Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 14, July, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

The fundamental thought of Vedanta is oneness

which has manifested in Diamond’s era.


I have doubt whether, anybody in the world has known, Atma or Great Soul. Upanishads are saying, being transformed into Great Consciousness the seer transforms every human being into his own form’.

In Vivekananda centenary Memorial volume; page 276, Swami Vivekananda has mentioned – The central idea of Vedanta is oneness. There are no two in anything – no two lives, there is only one life, one world, one existence, everything is that one. The difference is in degree and not in kind”.

So the fundamental idea of Vedanta is oneness. Listen, what was only the concept or idea to them, is a fact and truth to us.

What is the real meaning of immortality


What do you mean by oracle? You hear it. Isn’t so? What is ‘Veda’. It’s another meaning is ‘Sruti’ (A subtle note that is heard at the time of changing the voice from one note to another). The Rishis were the visualizers of hymns. To hear and to see are the same. The proof of this ‘Sruti’ is old Testament where the Prophets have mentioned on the basis of ‘Sruti’. There is another religious scripture which is entirely full of oracles is Koran. Then the question comes – who heard the oracles in Vedas? The answer is, that Perfect Man. That Man manifests Himself as oracle and at the same time He is the listener.

If you ask, ‘How is it possible’? The listeners were the Rishis who heard the oracles! Then how could they be merged into that Atma or soul? They said, ‘He is the Best Man’ and this is soul or Atma.

So far, all the scholars and religious teachers have mentioned about Atma or Soul within the body. Why haven’t they proved that he is the Soul or Atma with physical body? Atma and the Purusha are the same and why none of them couldn’t be that perfect Man, who could transform everyone into His own form? This proves that the man within the body is the listener. So far this unknown man was listener and now he has got flesh and blood body in the form of a living human body.

Now that inner man is the speaker, but outside he is the listener and you are the speaker. Because, unless you tell me your stories I come to know nothing. I knew myself through you. And for this reason I use to say that you are my teachers.

Now you see, that the great person was so long within the bodies of those Rishis and Religious teachers as an embryo. But through embryo you cannot expect the austerities, it requires a living body, and this is that body. Now you say, whether Vedas have mentioned about the past or future? The proof is in the Vedas – ‘the man in the sun’. Who is that man in the sun? A good number of people have seen my form in the sun. What is sun? The life is the sun. So long human beings will continue seeing me within their bodies, I shall live. There is no destruction of Brahmavidya (Supreme Cult). Vedas are saying, ‘Those who see this Atma or Soul within their bodies, they get perpetual happiness, peace and become calm? I had no idea about all these, but still it is continuing. It never happened before that a man was transformed into Brahma or Supreme Being. The Truth is discovered through me. And you are announcing that a living man is Brahma.

[Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned thus :

As long as the sun shall rise in the east and set in the west, so long will he compass the over lordship and the chief sovereignty. (3.6.4)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume –14, July, 2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Janaki Nath Paul

Once taking the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna from my neighboring young man I read it thoroughly.  Some words ‘In the Kali Yuga if anyone cries for three days and three nights for God.  He will be available’ shook my mind.  I asked many people ‘who is this Sacchidanandaguru or God-the-Preceptor’?  But I did not get any answer.  Nobody knew about it.  My father took initiation from a human preceptor but I never had urge to take it.  I tried to cry for God and was successful in the third night.

Next day, the person named Mr. Basu who used to work in front of my table in the office once asked me, ‘Janaki, l know that you had many religious books.  Can you go to one person?  He lives in a house in a lane towards Makardaha Road (Howrah).  He talks only about Sri Ramkrishna’.

I came to know that he himself had not gone to that person but one of his relatives was living in the same lane.  Hearing from him Mr. Basu told me.

However, according to Mr. Basu’s direction I reached the same destination on a day of April, 1954.  I saw that 4-5 persons were seated inside the room.  One of them told me to sit inside the room.  Just entering into the room I saw that Sri Ramkrishna was seated on a cot.  He was the same person whose picture was hanging on the wall.  How was it possible!  Was I wrong?  It was for a few seconds.  Then being in full consciousness I saw that a strongly built person with clean-shaved cheek instead of Sri Ramkrishna with beard was seated on the cot.  I was sweating and thinking about such strong vision, looking at him with great astonishment.

He asked me, ‘My boy, do you meditate’?  I nodded.  Jibankrishna, said, ‘From to-morrow you sit, near me and meditate.’  He also asked about dreams but I answered negative.

Henceforth I started going to Jibankrishna every evening after my office hours.  After going for 3-4 days one day I noticed that a gentleman was bowing down to Jibankrishna for a long time.  After bowing he said that during his bowing he saw that Mother Sarada (wife of Sri Ramkrishna) was massaging his legs.  Hearing this Jibankrishna said, ‘It was a good vision’.  At that moment I remembered my vision seen on the first day.  I thought, then it was not hallucination seeing Jibankrishna as Sri Ramkrishna!  Then I narrated to him my first day’s vision.  He scolded me for not narrating this vision to him previously and said, ‘why did you not tell me that time’! I kept silent. Now I am narrating a few of my dreams:

1)    After 4-5 days I saw in my dream that from a place of great height I jumped into a pond.  There was a monument in the midst of the pond.  By swimming beneath that monument I reached the other side and my dream was off. Hearing my dream Jibankrishna said, ‘oh, you have got every thing’!

2)    After 3-4 months of meeting Jibankrishna I saw him in my dream.  I was seeing a beautiful garden, full of flowering and fruit plants.  There was a nice path from the house to the main gate.  Jibankrishna was coming out from the house and walking on the path and I was going through the same path to the house. As soon as I saw him I bowed down to him.  Looking at me he smiled.  I saw him luminous.  The surrounding was also illuminated with soothing day light.  Then my dream was off.

3)    I was seeing a bulky Brahmin with thick pot-belly. I was thinking, what a voracious eater Brahmin!  Then I saw goddess Kali with a curved sword in her hand. She vanished and that sword came in my hand.  I cut that Brahmin into two pieces with that sword.  Then my dream was off.

After this dream a strange change came in my life.  Previously, I used to take too much food very irregularly.  Gradually this tendency was completely removed from my mind.  Another incident happened in my wife’s life which is as such :

After coming out from Jibankrishna’s room I used to discuss about Jibankrishna with brother Ram, Jiten Bairagi and Ramkrishna standing for about one hour or more in the play ground of Bantra School.  Naturally I became late in returning home creating an adverse notion on my wife.  But strangely this notion was removed by two dreams thus:

1)    Jibankrishna was seated on the cot wearing dhoti and Punjabi.  She even saw the small black blotch on the right side of his nose.

2)    After a few days she saw again Jibankrishna in a dream.  Jibankrishna was telling her, ‘your husband is Lord Shiva.  Serve him properly.  Every morning wipe his legs with your long hair.’

Hearing the dream Jibankrishna said, ‘Long time back, Hindu women used to serve their husbands as god,’

May, 1977,

16/4, Badan Roy Lane, Kadamtala, Howrah,

West Bengal, India.



Volume – 14, July, 2013

Vision of past and Future

Visualization of far past incident –Scene of Noah’s Ark

10th August, 1980, Sunday.

34) Early morning dream:  I was traveling alone around the world. Suddenly great flooding came and all the cities, towns, villages and human beings were drowned in the floor. But I noticed that I alone survived and was travelling on a boat.

With a great surprise I observed that even the hills, the mountains, all were drowning under the water. The vision was so unnatural and beyond any description and within the dream it seemed to me that it was the scene of the great flood and Noah’s Ark as described in the Bible. Here the dream went off.

