(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 19, October, 2015

Chapter 40

Universality is divinity

August, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, ‘By divine love one forgets the world and even this dearest body’. But by forgetting world why eating is necessary?

What happens in Samadhi (Profound meditation being merged into Supreme Self)? It is withdrawal of self i.e., by self-exertion the mind is taken to such a zone where there is complete elimination of body sense.

But what matters to that? To eliminate body sense is not divinity. When divinity comes? When this will become Universal which means this will spread among the humanities. Universalism is the ‘truth’ and this is the divinity.

This Universe is projected and seen by a human being

August, 1959.

Just like a spider and its net a human being immediately after his birth projects the world and live there. What is ‘Spider’. It is ‘I. What is the proof that I am the spider? Those Vedic Rishis (sages) are saying, ‘I am that Brahma (God),’ and its proof is borne by you here.

What Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) saw in his realization? The red match stick suddenly ignited. What I have told you about my realization? It was the light Dipak (Fire works with bright flashes of light). The match stick is the insignia of this human body while ‘Dipak’ signifies this world. Thakur saw the individualistic conscious and I saw the Universal Conscious.

What Vedas, Puranas (Hindu mythology) and Tantra have said? – ‘God is born as a human being’, and what I have said? – A man becomes God. For what purpose a man is born? – To become God. A man is transformed into God, He does not come from outside.’

One thing I used to say, perhaps you may remember it, that, ‘Truth comes from reverse’.

Meaning of Creation – existence – dissolution

August, 1959.

What will you say about Creation – existence – dissolution in one word? It may be termed as motion isn’t it? See, a man is born, then he becomes 4 years, then 10 years, then he attends the old age and ultimately dies. So in one word it means a motion, isn’t it? It is the manifestation of the latent capacity. But in God what is there? All the forces minus death. But Buddhists to a certain extent conceived it. They use to say disease, old age and death. But Vedantists say besides these three things there is another and that is Atma or Soul. What is another meaning of Atma? The form of this body which you see in dreams, trances etc.

About 9000 thousand years ago, Ric Veda is saying, ‘Ekam Sat’ (One only exists), but could not say what is that ‘one’. Then they said, He is merged with this universe as Paramatma or Supreme self. Now can anybody say anything after this? This is a sophistry and big poetic finish, so that nobody can say anything against it. Then comes ‘Tattamasi Svetoketo’ (Svetoketo you are that He) and then comes ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma or God).

Now come to Mahapraphu (Sri Chaitanya – the founder of Vaisnava cult or worshiper of Lord Vishnu in Bengal and adjacent States of India about 550 years ago). He is also saying ‘Krishna, Krishna’. Then in Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna, he was also uttering ‘Mother, mother’. Seeing all these things Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) said- All the religions are but hypothesis. But am I a hypothesis? No, a living human being. So whatever is considered as hypothesis in this world has become truth in our case.

For achievement of God no monk life is required

August, 1959.

Ramanuj discarded the Sannyasi (Monk) Institution of Sankaracharya. He never left his monastery. But what type of monk was he! Do you know what are the strictures of a monk life? They will never stay anywhere more than three days, even will not stay more than a night under a tree.

Now come to Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). He taught us all that there is no need of monk life. He used to wear dhoti, with a sandal on feet, a coat on his body and a monkey cap on his head. On one side he was a Paramhansa (the highest state of spiritualism according to Vedanta).

Then come here. What is the further development? See, nothing is required. I don’t know a single mantra (hymn), I never worshiped any gods and goddesses with a single flower.

Remember, with all shortcomings a man is Brahma (God) – there is no barrier to check it.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 19, October, 2015

Pravat Chandra Basu


First time I heard about Jibankrishna from my colleagues kali Banerjee and Hiru Chatterjee who were the companions of Jibankrishna. They were regular goers to Jibankrishna, and their discussion in the office was on him. I came to know that he was a great devotee of Sri Ramkrishna and was a great man. Hiru once told me that as soon as he entered into his room, he saw him as Sri Ramkrishna. So I an eagerness was grown within me and they agreed to take me there. The date was fixed on a Saturday. But I had inconvenience on Saturday as this was a special day. Every Saturday I had a routine to visit the idol of goddess Kali at Kalighat temple even in rains and storms. I went on thinking what to do, but ultimately decided to go as I thought that perhaps like Hiru I might see Jibankrishna as Kali.

