(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 14, July, 2015      

Chapter 35

Universal Religion is the true Religion        

July 14, 1959.

There is a traditional saying that a monk will not even see the picture of women folks. But, actually this could not materialize in the lives of those who mentioned it. Was it right? On the other hand they have made a barrier in the religious world. But in the lives of the Vedic sages or Rishis we do not find it.

An impossible thing was imposed on their lives and common people will think, oh, what a superiority they have! When we could not sacrifice wealth and woman, we cannot achieve religious life. They are superior and we are inferior!

But it will not be a religion which is confined within a single man. The true religion should be manifested in all. A family man will achieve a true religion, and the Sannyasis (Monks) will also have the same. There is no bar, as everybody is God. In a true religion a man becomes God. We are witnessing it here. There is no place for imagination here. Everybody realizes that all are one.

The eternal cravings of being united is fulfilled here. Many are one – this is the solution of maya (illusion). You lead a family life, be modest, otherwise you will have the sense of division. Don’t confuse the worldly life with this spiritual life. Everybody’s worldly life is different but the spiritual life is same. True Religion manifests in all. There is no value of Religion when it manifests in one person and not in commoners. For this reason I could not accept ‘Samadhi.’ When they were unable to contribute a new thing and gave a traditional thing to the world, it has no value, as it was already in existence. So what matters that!

None has said the right thing. A man is God, none has said that. This human being is transformed into God and the true Religion makes that. So far in individualistic austerity everybody made them superior, but the world gets no benefit out of that. Here we are seeing that everybody is same. Can you see what a wonderful phenomenon we have got here! You may not conceive it as with a single prejudice it is difficult to conceive it. The brain should be kept open.

All these anomalies are created by mixing the worldly life with the spiritual life. In the spiritual life everybody is Brahma or God. Live pure and simple life. There will be no barrier by living family life and whatever happens will occur spontaneously.

Individualistic austerity is a den of egoism

July 14, 1959.

See, I am having ‘Samadhi’ (Profound meditation being merged with the Supreme self) but I am saying that it is nothing, because it is confined only in me, not in you. There is no meaning of what will happen in a few. So I discarded Samadhi as well as all these individualistic austerities what has happened within me only. Everybody should taste it because all are same in the spiritual world. Well, now come to the point. Eliminate the names of each person who comes here. A common thing exists. That is Brahma. Here you are saying that it is Jibankrishna. What was there in old days? One was getting Samadhi, so you worship him. One was Go and all others were common or simply human beings. Here all are same.

What is Universal Religion

July 23, 1959.

Atma or Soul is inert. What a man does that happens. Had our phenomenon is incorrect this would have been stopped here. But that has not happened. It is progressing continuously. Do you know how cautiously I speak! As for example, you are having so diversified realizations, but I don’t come to know what is happening. When you say, then only I come to know and say, yes we have become one.

This human being is the truth. The vision of Atma or Soul is confined within a single man. That is individualistic. Now you come here and say after seeing me in dreams, ‘Sir, you are we are one.’ So the question arises now, what is the relation between mankind and me. We are all one and this is proved as all of you see me within. This is the real knowledge. Actually every man is Brahma or God which is shown here.

When such term ‘Brahma’ or God is used, a man will run after imagination. For that reason I always say that there is no place of imagination in my brain. A living human being is true. What we have achieved as truth is to become one. This cannot be termed as Religion. Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) said in his Chicago lecture, ‘All religions are hypothesis,’ that means Religion is an imaginary thing. This is rather a cult. Even there is no proof of formless God (Nirguna Brahma), everything is within a human body. It has so immense and infinite power! See, long time back I made a long conversation for three hours with a gentleman, though he was not a living man. I couldn’t even guess that he was Kavir (A famous saint several centuries ago in India). Later on it flashed in mind, what a fool I was, that I couldn’t recognize him! Another example you can take into account in the era of Sri Ramkrishna. I am talking about the mother of Gopal who used to play with Gopal (Child Lord Krishna) in flesh and blood body. Then in Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna) life, when for a few days he used to play with Ramlala (Child Lord Rama).

In older days, all made so many imaginations about Religion. They saw only one side of a coin and paid no attention for another side. They have dealt with only the seed and did not see the vast side of it, because they could not conceive its vastness. Though they could not be blamed because they had no realizations.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 14, July, 2015

Anil Kumar Mukherjee.

