(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 16, June, 2015

Chapter 37

Unity in diversity is the reality

July 27, 1959

In the synopsis of his book ‘Buddhism and Vedantism’ Swami Vivekananda Compared both so wonderfully by his genius which was not done by anyone up till now. He shows – Buddhists are saying ‘Variety’ and this is Truth, which means a human being – individually without even taking into account his selfhood – The Truth. Then what a man will do? Will he go out to conquer the world?

And then the Vedantists are saying – Those varieties which you are seeing outside, are nothing but illusions – short-lived, apparent, merely shade. Inside there is only ‘One’ and that is the Truth.

Now our question to them is this – who is that ‘One’? There will be no answer. So what God is showing us here? Oneness in varieties and that oneness is neither imaginary nor judiciary. This oneness is established here encircling a living human being and will continue in future. My form is manifested among myriads of people. Then what is the meaning? In the spiritual world we are not in existence, but you, though outside we are many. This is the Reality and Truth which myriads of people are experiencing. So Buddhists’ ‘Varieties are Truth’ and the Vedantists’ imaginary ‘One’ does not stand.

What happens after visualizing God

July, 1959.

Well, what happens to a man after visualizing God? After visualization he is transformed into God. What is the proof? Upanishads have mentioned, ‘He will be manifested within the human race’. Here this proof is established when you are seeing me within in dreams, trances, meditations and in reality. Then you see, if you go back to 3500 years, all the Great Prophets have mentioned only about visualizing God, but such phenomenon of being appeared within myriads of people irrespective of races, religions sexes and ages have not been seen in anybody’s life. Unless full-fledged visualization of God takes place within anybody, he cannot hide himself. He will be seen by myriads of people within the body.

Here this proof is first established.

Non-dualism is not an object of intellect

July, 1959.

According to Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) about three thousand years ago the doctrine of non-dualism was established. He said, ‘This non-dualism became an object of intellect among the scholars’. According to him, the idea of ‘Non-dualism’ is the greatest and last among all thoughtful matters.’

But what has happened here? You all are seeing me in dreams, trances etc. This is not a thoughtful matter, it is reality, and then why should I term it a ‘Doctrin’?

Swamiji has mentioned that the idea of ‘Non-dualism’ is only for intellectual persons. They can only conceive it, while other common people live their lives with dualism, and sometimes they become mad by not conceiving this Non-dualism.’

Here in our case this Non-dualism is manifested among common people. Again, according to Swamiji ‘Those who have conceived Non-dualism are lucky. Without being void of any prejudice he cannot conceive it. ’But here we are seeing just the reverse, because being full of prejudices you are seeing my form within you.

Dualism is the cause of all hazards

August 6, 1959.

‘He becomes intermingled within everything’, now who is ‘He’? Nobody could prove it since time immemorial. So this ‘He remains hazy till now, as a result, this has produced harm to mankind. Yet, there is no end of searching this ‘He’. Now this search is completed. This is not ‘He’ this is ‘I’ and this birth right is given to everybody by God. We are seeing now the form of a living human being – it is my form – being one within everybody. This ‘I am one in all’ is announced by you not by me. Otherwise who is ‘He’?

For all these reasons Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned, ‘Dualistic people are like the sacrificed animal of ritualistic works’, this means they could not eliminate animal passion.

Once it was shown to me in a dream that two would not exist. Only one will exist. At that time I thought that Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) would exist. But later on I saw and understood that not he but I would exist. This means dualism will be eradicated and Non-dualism will be established. Only ‘One’ will exist within each human being and that ‘one’ is my form.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 16, June, 2015

My first meeting with Jibnkrishna

Sibendra Nath Gupta

It was the month of April –May, 1967. With my brother like Raghunath Sen I went to meet Jibankrishna in his residence at Howrah. As soon as I stood near the door, with a heartily welcome sitting on his cot he called me and made me sit on his cot. What a sweet and soft welcome it was! I was overwhelmed with charm. Putting his hand very affectionately on my back he said, ‘I have read your book on ‘Vaisnav dhara’ (A book on Vaisnav religion literature) Kabyer dhara’ (A book on literature of Vaisnava religion). It was written with a great dedication and regard. Then with a great ectasy he recited a vaisnava song. After his ectasy was subsided he said, ‘You know that on every Vaisnava song yogic interpretation can be given as it was possible in case the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna Deva.’ Hearing his words a new door of my mind cods opened yes, I have never thought of this side! What an marvelous outlook he has got! It was charmed so much.

