(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 5, March, 2017              


Seeing Jibankrishna or Diamond within the body establishes oneness

August 6, 1960.

He is the God-the-Preceptor who is constantly fighting against this law of gravitation and holds this human body. Now you can raise this question how is that?

The most common feature of human beings is his life power. When this life power manifests within a human body in the form of a living body, then this life force becomes demonstrative and manifested. But that happens in the form of a living human being and it is in my form, though I am quite ignorant about this incident. You are the seers and you are the speakers. I am only saying about your visions. Now say what this form is doing after being manifested within myriads of people? It is uniting everybody in a point and this oneness.

A living human being’s form is the self of God

August 7, 1960.

What is the self of God? A human being’s form is the self of God. I am a human being. It is beyond any concept that so many conflict about God’s self occurred in the world. No other wars can be compared with the wars regarding religion. In Crused the Christian world gathered as many soldiers as they could and against them the Muslims gathered maximum number of Muslim soldiers. What was the conflict? Whose God is greater.

In India also so many wars occurred regarding religion. And here the Self of God is the form of a living human being. Where is the proof? The proof lies in you who are witnessing. Who has done it? How great is the magician who has done it!

‘Thou’ of the Vedic era is the ‘I’ of Diamond’s era

August 7, 1960.

Several thousands of years ago the great sage Uddalok was saying to his son Svetoketo ‘That art thou’. And after thousands of years Swamiji (Swami Vivekanada) echoed that comment in Chicago ‘ Thou art the man, thou art the woman, thou art the young man walking in the pride of youth, thou art the old man tottering with a stick.’

Now the sage Uddalok was saying ‘Thou art that’ – who is that ‘Thou’?  who is that ‘thou’ of Swamiji? None has given that answer for so long years. But who is that ‘thou’ to you? Who is this ‘Thou’? Yes say it loudly. This ‘Thou’ is ‘I’ to you. Who has created such miraculous thing? Uddalok was saying to svetoketo. He was a man and you are saying to me – I am also a living human being. With them it was higher imagination, with us it is a reality, and this truth was proved by you. The gift of this reality has been made by you to the world at large, to the whole human race! But even that I do not accept. I have crossed that stage. I have got the world within me. The world means the human race. At present I am seeing many of you within me during eating, sleeping or sitting.

This morning I saw a dream. Nothing is remembered except that there is a wire fencing and I have gone to the other side of that fencing.

Freedom of Soul or Atma does not occur after death – This life is all

August 7, 1960.

Hindu philosophy is so methodical and accurate, yet they are saying that after death soul or Atma is liberated. Once you die and instantly your soul will be liberated. Sometimes they are saying about the liberation in life, easy liberation (‘Sachhanda darshan’) or instant liberation but what is that none could explain. Almost all are saying about liberation of Soul after death.

Thakur is saying to keshab Sen (Stall ward figure of Brahma Samaj of Calcutta in the nineteenth century. ‘What will you get in those things (Life after death), You have come to this world to eat mango (Achievement of Brahmagyan or Supreme knowledge), you do it.’ This is better in one sense.

Lord Buddha also never talked about life after death. When asked about that, he kept silent. But it is a strange thing that after his demise with all glory ‘Jatak’ was written and he is saying that I was such and such in my money previous births. But whether he said this could not be corroborated during that time.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 5, March, 2017           

Sarat Chandra Dutta

Part – 1

A group of people saw Diamond in dream after coming in Contact with the companions of Diamond. After hearing his name during discussions, they started seeing Diamond in dreams.

Sarat Chandra Dutta is such person residing at Benepara Lane of Kolkata (Calcutta) who came in contact with Murari Dey, a regular companion of Diamond in his life time. Murari was his neighbour also. After discussions for a few days Murari requested Sarat to go to his watch shop to listen the reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond based on his personal divine experiences). From that time onwards Sarat began to go there regularly and within a few days he started seeing divine dreams. Afterwards he submitted some of his dreams for the magazine. These are as such:

On 16th May, 1990. I was dreaming that a tall strong and stout man appeared before me. He had long hairs and told me, ‘you recite the name of your religious teacher ‘Satchitananda’ (God-the-Preceptor). He is the teacher of all. You recite like this – I pray and submit to you the Preceptor Satchidananda. Recite this eight times. Nobody is there above me. You have no worry about your family. So you can think of these’. Saying this he wrote those words on a paper with red ink and disappeared.

When I narrated this dream to Murari, he showed the photograph of a man. As soon as I saw it I recognized him as the same man in my dream and came to know that he was Diamond.

On 8th June, 1990. I dreamed that Murari was calling me knocking at the door. When I opened it, he said, ‘let’s go, have a walk in a place’. Both of us went out, though we were quite ignorant about our destination. After walking for a distance, we crossed a narrow path and reached a house. It was made of mud and inside one large room we saw Diamond sitting on a cot surrounded by many devotees sitting on the floor.

The reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was finished just at that moment. After a devotional song Diamond noticed us and told Murari, ‘you have come so lately! Reading and devotional songs are all finished. However, sit well. Whom have you brought with’? Murari told him everything about me. Hearing everything from me Diamond remarked, ‘It is good. At such an old age (in reality I am old) he got God-the-Preceptor. He need not take any hymns’.

Then all the devotees left. Even Murari also left leaving me alone. Diamond said, ‘Murari has left! It would be better to massage me with oil’. So I said, ‘Well, I am massaging you with oil’. He said, ‘So you do that’. I started massaging him and went on thinking, Murari left me alone, how can I go home! When I finished massaging Diamond told me, ‘you can go home without any trouble’. So paying my salute to him I came out, and my dream went off.

Dream on 12th June, 1990.

At 2-30 AM, I dreamed that I was walking through Linton street of Kolkata. There was a Shiv Temple at Linton Street bus stand. I reached that temple. The door was closed. Opening the door I saw Diamond sitting alone inside. I asked him, ‘Are you sitting here along since morning’? He said, ‘Being tired after a long walk I am taking rest here’. I said, ‘I am lucky that I could meet you in the morning. Please give me your foot dust on my head’. When I was bowing down to his feet, I noticed butter on the fingers of both of my hands and I started eating butter with a great joy. My dream then went off. [ Here butter symbolizes Atman or Soul. ]



Volume 5, March, 2017           

Chapter 92

Revelation  of  Previous  dream  and  indication  of  other’s  spiritual  condition

418)    19th May, 1980.  Monday.  Place:  Ghatshila.

Early morning dream:  I saw again the same baby as seen in my dream on 16-5-80. I was patting him and trying to trace where the operating was done.

The scene changed. I was telling one of the senior devotee, Sri Indranath Mukherjee, ‘The mental condition does not stick to one point, it always fluctuates and this is the reason that you have so many anomalies in your editing (for publication of ‘Manikya’). But you know as soon as Jibankrishna is seen within oneself, yogas always persist and it cannot be felt. After this conversation I saw other devotees e.g., Baren Mitra, Ramchandra Das etc and then the dream went off.

The first scene indicates the confirmation of the effect in reality about the dream seen on 16-5-80. The second scene revealed the reality as was happening in recent days.

Grace  of  God during austerity

419)    22st May,  1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:   I was approaching towards Howrah Station via Howrah Maidan. I was passing in front of Bangabasi Cinema accompanied by my elder brother Pankaj (Janardan). Waking a few yards  I saw that the rood was closed. Even if I would approach, the road was in a very dilapidated condition. I said to my brother, ‘we have money in the bag. If we approach more, evil people may snatch your money’. So we turned back and availed grand trunk road. In the mean time the dream went off.

The dream clearly indicates the inner condition of the seer’s body when during the upward movement of life power towards the advanced stage of austere there many come many channels causing harms to the seer. But when God Himself (Janardan or elder brother) protects, the seer is saved and the life power avails the right track. Here the G. T. Road symbolizes the right channel Susumna nerve of the body, wgich is the main nerve to Sahasrar.

Grace  of  God – Annihilation  of  unnatural  mental  condition

420)    25th May,  1980.  Sunday.

Early morning dream;   A class was going on and  Jibankrishna was the teacher. The students were many of his devotees. Suddenly saying something Jibankrishna went to the back bench and slapped somebody. The student cried loudly. I turned my head and saw that Souren Bhattacharjee was slapped. I went on thinking that at  Kadamtala he used to be scolded by Jibankrishna in the past and now also he was slapped! I also thought for what reason he was slapped! Then and there it appeared in my mind, there must be some faults for which he was slapped. The dream then went off.

In the next scene I saw a scorpion. I went on beating it with a broom, and then saw it vanished.

The first scene indicates that through other agency the Holy Ghost was eliminating the faults within the seer. The second scene also indicates that the evil things are also being eliminated.

Elimination  of  ten  physical  senses – Vision  of  King Ravana

421)   5th June, 1980. Thursday.

Early morning dream:   First I saw Indrajit, a hero of Ramayana, then saw Ravana, the king of Lanka as described in Ramayana. He was lying on ground in the battle field almost half dead and was covered with a sheet of cloth up to his neck. Only the face was visible. The skin color was a bit blackish and had a large moustache. He was trying to say something to me, but due to his grave condition could not say anything. At this moment a song on Rama was uttered from my mouth and then gradually the song faded away when the dream went off.

Here the dream indicates that the seer will overcome all worldly passions by seeing Indrajit (who wins over physical passions) and at the same time Ravana shows that the seer will win over ten physical senses. Song of Rama means Oneness which will be achieved by the seer.

Vision of twelvth plane of the cerebrum

422). Last week of May, 1980.

Early morning dream:  I saw a house having twelve stories, and I had ascended on the top of it. The dream then went off.

[In Vedas it is mentioned about only seven planes within a human body. Here house represents the body. Twelve stories mean twelve planes. There are innumerable realizations in different planes. The dream indicates that the seer may have realizations in future above seven planes, i.e., exceeding Vedas.]

Achievement  of  power for  transmitting  spiritual  power  to  others

423)    18th June, 1980. Tuesday.  Place :  Ghatshila.

Early morning dream:   In the first scene I saw that I was going towards Alipore via Hazra road. Nearing Kalighat I saw a man almost half dead lying on the road being run over by a vehicle. The grey matter of the brain and the stomach were detached from the body. As soon as I crossed the body, the man stood up. With great surprise I noticed that the man was my elder brother saying to me, ‘It happened due to an accident’. Immediately I took my brother on the shoulder and started for a hospital, but having no taxi I was running here and there. At last a private car driver agreed to take us. When I was about to start for hospital, the scene changed.