Next Saturday I went with  them though the date and year I could not  remember. Reaching Jibankrishan’s residence I bowed down and sat on the floor. Hiru and Kali gave my introduction. At that time the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read and the topic was that goodness Kali was a Saonthal (An old tribe of Eastern India) woman. What I was listening! I was shocked.

The reading was going on. In the meanwhile he asked me, ‘Have you seen any dream’? I said, ‘No’. For two-three days I was going to him and I heard many visitors’ dreams narrated to him. Even I heard that without seeing him before or knowing him before many visitors’ wives, sons, relatives saw him in dreams. But I had no dreams and I felt sad. Once he said that a big flower took much time to sprout. But I felt no consolation, though I thought let me wait and see.

About six-seven times I went to Jibankrishna and during this time my wife had a dream. The dream was such in her narration. I had gone somewhere and there was a large crowed, but I could not see anything what was happening. In the meantime I felt that somebody lifted me holding my waist and put me on a raised place, Looking at him I saw that he wore a dhoti like a Lungi (Burmese dress) and the beard was cut short.’

Hearing this dream I told her, ‘Let us go to a place and see whether you can identify.’ So we went to Jibankrishna’s residence and from out side the room She identified him as the same person seen on dream I narrated the dream to Jibankrishna and he was very happy.

After a few days I had a strange dream. For a days I was almost bed-ridden due to stomach trouble. One early morning I saw a dream. It was thus: Hiru entered into my room and I was hearing the voice of Kali standing outside. There were some people with Hiru. He sang a song and then said ‘Jibankrishna sent me to visit you.’ I said, Is it so’? At once I heard the loud voice of Jibankrishna, ‘Yeah’! This voice I heard many times in his room during his state of ecstasy. And stranger in was that within two-three days really Hiru Came to me though alone, and the song he sang was the same he sang in his dream. After this I was cured. Going to Jibankrishna I narrated the dream. He said , ‘This was a good dream.  Your Cosmic sound was exposed. It was good.’

Within a few days anther strange incident with a few days another strange incident happened, though the exact date I could not remember one day I had gone to Kali temple at Kalighat (Kolkata). The other days generally standing beside the idol I used to express my urge to goddess Kali. But to-day I did not why, I sat suddenly beside the idol and started meditation. This was the first meditation in my life. After a few minutes both of my knees began to shiver vchimently. I could control it. It seemed that this was becoming a show, so somehow I got up and in the afternoon going to Jibankrishna I narrated the incident. So far as I remember he said that it was the awakening  of Kundalini.

But this was not the end of strange incident. More was still left. One day during some talks he said, ‘See Pravat, you have visualized God.’ I thought, ‘How funny!  Such a great incident happened in my life and I could not know anything about it’! However when he was saying, Let the believe it. But one day I had a dream. I saw that I was lying in my room. In the morning as soon as I opened the door, saw that my brothers and the whole family, members came, in to my room and were saying, ‘You have seen God’. After talking bath and food I was dressed up and went out of my room. I was walking on footpath, all the neighbours came  to me and said, ‘You have seen God’. As soon as I got up on the second floor of our office and entered into my room, heard that the colleagues were saying.’ ‘You have seen God,’ After office hours where I went to Jibankrishna’s residence, starting from the outside corridor up to the room those who were sitting were saying, ‘You have seen God.’ Then my dream was off. Later on when I narrated this dream to jibankrishna, he began to laugh and said, ‘My boy, have a told a lie? See, every body was saying the same thing’. Henceforth I had no doubt. For a long period I used to go to Jibankrishna and I felt some yogic realizations within my body. When I used to sit for meditatiion, something used to move through my spinal cord in Zig-Zag Course to words the upper region, but after my neck region it did never move up. It was just like a bird sitting on a branch and then moving to one branch to another. Due to this result my upper body used to whirl centering my waist as pivot. It used to persist for an hour.

I could remember one of my realization at Jibankrishna’s room still then I did not see him in dream, though I heard that so many people had come to his room and narrated their dreams. I had a feeling of grief with the thought that probably he did not accept me.