After a while the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna started as he gave the instruction. Hearing this I was drowned into an unknown world I have heard and read the Gospel, but never I got such concentration. It might be due to his company.

It seemed to me as if every particle including roof, cot, pictures and floor was listening to this reading and interpretation and I was merged with them. My concentration reached to such an extent that everything around me was silent but was lively. It seemed to me that this silence was infinite which was bringing on echo in my heart.

After a while breaking the silence a voice penetrated my ears and it was so familiar. Addressing me as if Jibankrishna was telling me what happened now in your mind was the spiritual oneness with God and all His creations that means a great change happened with you.’ Getting back my sense I noticed that Jibankrishna was in Samadhi (Profound meditation merged into God). I could not say how long it was, Wherever I was fixing my eyes I could only see his form. Just at that moment it flashed in my mind that Radha also had the same realization of seeing lord Krishna everywhere wherever she was looking (In Vaisnava literature it was written), and then she said these words.

‘I was feeling infinite divine joy as wherever I was fixing my eyes, I was seeing Krishna’.



Volume – 16, June, 2015

Chapter – 55

 Realization  on  the  identical  state  of  life  and  death

252)    20th, August, 1977,  Saturday.

Early morning dream:  My father (Amrita by name) had expired . But I remained calm. He was taken to the burning place without any ritualism. After a while I saw a room full of devotees of  Jibankrishna having discussions on spiritualism and my father was also present there listening to the discussions with full concentration . I went on thinking—‘Oh! He is not dead at all, because there is no difference between life and death!’ Here the dream went off.

The dream indicates the spiritual state of the seer thus :

(1) Ultimately the feeling of non-difference of life and death will be eliminated from the mind of the seer;

(2) Again quite a number of devotees are seen in dream which had been explained by Jibankrishna that this increases the brain power . But this is not reacting at all in the mind of the seer. He wants to be always observer and nothing else .Moreover, the brain also comes in equilibrium condition with this type of realization for further development.

Awaiting  Holy  Ghost                                                                

253)   Between 20th August and 27th August, 1977.

In one early morning I had a dream thus—I had gone to Jibankrishna’s residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah. But he was not there, so I went on waiting for him and at this moment the dream went off.

The dream indicates one thing that the seer may have to spend his whole life with the Holy Ghost.

Obtaining ‘Chapras’(Badge)

254)    27th August, 1977, Saturday.   In reality I was returning from Ranchi by train and had this dream in the train: A long paper with margins was seen before me. Nothing was written on the above portion. At the lowest part a sentence was written—‘Once if it is said that God is within the body, then and there it will act’. Then I noticed that all the passengers were changed into devotees of Jibankrishna. Gopal Chandra Roy and Anath Mondal along with Arun Mukherjee were singing the song ‘Brahmanandang…….etc.’ (Great divine joy of Brahmahood or Supreme Self) and beside them Dhiren Mondal was having spiritual talks with somebody near my ears. Then I woke up.

This dream shows the same realization noted in Bengali book ‘Dharma o Anubhuti’by Jibankrishna, where he has written—This chapras or badge  is obtained and is shown on paper in writing. It means the seer will have the power of preaching. But the seer does not want it.

Revelation  of  the  spiritual  condition  of  the  seer

255)    1st September, 1977, Friday.

Early morning dream:  A well known person, named Sudhangshu (Expired two months back) had come to meet me. After some conversations, I asked him, ‘Have you dreamt anything’? He answered, ‘I have dreamt Lord Shiva has come to the head shedding tears from his eyes’. Hearing this I said, ‘Good dream. It means that a man is transformed into Shiva (One) and shedding tears means shower of God’s grace.

Then I began to describe how Atma or Soul is seen in the cerebrum; how the whole universe is seen in the cerebrum, etc, etc. When I was narrating these, I was feeling very confident.

Afterwards Sudhangshu went out for having food and I waited.

Meanwhile a devotee, Arun Ghosh came there with a smiling face and said,‘You are saying all these! You will get addicted if you continue to say all these’. But I took it very casually and ignored the comments. The dream went off.

[Sudhangshu means Moon which illuminates like honey .The truth is illuminated like honey. Truth means the spontaneous revelation of Self in a human body which was narrated by the seer to Sudhangshu.]

[After 28 years in October, 2005, a new meaning flashed in the mind of the seer thus : All the works i.e., compilations, publications on Jibankrishna may one day will be realized and illuminated among human race establishing peace in their minds.]