In the next scene, I saw that I had some unpleasant situations in my house and I said, ‘I am leaving the house now’. Nobody chased and  with a broken heart I left the house. After going to a certain distance, I saw my elder nephew Sanjoy and younger nephew Sandeep were seated in a place. The surroundings were bushy and they couldnot move. I caught hold of their hands and by beating the bush started for the house.  Meanwhile the dream went off.

The dream gave an indication that in future all of the seer’s brother and nephews might see Jibankrishna through the influence of the seer.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 5, March, 2017           


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “While the Pundit left the world, he sent a messenger to the King with the message – Yes, O King! Now I have understood”.

The best interpretation of the parable is that the Bhagavat is not to be read or to be heard but to be realized and established within. Even in that case it cannot stand. It becomes a set-up Siva and not a Siva coming out piercing the womb of the earth (body).

The parable is fabricated in the light of Vividisha. A man carries God with him and within him. If God (of course, not in form – to see God with form is to see Ishta – in the sixth plane), the specified realization of God where knowledge of God is given by God-the-Preceptor (‘Jnana Murtim’ – the form of Knowledge), is to be seen then He is seen within you and nowhere else. You carry God with you and within you! A man is not required to go away anywhere else for God. God is for one and all and it is in ordinary course of life and no extraordinary course is to be adopted. ‘Extraordinary’ means Individualism and ‘ordinary’ means Universalism.

  1. “Regarding all female genital organs – they are the genital organ of my own mother (Matrijoni)”.

Indeed, it is a curious thing. One’s own mother’s genital organ is seen in the cerebrum. Then and then alone each and every female will be looked upon as one’s own mother’s genital organ, otherwise not. Religion is not a mere set of words or rosy and cozy ideas. It is a definite object of realization and there its effect will be in action in the physical body of the seer. Of course, this realization is a rare species. But yet, it is realized. This is another insignia which reveals that lust is evaporated from the body.

An instance of experience is quoted here. In the little assembly of ‘Diamond’, a student of the M.A. class of the University of Calcutta is a regular member. He is one of those people who saw ‘Diamond’ before they heard his name and saw him. He at the time of seeing ‘Diamond’, was a student of a district college some 400 miles off from Calcutta. Subsequently for further higher education he came to Calcutta and was astonished to meet ‘Diamond’ and that was also in a queer way. Then his realizations started and they knew no bounds. One evening when the little assembly was dispersed, the young man kept on sitting. ‘Diamond’ asked him, “Have you got any special thing to tell me”? The boy with tears in eyes said, “Yes, Sir. How is it that in dream I saw my mother’s genital organ”? ‘Diamond’ inquired, “How did you know that it was your mother’s genital organ”? The young man replied, “Somebody told me, sir”. Then the thing was explained to him. Such wonderful thing exists and happens!

Yes, again it is but an individual realization and a rare thing. In the Universalism the question of male or female or father and mother does not arise. Everyone is ‘Diamond’ in the spiritual world irrespective of any question concerning dualistic form.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 5, March, 2017           

Ratan Kisku from Gopalnagar, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003, I saw in a dream that I was walking on a road. I saw a canal in front. One of my students said,”Sir, how do you cross it?” I said,”I shall cross by jumping.” So I jumped and crossed the canal. In front I saw a branch of the same canal, and in the water there were many devotees of Jibankrishna. Seeing brother Snehamay I also jumped into the water and reached its source swimming against the stream. There I saw that from a hole water  was coming out and an old man was seated there, with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. Nearby there was a slab for sitting. I was debating  with my companion for sitting there. I said,”One of us will sit there by showing greater spiritual power, by closing our eyes and two fire balls fell on us. When I woke up I realized that the old man was Jibankrishna himself.
[Water is the grace of god and by spiritual power Supreme knowledge can be achieved.]

Manoj Bhattacharjee from Srikanthapur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that I was reciting the name of God keeping my right hand on my chest. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in air in front of me and is smiling . Opening my palms I saw a sweet light in it. I looked at him. He said,”Can’t you understand?” Saying this he disappeared. The dream was then off.
[The sweet light is Atma or soul which is mentioned in Upanishad as Atma inside the palm for a true devotee of God.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream before seeing his photo 


Sovan Dhibar from Abinashpur, Birbhum has narrated his dreams :
1. Today  I was perplexed and astonished seeing a photo of Jibankrishna with my teacher Snehamaya Ganguly. I thought that he was very familiar to me. Many times I had seen him in my dreams. Even last night I saw him in my dream. I saw that a big stone was floating on the pond. I was observing it. From my back side a gentleman called me and took me with him in an adjacent room. He discussed with me for a long time and gave me many advice. I asked him,”Will you give me that stone which is floating on the pond? I shall take it my home.” He said,” Well, you take it. But come here from time to time.” I returned home with the stone. My dream was then off.
Now I understand that the man seen in my dream was Jibankrishna himself.
[Floating stone-Living in a family life with great apathy and sense of ego-consciousness has become light. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor who gives advice to the seer through dreams. To come to him off and on means to be in regular spiritual practice.]
2.One night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that I had become a child and holding my hand Jibankrishna is walking forward. I was having a great divine joy and then my dream was off.
[God- the-Preceptor takes the responsibility of the devotee in the spiritual world. Here the seer has got his grace.]
3.One night in the year 2004 I saw in a dream that after reciting Jibankrishna’s name for a certain period my body became light and I flew in the air. Then by flying gradually I moved higher and higher region and ultimately saw the galaxy. From that galaxy I moved to another galaxy and then approached to the black hole surrounding  which this galaxy was encircling. Coming nearer to this black hole I stopped near its centre. There I saw chromosom  like double helix structure. Then it was transformed into luminious Jibankrishna in meditation posture. I was charmed seeing this. Then again I came back to earth by flying and my dream was off.
[Black hole is the infinite Brahma or Supreme Being which is transformed into Jibankrishna. His form is stamped within every human being as he is universal.]
4.One night in the month of October,2005 I saw in my dream that I was going to a royal palace. I crossed six apartments. Then at the time of crossing the seventh apartment the gate keeper wanted me to show him my gate pass. I took out the magazine “Manikya” from my pocket and showed it to him. He became happy and allowed me. Going inside I met the king and got a great joy. After waking up, I realized that the king was Jibankrishna.
[Jibankrishna is the king of spiritual world and his dwelling place is the seventh plane of every human being.]
5. In the year 2006, one night I saw in a dream that I was approaching through an unknown road. I met a person and saw that inside his body  Jibankrishna  was seated. Going near him I said loudly,”See, inside you  Jibankrishna  exists. He is the concentrated form of your life power  and he is your own self.” Hearing this the man went away with a great surprise.
Thereafter  I saw Jibankrishna inside everyman whomever I met. Seeing this everytime I ran  towards them  and said loudly the same thing, and my pleasure went on increasing. With an extreme  pleasure once I woke up and the sense of Jibankrishna’s existence within everybody was working inside me resulting increasing my regards for the human race.
[The seer has achieved the sense of oneness.]






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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 4, February, 2017          

Chapter 73

Jibankrishna’s forecast- Controlling spiritual world

July, 1960.

I have understood one thing – Days will come when a man’s thoughts will control the whole world in spiritualism. Because, we have understood that nothing comes down from the sky whatever happens, are performed by a man, because above all a man is the truth.

This human body is Brahma (Supreme self). Where is Brahma?  ‘Sada Jananang hridaya sannibistha’ – He is within the heart of every human being. My form being manifested within the human body is bearing the proof that every man is Brahma. This is called self-evolution. This self-evolution produces principle. Again there are three forms of this principle – The casual body, Paramatma (great soul) and cosmic time. Then from this principle is produced cosmic law, This means merging in the five elements of Nature (Earth, fire, air, light and sky). Being projected from that cosmic law my form is manifested within you.

In lifetime Jibankrishna’s lifepower is merged in five elements

July, 1960.

Kapil (The great sage of ancient time) mentioned that this human body is made of five elements (Earth, fire, air, light and sky or void). Then afterwards with gradual disintegration of this power a man ultimately dies. But they could say nothing about the condition in between these periods. Then a man’s power can merge within those five elements. Such phenomenon has happened here, but they had no idea about it.

To see Jibankrishna (Diamond) within the body is the end of philosophy and beginning of religion

July, 1960.

Take the comments of Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda),’The end of philosophy and beginning of Religion’ (Hamilton). Now I am sixty seven. Go back to fifty years ago. Was there not any twelve years old boy? There were innumerable numbers. Why Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and Swamiji appeared in my dream? This is the end of philosophy and beginning of religion. Now anybody can say, ‘Sir, we do not believe that Thakur and Swamiji appeared within you.’ Well! Then why so many of you are seeing me within you? Why thousands and thousands people are seeing my form within them? What is happening there? This is also the end of philosophy and beginning of Religion. In the beginning this is mysterious and in the end also this is mysterious.

To see Jibankrishna (Diamond) within the body is a new thing in the world history establishing oneness

July, 1960.

You see me within you – who am I? Why do you see me within you instead of so many people? Who am I? If you say I am God or Brahma or Atma (Soul), those are your prejudices. If you say that I am a man, then I question why me instead of so many people? Is there none, whom you can see within you? No, the phenomenon that has occurred here cannot be explained. So you can say that a new thing has happened here. Then I am a new man. What this new man is doing? He is creating a new era.

Here all are same. There is no distinction between man to man.

In universalism supreme knowledge is the knowledge of oneness borne by human being

August, 1960.

The meaning of ‘Brahamagyan’(Supreme knowledge) depicted by the previous scripture writers is not understood clearly. But its real meaning is the knowledge of oneness and that knowledge will not stand when the achiever will say that. It should be announced by the human. What has happened here has nullified all those previous doctrines.

Two thousand and five hundred years ago Lord Buddha announced, ‘By self- exertion we will achieve ‘Nirvana’, and then Hinduism announced, ‘By self-mortification and self-exertion we shall achieve the supreme knowledge. And now what we are seeing? This supreme knowledge means knowledge of oneness. No, not the knowledge of oneness, it is rather oneness only and that is achieved spontaneously. So what has happened for this period of two thousand and five hundred years? We are blessed that we are witnessing that this oneness is achieved spontaneously and so our lives are honored.

The oracle of the future spiritual world

August 5, 1960.

Can you say how sorrow can be eliminated? When the human race will come and say, ‘Sir, I am you.’ As for example you are coming here saying, ‘Sir, I do not exist, you exist’. But still this won’t do. It contains roughage. When it will be all right? When in my spiritual thoughts whatever will arise will manifest within the human race. So it is not sufficient that so many people are seeing me within them. There are more things.

Listen, I have an oracle – ‘’Two more things will happen.’’ This term ‘will happen’ means it will happen in the world in future. It is not for me because who am I?