[These past and future scenes can be seen during austerity as past, present and future are merged in the seer. In microcosm it indicates my esoteric condition – Only I exist and this is a realization which is mentioned in Upanishads.]

Achievement  of advance brain power – annihilation of space

27th December, 1980, Saturday

35) Early morning dream:  I was standing on a very beautiful place comprising of lakes, hillocks, forests etc. Suddenly I noticed that the whole place began to move just like a cinema and the whole incident seemed as if I was observing a cinema but actually the whole matter was happening in reality. I stood still and saw that so many places were moving in front of me like a cinema one by one. New places were coming and were replaced by another and I was feeling my presence within that place. This was really an overwhelming feeling but could not be explained. At a certain time a place appeared before me. It was also surrounded by hills. This seemed to me to be Jamshedpur (Jharkhand state of India) and here the dream ended.

Here the scene indicated the future advancement of technology where a spectator can see himself to be present within the scene of the cinema.

In one sense the seer had experienced a future in his dream. In microcosm the seer has attained Brahmahood as Brahma is inert and everything was happening in front of the seer in his dream while he remained inert and ultimately reached Jamshedpur which means Brahmapur or the 7th plane of the human body (Place of the Supreme Being or Brahma).

Vision of my past life –  St. Paul

February 23, 1981.

36) In my dream I saw a very beautiful place surrounded by hills, flowering plants etc. and it seemed to be a place outsideIndia. I was roaming here and there. Then I saw in a place six stone statues with European stature. They seemed to be the disciples of Jesus Christ. In front of one statue it was engraved on a stone that he used to have ecstasy. Then and there I also had an ecstasy and at that moment felt that in my previous birth I was him.

Thereafter I went to another place where I met Diamond and narrated the pervious incident. Then the dream went off.

[Within the dream though the seer could not recognize the statue, but later on he knew that  St. Paul used to have ecstasy.

The previous birth can be interpreted like this : The same genetic characters dominant in St. Paul had been exposed in the seer and so he saw such dream with an indication that the same prejudices or attributes dominating within the seer will lead to similar type of work in the long run.]

Vision of future – achieving more power for conducting publication of ‘Manikya’ Magazine and Hindi Version of the book ‘Religion and Realization

21st April, 1983, Thursday.

37) Early morning dream :  Diamond was present at a house along with many devotees. I was also present there. Different spiritual conversations were going on. Sometimes reading was going on from texts of ‘Manikya’ and Diamond was correcting some writings. It seemed to me that he was correcting those texts where generally disputes used to arise. I thought that hence forth I would correct the disputed writings from Diamond. Then another idea came in my mind that I should show Hindi manuscripts of the book ‘Religion and Realization’ for his comments and corrections as I was intending to publish it in reality. Thinking this I started arrange everything.

After a while I noticed that I was going to stay at another house leaving the previous one and it seemed to me that I had already taken the address from Arun Ghosh. I thought that at least every day after my day’s work I could meet Diamond. In the meantime, Diamond, as if coming to know that I was searching for his whereabouts like a mad person, sent a messenger to me and made comments, ‘Oh! I knew that at least he would come to me’ and for this he became very happy. The dream then went off.

[The dream indicates that within a short time the seer may have the sole responsibility of publishing ‘Manikya’ and with the power of God-the-Preceptor and in future Diamond’s book  ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ in Hindi may be published by the seer. After this dream again the seer got back the responsibility of editing ‘Manikya’ and with more freedom.

After 12 years Hindi ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ was published by the seer proving the dream to be true.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -14, July, 2013


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

157)                 ”God  is  the  master . Everything  is  done  through  me .I do  not  do  anything .

The  man  whose  life  is  perfected  and  conducted  on  the  basis  of  this  knowledge

in  him. God  has  separated  Himself  in  him  from  the  bondage  of  body” .

This is knowledge of ‘Thou’—‘not I but Thou’. This state of consciousness gets its own expressions in everyday life. The expressions in everyday life are that he will never play the role of a preceptor and he will never accept any money in exchange of his religious teaching . “If he has become a real monk then why does he take money from other’?  —Sri Ramkrishna .

158)                  “Let  you  see  God  first  by  self—exertion”.

“It is through sheer grace of God that God is seen”. —Sri Ramkrishna . But here Thakur was encouraging the devotees for self—exertion as they were advanced in age . Yes, by sincere devotion, prayer and other spiritual discipline one can get God’s grace in some measure.

159)                 “One  on  arrival  at ‘Kalighat’, got  himself  engaged  in  giving  alms  only ;

then  there  would  be  no  time  for  him  to  see  the  image  of  the  Divine Mother,

‘Kali’, in  the  inner  shrine”.

(Kalighat is a locality of Calcutta and here the temple of the Divine Mother, called “Kali”, is situated). Kalighat—represents the world. One is come to the world. His first and foremost duty is to

see God, i.e., to solve the mystery of life and death , On the contrary, a man comes to the arena of the world, dances his futile dance and passes away.

160)               “In  case  of  fever, if  the  old  Kaviraja’s  (Doctors practicing  in  old  method )

Treatment  is  adopted  then  the  patient  is  sure  to  collapse”.

Fever—represents the disease—‘ego’ or ‘I’.

Doctor’s old method—means seeing God the five sheaths or seven planes as laid down in the Vedas.

The patient is sure to collapse—signifies that the physical body in the present era cannot stand so much strain.

161)               “The  present  era  demands  quick  action”.

Thakur means to say that the present era is an era of devotion and prayer.

It was so as long as Thakur lived in this world. But with the disappearance of Thakur from this world, the era has changed. The method is altered. It is Thakur’s era. A new method has been adopted. It is an age of injection, i.e., it will come from within the body as God-the-preceptor comes from inside the body.

162)                “The  religion  of  the  era  is  devotion  and  prayer”.

Let you follow the path of prayer and devotion and if God in your takes pity He will appear as God-the-preceptor and will show you His sports and sportive forms and you will be a witness to them.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 14, July, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Saptam Som from Sian, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated his amazing experiences like this:

For a long time I was acquainted with Sridhar Ghosh. I used to go to his house for listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti (Religion and Realization in English version)’.Within a few days I started seeing Jibankrishna in dreams in various ways. Even my younger brother Nabam now has started going there to listen and begun to see Jibankrishna in dreams.

In my first dream seen on 07.03.1993, I saw that I was doing blood test in the laboratory. The people were standing in a queue. I was taking blood from everybody through a syringe, placing them on glass slides and then writing their names on an exercise book. This blood would be required for a dying patient. But unfortunately the blood was not matching with the patient’s blood. Suddenly I got a telephone call that without the blood the patient would survive for only five minutes. I was worried. In the meantime a middle aged person came and handing a slide to me said, ‘Please test my blood.’ So I took his blood and after testing I found that it matched with the patient’s blood. Immediately I gave this blood to the patient.

When I asked the donor about his name, with a smiling face he said, ‘I am a man, and you call me, Jibankrishna.’ I again asked, ‘Why have you come here’? He said, ‘In the coming 7th Jaistha (Generally 3rd week of May) I have my birthday and so I have come here to invite you.’ ‘Why have you donated blood.’ When I asked him, he said, ‘My blood is the blood of every human being and each and every one has the birth right on it.’ Here my dream was off.

About Jibankrishna’s grace on Bolpur Reading Center I had a strange dream. I was seeing that with some relatives I was visiting the idols of Goddesses Durga. In each pandal I saw that beside each idol an old man was seated on a huge lotus. In his hand there was a globe. With a particular color he painted a specific place of Birbhum District and was pointing out that particular place. And this word ‘Bolpur’ was denoting that place. Seeing this I was amazed and calling my relatives I told them, ‘See that name Bolpur within the globe’! Then my dream was off.