One portrait of Sri Ramkrishna. It became deep. At this stage I saw that extending the two hands  Jibankrishna was coming to take me in the same posture as a man wants to take a child in his lap. At once I hugged him with tears in my eyes.

When I got back my sense I saw that from the floor I got up and was hugging him sitting on his cot. When he asked about it, I narrated my vision to him. He said, ‘My boy, I had been sitting on my Cot since then keeping my hands on the knees of  Paresh (Dasgupta).



Volume 19, October, 2015 

Chapter 58

Blessing of the Holy Ghost upon the seer – awarding  Ph. D. Degree  on  spiritual  knowledge

267)    21st  October, 1977, Friday ,  Place: Makardah (Howrah).

Early morning dream:  Dhirendra Nath Mondal had come to me and announced, ‘Jibankrishna has told me that you have been awarded the Ph. D. Degree on Paravidya’ (Supreme knowledge). Then the scene changed.

In the next scene I saw again, brother Dhiren telling me, “Jibankrishna has told that he, (means the seer)   has eaten much.” The dream then went off.

[The dream indicates two aspects: There will be further spiritual development of the seer. Jibankrishna used to say that seeing of Atma within the body meant passing of matriculation examination. And to eat too much means to gain more spiritual realizations in future.]

Both dream and reality are identical

268)   27th October, 1977.  Thursday. Place: Makardah, Howrah.

In reality, on 26th October, in the residence of Indranath mukherjee a companion of Jibankrishna I was preparing myself for night sleep. Brother Asim was also supposed to sleep with me. On both sides of the big cot there were two head pillows leaving the middle portion vacant.

I was jokingly telling brother Asim, ‘We shall comfortably lie on both sides of the cot, and if Jibankrishna lies between us, it will be very nice’. Then we slept.

In the early morning I dreamed; I was seated on one side of the cot, on the right side someone was seated and in front Jibankrishna along with Vinay Mukherjee were seated. Jibankrishna was discussing on certain spiritual topics in a very simple manner, although nothing was kept in the memory afterwards.

Mr Mukherjee was saying, ‘ We explain the topics so elaborately but you explain in so simple manner!’ Then Mr Mukherji was going to say something more, but Jibankrishna without paying any attention to him, continued with his explanation.

After this, I noticed that on the same cot and with the same arrangements as in reality where both tbrother Asim and I were lying, Jibankrishna lied down in between us and began to narrate his previous life’s incidents in a funny way with open hearted laughing. Once he mentioned one incident about Kesto Maharaj (His old companion). All his talking, behavior seemed so easy and charming which is beyond any description.

At this moment, I was turning to my right side, and in my half-conscious state I felt that as if Jibankrishna was still lying between us. Thereafter I got back my full sense and woke up. It was then 3 A.M

[the dream indicates that at one stage there is no difference between reality and dream. This stage is of very high ranking in the spiritual world.]

Increase  of  brain  power  and  destruction  of

animal  passion  by  the  grace  of  Adyasakti or Holy Mother

269)         28th October, 1977, Friday.  Place:  Makardah, Howrah.

Early morning dream:  For a long time had been seeing many devotees of Jibankrishna, specially Raghunath Sen. Sometimes Iwas waking up. At last I saw that some big monkeys were frisking on the top shoots of trees.

After this, I saw a Robot who broke the head of a bear into pieces, as it was coming to attack me. I had another beast as companion and my  mother ordered the Robot to kill that beast also. The Robot broke the head of that beast and threw inside a dustbin. Then I woke up.

The dream indicates two aspects:  i)  Seeing so many devotees within the dream the brain power of the seer was increasing and  (ii) By the grace of the body or Adyasakti, the animal passion of the seer was going to be destroyed.

Indication  of  a  new  phase  of  austerity

270)     5th November, 1977, Saturday.

Early morning dream:   I was preparing boiled rice. After a long time one of my uncle (Joytilal) told me, ‘The rice was being over boiled? I answered, ‘Then I shall eat that’ and after this the dream went off.

The dream means that the brain cells have become very soft for further new realization. Rice means brain cells and to eat means to have realizations.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 19, October, 2015  


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

465)                    “Fettered  one is Jiva  and  freed  from  fetters  is  Siva”.

A fettered man is Jiva and this very man when freed from fetters is Siva.