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 4, February, 2017          

My strange experience with Jibankrishna (Diamond) after his death

Dr Sasadhar Mukherjee

Part -2

After my first dream being in touch with Dhiren Mondal long period passed by. Once there cropped up some unpleasant situation in my working place. One day with disturbed mind I was seated on a wooden tool with my head down and a mental agony was persisting in me. Suddenly, when I was raised my face for a long breathing I saw the face of Diamond covering the whole place in front of me and then suddenly vanished.

A few days after this incident I heard an oracle, ‘wait for another year’. And really after one year this unpleasant situation vanished.

After a few days I saw again a very peculiar long dream. I saw a two-storied building under construction beside the border wall of Calcutta Airport. Only brick work was completed without framing doors and windows and plastering. I noticed that I was standing at one of the windows. Suddenly I heard the sound of landing of a plane. While looking at the runway I saw a plane landing. I thought that I could see clearly from the other window. But as soon as I thought it I saw with surprise that I was moving automatically without any pause and then began to fly. I crossed so many buildings, rivers, forests and so on. Gradually I saw more and more nice building as I proceeded. Ultimately when I reached the last palatial building, its architectural work exceeded all others. With a great astonishment I landed at the main gate of that palace and saw innumerable people of all sexes were engaged in meditation. Everything was illuminated with golden color. It seemed as if the inner portions of the palace was made of gold which was beyond my imagination. However, I landed on the golden floor and interrupting, the meditations of those devotees I asked, ‘Where is he’? Before getting any answer, I saw Diamond coming out from the adjacent room. Looking at me he said, ‘Oh, you have come! Pointing out to the gold made steps he said, ‘go to the 1st floor’. So I crossed the steps by flying again and then vanished.

Among my few dreams here is my last dream :

I was seated in a classroom along with many other students. In front there was a platform with a table and a chair for the teacher. Then I saw that Diamond came and sat on the chair and within a moment a student started asking him questions one by one. He was answering very calmly. This went on for a long time. Then from the midst of the class room a reporter stood and asked him, ‘This action of your spiritual power, is it still continuing’? At the moment it seemed to me, as if it was a Reporters’ conference.

However, Diamond, with a smiling face ‘you prove it yourself. Do one thing. One of you keep your hand on another one.’ I felt very happy and observed who put his hand on another one. Let me see the action of Diamond’s spiritual power. At this moment I saw that one of my colleague Bhaskar of the music school was seated on the last bench. He, intermingling the fingers of his both hands put on my neck and kept on pressing and gradually I began to lose my body .’senses. My body was becoming paralyzed. Somehow I stood on the open space beside I visualized that the national flag of India was waving and innumerable people beneath the flag were praying. But nothing was understood. In the meantime I could not resist standing for a long time and was on the verge of falling down. At this moment Diamond, leaving his chair came to me, took me out of the class and disappeared. Meanwhile I came back to my senses. I saw an urinal in front of me. I urinated there and wanted to go back to the classroom. But after searching for a longtime I couldn’t find that classroom. The dream went off.

Now I have no confusion in my mind. I have realized that Diamond is the truth. In every movement the name ‘Jibankrishna’ (Diamond’s actual name) appears in me and have know that we are one with him.



Volume 4, February, 2017                                                        

Chapter 91

Dream coming to reality

Vision of the glory of ‘Manikya’ magazine

4th April, 1980, Friday.

413) Early morning dream:  I have gone to my birth place Santipur. With me was another old devotee Dhiren Mondal. There we met a familiar boy Subhendu and had conversations for a while and I took him to my house.

Then we saw a boy with black complexion and drunken who told us harshly to follow him. With an attacking mood I asked him, What was he doing? He said, he used to arrange matters for the magazine ‘Manikya’. I became astonished. The boy then said that he was going to leave drinking wine only for this. I noticed that the boy, though harsh from outside became changed due to influence of ‘Manikya’. Then the dream went off.

[The dream indicated a future when human beings by merely reading books on Diamond will be transformed into perfection. In reality this is happening now and then. Innumerable people after reading diamond’s book and also the magazine on him are seeing him in dreams, trances and reality.]

Vision of future – Establishment of Truth

13th April, 1980, Sunday.

414) Early morning dream:  I saw that a narrow flag from one side of the horizon to another was waving.  I could not see my own physical body but only was feeling my existence. It was revealing in my mind that after a long-lasting war as if peace had come and only Khagendra Nath Ghosh and I had survived as witnesses. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicated that ultimately the Victory flag of truth will be established on earth overcoming all the evils and the seer may witness an initiation of it.]

Vision  of  Future—the  lifestyle  of  the  seer

415)    27th April, 1980.  Sunday.

Early morning dream : I was singing with great devotion in an unknown language. After a while when I started singing with words. ‘Gobinda, Gobinda’(Lord Srikrishna’s another name), it appeared in my mind, why I was singing these ? So I started singing with name of Jibankrishna in various tones and styles, and then the dream went off.

The dream indicates that in the life of the seer only the existence of Jibankrishna will persist and nothing else. Besides this that in future there is a possibility that songs about Jibankrishna will be composed in various ways.

Preparation  of  field  for  new  phase  of  austerity

416)    10th May, 1980. Saturday.

Early morning dream:    I was visualizing a huge multistoried building with innumerable rooms and seemed to be a hostel building. I observed that rail lines were laid in each room all along the walls. A very beautiful train almost like a Japanese mono rail, were running through each room one by one. I was the only passenger. Completing all the rooms when the train reached a lowermost room in the ground floor, I noticed that the room was huge in size and merged in a very beautiful naturitistic garden without any wall in front. Both nature and room were merged. But again I saw that the room was filled with various materials quite unsuitable for laying rail lines.

Then I saw that my elder brother Pankaj (Janardan), uncle (Jyoti) and younger brother Asit and Malay respectively, all of them cleared up the room by removing all the materials. Then and there I saw that the room was completely cleaned and the rail lines were laid as if the train would travel in the room. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream clearly indicates the inner condition of the seer about the new phase of austere thus:  The huge building—Large capacityof Sahsrar or brain capacity ; New train—Life power with new vitality ; Many rooms—Cells of the brain ; All the rooms of different floors—Different cells of the planes of Sahasrar in both ascent and descent ; The lowest huge room was cleared by Janardan and Jyoti meaning God ; Asit—Nirguna or infinity from where new power comes, Malay indicates Mahabayu by which new realizations will be experienced by the seer in future by removal of obstacles by God .

Grace of Adyasakti or Primeval Mother – indication of new realizations 

417 16th May, 1980, Friday:

Early morning dream: First I saw my nephew Sanjoy of 12 years old, then saw a baby. Suddenly my mother came there and tearing the upper left side of the baby took out a nerve from inside. Then I noticed that the nerve was Knuckled in different places. The baby was crying and I forcibly held him tight. Mother rearranged the knots very quickly, placed the nerves in proper places and stitched the read. As soon as I woke up I felt as if my own head was operated.

Here the dream clearly indicates that the Primeval Mother by her grace prepared the body of the seer by removing all the defects for new and advanced austerity of the seer in future. This is also linked up with the previous dream.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 4, February, 2017      


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “When has worldly man leisure to think of God”?

Yes, you must have sufficient leisure to think of God and have sufficient time and leisure to give un-diverted attention to God; you must renounce the world and adopt the life of a monk or a roving mendicant. Such is the instruction and injunction chalked out in Vividisha for those people who want to have God by self-exertion. But even they cannot attain God, nay, impossible to alter the natural law as experienced and laid down by the sages of the past; if it is to come, it comes spontaneously.
All-knowing and all-merciful God is within you. He knows and understands your ins and outs more than you do. Yes, He is fully aware that you have not got any leisure – it is also His creation. So He has created the Swapna Siddha for you. Every man has leisure while he is asleep and in that sleep he reveals himself. So no life of monk or any other life is required. It is a false conception which goads a man to go this way or that way for attainment of God because it is individual spirit or egoism which makes him so. Whereas sleep is an universal state of the human race and to attain God in sleep is also an universal thing for any and everybody. No spiritual life of a monk is required at all, because a monk’s life is an individual life denoting special aristocracy. It is also so announced by Thakur through Suresh Babu (Surendra Nath Mitra of Simla) while he spoke before Thakur, “Let us sleep now and when we shall get up in the morning we shall find that we have become Babu”.

Babu – means God.

  1. “I want such a scholar of the Bhagavat who has sufficient time and leisure at his disposal to read the Bhagavat to me”.

Bhagavat is not a book to be read. The real Bhagavat is the realizations and the manifestations of God which an aspirant experiences within. God-the-Preceptor appears within and teaches him from the first plane to the seventh plane and till a man becomes God and appears within the human race – the reading of the Bhagavat is going on.

So it is said, Bhakta, Bhagavat and Bhagawan – the trio is but one; i.e. a devotee, the holy book and God – they are but One.

Religion is not a book but it is realization and manifestation of God within; nay a bit further, a man becomes God – “Thou art That”, and it is acknowledged by the human race!



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 4, February, 2017          

Ms. Kusum Malakar from Jibankrishna palli, Sriniketan (Bolpur) has narrated her dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream Jibankrishna in meditation state.
In the next scene I told my father, ”I saw Jibankrishna so vividly that I can draw his picture.” He said,”Then show me.” I drew the picture and he corrected it. The dream was then off.
[The dream indicates that the seer begins to conceive about Jibankrishna though not fully. Her father was correcting her. Father is symbolized as god.]

Ms. Bharati Pal from Sultanpur, Bolpur has narrated her dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003, I saw in my dream that due to heavy storm our house was wiped out. Sitting in a place I was crying. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in an earthen hut beside me. Seeing me crying he gave me consolation and said,”Why are crying? I am with you.” Hearing this I was filed up with divine joy. Then my dream was off.
[ House is the body with ego-consciousness. Storm is the movement of life power. Due to progress of life power towards Supreme Being in the seventh plane or Sahasrar, gradually the ego-consciousness is wiped out, and the seer cannot accept it. But when God-the-Preceptor gives his grace the seer becomes full of divinity.]
Jibankrishna seen in reality before seeing his form in photo
Ashis Karmakar from Gargaria, Bolpur has narrated his vision in reality thus:
In the month of February,2003 one day I was listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhuti” (Religion and Realization in English).
At the end of reading everybody touched the book on head and Rudra babu kept the book on a drum. My notice fell on the outline of Jibankrishna printed on the book. I saw that the outline became alive in the form of Jibankrishna. I noticed that two front teeth were slightly bigger and the eyes were large. Bright light was coming out from him. But strangely I never saw his photo. For a long time I kept on looking at him with great charm. Then the vision was off.
[The effect of listening to the reading fell upon the seer and he got the grace of Jibankrishna.]