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Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 13, July, 2013

Diamond is the dearest one to every human being


“None other than me is dearest to me. For this reason I have transformed every human being into my form – of course in the spiritual world. Who is this magician? Who did it and how did it happen? Still now it remains mystery to me. Since my birth up to this 71 years I have been carrying this phenomenon with me, but still I couldn’t fathom it. Who is world creator? The meaning of world creator is that who creates in this world. What creation does he perform? He creates Himself within the body of human race”.

[Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned on such person like this:

He who knows this becomes the Self of all beings. As is that divinity, so is he….]


The consequence of seeing Diamond in Sun

One day in the month of January, 1963, Diamond said:

These people see me in the sun in dreams. What is it? Why they didn’t see any other people in the sun? Had anybody seen Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) in the sun? No, not at all! I have given you so many explanations on seeing me in the sun. Today listen to another explanation. As the whole world see the sun, so they will see my form one day. Showing me in the sun indicates that one day everybody throughout the world will see my form in the sun within their bodies.

[Examples of seeing Diamond in the sun in his life time:

After three days, Abhay Mukherjee from Calcutta met Diamond (Jibankrishna), saw a dream. From the east side of a pond the sun was rising and inside the sun Diamond was seated. On the other side of the pond a monk (seen before) lying on a cot was drowning in the pond. Here the dream went off.

Even after 44 years of Diamond’s death myriads of people are seeing Diamond in dreams and physical body and many see him in the sun. Here is one such example:

Aparna Biswas from Simurali, 24-Parganas (North) of West Bengal State, India, has narrated her dream thus:

I was feeling that I had become a girl of 16 years. Along with my elder sister and brother-in-law I had gone to an unknown place. After coming back hone I arranged their staying in a room and then went into the room of my second uncle. There he handed over a bundle of notes (Rupees) to me. Putting the bundle inside my bag as soon as I came out to the portico, I saw the red sun in the sky as it was dawn then. My uncle was repeatedly paying his homage with folded hands looking at the sun. My sister said, ‘what happened to uncle’? I said, ‘As the sun has risen, so he is doing so’. But saying these words, as soon as I looked at the sun, I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) with a huge body seated in meditation inside the sun. On her left side was standing goddess Kali and on the back side god Shiva. I told my sister, ‘See! See! The Maha Jogi’! but my sister couldn’t see anybody and so she asked, ‘Where’? I thought I was wrong. So again I looked at the sun and saw the same scene. I said, ‘Oh God! What have you shown me! Oh God!’ And then my dream was off.]



One day in the month of January, 1963 Diamond said,  “Why this cult has been expressed in my body? Can you explain? Because ‘Sa Uttama Purusha’ – The best man. The best man in the midst of human race. Have you understood? Now the question is whether this has revealed after my birth or beginning of my birth? Both are  true.”

This phenomenon has been mentioned in Aitareya Upanishad(5.4) like this about Rishi Bamdeva – ‘So he, having ascended aloft from his world with that intelligent Self(Atman), obtained all desires in you heavenly world and became immortal – yea, became immortal.’



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 13, July,2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Sachindranath De

I used to discuss with Balai Banerjee on religious matters.  One day he told me, ‘Sachin, I am blessed by coming in contact with a great man.  He used to have Samadhi (profound meditation being merged in God) and soon comes to normalcy.  In his room discussions are made on divine dreams.  Those who see him in dreams are lucky to get him as God-the-Preceptor’.

Brother Balai also had seen him in dreams and he used to narrate his dreams to me, with Jibankrishna’s yogic interpretations.  I felt great enjoyment hearing those dreams.  Strangely, I also began to see divine dreams and brother Balai always used to interpret these  dreams.

Thereafter I heard that my neighboring lawyer Mr. Bishnudas Pal also had meet Jibankrishna.  So I started discussing with him about Jibankrishna one day Bishnu Babu told me, ‘Sachin, I have given to Dhiren Babu (Typist) some articles of Jibankrishna.  He will come next Saturday.  You take him to Dhiren Babu.  Hearing this I felt myself lucky.

The next Saturday at noon Bishnu Babu called me and said, ‘Sachin, go and see what is the progress of typing.  Jibankrishna is supposed to come in time’.

I went to Dhiren Babu and verifying the progress of typing when I was returning saw that a complacent gentleman was standing near the steps.  When I reached near him, he asked me, ‘My boy, can you say where does typist Dhiren Babu sit’?  I showed him the office of Dhiren Babu.  He went away and I came back to my own department.  I guessed that the gentleman was Jibankrishna about whom I had been hearing for so many days from brother Balai and Bishnu Babu.  I was overwhelmed with joy after seeing and talking to Jibankrishna.  After a few days of this incident, one day brother Balai told me, ‘Sachin, will you go to Jibankrishna to Kali Banerjee Lane (Howrah)’?  When I agreed he told me the direction.  So I reached Jibankrishna’s residence in one evening.  Through the window I could see his Samadhi and next time hear his yogic interpretation on Samadhi.  Seeing his I was so puzzled that I could not enter into his room and came back home after some time.

After a few days, probably it was one Sunday in the months of July or August, 1954, I went with brother Balai to Jibankrishna’s residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah.  In the meanwhile he had shifted here from kali Banerjee Lane.  At tht time only Jibankrishna was present in the room with two other young ones.  One of them was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  Later on I came to know that he was the brother of Binay Roy.  Brother Balai gave my introduction to Jibankrishna.  He told me to sit on the cot.  I had some conversations with him that day.  I sat for some time and then bowing down to him I came back home with brother Balai.  Henceforth, I stared going to Jibankrishna every Saturday and Sunday.  After meeting Jibankrishna a drastic change came in me regarding the traditional religion and ritualism.  All my confusions were eradicated through him.  I am really grateful to brother Balai.

Now I am narrating a few of my dreams:

1)    I saw in a dream a huge water body, either a river or sea and fishing nets w4ere laid in the water.  Many people and I were swimming there.  All of us were caught inside the net.  Ultimately, I was able to tear the net and landed on an island.  My dream was off.  [By the grace of God-the-Preceptor I can overcome the illusions of life].

2)    I had gone to a field. There was a big gathering there.  Then evening came and the surroundings were covered with darkness.  Nobody was visible.  I was thinking how to walk on the road.  Suddenly I saw that a headlight illuminated the road.  Not only so, that light was flashing in front me to guide me for moving forward and I went on walking forward.  It seemed as if some invisible power was controlling that looking backside I found nobody, but it seemed that it was not the headlight of a motorcar and it was not dazzling but soothing.  When my dream was off, I felt an unfathomable bliss.

[This was the light of God which will show the seer the right path throughout his life.]

3)    One night I saw that the roof of my residence was illuminated with blue light. Then I saw numerous small forms of Jibankrishna within the light.  The dream was off.  But even after that I had a long lasting touch of bliss.

[The form of Jibankrishna is made of God’s light which was shown in the dream.]

4)    One night I saw that Jibankrishna in the form of Ardhanariswar (half man, half woman) came to our house.  Being overwhelmed with joy I told my mother, ‘Mom, Thakur has come to our house’!  My dream was off. [Jibankrishna saw himself in reality as half man and half woman which proves his Godhood as God or soul or Atma is neither male nor female.]


5)    One night I saw that Jibankrishna was walking on the road at Dharmatala area (Esplanade area in Kolkata) casually.  Some children were saying, ‘see God is going’!  My dream was off. [The dream indicated the Godhood state of Jibankrishn.]

6)    One night I saw that as if the earth burst out by the roaring sound of great thunder.  My heart was palpitating.  Then that sound was transformed into a dazzling sound for a moment and then vanished.  It was so dazzling that nothing can be compared with it.  My dream was off.  [The seer visualized suddha atma (The great pure soul)]



Volume – 13, July, 2013

Indication of devotee’s death

7th February, 1980, Thursday.