Every ordinary man is a Jiva.

Who  is  this  Siva ?

Thakur while in a boat passing by the bathing platform of Mamikarnika (name of the bathing

platform on the Ganges) in Benares saw Siva standing on the river with all the graveness of the

world. The image slowly came and merged in Thakur. Is this Siva ? No. It is but a reflection of the causal body of Thakur. This causal body within casts its reflection on the eye in the river bank and so Siva was seen by him. Nobody else on the bank or in the boat saw Siva.

This form of Siva was but an imagery.

Siva is He who brings ‘Unity in  Diversity’?

How can this be achieved ?

When a Jiva becomes Siva, this comes automatically. This Siva in the form of the very same Jiva .will be seen by thousands and thousands of men, woman, children and old man, even thieves,rouges, rascals and the vilest criminals included and they will announce the truth and the mystery

“Thou art woman, Thou art boys, Thou art girls, Thou art the very old man tottering on the stick,

and verily, Thou art the whole human race”.

This is Siva establishing Oneness in the shape of a living person within every human being.

It exceeds the ‘Practical Vedanta’ as pointed out by Swami Vivekananda (vide the dialogue

between the disciple and Swamiji in Vol, V11, page 161 of his works—Mayavati edition).

Truth is One. It concerns the human race and its proof will be borne by them.

466)                     “By an undiverted  devotion to God a man may get Bhakti”.

Even this devotion or Bhakti cannot be had without Yoga and that Yoga must be spontaneous.

467.                  “To attain ‘Pure Love’ in ecstasy to God is a rare thing”.

Bhakti is no more a devotion but now it is love and a pure one.

Nowhere in the Bhakti Sastras. i. c., in the scriptures dealing with devotion to and love of God ‘Pure Love’ has been properly described. Only the popular idea and imagination have been set forth.


By Maha-Yoga ‘Pure Love’ can be asserted by transforming others one’s own self in the spiritual World. A man becomes God. God id love. This love asserts itself by transforming in the spiritual world within any and every man by placing his own God-self in the shape of his own living person.

Yes, it is the highest manifestation of Pure Love which has never been evident in the annals of the World.

No, it was not established by any of the past teachers of the world such as Zoroaster, Moses, Buddha down to Ramkrishna.

Only it was announced in the ancient era of India – “I am one, but I shall be many”.

Though the announcement was made but it was left unrealized and unproved.

It is realized and proved now.

468.                  “While Arjuna was aiming at the target—the eye of a fish, his eyes were fixed on the eye of the fish and nothing else was in ken”.

It is an instance of Yoga taken from the great epic Mahabharata.

To shoot an arrow—means the motion of the life-power, viz, Kundalini which shoots up in the Cerebrum like an arrow when she is awakened.

Target—is the centre of the eye-brows.

Eye—is the third Eye lying latent beneath the eye-brow, It must be opened.

Fish—is the symbol of Atma.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 19, October, 2015

Mrs. Sishubala Daw from Beleghata Reading Center has narrated her dreams as such:

1)      On July 2, 1999, I saw in a dream that on a certain place Sri Ramkrishna, Jibankrishna and Sushil Banerjee (companion of Jibankrishna) of Howrah were standing.  Next moment I saw that Sri Ramkrishna took Jibankrishna on his shoulder with Sushil Babu beside him.  Pointing the finger to Jibankrishna Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘He is the true God’. Hearing this Sushil Babu was smiling, with a great surprise I was noticing that Jibankrishna had become older with white hairs and beard, complacent and stout body.  At this moment my dream was off.

[During visualization of full-fledged Atma or Soul by Jibankrishna, his God-the-Preceptor Sri Ramkrishna showed him luminous Atma in the seventh plane of the body pointing his finger to Atma and said, ‘This is God, this is God, this is God.’

In Upanishad it is mentioned that the seer who sees God in full-fledged form is also transformed into God.  Here the Atma or soul is transformed into the form of Jiban Krishna who becomes God.  Here the seer has visualized God in human form].

2) On June 11, 2000 I saw in my dream that I was telling a boy named ‘Satya’ (Truth) to read ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book written by Jibankrishna based on his personal spiritual realizations).  When he was reading I was seeing from time to time that Jibankrishna was reading the book.  Then being angry, he told me, ‘Now go to sleep. Who sticks Truth gets Truth.  Hearing this great saying my dream was off.