I am an ordinary man and heard that God is in the body.  Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘If God wishes then the soul will be liberated from the body, ‘But I never understood how this liberation would come in my life and what would be its final result. Sri Ramkrishna also said, ‘When one acquires a great urge for God then He can be achieved.’

Suddenly one of my friends told me, ‘Will you go to a gentleman? Every day the Gospel of Ramkrishna is read and he gives yogic interpretation.’

I agreed and said, ‘Go just now.’ So we went to Jibankrishna’s residence and saw that a large number of people inside the room were listening to the reading with rapt attention. Jibankrishna was seated on the cot. As soon as I entered he told me to sit and after listening to the reading for a period of time, I came back. While coming out he said, ‘Come again.’ From my friend I came to know his name as Jibankrishna. Since then wherever I was moving in my house I used to hear the reading of the Gospel and see his face infront of me. I could not understand why this was happening.

Next day I went to Jibankrishna and he asked me, ‘Hey, have you seen any dream’? I said, ‘Yes. The dream is such. I was seeing a big size crane with detached head and blood was oozing out of its neck. It was coming to me as if to grab me. I was benumbed with fear standing like a statute. Then in the twinkling of an eye I was that extending the two hands you were protecting me. I saw that your feet was on the ground and your head touched the sky.’ He was very happy hearing my dream. I understood that he is my savior as God-the-Preceptor.

February, 1973

19, Muktaram Dey Lane,




Volume 14, July, 2015

Chapter – 53                           

Changes  in  the  spiritual  body                

241 .  29th  April,  1977. Friday.

Early morning dream:   I was living on the top floor of a huge building. Sitting there I was detaching the coir from the coconut. I went on detaching and it was becoming smaller and smaller. I was keeping the coir beside as these would be burnt later on. Then I found a soft kernel and again was detaching it and finally found a very soft thing just like the soft kernel of a coconut. I went on observing it and finally woke up from sleep.

For a long time after awakening I felt that same changes inside my body had occurred and was passing through a divine joy. It means that my body has become more receptive for new and powerful realizations in future.

Confirmation  of  the  spiritual  realizations  and

austerity  within  the  body        

242.  1st  June, 1977. Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  I saw some gentleman, and it seemed as if they were my students. Amongst them there were some old people. I was explaining to them, who is Preceptor and defined it at the same time. Then I asked them—‘What is God’? I myself answered and then narrated how God is visible. Everything I narrated with great confidence. Then they went away.

While narrating these, it was felt that all these happened in my body, that’s why I could explain these phenomena. After this I woke up from sleep.

The dream reveals that the seer has gained the power of transmitting the spiritualism in others, though his mind is not accepting this and moreover nothing is giving any impression to his mind. He wants only loneliness.

Revelation  of  a  huge  brain  capacity  and indication  of  attainment  of  Brahmahood or Godhood

243 .  7th  June,  1977. Tuesday.

Early morning dream:  A huge Hall was visible where many devotees of Jibankrishna were present. Only Arun Ghosh and Dhiren Mondal were remembered.

Then I saw that a huge size green coconut cut on the top was offered to me. I noticed that its size was bigger 2-3 times more than an average.  I felt that it was exceptionally sweet to taste as if it was mixed with sugar and a plenty of water. After drinking while I entered the Hall, saw that Mr. Ghosh paid Rs. One and forty paise on account of its cost, although ultimately I paid it from my pocket to Mr. Ghosh and here the dream went off.

The dream reveals thus:  The huge green coconut indicates the braincapacity of the seer which is 2-3 times more powerful than the average people, though in the spiritual world . Drinking the green coconut’s water means the permanent fixation of Brahmagyan or Supreme cult within the seer . The cost is Rupees one and forty paise means attainment of spiritual power by 140 percent, while Jibankrishna used to say, ‘I have attained the spiritual power by 200 per cent’.

Revelation  of  the  spiritual  condition  of  a  devotee

244.   13th, June. 1977. Monday.

In trance I saw Dhiren Mondal, a devotee with a very young appearance and wearing new clothes .

The trance revealed that the spiritual condition of Mr. Mondal has become very powerful and new realizations may occur in him with a new spiritual body.

Attainment  of  condition  with  non-attachment 

of  physical  body

245 .   20th June.  1977. Monday.

Early morning dream:  A huge building was seen in a big field. Rows of rooms were arranged on the top floors and one room was allotted for me where the cots and beds were ready for me. It seemed that some other persons also used to stay in that room, while those rooms were also allocated for a number of persons . I went out for a walk and when returned found that my bed was missing. Then I cried saying ‘Debasish ! Debasish’! Then I was awakened.

