(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 18, September, 2015

Chapter 39

To see Jibankrishna within the body is the truth – A forecast

August 25, 1959.

This phenomenon cannot be termed as Religion. This is a truth, and that truth is to see my form within.

The other day I was talking about the response. It is such: When you touch somebody, they will start seeing my form, not you. It is because if all are seen within the body a confusion will be created. So I am a common feature and this is universal.

A man is born with the dice of Diamond’s form

August 25, 1959

A part of complete works of Swami Vivekanada Vol-II was read thus: “According to Sankhya, nature is omnipresent. One omnipresent mass of nature in which are the causes of everything that exist. What is meant by cause? Cause is the fine state of manifested state. The un-manifested sate of that which becomes manifested.”

Diamond said in this context – Can you explain? What does it mean ‘The un-manifested state of that which becomes manifested? It means, human race irrespective of Sex, caste and creed are born with the dice of my form. But my existence there is in un-manifested state that is in ‘Nirguna’, and where my conscious form is manifested, there I am being manifested. Otherwise you say, from which direction I have entered into your body either through ears or ears? No! I have not entered into your body through any outside agency. On the other hand a man is born with my dice. Wherever I am manifested, he or she see and announces.

Spontaneous manifestation of spiritualism will be universal

August 30, 1959.

This phenomenon (seeing Jibankrishna in dreams etc. among innumerable people) is universal, because there is no barrier in religions, races, sexes and ages. The individual austerity will be manifested within you according to your capacity. Other than you this Universal Religion will not be manifested, the traditional religion will continue. Till to-day Sri Chaitanya and above all, the individualistic austerity manifested to a large extent in Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). In an individualistic austerity the presence of good prejudices are required and at the same time a rigid life is necessary.

But here the Universal Religion is manifested and so the individualistic religion is not necessary.

I was shown long time back in a dream that Babu’s (Gentleman or God) body was covered with white cloth up to throat. It means the lower zone austerity will not manifest among human beings. This Universal austerity will thrive. Individualistic austerity is also true but that cannot be proved. But here, you are coming and narrating your realizations one by one, and then I understand what happens within you. This way we have conceived this as Universal austerity.

What has manifested here, I have no credit for this. This has happened spontaneously. If one of you say, ‘Sir, our austerity has begun after coming here and listen to your words’! Yet, you should know that this has happened automatically.

One is All and All is One

August, 1959.

Buddhism says that ‘phenomenon’ which is visible outside is truth, whereas the Vedantists say that this ‘phenomenon’ is not true. That ‘One’ is the truth. But they could not say what is this ‘One’.

What we have got here? We have got ‘Many are One’ and ‘One is Many’. We are seeing here what is this ‘One’ and that ‘One’ is the form of a living man, who is inside everybody – ‘Sada Jananang hridaye sannibistah’ (‘He’ is within all – Upanishad). This is means the ‘truth’ has revealed.

Now this has become clear what Buddhism or Vedantism have contributed is wrong. But here we have crossed both these isms and achieved the ‘truth’.

This human body is a container of infinite power

August, 1959.

What an infinite power this human body possesses! From this body the force has come out and evolved the process of uniting human beings into one and on another side this power has evolved the process of making hydrogen bomb, atom bomb etc. to destroy the world. Hydrogen bomb is the insignia of destruction and our phenomenon is showing the creation of a new world with ‘Oneness’. They have taken the outward force and I have taken the inner force of human body.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 18, September, 2015

Gopal Chandra Das

Some of my friends used to assemble in every Sunday and need the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and then we used to discuss on it. One day we discussed that we never saw a man who had Samadhi (Profound meditation merged into God).

One day a colleague of our rationing office said that there was a gentleman of that type was living at kadamtala, Howrah. So in one Sunday my friend NityaGopal Das and I started for Howrah by bicycle, found the same house and saw Jibankrishna. But we did not enter into his room as we heard that something should be taken before visiting a saint. Next Sunday I bought three oranges and entering into Jibankrishna’s room I put the three oranges at his feet. He said, ‘I should not take those things’. He did not accept the oranges and told me, ‘Give those to your children at home’. So I had to take back those oranges. Next week I dreamed a round shaped pond and an oval shaped boat was floating on it, decorated nicely with lotus flower I got up on the boat and felt a great joy. After sailing for a while I went to a house. It seemed to be four storied and I saw a handsome boy there. Thereafter nothing could be remembered.