Revelation of dispassionate condition of the seer

256)    3rd  September, 1977, Saturday, Place :  Makardah . Early morning dream: A spiritual discussion was going on in a house among the devotees of Jibankrishna. Late night it was finished. While on the way of returning home, I saw no vehicles on the road and waiting for the transport it was 12 o’clock at night . I was tensed thinking how I could return home. So I again came back to the same house and saw some devotees like Indranath Mukherjee, Barendra Nath Mitra and many others. Mr. Mitra asked me, ‘When you fell in such a tensed situation, did you

call God’? I exclaimed, ‘So what! Falling in danger why should I call God? I never did in my life, not even now, though what will happen in future, I don’t know. Will you call God only when you fall in distress’? The dream then was off.

The dream here reveals that the seer is dispassionate about everything showing his mental makeup at the same time.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 16, June, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

451)                       “Let you turn into gold by once touching the Philosopher’s stone ; then you may

remain buried underground for thousand years and after that when you are taken

out you will remain gold”.

Gold—represents God—-Atma in body.

If God out of grace once emanates from the body in full measure and is seen in the seventh plan then He will never come back again into the bondage of the body.

If Supreme Culture is once attained then it does never get extinct. It is sheer God’s Grace and God’s grace is perpetuated.

452)                          “Milk is to be kept in a quiet place, then it will set

into curd, and butter is to be churned from it”.

Milk—represents blood of the body.

In a quiet place—means withdrawing one’s mind from the world and keeping it confined within body when mind will be quiet.

Set into curd—means when blood in the body will be in a balanced condition and at rest. Human body gets these conditions when God emanates from the body.

Now churning rod is required for getting butter.

Life – power is the churning rod.

Butter – represents God in the seventh plane.

Life-power churns the body and gets herself transformed into God in the seventh plane.

“Then the venom of the sanke falls down in the skull”. —Shri  Ramkrishna.

If milk is churned into butter within twenty five years of age  then and then alone a man gets butter.

“You have got to pay in full measure, if you want to purchase a commodity in full measure”.

—-Shri Ramkrishna.

Butter—Atma—God emanates in full measure when this human body is in a full-bloomed youth. A man’s full-bloomed youth is twenty five years age. This calculation has been left by Thakur.

“If  a song urges vehemently for his share on his father and mother, then the parents in consultation with each other give out his share some two or three years beforehand”—Shri  Ramkrishna.

‘Father’—is God, the Absolute, in an unseen and unattached condition in the body.

‘Mother’—is this human body.

God, the absolute, through this body manifests Himself and He is seen.

The fixed age is about twenty five years. Thakur got the Divine Mother (Atma) between the age of twenty two and twenty three. If two or three are added to twenty two or twenty three then it becomes twenty five. The exact time is twenty four years and eight months.

A man obtains his God-the-Preceptor at the age of twelve years and four months. At the age of twenty four years and eight months he gets and sees Atma, God, in the seventh plane. It takes twelve years and four months in the body for God’s manifestations and realizations in multifarious

conditions in the process of transformation of life power into God.

453)                    “He was with his bent-down head”.

This bent-down head signifies that life-power has concentrated and made her passage through the medulla oblongata to the cerebrum and thereby the nerves there have been slackened, so the head is bent down.

When Buddha used to be out with his begging bowl for alms, he was found to be walking with his head fixing his eyes on the toe of his bent-down feet. It was the sign that his life-power entered the seventh plane slackening the nerves of his neck.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 16, June, 2015

Mrs. Asharani De from Beleghata: Reading Center has narrated a few dreams

1) On March 22, 1995 I dreamed that I had gone to the room of my eldest son.  A girl from the adjacent room said that my son’s wife was not in the room.  At this moment I saw a photograph of Jibankrishna.  Suddenly it seemed to me that the photo became alive, and Jibankrishna was seated with two legs hanging. A girl named Khuku (a listener of the Reading Center) was moving his two legs in backward direction.  Seeing this I was feeling hurt and thought that he was feeling pain.  At this moment my dream was off.

[Both picture and living form have the same spiritual effect.  The seer also has grown a great passion for God-the-Preceptor.]

2) After a few days I dreamed that Jibankrishna was lying on my cot, as if in the dark.  Looking at his face I asked, ‘you have lied in the dark!  Let me open the window’. But he prevented me.