[The dream is self-explanatory].

3) On January 16, 2006 I saw in a dream that some 10-12 years old boys were passing on the road saying, ‘we drink continuously the nectar of Jibankrishna’s name.  We study in Jibankrishna”s primary institution of Brahmavidya (Supreme Knowledge).  We are going to the institution.  Will you go with us?

I said, ‘yes I shall go, but let us first take bath in the quay ‘Nemai Tirtha’ of the river Ganges’.

We finished our bath.  We had to go to the other side of the river.  All of us were reciting the name of Jibankrishna and got up in the boat.  What a beautiful boat it was!  As soon as we got up in  the boat, it took us to the other side of the river.

All of us entered into a jungle and saw there Sri Ramkrishna, Jibankrishna, Sushil Babu, brother Samir (Son of Sushil Babu and a companion of Jibankrishna) and brother Nirmal (Reader of the Reading Center) were all seated in the institution of the Supreme knowledge.  When all sat there I bowed down to Jibankrishna.  Then I asked the boys, ‘who are you’?  Jibankrishna himself answered my question, ‘They are also God’.  The dream was then off.

[Jibankrishna mentioned always that whoever will see him within them, they will also be transformed into God in due course of time.  Here it is reflected in the dream.  Everybody has the birthright to become God.]



Volume 19, October, 2015  

Chapter 20

Meaning of marriage in dream

January 3, 1956.
Netai Patra (To Jibankrishna) –  I saw in a dream that during my childhood I was married with a ten years old girl. But actually she was not supposed to be born during my childhood. Then my dream was off. Is it a bad dream?

Jibankrishna – See, those who come here never see any bad dream because sometimes we do not understand the meaning.
[Here marriage means union with yoga. The dream indicates that during your childhood your body was united with yoga.]

Instruction not to keep worldly relation through dream


January 10, 1956.
One young devotee entered into Jibankrishna’s room and after bowing down narrated a dream:
I had come to you. You were standing on the road outside the room. I bowed down to you. You said, ‘Sit inside the room’. After entering into the room that it was another room where some people were playing cards. One young boy told me, ‘Not this room, you go to another room.’ While I entered into the room, I saw you sitting there with many devotees and spiritual talks were going on. Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna –  Do you go to any place where people play cards or there is rehearsal of theatre?

The boy –  yes sir.

Jibankrishna – you are instructed not to go there. God in the form of a boy is telling you, ‘Not this room, spiritualism is discussed.

Some facts of dreams are not remembered – The reason

January 10, 1956.
Mrityunjay Roy (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in my dream that I was walking on a road. Then I climbed up a hill and met Swami Vivekananda. Being happy he held my hand and taking near a cave said, ‘I live in this
cave.’ Then he told me about a list of works. But I could not remember
any of them. Jibankrishna- You could not remember because those are not needed by you.

Instruction for accompaniment of devotees

January 10, 1955.

Harimohan Ghosh (To Jibankrishna) – In reality I use to go to a club where people play cards and music. In a dream I saw that I had gone there. One unknown middle aged man told me, ‘This room is not for you. Let us go and show you the proper room.’ Then he took me to a two-storied building made of earth. Going there I saw that you were sitting there. Then I woke up.

Jibankrishna- You are instructed to come here for taking accompaniment of the devotees.

To drink wine in dream means to evaporate ego-Conciousness

January 12, 1956.

Nitai Patra (To Jibankrishna) – I have gone to our village house. My wife offered me a juice in an earthen glass. I thought it might be the juice of either date or sugarcane. Just like a boy I was sipping the juice and went out of my house. I went a far away from my house. Seeing me sipping the juice people said, ‘Why are you drinking wine?’ But I had no idea that it was wine, because I never drank wine. So I had no intention to drop it and so I finished the whole juice, but at the same I was scared it I became a drunkered what people would say.
So hastily I returned home and on my way I bought a mango.

Jibankrishna – It was a good dream. To drink wine means the ego-consciousness is eliminated . To eat mango means to enjoy the bubbles of Supreme Knowledge or Brahmagyan; to drink juice means drinking God’s juice. In your dream the three states are indicated.