After a few days I started visions in reality.

Sometimes Jibankrishna was running in front of me by bicycle; whenever I went to ‘Kali’ temple at Dakshineswar or other temples I saw Jibankrishna seated; I was walking on road I saw goddess Kali walking before me. I told Jibankrishna about these visions. He said, ‘Don’t be afraid’. Then for a few days I saw Jibankrishna wearing ring in his hand.

One day a bachelor young man told me, ‘Will you take me there? I said, ‘you can go,’ and we went to Jibankrishna. What a strange thing’ happened then ! As soon as he bowed down before Jibankrishna resting Jibankrishna told me, ‘Bow down to him. You will understand later on what you have got in you. I bowed down and felt that some things was rising from my naval region upwards and I went on nonstop laughing.

It was one day’s incident, At about 10 A.M. I was returning from market I saw a completely naked aged man was walking on the east side of kalighat road and Balaram Basu Ghat road in a quite unconcerned manner I was surprised seeing this scene and thought that he was so shameless!

Later on I went to Jibankrishna and asked, ‘What was it’? He said, ‘You have only seen him and none has seen him. That was showing your previous birth.’

February 26, 1979

19, Balaram Basu Ghat Road

Kolkata- 25



Volume – 18, September, 2015

Chapter – 57

Indication  of  the  vastness  of  the  cerebrum  and

fulfilment  of  austerity  in  Descent

261)    21st September, 1977, Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  I was seeing the lower inside part of my brain with large capacity. Afterwards I noticed that a mouse jumped and pushed against the portion of the cerebrum where visualization of ‘Atma took place in case of Jibankrishna. The thrush was so intense that my head was shaken even during the sleep and as a result I woke up.

The dream reveals the huge brain capacity in the spiritual world. The thrush by the mouse in the lower region of the cerebrum indicates that the passage in descent became clear. The same indication about the seer’s austere in descent was revealed in the previous dream.

Attainment  of  ‘Brahmananda’  or  divine  bliss

262)    25th September, 1977, Sunday . Place : Ghatsila .

Early morning dream:  I saw Ananda Mohan Ghosh singing with the words ‘Ananda’.’Ananda’(‘Joy’,’Joy’). Thereafter I began to sing ‘Brahmananda’ etc. (Divine bliss) and then I woke up.

The dream shows the existence of the seer within divine joy(Ref: Dharma O Anubhuti’, page – 4 – great joy – Attainment of Satchidananda condition).

Conglomeration  of  life  and death—Future

possibility  of  attaining  the  same  sense

263)    26th September, 1977, Monday.  Place :  Ghatsila .

Early morning dream:  I was continuously uttering. ‘Life and death are the same, there is no difference between life and death’. While saying these I woke up .

The feeling is the repetition of the dream seen on 20/8/77 which indicates that in future the seer will have this feeling permanently.

Shower  of  grace  by  the  Holy  Ghost

264)    30th September, 1977, Friday.

Early morning dream:  I was seated on the floor of Jibankrishna’s residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. He was seated on his cot. One devotee named Promod was seated just below the picture of Sri Ramkrishna Deva hung on the wall. Jibankrishna handed over the book ‘Sudha Kumbha” written by a devotee named Dilip Ghosh. I said to him, ‘I shall read it’. But he then handed over another thick book to me to read. It seemed that he gave it to me for ready reference.

After a while Jibankrishna began to apply ‘Saakti’ (transmitting spiritual power to others by touch of hand or hug) to Promode and he then fell into half consciousness due to ecstasy with shedding tears from eyes. I realized that Jibankrishna showered grace upon that devotee. After this incident I began to read. At this moment my dream was off.

By giving the books to the seer for reading the Holy Ghost showered his grace upon the seer. The dream also reveals the spiritual condition of Promode, although it is not so superior in quality.