29) The previous day the news of a Diamond’s companion Binay Roy’s heart attack made me very gloomy.

Early in the morning I saw in my dream that many of the companions had assembled in a room. Meanwhile Binay Roy suddenly entered into the room with a bag in his hand with very bright figure and joyous mood. Seeing him I asked, ‘oh! You are not well and admitted in the hospital! How have you come here!’ Binay Roy said with a smiling face, ‘No, No, that is not correct. Nothing has happened to me,’ then and there the dream went off.

The dream revealed to me in both ways : either he will be recovered or he will expire and in the afternoon Binay Roy expired. Thus the dream came true in reality.


Vision of the glory of ‘Manikya’ magazine

4th April, 1980, Friday.

30) Early morning dream :  I have gone to my birth place Santipur. With me was another old devotee Dhiren Mondal. There we met a familiar boy Subhendu and had conversations for a while and I took him to my house.

Then we saw a boy with black complexion and drunken who told us harshly to follow him. With an attacking mood I asked him, What was he doing? He said, he used to arrange matters for the magazine ‘Manikya’. I became astonished. The boy then said that he was going to leave drinking wine only for this. I noticed that the boy, though harsh from outside became changed due to influence of ‘Manikya’. Then the dream went off.

[The dream indicated a future when human beings by merely reading books on Diamond will be transformed into perfection. In reality this is happening now and then. Innumerable people after reading diamond’s book and also the magazine on him are seeing him in dreams, trances and reality.]


Vision of future – Establishment of Truth

13th April, 1980, Sunday.

31) Early morning dream:  I saw that a narrow flag from one side of the horizon to another was waving.  I could not see my own physical body but only was feeling my existence. It was revealing in my mind that after a long-lasting war as if peace had come and only Khagendra Nath Ghosh and I had survived as witnesses. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicated that ultimately the Victory flag of truth will be established on earth overcoming all the evils and the seer may witness an initiation of it.]


Vision of future – Leaving of attachment with ‘Manikya’ publication

25th March, 1980, Tuesday.

32) Early morning dream :  At the residence of Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala the matters for ‘Manikya’ magazine were read and discussed for publication. Khitish Roy Choudhury, Raghunath Sen, Indranath Mukherjee and Arun Ghosh were present. I was making some comments on the matter written by Asim Biswas, but noticed that many were not liking it. So I went on thinking, when they could not understand, I  should keep silent. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream gave an indication of a future incident about my attachment with the magazine ‘Manikya”.

[Note: It came true when I became detached from ‘Manikya”’ publication.]


Dream coming to reality

9th August, 1980, Wednesday.

33) Early morning dream :  In a room many devotee had assembled and Arun Ghosh was also present there, though still with an injury in his spinal cord (in reality he fell down from the hanging balcony of the 1st floor and got injury in his spinal cord).

While the spiritual talks were continuing his neck began to move due to upward thrust of Kundalini. I got scared and pointed it out to another devotee Raghunath Sen that it might hurt him more. Then as I looked at Arun Ghosh, he said, ‘no, no, nothing happened to me, it became cured.’ The dream was off.

In reality also Arun Ghosh was cured very soon thus proving the dream to be true.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -13, July, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple of  Dakshineswar .

151)                “So  long  the fire  the  fuel  burns  beneath,  the  milk  puffs  up”.

Fuel—represents the physical body of the devotee. Fire—is Thakur. God is represented as—milk. Puffs up—means manifestations and realizations in the body.

The metaphor means that when a devotee comes near Thakur he gets tastes and realizations of God.

152)                  “When fire  is  withdrawn,  there  remains  no  puffing  up  of  the  milk”.

When a devotee goes away from Thakur, his longing for God and realizations also vanish .

153)               “The  people  of  Calcutta  are  fond  of  sensation .  They  start  digging

a well  at  a  place  but  if  they  strike  a  stone  then  they  will  leave

the  place . It  so  happens  that  sand  comes  out . They  will  leave  the

place  and  begin  at  another  place .  And  this  goes  on”.

The devotees around Thakur in the steam-boat with Shri Keshab were all elderly men . So there was hardly any chance for them to get spontaneous emanation of God in their bodies. Thakur was instructing to be firm and fixed and then to try to get God’s grace by self-exertion. Thakur was fully aware that it was a rare thing; still the merciful God takes pity and gives His grace .

154)                “How  powerful  are  the  words  of  a teacher  who  has

got  commandment ! A  mountain  moves  at  his  words”.

The words of a man who has got God’s commandment make God wake up in others who are blessed enough to listen to him. But this is conditional. The hearer must be young like St. Francis as otherwise there is hardly any chance.

Mountain—represents  body.

Moves—-means waking of life-power in the body.

The wakened life-power startles one, shakes him and then like a monkey takes a jump to the seventh plane and is transformed into Supreme Bliss. It so happens in a matured condition but not with a beginner.

155)                  “One  needs  a badge  of  authority  if  he  wants  to  teach  others”.

God-the-preceptor appears, writes the authority on a paper and shows it to the devotee. This is called ‘badge of authority’.

156)                 “One  who  has  attained  God  within  himself  has  got  an  inner  sight”.

If anybody comes to the man who has got God in him then the attainer of God finds the reflective form the new-comer in him and then follows a spontaneous revelation of the nature of the new-comer. It makes the attainer know the pros and cons of the comer . It so often happened with Thakur.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 13, July, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Ram Ranjan Chatterjee is about ten years old and studies in class five at Sian School (Birbhum district, West Bengal State, India).

After attending the reading center where Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly, Ram started seeing Jibankrishna in deams. Some of his dreams are given according to his own version.

1)    In our school many of our classmates used to see Jibankrishna even in flesh and blood body. I became amazed after hearing it.

One day (31.07.1992) in the reading center listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book a scene appeared in front of me in trance. I saw that I was giving lecture about Jibankrishna before numerous listeners at Kolkata. One listener was not believing me and said, ‘All those are bogus things.’ I said, ‘Do you want to see the proof’? He said, ‘Yes’, Then I shouted, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’. Then and there within the chests and stomachs of all the listeners tiny forms of meditated Jibankrishna were seen. Seeing that scene the man said with folded hands, ‘I have made a mistake. Now I can believe.’

2)       On 28.01.1992 I went to see television at my uncle’s residence and was scared after having a vision in reality. I came back home. In the night I saw a dream. I was telling my maternal uncle Snehamay about my fear seeing the vision in day time. He gave something in my hand and said, ‘Give this to Jibankrishna, then you will have no fear. At the end of the village where the bi-cycle sports are going on, you will find Jibankrishna there.’ Running towards that place I saw that everybody was Jibankrishna. To find out the real Jibankrishna I tested everybody by pressing the body. One of the body of Jibankrishna seemed to be as soft as cotton. It seemed to me that he might be the real Jibankrishna. So I handed over the thing to him. Then and there he became mammoth size and it was so huge that the whole body was not visible. The rest of the people then was transformed into their own forms. After a while parts of JIbankrishna became separated and were being united with the rest of people and ultimately nothing left with him. The last part of his body became united with me. Then it appeared in my mind that for this reason I saw everybody as Jibankrishna. The dream then was off.

[A soft body is ideal for manifestation of God. Mamothsize Jibankrishna means Brahma or Supreme Being who is mentioned in Upanishads as huge and tiny. Parts were united with others. It means that Jibankrishna has donated himself to every human being and by showing that all were Jibankrishna indicates that all are one.]

3)    In dreams many of the explanations are sometimes corroborated. I saw such a dream.