Biswajit Mondal from Gargaria, Bolpur has narrated his dream thus:

One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that in a room there were many idols of gods and goddesses, like Kali,Nataraj (Shiva). That room was locked up. The side room was open, and inside was hanging a big portrait. The portrait was showing Hanuman (of Ramayana) with Rama and Sita inside his chest. Beside it a statue of Jibankrishna was kept on a throne. All the students standing in a queue were entering into the room and garlanding on the statue were coming out. Nobody was caring the portrait of Hanuman. Then my dream was off.
[Dualism has eradicated from all and they are achieving the sense of universalism or oneness. Jibankrishna is the insignia of universalism.]








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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 3, February, 2017          

Chapter 72

There is only one birth

July 25, 1960.

Listen, there is only one birth and there are no other births. A human being is Brahma, so past, present and future, everything is within a man. You have to do everything within this birth. There is only the present birth. Don’t take rebirth.

Jibankrishna or Diamond a new man

July 28, 1960.

See, I want to say one thing to you, who am I? I am a man. Do you know what type of man I am? A new man. Say why am I a new man? This is because whether such phenomenon has ever happened before? No, this is completely a new thing which never happened before. So a new era is created in the world – A new era in the annals of the world. I have never accepted any old tradition in my life. Still why are you seeing my form within you? Well, even if I suppose that the individualistic austerity is its cause and so I am not getting any other reason.

At my 13 years 8 months of age I have fully digested ‘Rajyoga’ and since then people used to see me within them. Then gradually I have become transformed into Parama Brahma (Supreme self) through different processes of Rajyoga. But I have never accepted any traditional and old prejudices whatever you will tell me, you will take from old prejudices. Being devoid of old prejudices how can you tell me?

Oh, even seeing my form within you is not also being accepted by me now, because I have crossed this region. Can you say what is the meaning of seeing me within you?  You will get my entities, though I do not know what is the effect of it. When this will manifest then only I can say. Because such thing has never happened before.  And see, whatever will manifest spontaneously within this body, that will manifest within the whole human race. When such thing will happen, then there is no need of saying about immortality about which I mentioned before. It is because I thought before that the whole human race would see me within them and then tally later on. But whether that is an absurd data I have understood. When this new thing will happen the world will be benefited. You are now seeing this oneness. But what a magic you are seeing! There are more magic which you will see in future.

So long religion is performed on the basis of fear of death

July 30, 1960.

Can you say, what kind of religion with fear of death has been performed so long? And what you are seeing now? A very strange phenomenon has manifested here. Better say in the sense of dualism, otherwise nothing can be understood. God has created this thing here.

See, a man is the doer, he is doing everything, on the other hand he says that God is doing it. As for example, see the case of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)! His hand was fractured, and lastly he suffered from cancer, now, has God done these things? Then you have to say that God is cruel. Whether God searches only the faults of a man? Is it His duty? No! A man is doing everything, though he cannot understand it, and so he brings an outer agency. Listen, a man is doing everything. This is ‘Brahmavidya’(Knowledge of supreme self) and this is indestructible.

So long everybody had been bearing this fear of death. But I am the exception. Only I am saying that I shall live forever. Am I giving the witness of such thing? No, the human race is bearing its proof.

Every human being is a cosmic man

July 30, 1960.

Say how many years ago it was said! Rishi (Vedic sage) Uddalak was saying ‘That art thou’! How strong was their brain power! Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) saw and heard the devotional chant of Sri Gouranga (Chaitanya, the founder of Vaisnava Cult in Bengal in the fourteenth century) with his companions at ‘Panchavati’ (Groups of five different trees at Dakshineswar temple, Kolkata). But how he had seen them he did not mention. Was there none there at that time of his vision? No, none saw Gouranga. Then Thakur said, They merged in my body’. See, this human body is very strange. A man himself is Brahma (Supreme self), so he can do anything. Even he can project a living human being outside from his own body.

I don’t accept past. Future is good because there is a scope in the brain. There are endless things inside the brain of a human being. It is good to think on these aspects. Past is dead.

Listen each human being is a cosmic man. The potential power exists in every human brain equally.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 3, February, 2017      

My strange experience with Jibankrishna (Diamond) as unknown man

Dr. Sasadhar Mukherjee

Part – 1

This amazing experience of life was narrated  by Dr. Sasdhar Mukherjee residing at Purbachal, Kolkata in the year 1996 :

“Now I am 25 years old on September 24,1996. Long time back from now, when I was about 10 years, I had a very strange dream. I saw in my dream that I was walking aimlessly through a muddy path. After walking for a distance, I noticed that the path was bifurcated into two directions, and saw a huge figured gentleman standing just at the junction. He wore a dhoti up to his knee and a Punjabi (a type of long shirt). He had short-cut hair on his head. He was standing there as if he was ready to catch me. I was walking very fast but as soon as I saw him, my speed lowered down. I slowly went to him, but saw that he had a glaring look at me.

Somehow I wanted to cross him. But holding my neck and pointing out the right direction he ordered me, ‘go this way’! Then and there my dream went off.

Then long time passed by. To-day so far as I remember, I was being diverted to a wrong life-style at that time by mixing with some notorious friends. Except study any other subjects I used to like. I realized now that I had a great change in my life after dreaming that huge gentleman whom I wanted to identify among a large number of people, but failed. Then as days passed by, I forgot that chapter.

After passing the secondary examination I joined Cossipore gun and shell factory at Kolkata as an apprentice. In Gun-D department one gentleman named Dhiren Mondal was an employee. I used to call him uncle. I used to notice that during the lunch interval he used to discuss and read a book with some of his colleagues. With a great curiosity sometimes I also used to go there. I understood that some religious books were read and also realized that the discussions were just the opposite of the traditional religions.

However, after passing the final examination of the apprenticeship with merits I joined Gun-A department and as a result, again a connection was made with Dhiren Mondal and then I heard the name of Jibankrishna or Diamond from his discussions. Though his comments were against the traditional religion, I always loved to hear these discussions as if it seemed that he was talking about our own selves. Gradually I felt a great attraction for this philosophy and grew some repulsive mentality against the traditional religion. I stopped going to missions & temples.

One day uncle said, ‘let us go to my reading place’. With a great enthusiasm, I went with him to the residence of Balai Das where every Tuesday regular discussion and reading on the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond as a Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realzation’) and a magazine ‘Manikkya’ on Diamond are held regularly Mr. Das was also our colleague. A huge photograph of Diamond was huge against the wall of the reading room. Entering the room my eyes were fixed on the photograph for a long period. Then I gave my attention to the discussion and reading. But frequently I was looking at the photograph, trying to remember that somewhere I saw him and seemed to be very familiar. I tried to remember and all on a sudden the scene appeared before me experienced when I was eleven years old. Oh, I saw this man on the street in my dream!

As soon as I narrated this incident to them, I came to know that numerous people used to see him in dreams and reality when he was alive and they narrated their experiences to him.

After this incident long days passed by though I used to go to Balai’s house off and on and came to know that Diamond often used to comment, ‘those who has seen me in dreams before coming to me or seeing me physically are spontaneous Shiva’.

Then one day I saw in a dream that we have purchased an old house. While I was observing its rooms, bathroom, kitchen, I noticed a huge hole in a wide place. With a curiosity I leaned and wanted to see what was there inside the whole. I saw a spider net at the mouth and strangely, instead of spiders, very tiny men were moving in the net. Seeing me they were moving very fast here and there within the net. It seemed as if they were the guards of that hole. Then I saw that a hand was coming out of the hole holding a full dish of Sandesh (sweet made of curd)as if for me and I also took the dish. Then and there the hand vanished inside the hole and at the same time a full length man came out, wearing white pajama and Punjabi with long hair tied on head and a snake with its hood opened, spiraling his neck and hands. It seemed to me, he was Shiva the God! I gave him the sweet and he ate a bit. Looking clearly I saw with a surprise, that his face resembled me and also notice that he was me! With a great astonishment my dream went off. When I was writing my dream, it flashed in my mind that Diamond used to say, ‘those who has seen me in dreams before seeing me physically are spontaneous Shiva’.  I realized that his comment came true through my dream though he demised long time before I participated in reading with Dhiren Mondal.



Volume 3, February, 2017          

Chapter 90

Narration  of  previous  dreams  to  the Holy  Ghost  and  his  blessings

410)   24th March, 1980 . Monday.  Place :  Shantipur

Early morning dream: The morning has started. I was in hurry to go to my school. In the mean time Diamond had come to me and it seemed to me as if Diamond had come with his physical body. Both of us were feeling joyous and spending the time with great joy. I felt no urge to go to school. But he was insisting me saying, ‘Go, Go, otherwise you will be late.’

So I went to the bus terminus, kept my line reserved and came back. As after long time I met Diamond, so I said, ‘In the meantime I had a number of dreams. Amongst them should I tell you about my last two dreams (21.02.1980 and 14.03.1980) first? And the meanings of these dreams which revealed in me, I will corroborate with your explanations, He said, ‘of course I will listen to your dreams. Then you start from the beginning. Oh! Devine dreams are so important!’ No sooner he uttered these words, symptoms of great ecstasy were seen in his body and each and every hair tips of his body became erected and his whole body became red like red meats as if the whole body became toasted. Pointing every symptom he said to me, ‘See! See!’ Along with it I was also having ecstasy. Then I was thinking, which of the dreams I would start – at the same time the last two dreams were not being remembered by me. Then I said, ‘my condition was such in these days that I used to feel myself within dreams even in reality.’ Hearing this Diamond said with ecstasy, ‘Aah! What a wonderful thing this is’!

At last I thought that I should tell him the dream seen on 01.02.1974, where coming out of the residence of my friend Nisith Bairagi I said to an unknown person, ‘America means capitalism – Individualism; Russia is Socialism – Universalism. So when I told Diamond about Nisith, he said, ‘yes, yes, I know Nisith, but he is a bad guy.’ Hearing this, I thought with a great surprise – why he was saying so!

However, in the midst of our conversation, I said, ‘Well, I had a dream where I chewed a woman named Prakriti (Nature). Well, even if this effect is not taken by body, but there must be a little bit taste of it’? He nodded. Then and there I thought that I should stand in the queue for bus, otherwise I would be late in school and Diamond was also wanting. So very unwillingly I went forward and Diamond also gave accompaniment. Both of us were in a very intimate mood. Looking at went on thinking – He is now 86-87 years age (in reality he would be of such age, so he is looking such old, but in spite of that he is walking so steadily! With great affection I told him, ‘come like this, watch the road, go cautiously etc.’ Once I said, ‘You know that at every 2-3 months interval I go to Dwijendra Nath Roy at Ghatshila.’ (In reality this used to happen). Hearing this he became very happy. As soon as I came near the bus terminus, the dream went off.