Blessing  of  the  Holy Ghost  upon  the  devotee

265)     4th October, 1977, Tuesday.

Early morning dream:  Mr. Deb Kumar Choudhury, a devotee of Jibankrishna, was telling me very cheerfully, ‘I have a dream on Jibankrishna’. Saying this he was narrating the dream and then the dream went off.

The meaning of the dream is the same as the previous one, that means the blessings of the Holy ghost were pouring upon the devotees along with the seer also because everybody is ‘One’ as because the ‘Self’ or Atma or Soul is one.

Achievement  of  fearlessness  and  accompaniment

with  devotees

266)    7th October, 1977, Friday.

Early morning dream:  I saw an ox roaming on the street. I was standing there wearing a maroon color trouser. Somebody said, ‘The ox is coming to push with horns’. It seemed to me that as if it was coming to push me and its motive also seemed to be like that. I told the unknown person, ‘I wear a red trouser and for that reason it may push me’. But he said, ‘This is not red, but maroon’. At that moment I noticed a house and from the back side of that house I went upstairs and became relieved. Just at that moment I saw the Ex-Maharaj kumar of Burdwan named Abhaychand who was familiar to me in reality. I saw Abhaychand in my previous dreams two three times. Then I went on discussing with him on spiritual aspects. Gradually many devotees of Jibankrishna came to join the discussion and here the dream went off .

The after effect of this dream was thus: A feeling of leaving the body became very intense within me intending to live alone without the accompaniment of anybody. Even I could not tolerate any spiritual discussion. My mind was intending to enter the death region which I experienced in some of my previous dreams and meditations. To divert this attitude I was keeping myself busy with other activities. It was not known when this feeling would be eliminated

‘Abhay’ means without fear.




By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 18, September, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

460)                      “It is very hard to do good work without any selfish touch in it”.

No work can be done without any self-interest in it. It is but a self-deception and a false

consolation that a good work is done without any self-interest in it. Yes, teachers like Buddha,

Jesus, Sankar, Shri Ramkrishna taught the human race. But their case was absolutely different

from others as they had God’s commandment.

461)                       “But after seeing God , a man may do good work being totally unselfish”.

This is a different kind of work. Work of this kind is done by the great teachers like Buddha,

Jesus, etc. This is to kindle the thirst for God in a man. By Thakur also it is so done. It is to pass

one’s  day in the company of real devotees and to speak to them about God’s sportive forms as

seen and realized in the body.

462)                        “Monks for their livelihood will depend absolutely upon God”.

Monks will be satisfied with whatever they get without any effort or self-exertion on their parts.

But it is an old monkish course and it has been discarded by Thakur. He often said, “A clerk was

sent to a jail. He was put in chains there. After sometime he was set free. He came out from the

jail. Now, what would he do? Would he keep on cutting capers in the street ? Certainly not .

He would try and secure a clerk’s job somewhere and lead an ordinary simple life like others”.

The parable means that a man after liberation leads an ordinary, simple and pure life. There is no

special privilege for him as a liberated one. It is Brahma Vidya, the Supreme Culture and culture

is for the sake of culture only.

Then what a real devotee will do for livelihood ? He shall be earning his own livelihood in the best

possible honest way.

Thakur at first was but a paid priest in the temple of Dakshineswar. Later on, he was pensioned.

He used to say, “I live on pension”.

463)                         “They  (monks)  should  not lay by  for  the  morrow”.

No hoarding for the morrow. ‘The father has taken the kiddy by the hand—no fear for a slip.

The Father in the body will conduct your life in such way that there will be no accumulation for

future but at the same time, you shall be in want. “A trained dancer dances in rhythm.”

—–Shri  Ramkrishna.

464)                       “Let  love  of  God  manifest  within,  work  ceases  concomitantly”.

True and real love to God cannot grow without being seen.

Faith may create an imitation of love but it fails to produce the desired effect.

Here ‘Love’ is Prema—a yogic term. It was seen in Shri Chaitanya who forgot the world and even

his own dear body.