The dream first reveals that the bed of the seer was missing. Bed signifies the body, this means he is in such a condition, when he has no attachment for his physical body. This is a very higher spiritual stage. Debasish means blessings of God. It means by the blessings of God he has attained such condition.

Attainment  of  new  spiritual  body

246.   24th, June. 1977.  Friday.

Early morning dream:   I was having a supper in one of my student Kanai by name . After finishing the supper it seemed to me that the dress I was wearing belonged to another person. While searching for my own dress I could not find it. On the other hand somebody gave me an olive green loose trouser and I wore it. Then that unknown person gave me a gown type velvety dress. Wearing it I found that it reached below the knee level and with that dress my dream went off.

The dream again reveals that the seer’s spiritual body does not belong to him but to God only and he is having a new spiritual body.

[After 28 years (Oct, 2005) the real meaning revealed in his mind that this was an indication that in future the seer will have realizations up to foot level, that means to the extreme lowest plane as mentioned in Tantra and by attaining this condition he may have spiritual controlling power. The realizations in the long run have proved the fact that he has experienced all these in his body. But the effects will be told by the Future].



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 14, July, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as it is so  done in the  Gospel )

442))                         “A learned ignorance is the end of philosophy and the beginning of religion”.

A philosopher wants and attempts to attain God through learning. He fails. It hits him in his egoism. But it cannot extinguish his real egoism. Real egoism dies when life—power is transformed and becomes visible in the form of God—Atma, and ego—consciousness changes and becomes identical with God—consciousness.

Beginning of Religion—starts with the appearance of Satchidananda Guru—God-the-Preceptor in the body.  It is a positive aspect.

443)                         “There are some who are born free—Nitya Siddha”.

They are born with such a pliable body that God in their body is liberated spontaneously ; of course, it is a rare thing, but it happens. It so happened with Thakur at the age of eleven.

444)                         “Those  who have got such a waist where life-power gets

awakened spontaneously are Iswarkati”.

The first awakening of life-power in the body takes place below waist and then she makes her way through  the backbone to the seventh plane.

There are two kinds of Iswarkati “.

(1)  “Some bamboos have got bigger hollows in them—-Shri  Ramkrishn

‘Bamboo—represents backbone.

‘Bigger hollow—represents the tubular space in the backbone .

In an Iswarkati, the hollow in the backbone is bigger then any ordinary man.

But this kind of Iswarkati is Iswarkati in name only as their realization and emanation of God is their body are meager.

(2)   They are real Iswarkati who in Descent see God-consciousness coming down from the seventh plane to the waist. It is the full—fledged form of Iswarkati. Then he becomes aware that he an Iswarkati.

445)                          “I gave up everything at the feet of Divine Mother but

I could not give up Truth to Her”.

God is Truth and Truth is God.

Truth or Reality or God is in Thakur. He sees and feels this Reality with every breath. So this Truth or Reality or God cannot be parted with. This Truth manifests in everybody external life. Thakur gave up ‘Woman and Gold’. It manifested in his everybody external life. It often so happened with him that with the appearance of a woman before him, he got Samadhi and thereby used to lose his consciousness.

As for gold , if a silver coin were placed in the plam of his hand , then his hand would get paralysed, his breathing would stop and he would feel pain and these changes in his body would not come back into normal condition till the silver coin was removed.

446)                      “It is very hard for a man to discharge the duties of a house—holder after

liberation in  full measure as well as separation of God from the body”.

A man with these conditions in him attain s the Supreme Knowledge. After attainment of Supreme

Knowledge, a man lives only to see the sportive forms of God in him. So far the material is concerned, he merely lives. Thakur used to say, “I shall eat, I shall sleep and I shall live.” But ultimately it does not remain so. He gets God’s commandment and becomes an universal teacher, nay more than that—an Administrative General in the spiritual life.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 14, July, 2015

Ms. Rekha Das from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated this dream:

On 2 February 21, 1985 I saw in my dream a huge two storied building.  There was a room with a portico on the ground floor.  It seemed to me that Jibankrishna had expired and his body was laid on that portico.  I was seated beside his dead body.  It was load shedding and I could not see anything properly.  I thought to light a candle to remove the darkness.  I entered into the room and saw that Minati, a listener of the reading center was standing there.  I told her, ‘keeping the body of Jibankrishna on the ground floor you have also come here’!  Being scared she said, ‘I shall not go there’.