On 01.09.1992, I saw in my dream that I was walking with some of my friends. Suddenly a mango tree was notice. It was searing heavy fruits and each mango was made of gold. I told my friends that in  the reading center my maternal uncle Snehamay told that it is good to see golden mango. Just at the moment I saw that the sun in the sky came nearer to me. And inside Jibankrishna was seated on a Lotus. He told me, ‘Snehamay has said rightly that to see golden mango is good.’ My dream was off.

4)    On 05.08.1992, I saw in my dream that I was coming from Sultanpur. The river water level was increased and cattle was flooded away. After a while the water became gold till. In the midst of the river many words seen written as ‘Hail JIbankrishna.’ Then I saw that those words were away in a queue. Then my dream was off.

[The life force of the seer was transformed into gold or Brahma or Supreme Being who is mentioned in Upanishad as Brahma of golden color. The names of Jibankrishna were flooded away which means that in future this name will flood the world.]

5)    On 02.01.1993, I saw in my dream that some people were intending to beat me as if I was a culprit to them. But I was not aware about my fault. They gave me a glass of poison and holding the glass in my hand I shouted, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’. Then and there I started dreaming (within my dream) that I was transformed into Jibankrishna and instead of poison the glass was full of honey. I drank the honey and my main dream was off.

[The world will hit you but with the name of Jibankrishna you will overcome everything and achieve the divine consciousness. Honey is a symbol of divine consciousness.]












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Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 12, June, 2013

Upanishad has become personified in Diamond’s era


‘Tatwagyan’ (‘you are Thy’) means ‘Atmagyan’ (I am Thy) and this proof will be bourn by the world. He himself will not know it. That will be mentioned by human race. This universalism is the proof of godhood. This is mentioned by Upanishad. What we have achieved here is mentioned in Upanishads. What they have said has manifested here and I am not saying so, you are saying. And this Upanishad has mentioned about your stage of perpetual peace. Those who have seen me within, have achieved perpetual peace and happiness. And what happens after this achievement? This is getting me inside. Outside there are many but inside ‘one’ exists only. And to see ‘one’ inside is the knowledge which is never lost. You will remember forever. Would you disbelieve that you have seen me within you? No! So it is eternal.

The religion of imagination creates incarnation and ‘Paramhansa’ and the religion of Upanishad creates ‘Truth’, that means perpetual peace and happiness. Yu are mentioned as ‘Dhira’ in Upanishads. Just think what has happened here!

Having this most precious thing here, our lives are fulfilled to the fullest extent. Here the religion of Upanishads is manifested. Mind that Religion is the perpetual motion of life-power within a human body.


The form of Diamond (Jibankrishna) in sun is eternal and perpetual


Here, so many people have seen me in the sun. King Bharat (as mentioned in Upanishads) was worshipping that man in the sun. Again Vedic Rishis was willing to see that man in the sun. So what does it mean? I am that man. King Bharat worshiped me. So I am eternal. I was in the past, I am in the present and will exist in the future. If the sun in the eras of king Bharat, Rishis and the present is the same, then I am also the same. And so here three generations have seen me within themselves. Now if the fourth generation sees me within, I shall accept it as correct.

[Taittiriya Upanishad has mentioned:

Both he who is here in a person and he who is younder in the sun – he is one (2.8)]

Innumerable people are seeing Diamond in the sun in dreams. Here is an example:

Snchamaya ganguly of Sriniketan, Birbhum district ofWest Bengal State,Indianarrates his dream thus: Far away from me I saw sun rising and the form of Jibankrishna (Diamond) inside it was visible. Holding a baby on my lap, I was calling everybody very loudly and running towards him I put down the baby from my lap. Then the form of Jibankrishna in the sun vanished. In front of me I saw a wall and a dried flower garland floating in the air came to me and automatically encircled my neck. When I woke up I saw that I was reciting Diamond’s name ‘Jibankrishna’.]


Diamond – An unfathomable person


“I would have given you pen and paper saying, what have you understood about me’. But do you know I don’t say that? Because I know there is none in this world who can explain this phenomenon. I cannot say whether anybody in future can explain it”.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume- 12, June, 2013

My experience with Jibankrishna or Diamond and its effect

Dhiren Roy


After meeting Jibankrishna I had innumerable divine dreams a few of which will be narrated here.

1) One night I saw myself sitting on the lap of Sri Ramkrishna on a sea beach. I was like a five year old child. On his left side was seated Swami Utsabananda and on the right side Swami Premanda and Karanananda. Showing the sea I insisted to go there. As I repeated several times, Sri Ramkrishna told Swami Utsabananda, ‘Utsab, take him to the sea.’ Utsabananda said, ‘If go there I shall have no trace. So I cannot go, better, because you can do it only.’

Then Sri Ramkrishna threw me into the sea with his little finger (Though I had no sense that he held my little finger). I was drowning into the sea water. When my I was drowned upto my head, I lost my sense only I was feeling myself as a point, and instead of suffocation, I was feeling a great divine joy being a point. Suddenly getting back my sense I saw myself seated on the lap of Sri Ramkrishna. Then again I insisted to go to the sea and in the same fashion he threw me into the sea water and the same sensation I felt. This was repeated three times. Being awaken I felt the same sensation for a long time.

It was another day’s incident. After the ceremony of wearing sacred thread (It is a ritual practice for Brahman caste and the thread is worn across the shoulder) in my boyhood, I always used to wear it.

One day on my way to office somehow it was lost. As I was in hurry, I had no time to prepare it again. So taking a whole sacred thread I went to office with an intention to prepare it during leisure.

But the whole day was so busy that I could not find time to prepare it.

In the night I saw in a dream that Sri Ramkrishna made me sit on a chair in a laboratory. And strangely I saw my body in a skeleton form instead of flesh and blood body, and in the spinal cord three thin neon light were on. Showing that three lights Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘Ira, Pingala, Susumna, these three nerves are the sacred thread or Brahma-thread. There is necessity of outward thread.’ My dream was off.

2) One night I saw in dream that I went to Jibankrishna but as I could not see him in his room I became depressed and stood on the road outside his room. In the meantiome Sri Ramkrishna came from my back and placing his hand on my shoulder said,



Volume- 12, June, 2013



24)  August. 1973.

Early morning dream:  Sitting alone I was thinking to leave my physical body with the thoughts that I have achieved the truth in my life and so I have no demand in my life. Suddenly Diamond appeared before me and said, ‘why are you thinking like this my boy? God will perform so many works through you in future’? With these words he disappeared suddenly.

[The dream supports the saying in the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 21— ‘God-the-Preceptor’ gives blessings to the seer and says, many things will happen in your life’.




25)   August,  1973.

Early morning dream :  Diamond suddenly appeared before me and said, ‘see, they (other devotees who used to gather in one devotee’s residence to have spiritual discussions on Diamond) have become diverted . Since now I often appear before them in their dreams’. Here the dream went off.

[Amazingly, a new phase started within the devotees . After a long gap they started dreaming Diamond frequently and became rejuvenated.]



26)   August, 1973 :

Early morning dream :  I saw many devotees having spiritual conversations between them . One of the devotee named Narayan was seen carrying a Bengali magazine (on Diamond) in his hand. Then the dream went off.

[The dream signifies thus: Seeing many devotees in the dream indicates increasing brain power. Another aspect is that a sense of attractions is growing within the seer for other devotees].



27)   August, 1973.

Early morning dream:  I saw many devotees sitting in a room with Diamond . I sat in front of  Diamond who was looking pale and thin . Suddenly a lady entered the room and went near the self of the wall to drink water in the glass kept for Diamond. I noticed that everybody was annoyed. But the lady ignoring all, wanted to drink water, and at that moment very surprisingly her hand with the whole body started shivering and some water fell on the body of Diamond. She immediately started popping the water from his body. Diamond wanted to prevent her, but she didn’t listen to him. When Diamond scolded her, I took her out of the room. The dream went off.