Firstly, here the dream and reality were merged together. Secondly as the effects of dreams will be established in the body of the seer, so these were corroborated and confirmed by the Holy Ghost.

In recent days since 2-3 months, a charge has come within the mind and body of the seer – a great peace as well as a continuous hilarity has come in the mind and which is continuous. Long time ago Jibankrishna (Diamond) used to say, ‘you will see that you will feel a continuous hilarity in your mind,’- this has come true in the seer’s life.

Vision of future – Leaving of attachment with ‘Manikya’ publication

25th March, 1980, Tuesday.

411) Early morning dream :  At the residence of Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala the matters for ‘Manikya’ magazine were read and discussed for publication. Khitish Roy Choudhury, Raghunath Sen, Indranath Mukherjee and Arun Ghosh were present. I was making some comments on the matter written by Asim Biswas, but noticed that many were not liking it. So I went on thinking, when they could not understand, I should keep silent. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream gave an indication of a future incident about my attachment with the magazine ‘Manikya”.

[Note: It came true when I became detached from ‘Manikya”’ publication.]

Completion  of  one  stage  of  austerity  and  beginning  of  a  new  one

412)     3rd April, 1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:  I noticed a huge waterbody where a large number of mushrooms were observed. I wanted to pick up one but when I was going to pick up, saw that inside there was a crab. I was unable to pick it up, but suddenly an unknown person came and throwing the crab handed over the mushroom to me.

The scene then changed—I saw a huge building and I was staying there, suddenly a huge swarm of locusts sat on my body and very quickly ate all hmyflesh of the body and saw that hmyown skeleton was lying on the ground.

The scene again changed—this time I met Nisith Bairagi, who in reality took and introduced me with Jibankrishna. While I was going to discuss with him about Jibankrishna’s affair he used to make adverse comments about him and I was feeling shock. Still I thought, probably Nisith was pretending such. Then and there my dream went off.

In the first dream it seemed to the seer that the future he may have new type of austere by the grace of God (unknown person) by eliminating ten sensual desires (crab).

Next scene indicated that the seer has completed a phase of austerity, as Sri Jibankrishna used to say that to see skeleton in a dream means completion of a phase of austerity .

The last scene probably confirmed the previous dream seen on 24-3-80 where Sri Jibankrishna made adverse comments about Nisith.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 3, February, 2017          


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “These house-holder devotees have got an attitude like that of Ravana who would enjoy the maidens of the Devahs and the Nagas and at the same time realize Rama”.

It is Vividisha and its promulgation and glorification.

Vividisha demands a strict renunciation of lust and gold. Ravana did not do so. But still he wanted to have Rama. Yes, he got Rama at the time of his death.

To get Rama – liberation at the time of death is no liberation. The Bliss of liberation is to be enjoyed during the lifetime. Liberation after death is but a superior imagination and a false consolation as there is no proof of it. It is but a great expectation based on high imagination – rather false. When a man is really liberated during the lifetime then he will be an Universal Man like ‘Diamond’ seen by thousands within them and it is real liberation – spiritual oneness with the rest of the humanity. Religion has its proof, otherwise it is high and poetic imagination! Lord, Lord, as I am real, this Universe is real, and so religion is also real, its proof is not to be given by an individual but en-masse.

  1. “Is there any chance for the worthless babul tree to bear mangoes”?

Tree – human body.

Babul tree – It is a worthless tree as it does not bear any fruit, nor it can be used as timber. It is simply utilized as faggot.
Babul tree is that human body where emanation of the Atman does not take place.

Mango – Symbol of Brahmajnan.

When a man attains Brahmajnan he sees that somebody places a ripe mango on his palm and he eats it. It is so seen here by almost all men who have seen ‘Diamond’ within them. It is but symbolic Brahmajnan. Thakur often compared Brahmajnan with a ripe mango.

According to Vividisha almost all the men are so born that there will be no emanation of Atman in their body.

But we have experienced a different thing and that is there is no babul tree at all. Every tree is a mango tree as he sees ‘Diamond’ in him. Such is Mahayoga; of course, it is beyond the scope of the ordinary Rajayoga as the Mahayoga makes a babul tree to bear mangoes.

No shortcoming in a man can bar him to get a mango and to enjoy it. He may not attain the mango-tree – the Absolute Equality or become the Man in the Sun but he has every right to eat the mango, i.e. Abstract Equality or Hiranmaya Koshastha Brahma and thus equates ‘Oneness’ with the Man in the Sun.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 3, February, 2017          

Seikh Alauddin from Rangaipur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day in the year 1998 I saw in my dream that taking a book I was going to read it and opening the pages I saw that in every page only the pictures of Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna were printed. Then my dream was off.
[The dream indicates that Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna are for all religions, because  they are universal.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man

Ranajit Bagdi from Sultanpur , Birbhum has narrated how he saw Jibankrishna in dream without seeing his photo before. He has narrated his dream thus:
In the residence of my mistress a black fatty man like me was hiding behind a column. It seemed as if he was hiding there for 4-5 days. I asked my mistress, ”What to do?” she said,” Kill him.” So I killed him by twisting his neck and then according to the instructions of my mistress I packed the dead body in a jute bag and engraved beside a pond nearby. When I was entering into the house I saw that an unknown man was seated near a cow tied with a column. He had bare upper body and wore a dhoti. He had sacred thread around his neck. Seeing him a great regard grew in me and my dream was then off.
Next day due to some work I went to mistress  house and saw that a Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhutu”(Religion and Realization in English) were read. After listening to the reading for some time I narrated my dream to them. Dholoda showed me a photo of a person. I was amazed when I saw that I saw the same man in my dream. I heard that his name was Jibankrishna.
[To kill the unknown man like the seer means to kill ego consciousness. His animal passion was eradicated and divinity was grown by seeing Jibankrishna as his God-The-Preceptor. Wearing sacred thread indicates that Jibankrishna has known Brahma or Supreme Being.]

Tarun Banerjee from Gargaria,Bolpur has narrated his dream thus:
1.      On April 26,2003 I saw in a  dream that Jibankrishna was lying in our house and I was seated beside him. He seemed to be very kith and kin to me. I told him,” You know, I have kept your photo in my room. Shall I show you?” Then I brought the photo. But he did not give any importance to my words. I saw that the figure of the photo was not resembling his figure. I thought that perhaps his teeth fell and so he was looking much older. So I kept the photo. Then I told him, “Tell something about religious thing and tell me how to perform austerity.” He said, ”You should do cultivation. Do you understand…?” I said,” Now you get up and let both of us meditate.” He hastily got up and both of us started meditation face to face. Then my dream  was off.
[To cultivate means cultivation of the body to emanate Atma or soul and to proceed to Supreme Being. God-the-preceptor thus gives instruction to a seer.]
2.      One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that Sri Ramkrishna was murdered. I rushed there so that I could meet Sri Ramkrishna before his death. In a place forcing through the crowd I went near him. I saw that Vairabi (who taught Sri Ramkrishna about Tantra in his life time in the nineteenth century) was seated there immutably. The dagger was penetrated into his belly. Blood was oozing and he would die within a short time. I told him,” Thakur, please give your touch by your grace.” So extending his hand he touched me and said, ”You will have blessings.” With a great excitement I woke up.
[Sri Ramkrishna is the insignia of dualism and Jibankrishna is the insignia of universalism. Here the seer is crossing dualism with the blessing of Sri Ramkrishna to attend universalism.]






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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 2, January, 2017             

Chapter 71

Jibankrishna (Diamond) is beyond any knowledge

July 11, 1960.

Should I ask a question?  Say who am I? Why are you seeing me both inside and outside? I am a human being, still why others see me within them and why not you? You are also a human being. Listen do you know what type of human being am I? I am such a man about him nothing can be known. You have innumerable realizations and you are ‘Brahmabid’ (Who has known Brahma or God.). Still so far you have seen me within you is not the end. Again you will see me in the next night and so on. And you are not the alone  who will see me within the body. Irrespective of caste and creed, religions and sexes people are seeing me within them and will continue to see. There is no end of it. Ultimately you will say, ‘Alas, we have not known anything’!

The Own self of human being is the form of the person in the sun

July 13, 1960.

Can you say what is the own self of human being? It is the form of a person in the sum. Sometimes the Atma or Soul is said to be the own self of human being. But during the visualization of Atma nobody says that the Atma or soul is the own self of a human being. So that is judicial. A man is born with the dice of this form of the person in the sun. Where is the proof? The proof is borne by the mother who has seen me when she was eight years old. She has neither seen me nor heard about me. When I was fifteen years old, since then people are seeing me within me. Why do they see me like this? It is because the form of the person in the sum is the own self of every human being and as they are born with that dice so they see me within them.

God is achieved whenever Jibankrishna or Diamond is seen within the body and he is both inside and outside

July 14, 1960.

In the Gospel Thakur Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘Before dying one has to make austerity for achieving God.’ Hearing this Jibankrishna said to the listeners, ‘That means before dying one has to achieve Godhood; But how many days before he should achieve? Is it ten minutes before dying? No my boy. It starts from the age of 12 years 4 months and so long he will live this austerity continues. And what Thakur has said is, ‘ The main object of human life is to achieve God, and that should be achieved before dying. But what has happened in our case? Oh, how fortunate we are, can you say! In our case, we achieve Godhood beforehand whatever old a man comes here., and what is about coming here? So many people have seen me before and then have come here. Hegel is saying, ‘ God is going to realize Himself through the manifestation of the universe.’ This is partly true. He had no idea that the seed as well as this universe are same. This is a realization of Vedanta and he had not this experience. So how could he know this!

Go above this and you will know that this universe is merely a sound. Again there is something beyond it. By reaching there everything becomes silent.

This human body has infinite power

July 23, 1960.

I had been deadly against taking my photograph. So God said ‘Wait’! And He manifested my form within myriads of people. Now what should I do!

The dreams which you experience have so many strange meanings which we cannot understand immediately. Somehow we explain. But those may not carry any sense.

I am giving you one example. Long time back I saw in my dream that I was eating a huge ripe mango and trying to touch my teeth with the stone. But all my efforts failed. Now listen what is its meaning. Just now I have understood its actual meaning. This human body is the container of infinite power. This human body is so strange that nothing can be concluded. This human body has fathomless ‘ Amritatva’ (Divine nector) which cannot be finished by eating. And so in my dream I could not touch my teeth with the stone of the mango. Just imagine that I had this dream so many years ago and after so long years I conceived its actual meaning.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 2, January, 2017             

Seeing Diamond in dreams after his death as unknown person

Madan Mohan Karmakar of Kasundia Road, Howrah Town narrated his amazing dream experiences about Diamond how without knowing anything about Diamond he saw him in a dream. The narration is given according to his own version.