At that moment I saw that the husband (Sisir Kumar Ghosh) of my third sister was standing there.  He said, ‘I am going there’, and he went down.

As soon as I was going to light the candle the load shedding had gone.  Hastily I went to the body of Jibankrishna.  He was lying on a white bed covered with a white cloth up to his neck.  Only his face was seen.  My first maternal uncle late Dulal Chandra Bose was seated beside Jibankrishna’s body.

Whenever I thought that Jibankrishna was no more alive, I cried very loudly.  When I controlled my emotion, it seemed that Jibankrihsna’s body moved a bit.  Then he opened his eyes and made a huge yawning.  After this all his devotees came there and began to sing.  While hearing this song I woke up.

[Jibankrishna also saw a dream that he was covered with white cloth up to his neck in sleeping condition.  He had two interpretations one he gave long time back when he said that during this ere people would have their austerity from 6thplane upwards.  Another one he gave after long years as such.  In this era the supreme knowledge will manifest within a human body through brain, not by strong physical body as used to be said by the Vedic Rishis or sages thousands and thousands of years ago.  Another indication of the dream is that in spite  of physical death Jiban Krishna’s spiritual form will not die but will act for years together within the mankind.  (This is happening still after his demise in 1967 when he appears in dreams and reality among innumerable people)].

Mrs. Lila De from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated her dream thus :

One night I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna came and sat in the room of our Reading Center.  He was looking at me and I was also looking at him.  He had bare upper body wearing shocks on his feet.  Being overwhelmed with joy I bowed down to him lying on the floor.  I put off his shocks.  His feet were soft like cotton.  I wanted to feed him something and so my husband gave me two rupees to bring sweets.  At that moment my sister-in-law said, ‘there are some sweets in the box.  While I was washing the steel plate and arranging the sweets, my dream was off.

[In the dream God-the-Preceptor shows his sportive forms thus to the seer.]


Volume – 14, July, 2015

Chapter 15   

Seeing Atma or Soul in the form fish in dream

August 28, 1955.

Khagendra Nath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna)- My dream occurred a little bit before 1 AM. I saw in a pond with little water with two holes in it. A big fish came near me with a great speed. I tried to catch it but failed. The water of the pond was increasing gradually. It was very transparent and that fish was white and big. He said to me, ‘Hay, I am here, catch me if you can.’ I tried to catch it with a torn net but failed. There was no mud under the water, and the bottom was paved, the quay was also paved. Sinking in the water I observed that there was light inside the water. With a great surprise and pleasure my dream was off.

Jibankrishna later on said, ‘You talk about the fish incarnation and the fish talked to you. That was the visualization of Atma or Soul in the form of fish.

Khagen then said, ‘In anther dream I saw Thakur Ramkrishna. Then again I saw a human skeleton. From that sketon a man emerged. He was very, very old, and resembled Lord Buddha. Again I saw Ramkrishna Deva and lastly I saw foot mark of him. Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna- Your austeries are completed. But that is not all. You only say that this is nothing to me. I have got you and I shall not leave you anytime.

Seeing the spiritual state of devotee’s own father

August 31, 1955.

Bholanath Mukherjee (To jibankrishna) – My father saw in his dream that Jibankrishna with an illuminated body was standing on his chest. Then, after a while he merged into my father’s body and his body was transformed in to Jibankrishna. Touching his cheek he wanted to verify whether he had beard like Jibankrishna.

Jibankrishna – Your father achieved Godhood. This was a good dream.

Achieving Brahmagyan or Supreme knowledge in dream

September 5, 1955.

Abani Das (To Jibankrishna)- Last night I saw in my dream that I sunk into the water of a big pond and then my dead body floated on the water.

Jibankrishna- Floating after death means ‘ego consciousness’  has become dead. Then you have achieved the supreme knowledge.

Symbolic visualization of Atman or soul

September 8, 1955.

Ramkrishna Ghosh was in deep meditation. After a long time getting back into normal state he narrated a vision during the meditation.

Ramkrishna (To Jibankrishna)  I saw that a dove came and sat on my plans two-three times. Lastly showing my body the dove said, ‘Everything is within that.’

Jibankrishna – Bird is the symbol of Atman or Soul. You had symbolic visualization of Soul. There is another question. Why did you see dove. In Christianity dove is considered as peace. That means in one of your previous births you were a Christian.




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