[In reality, women folks were not allowed to enter Diamond ‘s room. Whenever anybody wanted to do this, she had this similar experience. But strangely, the women folks always used to dream Diamond without seeing him in reality and later on they identified him from outside without his knowledge. ]



28)   16th September, 1973.

Early morning dream:  One patient was brought to a hospital for admission accompanied by two men. The patient was crying due to pain and one of his companion went on weeping putting his head on the patient’s chest . Suddenly I saw another devotee Jiten Chatterjee started reading the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond). After a while the patient became calm. The companion who was weeping also started listening to him. Another companion said, ‘How sweet is the name of Sri Ramkrishna ! These words should be announced by loudspeaker. All troubles and shocks will be vanished .The dream then went off and I woke up.

After a while I again slept and dreamt a nice hilly place. I was standing on the road for a bus.

Marriage ceremonies were going on in two to three places. Hymns were being uttered. Two little girls were observing the ceremonies from behind. But all these could not touch my mind. Being unconcerned I was waiting for the bus and then went to the bus terminus. My dream went off and I woke up.

But again I fell asleep and this time dreamt that one of the devotees named Raghunath Sen was playing a tape recorder listening to devotional songs. When I woke up I felt a great peace and joy in mind.

[The dream signifies thus :

1st dream:  The patient is seer himself who in reality was greatly disturbed in his working place and became upset. Diamond’s book converted his hazards to peace and divine joy.

2nd dream indicates that the seer will be devoid of any ritualism in real life.

The 3rd dream indicates that in future the seer will lead a pure and simple life through continuous spiritual practices].

(Note: In the long run these came true in the seer’s life).



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume- 12, June, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


147)                   “God  is  mother  to  me  and  I  am  but  her  child”.

This is but knowledge of ‘Thou’ as in opposition to ‘ego’ or ‘I’, and this is also called the matured love to Go . There remains no-ego-consciousness in the Supreme Knowledge. But when consciousness comes back, it comes back with ‘thou’ and not ‘I’. This is called conscious-existence of Descent or this is designated as matured love. If this knowledge is once attained this never leaves or deserts the attainer. So those who have attained this knowledge of ‘thou’ can never play the role of preceptor. At every turn Thakur used to say, “God alone is the Preceptor”. God, in one aspect, is this world and it is His sportive form. Thakur without any break in the day or at night was witnessing this God’s sport . His eyes were fixed continually on God. So he was a child to God . How can a child play the part of a preceptor? One of Thakur’s devotees, by name Tej Chandra, asked for initiation . Thakur replied, “I cannot be your preceptor, I simply can be your instructor”.

148)                 “There  are  human  preceptors  by  the  million”.

It is simply and solely ignorance and false vanity which prompts a man to ply the role of a preceptor.

149)                  “Everyone  wants  to  be  a preceptor . There  is  hardly  one  who

condescends  to  be  a disciple”.

Preceptor—means false vanity according to Thakur’s ideology, as a man cannot be a Preceptor.

A disciple is compared  by Thakur as low land . Thakue’s teaching was, “The water of God’s grace does not get accumulated in high land; whereas, it accumulates in the low land”.

150)                  “If  you  are  not  commended  by  God, then  nobody  is  going  to  hear you”.

Without God’s command there will be no force in your instructions and there will be no room for them in the mind of your audience. So God in their bodies will not emanate. They shall not get you as God-the preceptor in them and that proves that you have not got God’s command.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume- 12, June, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

The whole family saw Diamond or Jibankrishna in dreams through his book

Sukla Achariya of Schoolbagan, Bolpur (Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated how she and her mother and sister saw Diamond (Jibankrishna) after attending the reading center of Charupalli, Bolpur, where Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) is read regularly.

Hearing from aunt (Mrs. Sandhya Rudra) about the reading center of Charupalli, my mother became interested in listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book and so one day she went with my aunt to Charupalli reading center.

After 2 – 3 days she dreamed that my maternal uncle’s child had died and everybody was crying. At that time an aged, complacent gentleman wearing dhoti and Punjabi came. He said, ‘Feed her two spoonful of warm water. She will get back her life.’ As soon as she was fed the warm water she survived again. My mother’s dream was off.

Afterwards seeing Jibankrishna’s photo she was confirmed that the aged man of the dream was JIbankrishna.

Next I also attended the reading and got great joy and satisfaction. In various ways I started dreaming Jibankrishna.

My first dream was such: I was lying on the bed of a hospital. In disguise of a doctor Jibankrishna was doing my treatment. Once when he came to me, I wanted water from him. He said, ‘All the water are dirty. Only I have pure water. Then he gave me water from an army flask and I got great satisfaction after drinking that water. My dream went off.

[Here Doctor Jibankrishna is God who cures the worldly disease of mankind and removes the thirst of human being for God.]

Now I am mentioning my younger sister Piyali’s first dream.

In Kolkata on the occasion of 26th January for Republic day of India, an arrangement was made at Himangshu uncle’s residence for reading of JIbankrishna’s book, when we were singing a song she saw that from Jibankrishna’s photo he came out slowly and stood on the harmonium. Then from there he went to my sister and merged in her body.

[The dream shows that even the photo is living and Jibankrishna appeared as God-the-Preceptor to the seer.]



Volume- 12, June, 2013


Letter of Subrata Banerjee from Sheffild to Ananda Mohan Ghosh after his lecture on oneness in the London Theosophical Society

Dear brother Ananda,

This is an unthinkable success in life! I was garland by a great victory last night.

But before describing the whole incident, let me inform you that during my reading a middle aged (40-45 years) British lady saw the luminous face of Jibankrishna on my forehead. Even after my reading was over saw Jibankrishna’s face on my forehead for a long time. Now let me narrate in brief the whole incident.

Due to the objection of the Theosophical Society I had to change the heading of my lecture. The hall was full of audiences numbering about 50-60. For about 10 minutes I read my lecture.

Then the period of questions and answers started.

People of various races like British, American, African, Indian questioned me on many aspects and I answered them all. Many took my address and became inquisitive to hear more from me.

During this time when I was explaining to a couple, then that British Lady mentioned before came to me and said, ‘still I am seeing the luminous face of Jibankrishna on your forehead.’ What an unexplainable joy it was! I said to others, ‘See the effect and truthfulness of my reading! This is the living proof of what I have said now’!

Today I have returned from London. Take my heartiest love and regard.




Letter from Ananda Mohan Ghosh to Subrata Banerjee residing in England

August 4, 1967.

Quotations from:


An essay in the philosophy of Science by David Hawkins  (University of Colorado)

Publisher: W. H. Freeman & Co.

Sanfrancisco and London.

1.“The learning is not in the life of the individual but in the transition to a new species. The individual, like the soul in Plato’s account of it may know but does not learn. If the species learns it does so only by becoming a new species.” (Page 171 – Line 23)

2.“In the Aristotelian tradition the soul is described as the form of the body, and by ‘form’ is meant all the habitudes and capacities of the body.” (Page 274 – Line 9)

On the above two quotations Jibankrishna gave his interpretations yesterday thus:

1. As per Plato’s version those who saw Jibankrishna within them they have achieved a new life, that means a new human race is created.

2. As per Aristotle’s  tradition the form of soul is the form of Jibankrishna which all of us see within us and the ultimate effect of such visualization is that we get the attributes and capacities of Jibankrishna.
