The yogic form of Prema as manifested in the body is described below :

When Mahavayu makes its course through the front side of the body and gets up into seventh

plane and Samadhi follows it, then the following signs in the body are manifested and seen :

1. The breast  heaves  heavily..

2     The  body  writhes .

3.    Like a rope the Mahavayu rises from the abdomen. “Prema is like a rope with which God

is tied.” – Shri  Ramkrishna.

This state is visible even to those men who sit near the attainer of Prema. Furthermore, whenever

the attainer will like to have this state, it will come upon him and will be seen by others.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 18, September, 2015

Mrs. Sumitra Pramanik from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated her two trances thus:

On August 22, 1999 I was listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book at the Reading Centre.  Then I fell in a trance and saw a raised platform and the word ‘Om’ was inscribed on it.  On the platform was seated Jibankrishna.  Beneath the platform the words ’Advaitasvaar’ (voice of non-dualism) are inscribed.  My trance was then off.

[Platform – Seventh plane of the human body which is the place of Jibankrishna who also rests on cosmic swound ‘Om’ or ‘Advaitasvar’.]

On September 9, 1999, Nirmal Mondal was the reader and I was listening along with many listeners.  During that time I saw in a trance that the reader’s face was transformed into Jibankrishna’s face.  Next time I saw that his tongue was looking like the tongue of goddess Kali of Dakshineswar temple at Kolkata.  Just beneath that tongue one basket of mangoes was seen and as if Jibankrishna was tasting those mangoes.  Then my trance was off.

[When anybody reads Jiban Krishna”s sacred book he or she is also transformed into Jiban Krishna in the spiritual world.  Discussion on God is performed with the help of tongue and so it is shown that through it the perpetual bliss is achieved.]

Mrs. Renu Dutta from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated her dreams thus:

On February 21, 1999 I saw in my dream that I was going somewhere.  On my way I saw that beneath a banyan tree Jibankrishna was seated.

Going in front of him I told him, ‘oh, you are here’!  Then I bowed down to him. He asked, ‘where are you going?  There is no need to suffer from depression of mind.  So many things happen in a family life.  Another thing, don’t call me ‘Thakur’ (God), call me as ‘Jibuda’ or ‘Jibanda’ (Brother Jiban), because  I am same with all, you and I are one.

I told him, “I shall not call you as brother’.  He said, ‘As you call Samir or Nirmal as ‘brother’, so call me also as ‘brother’.  Go now”. Then my dream was off.

[In reality Jibankrishna used to insist others to call him as brother Jiban or only Jiban as he always said that he is same with others without any difference.]

On March 28, 1999 I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna was standing in front of a house and I was passing before him.  Seeing him I stood there.  He asked me, where will you go? I said, ‘where to go”’?  Then he said, ‘come to my house’.  He took me to his house and said, ‘stay here and do your work.  It will be good for you’.

I noticed that it was a very old house.  I cleaned the house with broom.  Jiban Krishna said, ‘Many people will come, so you have to cook because they will have supper, go and take your bath in the river Ganges.’  I went there and met my elder sister (expired).  She said, ‘I stay in the house of goddess Kali.  Where do you stay’?  I said, ‘I stay in Jibankrishna’s house’.

While taking bath I saw that a fish began to play with me and while the fish was going away it smiled.  After taking bath when I came back to Jibankrishna I saw that cooking was finished.  Reading started and many people were listening.  I also sat there and my dream was off.

[In dream God-the Preceptor shows his sportive forms in various ways.  Fish is the symbol of Atma or soul.]

In the month of August, 1999, one night I saw in my dream that some people coming from a temple were saying, ‘In whatever temple we are going never saw any idols of gods or goddesses.  We saw that in every temple a person is seated.  Hearing this I was thinking let me go to a nearer temple and see who is seated!  Then going to a temple I saw that Jibankrishna was seated on a raised platform in the temple.  My dream was off.

[There are no gods or goddesses.  There is only one God who is within every human body which is the temple or church or mosque, and he is in human form.  The seer has grown this conception.]

On November 11, 1999, I saw in my dream a large field.  In the midst of it a huge canopy was erected, as if to hold a religious conference.  With all the listeners of the Reading Centre millions of people had gathered there.

