Oneness- The future Universal Religion

ONENESS (Abstract)

By Diamond picked up in the s

Is Oneness the future religion

1. What is the knowledge of oneness?

2. How does god look?

…….Nobody knows it. Religion is not a creation of fiction. It bears its definite proof. ….The Vedic principle is based on proof and the proof is a universal one. If an individual declares a thing it may be so with him but it may vary with others. So the difference of opinion runs and no conclusion can be arrived at.

In universalism, thousand experience and the same ‘one’ and no disagreement follows. The question gets settled and solved with its definite proof as it is based on the common factor in their lives. Here both Karl Marx and Nitzsche have got their problem solved as it was so taught by them.

With whom this oneness is experienced? With Sri Ramkrishna it is with an unknown, imaginary figure (as  he says, ’The knowledge of oneness is also obtained by a devotee; everything is seen as god by him’). Whereas, in the Vedic principle, it is with a living man, an attainer of Brahmahood, as He is the perfect one (Sa Uttama – purusha).

Yes, how does God of the devotee look? In its best form it transpires that God of the devotee is only a hyperbolic creation of his imagination – a production of an emotional brain.

But here again another fresh knotty problem arises as visualization of God in the seventh plane in one’s own cerebrum is followed by the Vedic ascertain  – ‘Swena Rupena Abhinispadyate’ –

It means if anybody visualizes God as shown by God-the-preceptor, coming down from the Brahmapura (the abode of the Supreme one, within the brain of the seer) having had the Vedic experience of five sheaths or koshas and also of the seven planes lodged in the five sheaths in its full-fledged form having not the minuest shortcoming then the visualizer of god will be seen by thousands and thousands of men within their own bodies and they shall make an open declaration of it for the benefit of the humanity so that this Eternal Truth that Man is ‘Brahma’ or the ‘Supreme One’ may be known to all.

In the annals of the humanity upto the date nobody has ever heard of such a devotee as pointed out by Sri Ramkrishna and even not in the case of Sri Ramkrishna in spite of his emphatic declaration of visualizing God. In dualism, or in being confined in any ‘Ism’ oneness never comes. It is a spontaneous expression.

Thanks to the genious of Swami Vivekananda as from him the humanity firstly of the first heard ‘Religion is oneness’ though even he was not blessed with it.

His very lecture bespeaks, ‘The hour comes when great men shall arise and cast off these kindergartens of religions and shall make vivid and powerful the True Religion – the worship of the spirit by the spirit’. To add to it, he was once asked during his lectures in America, how it was possible for a man to be ‘Viswatomukhah’ or La Homme Universalle, one with the whole human race. Not unlike Sankaracharya who did the very same thing some 1200 years ago he (Swami Vivekanada) replied, ‘Just you think that you are all’. It was a thinking’ only with Sankaracharya as well as with Swami Vivekananda. Whereas it is reality – the summum bonum of the human life, and a positive fact in ‘Diamonds’ everyday life, it was simply his (Swami Vivekananda) aspiration in life.

…..But thanks to him again for his forecast ‘Is Vedanta the future religion of the world?’

Yes, the Vedanta and the Vedanta alone in its practical aspect in the daily life of each and every member of the human race will bring about ‘oneness’ rendering the theory of ‘one world’ into a reality in the Atmic (spiritual) sphere within the hearts of the mankind.


DIpak Pramanik

Accompaniment  with  God-the-Preceptor

15)   24th June , 1972 ,  Saturday ,  Early morning dream :  I had gone to Diamond and saw someone reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna . In between reading conversation was also going on . Devotees were coming and going . One known lady was also seen in the crowd . She was seated along with others on open corridor outside the room .

As soon as I saw the lady, it appeared in my mind that when woman folks began to come, Diamond might not be alive more .

However , Diamond seemed to be very bright . After a while when I bowed down to him with great devotion he patted my head and body with great affection and here the dream went off .

[ In this dream the seer was being blessed by God-the- Preceptor and afterwards a great peace persisted in his mind . ]

God-the-Preceptor  puts  his  qualities  on  the  seer

16) July 15, 1972.  One early morning when I was just waking up with half consciousness , I felt that some one was lying on my body longitudinally putting his whole body weight on me, I got a bit chilled as it was so vivid, but did not move . When ultimately I got back my full consciousness, I was surprised and thought, Ah ! It was Diamond himself who was lying on me and for nothing I got nervous !

[ This was a very significant dream indicating my future when many of the qualities of God-the-Preceptor will penetrate me in future . ]