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Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 11, June, 2013

The symptom of ‘Bhuma’ (Bliss of God or Brahma) and

the ultimate result of achieving ‘Bhumananda’ (Supreme Bliss)


So long Upanishad has only mentioned about ‘Bhuma’, but could not say what is it. And seeing (in my dream) that papaya and a man Bhumanada I have understood what is it. I have now understood what is ‘Bhumaiba sukham’ (Perpetual happiness).

The papaya has many seeds. This means that I see you all now within me. This is called Bhuma. It has been mentioned in Kashmiri Shavaism as ‘Sadakhyatatwa’. And what is ‘Sadvidyatatwa’? – One is all, all is one……But Kashmiri Shaivaism could not say all these things what have happened here. This has manifested within my body, though without my knowledge and I don’t know A, B, C of these. I can give you a rational explanation that, for the last five thousand years what has not manifested in anybody’s brain is manifested within my brain. My brain has created that papaya and then makes me understand that this is ‘Bhumananda’ (Supreme Joy). What a strange thing that nobody has achieved this for the last five thousand years!

You have seen me i.e., a mango with a single seed – you have ‘Brahmananda’ (Individualistic) and I see you all within me – the papaya with many seeds – I have ‘Bhumananda’ (Univesal joy or bliss of Brahma)

[Taittiriya Upanishad has mentioned thus:

Where from words turn back; Together with the mind; not having attained; the bliss of Brahma he who knows; Fears not from anything at all. (2.9)]



On 21.6.1962 Diamond said, ”Ric Veda says. ’He who dwells in a man and he who dwells in the sun are one and the same. This might be experienced some thousands of years ago. So they could say like this. Does it mean that thousands and thousands of years rolled by and none during this period had this experience? And these experiences are being achieved by so many people after such a long time and why this happened in me? Who am I I am the most ordinary man like you. I have understood that my brain power is increased


The man in the Sun as mentioned in Upanishad is not outside but inside


Well, these Rishis (Sages) have mentioned in Upanishads about the man in the Sun – could they say where is this sun? No! But here 14-15 people hae seen the man in the sun – where have they seen? Within their bodies, not outside. You have seen me in dreams, isn’t it? Then what does it matter? Rishis have said – ‘He who dwells in the man, and he who dwells in the sun are one and the same’, why havn’t they said that the sun is within this human body and the person dwells in that sun? As because they have taken this sun outside and in place of that what you are saying? Yes that man in the sun exists, but that is not outside, that is inside.

Do you know what has happened? I am Truth and the Truth has revealed in me. The world is within me, and the Truth, what has been revealed in me has revealed in the outside world simultaneously. And so what have you done? You have corrected the wrong interpretations of the Rishis and established the Truth. While Rishis have said that the sun and the man in sun are outside, you have established that they are within the body. Then compare yourselves with those Rishis. You are the real Rishis. ‘Rishis’ means who visualize the Truth so what we have got here? Our human birth is fulfilled. We are born as human beings. On, we are honored by being human beings!

[Chandogya Upanishad has mentioned about the man in sun thus:

Earth, fir, food, sun (are forms of me, But) the person who is seen in the sun – I am he, I am he indeed. (4.11.1)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume- 11, June, 2013

My experience with Jibankrishna or Diamond and its effect

Dhiren Roy


One night I saw this dream.

I had gone to a large fair covering a huge field. At the entrance a sage was lying on a spine bed. Seeing me he said, ‘Why are you worrying? One Rama has become all. Go and see the fair. After entering into the fair I saw that all the shopkeepers were Jibankrishna, all the spectators were Jibankrishna. The idols as well as the priests of the temple were Jibankrishna. I saw that some thieves and hooligans were being arrested by Police. All of them were Jibankrishna. I was overwhelmed with surprise and again came near the entrance and sat near the sage, and I noticed that the body of the sage had become huge in size and in each of his body hair Jibankrishna was seated in a meditation posture. I was really surprised to see so many forms of Jibankrishna. Gradually when my vision fell on his face I saw that face also belonged to Jibankrishna and he was smiling.

Even after I woke up was having goosebump. On my return from office going to Jibankrishna I narrated this dream to him and he had frequent Samadhi. All the listeners of the room were surprised. When Sudhin Sinha came, Jibankrishna asked him, ‘Sudhin, can you say what he saw in dream’?

Sudhin listened to my dream and then said, ‘So long all our conceivement about God has been surprised by your spiritual state.

Hearing this touching the cheek of Sudhin Jibankrishna said, ‘Sudhin you cannot pacify me by saying this. I am an ordinary man like you all. No better, no worse.’ Next moment he again fell in frequent Samadhi.

Jibankrishna used to say, As you are seeing me in dreams, that form is not me, ‘Tattamasi’ (you are He) – He is you. Showing my form God is showing that outside human beings are different but inside they are one – this is Brahmahood – this is oneness.

One night during reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna Jibankrishna asked me, ‘you have seen Braburam  Maharaj (Swami Premananda, direct disciple of Sri Ramkrishna), nobody can conceive how much affection and love he had for all.’ I said, ‘How can I see him? He expired in the year 1918 and that time I was a child.’

In that very night I was lying on my cot and dreamt that lying on the floor near the door Sri Ramkrishna was calling, ‘Baburam, hey Baburam’! Immediately Baburam Maharaj entered into the room. He had very fair reddish complexion and was in Brahmachari dress. Bending his knees he sat near the face of Sri Ramkrishna and asked, ‘Why have you called me’? Sri Ramkrishna told him something and he went out. At that moment Sri Ramkrishna was transformed into Jibankrishna. My dream was off and I understood that Truth follows him. The saying of God is unchangeable and it must be true, which is shown through my dream.

In Jibankrishna’s room a regular discussion used to be held that in many of the family members of the listeners used to see Jibankrishna in dreams one day my elder aunty (Basanti) in a cheerful mood told me, “Dhiru, last night I saw a peculiar dream. I saw that a gentleman resembling Sri Ramkrishna was standing before me and he was undergoing frequent Samadhi. From his backside Sri Ramkrishna was holding him and raisin your finger towards that noble person you are saying, ‘Aunty, see! See!’ There was no doubt that the noble person was Jibankrishna. This was a real strange phenomenon, which was beyond any self perception or intellect.

Another incident happened after a long time, when I was posted at Delhi. My next sister Aparna’s daughter was dreaming that Jibankrishna wrote her a letter. The dream gave so much deep impression that after waking up she told her mother, ‘Mom, where is my letter, which is written by Jibankrishna’?

My cousin brother, Bodhisatwa and his wife Uma saw Jibankrishna in dreams in various ways and still see. During the first issue of Uma was admitted in Duffrin Hospital and one day saw Jibankrishna seated with raised fingers giving assurance of safety. He told Uma, ‘Why are scared mother? I am coming as your son.’

That son Aruni once was studying at their residence of Remount Road, Kolkata. His mother was a bit drowsy. Suddenly she heard that his son was crying, ‘Mom, Mom, god has taken away my pencil and got down through the steps.’ Uma thought perhaps her son was crying in mischief. So she asked Aruni, ‘How are your God looking’? Showing the cover outline picture of Jibanrksihna in the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Written by Jibankrishna or Diamond) he said, ‘Just like this.’ He again said that another day god came and at that time I was sleeping.

Once it was discussed in Jibankrishna’s room that this tradition of seeing Jibankrishna in dreams would continue for unlimited time. Bodhisatwa and Uma both saw Jibankrishna in dreams and Aruni was born after that. So this is a proof that this tradition may continue in future.

Once (1962-63 A.D) Jibankrishna was staying at Puri (Orissa State, India). Dasarathi Banerjee’s son Ranjit went to accompany Jibankrishna for a few days. The miad who used to work in that house, one day told Ranjit not to keep Jibankrishna’s plate after supper with those of others. In Orissa language she explained that Lord Jagannath Told her in a dream not to consider Jibankrishna as an ordinary man, because he and Jibankrishna are one. So she said, ‘Jibankrishna is Lord Jagannath, himself, and he told me in dreams.’

