus:

That was the year 1979.  I was above 70.  How to get God was my constant thought.  I used to listen to the reading of religious books, but never found peace.  It was searching here and there where to her discussion about God.  During this time one of my relatives brought me to this Reading Center. Here the readers were Charu Bhattacharjee and Sister Mukherjee.

I started listening to the reading with great surprise.  It was something new which I have never heard.  Henceforth I became a regular listener, but didn’t see any dreams.  After about three months I had the first dream.

1)I saw a jackfruit tree.  At the base it produced fruits. Half of one jack fruit was under the ground.  I was having the smell of the jack fruit.  I broke that jack fruit and saw that it had only the seeds inside.  My dream was off.

[Jack fruit is many seeded.  The seer will have universal austerity though in seed form.  Single seeded indicates individualistic austerity.]

2)      Jibankrishna beheaded me and kept aside the head.  After a long time he joined it again.  I became much stronger.  Then I beheaded my grandfather.  But as I failed to join it, I began to search for Jibankrishna, though failed.  In the meantime he appeared, joined my grandfather’s head and then went away.  Next moment I saw my uncle and asked him, ‘has Jibankrishna left’?  He, said, ‘Jibankrishna has given life to my father.  My dream was off.

[To be beheaded means it is a type of Samadhi up to neck (chetan Samadhi).  The seer’s grandfather also got the grace of God-the Preceptor through the seer. To give life means to revive the divine conscious.]

3)     My mother was saying, ‘your father dreamt that Jibankrishna was patting him.  Hearing this, my grandmother said, ‘Jibankrishna stayed a long time with me’.  Hearing this, I began to dance raising my two hands and was saying, ‘I am free! While saying this I woke up.

[The dream indicates that through the seer his family members have also got the grace of Jiban Krishna.]



Volume – 12, June, 2015

Chapter 13 

Money in dream – spiritual realizations

May 30, 1955. Monday.

Samarendra Nath Dhar (To Jibankrishna)- In my dream I saw that I was having intense want of money. With a great worry I told my wife to give me a shirt. Wearing the old shirt I saw that there was a bunch of notes inside the pocket, and the amount was just to meet up my necessity. I was astonished, and the dream was off.

Jibankrishna- wife- the primeval power of the body; old shirt- the prejudices of previous births; the money to meet up the bare necessity means the spiritual realizations needed for the body.

The meaning of hiding on boat on land

May 31, 1955. Tuesday.

Nisikanta Dey (To Jibankrishna) I saw in a dream that a boat was sailing on land and reached near me. It was a strange thing that it had no passengers.

Jibankrishna – Yes my boy, everything is possible in God. The impossible thing becomes possible. You have seen the right thing.

God shows His sportive forms in dreams as God-the-Preceptor

June 3, 1955. Friday.

Satya Banerjee (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream I saw that I was seated in this room. Bankim Chakraborty was also seated there. I asked him about you. He said, ‘Don’t you know that he was taken forcefully by others to see a theatre.’ Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna- A strange dream was shown to you! Had you seen that Bankim Babu was seated in this room and I was not there!

Jibankrishna then told others – Theatre – The acting place- this world. God has come from Absolute to show His sportive forms within the human body.

God-the-Preceptor announce his own introduction in dream

June 4, 1955. Saturday.

Sailen Chakraborty (To Jibankrishna) –I saw in my dream that my brother Kali and I had come to you. On our way Kali told me, ‘Brother you have not yet got God-the-Preceptor’! Hearing this I felt depression. Then entering into the room you asked about our health and later on told me, ‘Oh, I am your God-the-Preceptor.’ Saying this you had Samadhi (Profound meditation merging in God). After the Samadhi was off you patted on my head and then my dream was off.

[Through dream God-the-Preceptor gives his own introduction to the seer.]

To eat mango in dream means to achive ‘Brahmagyan’ or Supreme knowledge

June 4, 1955. Saturday.

Prabhat Bose (To Jibankrishna) – In my dream that you took a huge mango and handing it over my hand you said, ‘Eat to your fill.’ I asked, can I eat such a big size mango? You said, ‘Yes you eat the whole fruit.’ Then my dream was off.

[Jibankrishna- Hey Prabhat, you do not know that you have achieved the Supreme Knowledge, as you ate the mango.]

Seeing Sri Ramkrishna as gate-keeper of Jibankrishna

June 5, 1955. Sunday.

Nitya Gopal Das (To Jibankrishna) – One night I saw in a dream that I was going to enter your room, but Sri Ramkrishna was sitting near the gate and you were seated being in Samadhi state (Profound meditation merged in God). I told him to let me in, but he stood silently. Then I said, ‘Why are you, kidding me, move a way from the door.’ Yet he did not move and then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna – Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is my protector and for this reason he remains as my gate keeper. He did not allow you to enter which means you may have same flaws in your life style. Be careful about leading your life.









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