From my very childhood I used to have dreams and my parents became worried about me. Ultimately the situation was such that in the year 1949-50 I had take medicine from the neurologist. But still dream could not be controlled of course most of these dreams were related with gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology and except my mother I never told anybody about these dreams.

It was the end of September, 1992. One day on my way to market I met my schoolmate and intimate friend Basudeb Roy (a regular companion of Diamond). He told me, ‘Hey Madan! I have dreamed that you are messaging the legs of my father! Nobody can touch his legs without his grace’. Being puzzled I asked him, ‘what is that meant! Who is your father?’ Basudeb said, ‘yes, he is not only my father, he is the father of all. Do you have dreams’? I said, ‘yes, two days back I saw Ramkrishna in my dream and I saw you also, feeding you sweets’. Then after a few days I went to his house. Entering his room I saw a photo of an old man hanging on the wall became speechless. I asked him, ‘Well Basu, who is this gentleman? I have seen him somewhere’!

Before I finish my sentence he interrupted and said, ‘yes, he is my father Jibankrishna (Diamond). I was so much amazed that I could not speak for a moment. Then I told him, ‘Basu, I see this man repeatedly in my dreams along with Sri Ramkrishna. Once in a dream he called me a son of the Divine mother’.

Being asked by Basu I started narrating my dream seen on 25th December, 1992.

Dream : I saw walking on a rough lane and at one place on the right side of the lane the fishes were being loaded on the truck. Another lane coming from left side met this place. While trying to cross that truck I saw on the lane a young girl, full of joy and rejuvenated having a very sweet face suddenly blocked my way extending her two hands horizontally as if to play with me. I often saw her selling fishes in the market. I asked her, ‘Hey! Why didn’t you bring fishes to-day’? With a glittering smile she held my left hand and said, ‘Oh! Don’t you know that to-day is my birthday’?

I said, ‘How do I know? Have you told me? Well hold this bag, let me give you a presentation for your birthday’.

While keeping my bag in her hand, I saw another fair complexioned young girl with smiling face came and stood beside me. With large eyes she looked at me once and then told that young  girl (seemed to be her sister, ‘ Let’s go. Why are you doing late’? Then she told me ‘To-day is her birthday’.

However, when I took out my hand from the pocket, some small brick pieces came out. I wondered how could these get inside my pocket! I threw these out and again insert my hand into the pocket. This time some coins come out. When I gave all these coins to the young girl, both the faces of the two sisters brightened with joy and then they disappeared holding the hands of each other.

Again I started walking and reached a place with a village surrounding it. Crossing some houses I found a narrow field path in front. On the left side I saw a huge open field. In many places bases were being made for constructing buildings. Somewhere there were mounds, somewhere low height brick constructions. Suddenly I noticed that the same young girl with a naughty smiling face was walking in front of me waving her hands as if to direct me to walk forward. As soon as I was nearing her, she was hiding as if to play with me. But I went on following her with a great joy.

Coming to a place she pointed in front to a house with her finger and looking forward I noticed that I was standing in front of a half opened iron gate of a garden house surrounded by a high wall. Inside the house I saw many rooms under construction and steps were being made to reach the high elongated corridor in front of the rooms. It seemed to me to be a monastery under construction. Two front rooms were finished and masons were working in other rooms.

I thought, let me see the inside. So holding my bag I entered inside. I saw a culvert under construction supervised by a fair complexioned, healthy Youngman. He looked at me and then jumping across the drain I reached the half circled steps with an intension of looking into one of the finished room.

From the left side of the corridor a complacent healthy looking man stood before me with a smiling face. He wore a dhoti (a long cloth to cover the lower part of the body) and a loose fitting Punjabi (a type of loose shirt). With the same smiling face he indicated me with his finger to go inside the room.

So I peeped into that room keeping my bag on the floor and saw red painted floor with a small cot in the midst and a mat was placed on it. Sri Ramkrishna was half lying supporting against a pillow. He was looking at me with divine eyes and smiling face. He wore a dhoti with its end resting on his shoulder as seen on his photograph, holding a hand fan in his hand. It was very beautiful and ornamental. When I entered the room, he sat on his cot from his half lying posture. My heart palpitation started and he came forward towards me. My look was on his feet.

He gave me two hand fans, one was large, another one was small and again went back to his previous posture having the same smiling face.

Coming near the cot I fanned him for some time and after a while keeping the fans near his feet I came out of the room to take my bag kept on the floor. I saw that the same holy man standing on the corridor. Seeing me, with a smiling face he pointed to the room and said something to me though I could not follow anything about its inner meaning. Taking my bag I again jumped across the drain and reached the same place. At that moment due to some knocking sound on the door I woke up. Throughout the day I felt a divine joy and happiness.

After seeing the photograph in Basu’s room I recognized that the man seen in the dream was Diamond


Volume 2, January, 2017                

Chapter 89

Attaining  of  Brahmahood  after  crossing  previous  phases

405)      21st February, 1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:  I saw that some human figures came out of my body and roaming here and there. One of them was very clear and distinct while others were going out of sight.The name of the distinct figure seemed to be ‘Brahma’ and others’ names were ‘Bhagawan’(God), and ‘Avatar’. Within the dream it seemed to me that they were my different spiritual stages.

At this moment I noticed an old devotee Sudhindra Nath Sinha was seated there. He expressed his doubtfulness about these stages within me. So I said, ‘our bodies are not flawless and so these stages may not persist in our body, but gives some kind of effects . Here the dream went off.

The dream is self-explanatory.

Advancement  of  austerity with  the  help  of  Holy  Mother

406)      27th February,  1980,  Wednesday.

Early morning dream: I was going to Diamond Harbor by a car through Diamond Harbor Road , With me were my elder brother Pankaj (another name Janardan or Lord Sri Krishna), mother and another unknown person . After going far, we met some familiar nuns of Sri Sarada Math and they had some conversations with my mother. Then again we started. After going for sometime suddenly I noticed that my mother was missing. Somebody said that she got down at the previous station. So I went back there by car. My elder brother and the unknown companion went forward while after going to a certain distant place I stopped and took petrol from a petrol pump for the car.

Then after a while suddenly the seer noticed that both the car and the driver vanished. He searched for them but could not find them. It seemed that they were lost. So I walked for the place where my mother dropped down. After crossing certain distance I noticed that the place was like a market place which was not far off from my mother’s place. Suddenly I saw that the driver came hastily with the car for picking me up for Diamond Harbor and the dream went off.

The dream indicates thus: Cart represents life force of great vitality; Elder brother or the unknown person means God; Mother represents Adyasakti or Holy Mother;During the advancement of the seer’s austere God as well as the Holy Mother are assisting the seer .

Removal  of  obstacles  during  austerity

407)     4th, March, 1980. Tuesday.

Early morning dream:   the scene opened with my working place, Birla high School at Kolkata. It had become much bigger in size. I stepped upwards to the top and again started stepping down but noticed that this was spiral steps and broken in some steps. So I was stepping down with great uncomfort with a doubt whether I could get down. At the same time it come in my mind whether I was in a wrong direction and the steps became blocked at the end. But ultimately thought, no I was in a right track. Then ultimately I stepped down a bit with much trouble and reached a landing supporting a railing. If I slipped I would fall down to the ground from a great height. I could not keep my body on the landing in spite of great effort but ultimately reached the last landing with much effort and my dream went off. I felt a great uneasiness in my body after the dream.

It seemed to the seer instantly that the previous two dreams indicated that during the seer’s austere the life power was facing some obstacles which ultimately were removed. The hug building denotes the hug capacity spiritual brain power steps represent different steps of the planes of the body. Stepping upwards means Agam (Ascent) and downwards means Nigam (Descent) which the seer will have experience.

Exposure  of  the  Nature’s  mystery

408)      10th March, 1980. Monday.

Early morning dream:   One unknown woman showed her exposed body to me. After it the dream went off.

Woman means Nature (Adyasakti) who by her grace will expose her mysteries to the seer in future.

Realization  of  Real  Own  Self—establishment  of


409)     14th March, 1980. Thursday,

Early morning dream :   In the first scene I saw that after completing hmytoilet work washed myself.

Then the scene changed and I saw myself standing in front of a mirror. Suddenly I saw that my own miniature figure was stuck to my back side just like a baby on his mother’s back. With great wonder I was looking at that figure, who asked me, ‘Say, who am I ?’ Instantly I said, ‘you are Jibankrishna.’ But still he was not leaving me who had to carry that figure.

After a while, I saw in a place that two men were quarreling with each other and I went on listening to that. Then I noticed that the figure on my back was gradually merging in my body. At that moment I was saying to myself, ‘At this stage my mind is descending to lower plane and so this figure is fading—then it was my realization so long!’ At last the figure completely emerged in my body .

The first scene corroborated the sayings of Jibankrishna who used to say, ‘To visualise own self the seer will see that his own self will come out of his body and speak to the seer and only then that will be real visualization of own self’. Our own self is Jibankrishna and that cannot stay long as this is Advaitam or monism and for that reason the seer saw the quarrel between two persons which represented dualism. In dualism there is quarrel, not in Monism and so the seer’s own self faded away and merged in his body.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 2, January, 2017                


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

March 1, 1885

  1. “Let a cup that contained garlic be washed as many times as possible, but the smell lingers yet”.

Cup – Cerebrum.

Garlic – evil propensities.

Washed – Life Power goes into the seventh plane and gets it purified.

Smell lingers – Life Power comes down and the evil propensities revive. Only in Nirvija Samadhi the evil propensities are burnt down. But it is seldom attained by a man.

Yes, in Individualism so much peculiarities and specialties are required and must be observed. In other words, it creates aristocrats (of course, a false one) in religion. Whereas, in Universalism there is no bar; if the Himalayas stand on the way, it is removed by the grace of God and it happens spontaneously.

Rajayoga carries this operation and it works like a miracle but at the same time it expresses the perfection of the experiences in an individual life otherwise no Universalism will follow.

Rajayoga operates spontaneously. Nothing can bar a man to eat the mango.

  1. “The house-holder devotees, by themselves, form a class. They desire Yoga (transformation of Life Power) and Bhoga (worldly enjoyments)”.