Jibankrishna was present there and addressing all he was saying, ‘whoever has seen me within them has come here.  Nobody will leave this place without eating. He himself cooked big pieces fish curry and served himself.  When the supper was about to finish, he said, ’all of you hail God and always remember God’.

Then Jibankrishna stood in the middle with folded hands and all were continuously reciting, ‘Hail Jibankrishna! Hail Jibankrishna’!  That was a wonderful scene.  Here my dream was off.

[The dream reflects the reality where he being seen in myriads of people he is feeding all with numerous spiritual realizations.

Fish symbolizes Atma or Soul.  Fish curry represents austerity of Atma.  After seeing Jiban Krishna in dreams Atma performs austerity within the seer by constant guidance of God-the-Preceptor.]

In reality on December 22, 2002 a great gathering of Jibankrishna’s followers was about to be held.  On December 21, I saw a dream :

The gathering place was arranged beautifully.  All the followers of Jibankrishna were assembled there.  On the platform were seated Sri Ramkrishna and mother Sarada, brother Samir and brother Nirmal etc.  In the middle Jibankrishna’s photo was placed decorated with flowers.  But I was seeing that the photo was alive.  Jibankrishna was moving his hands and talking.  He was saying, ‘you should know that whenever anybody reads, it means that I am reading’.  Saying this he came out of the photo and sitting in the middle of the platform he began to read and discuss about God continuously. On one side of the platform about hundred predecessor religious teachers after listening to Jibankrishna’s discussion said, ‘All of us were not correct and couldn’t do anything.  So we are bowing down to God-the-Preceptor of the world Jibankrishna’.  The dream was then off.

[The dream indicated the power of such great gathering of Jibankrishna and moreover indicates the whole spiritual status of the world history.]



Volume – 18, September, 2015

Chapter 19

Vision of progress of austerity

October 15, 1955.

Santosh Brahmachari (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that aeroplanes were flying in the sky, and they flew for a long time. Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna – The dream indicates your progress of austerity. Aeroplane symbolize very fast movement of life force. Your progress of austerity will be very fast.

Vision of Kundalini in the form of woman and snake.


October 16, 1955.
Rambhadra Roy (To Jibankrisna)- I saw in dream a very beautiful woman with ornaments on  her body. I thought, oh, who is this woman! Then and there I saw that a snake encircling my neck bite me. But I was not
afraid and realized that she is the Kundalini power.

Jibankrishna – This is a strange dream. Many saw kundilini in symbol, but you have a vision of kundalini in the form of woman!

Indication of interruption of austerity


October 16, 1955.

Rabi Ganguly (To Jibankrishna)- I saw in a dream that two aeroplanes were flying in the sky, but suddenly they collapsed and fell on earth.

Jibankrishna –  This shows the motion of your life power or austerity. But falling on earth indicates that your austerity may be interrupted. So be careful! Do you understand?

Symbolic transformation of kundalini into Atma or Soul


October 28, 1955.
Gopi Chatterjee (To Jibankrishna)- I saw in a dream that a poisonous snake was transformed into aHilsa fish.

Jibankrishna- Snake- Kundalini, Fish – Atman or Soul. Kundalini is transformed into Atma though it is a symbolic vision.

Austerity of ascent and descent through dream


November 10, 1955.
Janaki Pal- I saw in a dream that one side of a rope was tied with the top of a coconut tree and another side was hanging. Many people tried to get up by holding that rope but failed. Then I got up by holding
the rope, but got down by the tree trunk.

Jibankrishna- Your austerity in both ascent and descent was completed.

Achieving Samadhi state in dream


November 10, 1955.
Khendra Nath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna) –I saw in a dream that beside a big pond I was having discussion on God with my elder brother. He was talking about Sri Ramkrishna Deva. I fell into ecstasy and became
speechless and then senseless. Then a black girl touched me and I got back my sense. Seeing her eyes I realized that she was a goddess.

Jibankrishna – You reached the Samadhi state. [Samadhi- profound
meditation merged into God and it is the highest state in austerity.]