Then he put off his shirt and kept aside.  I saw a sweet in his pocket.  I took it out and ate with great satisfaction.  I told him, ‘I ate your sweet.  Let me bring another one, but he interdicted me.  Here my dream was off.

[Sweet Symbolizes brain cells.  This belonged to Jibankrishna which means that the seer will have spiritual realizations and austerity through the body of God-the-Preceptor.]

3) Once during this time my bone at the waist region was fractured by falling.  I had to spend in bed rest condition for long days under the instruction of doctor.  I was feeling helpless as I could not go to the Reading Centre.

One day at about 10-00 A.M., I was lying with closed eyes and fell in trance.  I felt that somebody was knocking at the door.  But I had no power to get up.  So I was waiting for the guest and then felt that somebody entered into the room.  I tried to trace who the guest could be.  After a while I clearly saw that Sri Ramkrishna was standing there.  Seeing him I felt a great joy in spite of my physical ailments.

4)After a few days I saw in a dream that three Rishis (vedic sages) had gone to some sacred places.  One of them returned and wanted a container from me.  After searching I gave him a tea cup though its holding ring was broken.  He took it and began to repair.  At this moment my dream was off.

[One strange incident happened within a few days.  My fracture cured very fast beyond the expectations of the doctors. Actually through spiritual power the physical ailments are cured though spontaneously].

Mrs. Bimala Prabha Bhattacharya from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated a few of her dreams.

Dreams seen in the year 1985.

1)I saw a huge ocean with high rising waves as if these were touching the sky and breaking into pieces.  One golden color flower with three petals was floating on the water and on it I saw this man Jibankrishna in meditation.  My dream was off.

[Ocean – Sachhidanda Ocean or Ocean of God, three Petals – three nerves e.g. Ira, Pingala, Susumna moving from first plane to the seventh plane or cerebrum, golden color symbolizes Atma or Sour, Flower in the seventh plane which is the place of God].

2) I saw a room on a high base.  Inside the room a beautiful white bed was placed on a cot and I was sleeping on that bed with mosquito net.  It seemed that the net was made of silver and it was raining all round the mosquito net.

Sudhir Babu was reading the book of Jibankrishna on the corridor and it was also raining heavily at that place. Suddenly I heard an oracle, ‘why are you sleeping, get up and listen to the reading.’

[White bed – the purity of the body; Rains – grace of God; Mosquito net – Protecting the body from evils; the oracle – voice of God to alert the seer].



Volume – 16, June, 2015

Chapter 17 

One’s dream is the lesion of others.

September 13, 1955.

Souren Bhattacharjee (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that I was standing at the door of our house, and you were coming hastily on Kali Banerjee Lane. Then seeing Bankim Babu at the residence of Vijay Guru’s son Patit Chatterjee you were chasing him with shoes. Bankim Babu starting running away.

Jibankrishna- This does not mean to chase not only Bankim Babu but it indicates you also, because still you go to their house. This is your lesson also.

Meaning of seeing posters in dream

September 13, 1955.

Mrityunjay Roy (To Jibankrishna) – About two days ago I saw in a dream a large portico and a beautiful carpet was laid on it. On it were seated many devotees and you were laying beside me. Waking up in the morning I saw none there. On one corner of the room large heap of posters were kept. Coming outside I saw that Anath was standing outside holding a large quantity of posters. Then entering again into the room Souren was standing near the heap of the posters. He told me, ‘Remove that wooden plank and see’. So I removed the plank and saw that Goddess Kali was laying in flesh and blood. I woke up and again in sleep I saw that leaning against a railing of the corridor of a big two-storied house you were standing. Calling me you said, ‘Mrityunjoy, will you take me to the Kali temple of Dakshineswar’? Then you got down with a married woman. After walking a distance you were transformed into very old man. Then boarding both of you on a Rikshaw I followed you. At this moment my dream was off.

Jibankrishna- It is a good dream, though Vidyamaya (pure soul woman) has not yet left you. Those posters which you saw are the parts of the cerebrum. It means innumerable people will achieve God-the-preceptor and the greatness of God will have great publicity in future.

Symbolic separation of Soul or Atma and body

September 14, 1955.

Khitish Roychoudhury (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in my dream that a large snake opened its hood. Then a man came and by a trick held the tail of the snake and twisted in such a way that the snake became weak. Then he smeared the snake from tail to head. As soon as he dragged the tail, the whole skin were separated from the body.

Jibankrishna – The dream showed that your soul and body were separated through symbolically.