Here also the same old tune in the chord – the peculiarities of the Individualism – the distinction between a house-holder and a Sannyasi. Yes, it had its origin in the non-Aryan religion, afterwards came to be known as Jainism, and Buddhism though discarded it (the self-mortification of Jainism) almost in every point but created the Sramans (afterwards Sannyasi in the Hinduism). They (Buddhists) made a clear cut distinction between a Sraman and a layman. Even they went so far as to codify that the only and sole duty of the layman is to feed the Sramans. Afterwards from Sankar down to Sri Ramkrishna, we find, the same distinction is advocated and entertained. Non-Aryanism, Buddhism and Hinduism, all of them strenuously urge this Sannyas but in the eternal religion, Sanantan Dharma, of the Aryans we do not find such distinction or institution. With the Aryans it was spontaneous manifestation of the Life Power, but in the subsequent religions which flourished in India, nay, in the world abroad, it is but by self-exertion; such is Individualism. But in Universalism no distinction is entertained. Everybody sees ‘Diamond’ within him. There is neither a house-holder devotee nor any Sannyasi. All that is required is a human body and having seen ‘Diamond’ within, he or she will declare ‘I am one with all’ – the summum bonum of knowledge doing away any and every distinction between man and man, establishing eternal peace and Love.

Everybody claims that his religion is based on love. Where lies its proof? Save and except some sweet slogans introduced by them, and they have left the burden to be borne by others with some bulls and bulletins – “Do this and do that”. Such is Individualism. But in the Universalism, we find what a deep love is entertained. Whosoever has seen ‘Diamond’ within him, his inner Self has been transformed into the Self of ‘Diamond’, i.e. One of this Oneness which declares perfectness and love and this is Universal Love. I love myself the best and utmost and I by my Mahayoga get others transformed into me only spiritually so evincing that I love him as I love myself.

To quote the metaphor of Patanjali that there is only one moon in the sky and innumerable tanks are there on the earth. The reflected moon is in every tank. The reflected moon gets the attributes of the moon in the sky.

I am Swapna Siddha but to my personal knowledge and astonishment all those who have seen me within them have also become Swapna Siddha and it is to run as long as I live.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 2, January, 2017             

2002 A.D.
Ms. Anita Ganguly from Adra, Purulia has narrated her dream thus:
I saw in my dream that the Atma or Soul of Jibankrishna was floating in the air like a thread. One big fish beside me swallowed that thread. Many people along with me wanted to have that soul. So we tore the face of the fish. Then we saw that it was a poisonous snake. My husband was trying to bring out the thread entering his hand into the mouth of the snake. But blood was oozing from his hands, though I thought that it would not harm him, because he was a devotee of Jibankrishna.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man
2002 A.D.
Srikrishna Sadhan Pal from Kalimohon Palli, Bolpur narrates his dream thus:
I saw in my dream that I was entering into a temple. It was crowded. By mistake I entered with my sandal. I was thinking to put it off outside without anybody’s attention, the priest understood my motive and said,”Don’t worry. I shall keep your sandal outside, you need not go outside.” My dream was then off.
In the afternoon when I went to the Reading centre, looking at Jibankrishna’s photo I realized that the priest of my dream was no other than Jibankrishna.
[The seer got Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor who appeared in his dream as unknown man. To throw away sandals means to eradicate sense of egoism and God-the-Preceptor performs it.]

Ms. Bichitra Chatterjee from Charupalli, Bolpur narrates her dream thus:
1992 A.D.
I used to go to Bebi’s residence for listening to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. But they used to discuss about a man named Jibankrishna and know him as God.  He used to be seen in dreams and give advice, save from dangers etc. But I could not accept it.
One day my husband went to the Reading Centre and saw Jibankrishna in open eyes. My two sons also saw Jibankrishna in dreams. So I began to think, when they saw Jibankrishna in dreams, why I was not seeing him?
Suddenly one night I saw a dream. I was seeing that from our rice drum a man came out. He had a few beard on his cheek. It seemed that he was Jibankrishna. He told me,” As you think that I do not exist, but see I am here.” And coming out of the drum he told me,”Now worship me.” I said, ”You please sit, I am coming just now with flowers.” I told a girl to sit inside the room and went to the nearby pond. I picked up many lotuses and returned home.  Thinking to worship Jibankrishna with the petals, I was going to separate petals from the lotus, but saw that the petals were automatically separated and in each petal I saw the form of Jibankrishna. I was very joyous and happy. Then my dream was off.

[Drum – the body, God is in the body; Rice- brain cells; To worship-To practice spiritualism; The petals are also brain cells where the form of Jibankrishna exists. The seer’s fervent prayer is fulfilled by the appearance of God-the-Preceptor.]


Jayanta Tapadar from Mohula, Birbhum has narrated his dream as such:

As if I had gone somewhere and saw there my maternal uncle’s children. I was gossiping with them. Their house was very nice. Beside us there were steps to the roof top. After a while an old man came to us and asked my maternal uncle’s son, “How are you?” Then he stepped up to the roof. When I looked at the steps, I saw that on each step red footsteps were inscribed.  Seeing this strange thing I asked my maternal brother, ”Where is his residence?” He said,” He lives at our top floor and he never eats.” That man seemed to be familiar to me. Going to the top floor I saw that the old man is in meditation.

Then and there a shivering sensation was felt and my dream was off. As soon as I woke up I realized that the old man was Jibankrishna.

[God-the-Preceptor appears in dream in such a manner from time to time.]








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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 1, January, 2017

Chapter 70

This life is full of bliss

July 2, 1960.

On this earth there is one Soul or Atma and Kundalini. Through Kundalini all these are becoming one. As because the soul or Atma is within the human body, so a man loves his wife and son. When a man dies, others think the dead body as impure. Atma or Soul is the nearest and dearest one. One Atma is within everybody and for that reason one man loves another man. Some may say, why, there is war and killing? Let it be, because there is angry side of lord shiva. After seeing me within the body, the real love comes. I have also grown real love within me. As because  I love myself, so I am wanting the whole world to become one. This body is another form of Atma.

Lord Buddha said, ‘This world is full of sorrow’. What is he saying! Look here, where I am going or whatever I am doing I am seeing Ananda(Bliss). The own self of God or Brahama is Bliss and so am I seeing the living man Ananda? See how blissful is the world!

The human body is the container of infinite power

July2, 1960.

An inclination has come in my brain now-a-days I have conceived it for the last 2-3 days. I have understood that the realization of oneness can be achieved but cannot be achieved in full measure and never. When this is achieved there will be complete destruction. But it will never happen because this universe remained for infinite period and will remain forever. But in future this phenomenon will be developed.

I am remembering one comment of Hegel. In one place he is saying, ‘unmanifested object wants to get manifested. Yes, this whole phenomenon is a mystic and we are witnessing it here. It is unfathomable to conceive what an unlimited mystery lies within the human body. It is nowhere outside. But what remains within our body is unknown.

A man is God and the world bears its proof             

July 2, 1960.

So far in the world only in a single man Atma or Soul is released from the body in different eras. For example, you can consider Buddha, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Mahaprabhu (Sri Chaitanya) and Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna), and even Sankar, Ramanuj, Nimbark, Ramananda. But they were scholars. Still they used to lead a pure and spiritual life. But what are you seeing here? Thousands and thousands of  people are seeing me within them in different ways. Every- body is Brahma or God and this proof they are carrying with them. This is the universal austerity. An unfathomable power is grown within my body and that power is uniting each into one point.

But in individualism what happens? Visualization of God is very difficult. In Gita it is said that among millions it happens in only one case. So Thakur has made it easy saying that visualizing the incarnation of God is the same as visualization of God. Yes, the human race is benefited for this. Otherwise the conception of God is very difficult. That is not possible. And so seeing me once within the body the seer can conceive this.

The spiritual manifestation in human body

July 9, 1960.

This amazing phenomenon what you are seeing here is completely unknown to us. Why this is happening, how it happens and who is doing this completely unknown. And even we cannot say whether this is final. There is neither beginning nor end of such phenomenon. For immemorial time this thing exists and will exist. We shall not consider Vedanta, because, ‘Vedanta’ (End of Vedas) was considered as  end by those scripture writers. But we see here, that we have only understood ‘A’ of such thing, not even ‘B’. So how can we say that this is Vedanta?

Rebirth is proofless but Religion is true

July 9, 1960.

Rebirth cannot be proved, but there is proof that religion is true. Religion (Dharma) means which holds us and as we are alive so there is proof that there is Religion. And whether God is there is also proved here.

This liberty in lifetime means whenever you have seen my form within you.

In Kashmir Shaivism the term ‘Sachhanda darsan’ (Easy visualization) and ‘Sadyamukti’ (Instant liberty of soul ‘ from the body) are used and when I found these terms I said, ‘Oh, this is proved here’!


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 1, January, 2017            

Part – 3

[Mrs. Renu Kejriwal has narrated her amazing dreams on Diamond and strange experience in reality. The last part of her dreams and reality experiences is given.]

July 15, 2009. Wednesday.

I experienced a very strange incident yesterday. While I put my hand on the switch board on the wall, I got a huge shock by the current. Suddenly brother Dipak appeared in flesh and blood body, dragged me with a great force holding my hand. Then pushing me down he vanished. I was greatly puzzled by such an incident and lost my mind.

Afterwards I wondered how this could happen!

[such things may happen in a man where pure consciousness acts. This human body is the most miraculous and powerful phenomenon on earth. A human being may come out of the body and then again merges within the body. Such cases happened many times in Diamond’s life. But these incidents only happen in pure bodies.]

In the year 1999, I had a very significant dream which I forget to mention previously.

In my dream I was noticing a huge globe and I was searching a particular place in it. But being very tiny I couldn’t see it properly. So I thought, let me see the atlas. I took out the atlas and began to search for that place. But this was only showing the continents, not that particulars place.

Ultimately I could not find that place and noticed that everywhere in the atlas only the face or name of Diamond an atlas was too hard to be torn off. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream means thus : The dream may be an indication of a future when Diamond’s name will spread and he will be seen among myriads  of people throughout the world in dreams and in flesh and blood body as he has been seen since early 20th Century in India. And amazingly this was started now.]

July 14, 2010. Wednesday.

It was 3-00 PM. I slept sometime and dreamed that wining an award I got a ticket for London trip for both me and my husband. So we went to London and firstly I thought that I should go to Madam Tussaud museum (in reality I have the desire to see it). So we went to the museum and visited many places. We saw the wax statues of Mrs. India Gandhi, Amitava Bachhan (Bolywood film star) and many other celebrates. These were looking so living!

In one place we saw a statue of a person where no labeling was done like others. Seeing that statue the visitors were gossiping among themselves saying, ‘who is he? We have never seen him before!’ Then one dumb visitor explained to them by signs that he dreamed this man.

When I approached to that statue I recognized him and exclaimed, ‘oh, he is Jibankrishna (Diamond)’! Suddenly we noticed that he began to move towards the door and it seemed to me that he was almost moving by floating because I understood that being made of wax he might break into pieces when moving. Then I started walking behind him but couldn’t catch hold of him. I saw that many people were walking behind him, but getting out of the door he vanished and I woke up.

[This dream also indicates a future when Diamond’s form will be seen everywhere on earth. Diamond once got an oracle ‘The western world is crying for you. Please go there soon;’ there was another oracle, ‘you have to go to London’. But he did not pay any attention to these. This dream may be an indication that the actions of the oracles starts.

Diamond used to say that his form has become eternal because he is born so. The proof was established by the fact that he people began to see him in dreams when he was 7 years old and this is continuing still after 43 years of his demise and this phenomenon is now spreading among many people throughout the world in recent years which is the initiation of real ‘oneness’ among human race.

The wax statues are kept for permanent existence of the celebrities in this museum, though they are without life. But here in the dream it showed that the statue of Diamond began to move which means he is an awakened one. Then all the people followed him and he went out of the door. This means that his form will be exposed to the outer world from a limited place and will act among innumerable people in future.]


Volume 1, January, 2017            

Chapter 88

Indication  of  controlling  Nature

399)     22nd, January, 1980. Tuesday:

Early morning dream:  I saw in front of me my youngest cousin sister named Prakriti (Nature). Seeing her I took up an iron rod to drive her out, but she also took a wooden stick to chase, although she failed. I defeated her and snatched the stick from her and dragged her towards me with two hands. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream indicates that the seer may have the power of controlling Nature in the spiritual world.

Achievement  of  spiritual  prosperity  and  destruction  of  outward  show

400)       3rd February, 1980. Sunday.

Early morning dream :  I saw the prime minister Indira Gandhi sitting in front of me, wearing a new sari having conversation with me. I asked her, ‘Do you know Dwijendra Nath Roy’ (a Jibankrishna devotee and an ex-revolutionarist during the British period. She said, ‘Yes’.

Then I narrated an old incident of Dwijen babu, – When he was in Jail alongwith other political prisoners, he saw in dream a scene of Dhaka. Within a few days they were shifted to Dhaka jail. Then I went on discussing other things and had in my mind that I would talk now about the spiritual aspects. Sm. Gandhi seemed to be in a very joyous mood talking with me very intimately. Thereafter the dream went off and I woke up. Within a short time I again fell asleep and dreamt that two pairs of front teeth fell down from the mouth and I threw these out.

As soon as I woke up, it flashed in my mind that ibankrishna said about the front and rear teeth of elephant. The front teeth are for show and the rear teeth are for eating. Here the dream shows that the seer will have no show for his spiritual prosperity but can utilize it properly. The first dream is for name sake as Indira means goddess Lakshmi who is the symbol of spiritual prosperity and peace. Here the seer will have spiritual prosperity and peace in the long run.

Purification  of  five  elements

401)     5th/6th, February, 1980.   Early morning dream:   I urinated in the room of my elder brother and then washed the floor with broom and water. In a recent similar dream of Sri Ramkrishna Ghosh, Jibankrishna said to him that this means the purification of five elements.

The effect is not known.

Indication  of  devotees  death

402)   7th Feb. 1980, Thrusday.

The previous day the news of a Diamond’s companion Binay Roy’s heart attack made me very gloomy.

Early in the morning I saw in my dream that many of the companions had assembled in a room. Meanwhile Binay Roy suddenly entered into the room with a bag in his hand with very bright figure and joyous mood. Seeing him I asked, ‘oh! you are not well and admitted in the hospital! How have you come here!’ Binay Roy said with a smiling face, ‘No, No, that is not correct. Nothing has happened to me,’ then and there the dream went off.

The dream revealed to me in both ways: either he will be recovered or he will expire and in the afternoon Binay Roy expired. Thus the dream came true in reality.

Indication  of  having  minimum  animal passion   

403)     A few days after the previous dream 7-2-80 on 7th February’80, I had this morning dream:

I was mixing pea-legume soup with rice for eating. Meanwhile an unknown person came and ate almost the whole mixture keeping only the last mouthful forme, and I ate it.

The dream clearly indicates that the seer will have the minimum animal passion in his life with minimum requirement of livelihood. The pea-legume was depicted by Sri Ramkrishna as lower 1st, 2nd and 3rd planes of the human body on spiritual aspects.

Increase  of  spiritual  power

404)    17th February,  1980. Sunday.

Early morning dream:   Three lanterns were kept in a room. Two were small and one was large. My elder brother Pankaj (Janardan) was also present there. There was a switch board on a wall and the lanterns were kept near that. The brother kindled the bigger one but the switch board flashed off and the current went off. At this moment the dream went off.

Big lantern denotes the capacity of the seer’s body. Janardan i.e, God kindled the big lantern which means that He increased  the spiritual power of the seer and the current went off , that means God himself took the responsibility of the seer and there was no need of other agencies.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 1, January, 2017                


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

December 27, 1884

  1. “After drinking his liquor, a drunkard talks only about the joy of drunkenness”.

The term in Bengali is ‘mada’. It has got double meanings:

(i) One is egoism,

(ii) The second is liquor.

Drinking his liquor – annihilation of egoism.

Drunkard – an aspirant.

The joy of Drunkenness – talks of God only – the fountainhead of joy.

It takes place both in Ascent as well as in Descent. When the Life Power of an aspirant reaches the fifth plane, he talks of God only. In Descent, Sukdeva (of mythology) and Thakur talked of God only. In the former it is for individual benefit of the aspirant but in the later case, it is for the benefit of the mankind.

  1. “Do you know how the Jnanis tend to move their Life Power? They want to fathom the mystery of their own-selves”.

Jnani in individualism is one who thinks and has a firm conviction that God is within him and not outside at a distance. In Individualism there are three divisions. They are: –

(i) Ajnani or ignorant.

(ii) Jnani or man of knowledge.

(iii) Vijnani or man with special knowledge of God or Self.

(i) Ajnani is one who points out God at a distance.
(ii) Jnani is one who has a sure conviction that God is within him though he has not seen God.
(iii) Vijnani is one who has seen God and entertains Him as a son, a friend, a lover.

The best example is Thakur and Ramlala and Sri Chaitanya as Radha and Sri Krishna as her (Sri Chaitanya’s) lover.

But all these attitudes are confined in Individualism where as aspirant creates and lives in his own domain. Its veracity cannot be gauged by anybody else. So far the individual is concerned he is all right. He enjoys the ecstasy, and it goes well with him, but it is nothing to anybody else. This is but a partial realization of Life Power and it is confined in individual satisfaction. In universalism we get a different story. Nobody else is Jnani save and except whom the world enlightens and makes Jnani by solving the mystery of relationship between him (Jnani) and the world. They shall be seeing him within and they shall declare – “We are one with you”. It takes place only in the spiritual world. Then the Self reveals that the whole human race with different forms and names irrespective of sex or age is but my own self – the Real Self – the shape of a living person – the Universal Self – The Paramatman.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 1, January, 2017             

2002 A.D.
Dipankar Barik  of  Sultanpur, Bolpur is a twelve class student. He has narrated a few dreams:
1)      I saw in dream that a large dog was biting people. He pushed down a car on the road. I ran towards him with a stick and beat. Being half dead he lied on the road. After a while he was recovered and again came to bite me. Then closing my eyes I was calling Jibankrishna. He appeared and gave me a sword. As soon as I touched the dog with the sword, he died and my dream was off.

[Dog is the symbol of traditional religion which misguides human race from the Truth. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor who eradicates the prejudices about traditional religion.]

2)      I saw in dream that everybody was saying that Ajay’s father became ghost after death. Sometimes he was appearing. I could not believe and said,”Where is the ghost?” Many people showed me a man alike Ajay’s father standing far away. I thought that I should know the truth. Certainly he was not ghost.  He must be god. So I approached but he was also moving away. Then running towards him I caught him and looking at his face I saw with surprise that he was Jibankrishna. I was joyous and bowed down to him. Then I woke up.

[The seer’s body becomes purified after seeing God.]

3)I was going to a shop by cycling. I had to buy something though I did not know what was it. Going there I saw that Jibankrishna was reading book. The shopkeeper approached towards me and asked,”What will you take?” I said,” I shall take that man who is reading. I shall not take any other thing.” Then my dream was off.

[The dream indicates the apathetic condition of the seer from worldly matters. He only wants God.]

4] On July 12, 2003 I could not go to the reading centre due to my waist ache. I felt very sorry and decided not to go to the center any more as God was not looking after me.
That night I dreamed that coming to me Jibankrishna was telling me,”Do not think on absurd things. Your ache will be cured. I shall send a doctor to you. Never think of being absent in the reading centre.” Then my dream was off.
It was a strange thing that next day a doctor who was married with a girl of our village came to me of his own desire and had a long chit chat with me. Then without being asked he prescribed some medicines for me. When he went away I shed tears by thinking about the love of God.
Thereafter, taking that medicine I was completely cured.

[God gives His grace to the devotee in such a manner.]

5) One night in the year 2003, I saw in my dream that I had gone to Kankalitala. There I saw that Jibankrishna was seated inside the temple. He was worshiping sitting on a mound. Seeing me he said,” See how fortunate I am to-day! I could worship the preceptor of my own preceptor. I was surprised hearing his words and then I woke up.

[In reality goddess Kali was the preceptor of Sri Ramkrishna.]

6)  On July 1, 2004 I saw in a dream that I was standing at Dharmatala. Just then Jibankrishna came in front of me. I bowed down to him. Giving his blessings he said,” I donated you a subtle body. Whenever necessary you can vanish in the air. Now go to the pond.” Saying this he went away. Then I saw that a snake was swallowing a lizard. From there I was coming back. I saw that grandpa Chandradhar was seated near the door of his residence. It seemed that there were some hidden treasure inside his room. I wanted to see it. But he closed the door. So I vanished myself and entered inside. I saw that in a room the underground was seated a five headed snake, having a diamond on her head and the room was illuminated with its light. It seemed to me that this was the hidden treasure and to observe it Jibankrishna had sent me here. Then my dream was off.

[The lizard is multi various forms of God, i.e. gods and goddesses which are imaginary. Snake is Kundalini or life-power. Awakened Kundalini eradicates the prejudices of many gods and establish one god. Diamond is the God which lives in the cerebrum or seventh plane. Everything is enlightened with His divine light or consciousness. This is the hidden treasure within a human body.]

7) One night in the year 2007 I saw in a dream that I was seated in front of the idol of goddess Durga. A young boy handed over 108 blue lotus to me. I was going to offer them to the feet of goddess Durga, but noticed with surprise that instead of Durga Jibankrishna was seated.  With a divine joy and surprise I woke up.

[The symbolism was eradicated by the appearance of Jibankrishna, God-the-Preceptor and thus one God was established. Lotuses represent different realizations.]








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