She used to take the residual food from Jibankrishna’s plate as an offering to god.

Once a cook was sent to Jibankrishna during his stay at Puri. His name was Ayodhya. There was strange history behind it. He was working at Jaipur of Rajasthan. One night he dreamt that a camel was chasing him He had no way to escape. In the meantime one noble person (Jibankrishna) appeared and showing my second elder brother (Kaviraj Sailen, a herbal Doctor) told him, ‘Go to them at Kolkata. They are facing troubles.’ Ayodhya used to cook at our residence longtime before. Then suddenly he came to our Kolkata residence and showed interest to go to Jibankrishna. After going to Jibankrishna in Puri, within a few days he dreamt that a procession with different instruments was moving on the road. He was also in the crowd. Suddenly he saw that in a litter carried by four bearers Jibankrishna was seated dressed like a bridegroom. The face was illuminating with divine smile. After hearing this dream Jibankrishna hugged Ayodhya with great pleasure.



Volume- 11, June, 2013


21)    16th September, 1972.

Early morning dream:  I was standing alone on a place. Suddenly a serpent jumped on my back and sticking all alone my spinal cord gradually opened her fan on my head. Without any fear I stood still. And then the serpent moved away and jumped on the ground in front of me.

After this incident I went to Diamond and saw a number of devotees seated around him. I felt that I went to him after a long gap. One of the devotees was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond was giving explanations as he used to do in his lifetime.

Diamond was seated on his cot and I also sat on the floor in front of him. After a while Diamond started conversation with me.

Me –See, as I did my Ph. D. course, so I was deprived of your company and missed such a great phenomenon.

Diamond—No, No, my boy! It is good that you have got a footing.

Me—When I used to come to you long time back, I was a bit immatured. I could not under- stand you and your sayings.

Diamond—See, it matters little. You know that you were a teenager at that time and it is a natural habit for that age. Don’t worry for that.

Meanwhile I noticed that everybody was leaving the room one by one. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me. He was looking very joyous. I thought that I had been chatting with him for such a long time, let me tell him that I was incapable of doing meditation. But I felt very uneasy to beg something from him as this was my natural habit in reality also.

Another thought came in my mind that he had expired 5 years ago, but looking so joyous and rejuvenated! Moreover I was having him in front of me, so why should I need meditation?

Then I told him, ‘So long I did not come to you, I should never do such mistake. The Puja holiday is knocking at the door, I shall come to you at noon and stay full time’. He gave a sweet smile and said, ‘Yes you do that’. The dream was then off.

[The first scene indicated that kundalini, in the form of snake is awakened within the seer.

The second scene indicated that all the happenings happened in the real life of the seer are being wiped out by God-the-Preceptor from the seer’s mind through consolation.]



22)   6th December, 1972, Wednesday .

Early morning dream :  I had gone to Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta where Diamond used to reside). But with a great surprise, I noticed that most of the old buildings had been demolished substituted by new ones. Everything was looking attractive with lakes, gardens, modern architectural buildings . I went on thinking that henceforth I should stay here permanently.

However, I also noticed that the lane where one of my friend Nisith (who took me to Diamond in reality) used to reside became widened and I was sitting in a Doctor’s Chamber just at the entrance of the lane (in reality it was so). Suddenly I saw that Diamond came and sat beside me. I began to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna so that he could hear it : I had also some conversations with him in between reading. Diamond looked very joyous and I felt very happy seeing him after a long gap . But I was feeling guilty for having a long gap of meeting him (which happened in reality). So I asked him, ‘well, since I left you, you must have  forgotten me’ !

Diamond—What are you saying! Why should I not remember you!

Me—You have never seen me within you in trance, then I am not your close associate!

Diamond—Oh, No! No! Who said this to you!

While saying these to me, he continued patting on my body. Meanwhile he went out to the corridor. I kept sitting holding the book in my hand. Suddenly I noticed that my elder brother was also seated  there  However, I thought that before Diamond’s departure, I should pay my salute on his feet . But at this moment suddenly I woke up and thought that the dream remained incomplete. Let me sleep again to see the last part of my dream and so I slept again and saw in the dream that Diamond again had come to me in the same place as before. This time he was standing on the corridor (as he did in the previous dream) and continued our conversations.

Me—You know that I had a dream. Diamond came forward and said, ‘Say , what you have dreamt’. I narrated the same dream seen in my first dream and asked, ‘well, is this dream signifying my reflection of mind’? With a smiling face he said, ‘I shall say something to you’. But he did not say anything and went away. The dream went off.

[Firstly, the dream was a corroboration of the serial number 811 of the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond based on his personal reflections . (Vide dream no 5).

Secondly, this was the first experience in dream where I narrated the previous scene in the next one.]


23)   9th December, 1972.  Saturday.  Early morning dream:  I had gone to Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah. He was then seated on his cot. I entered into the room and sat on the floor. There were many other devotees sitting on floor. Conversations were going on. Later on all except one went away. That person was unknown to me. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me. Then he took a piece of paper and told me to sign on the paper. It seemed as if he wanted to make a will for the seer. However, I signed on the paper. But it seemed to be a bit wetly and soft. Diamond asked me, ‘can you take a good dictation’? I said, ‘Yes’. He then started giving dictation in English and I also started writing: with a hard pencil . I noticed that the unknown person was sitting, there as if he was the witness.

I said to Diamond, ‘How wonderful is your English’! But I noticed that due to softness of the paper, the writing seemed to be hazy. Diamond began to scold me for this. So I told him, ‘It is a hard pencil, that’s why it is hazy. Wait, let me bring a pen’. But suddenly I woke up and thought, ‘Oh! This is an incomplete dream, let me sleep again to see the last. So I again slept  and said to myself in the dream that I had already completed taking the dictation with a pen .

Scene changed. I was now seeing that God-the-Preceptor and I was living together in a house and I was taking advice from him though nothing could be remembered after dream.

At the last moment in the dream I observed that he was going to take a bath. After completing the bath he wore clothes putting off his towel. I asked him, ‘Have you taken bath’? He said, ‘Yes’, I told him,’ then I am now going to take my bath. And I went to take my bath. Here the dream went off.

[The dream is very significant as this indicates that in future many realizations of Diamond will be experienced by the seer. Will is given to son by father. It means that all the wealth of father will be enjoyed by his son .Here wealth means spiritual wealth.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume- 11, June, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

146).           “Preceptor  is  only  God-the-Preceptor”.

God-the-Preceptor assumes human form, appears before you, blesses you and says . “You will attain God-head”. God in the body takes this unknown or by-gone human form, selects you as a bridegroom, in other words, makes your body a play ground for this blissful and joyous sports.

He teaches you the whole course of Rajayoga—the emanation and transformation of God through the five sheaths or the seven plane into the Supreme Bliss.

He gets Himself changed before your very eyes as your deity to whom you daily pray. As for instance, a man has gotSt. Paulas his God-the-Preceptor. But his deity is Jesus as he prays to Him. Before his very eyes he will see that the form of St, Paul is changed into the form of Jesus. Again in the seventh plane, God-the-Preceptor shows God and merges into God.

Without attainment of God-the-Preceptor, a devotee is not lucky enough to see God in various states in him ; nay not only this, but he will not get the least response of God in him .

Thakur says, “Without the bliss of God-the-Preceptor, there cannot be any upward progress. “This upward progress means he upward motion of the life-power in a man, that is, waking of life-power and her march in the seventh plane . Without the attainment of God-the-Preceptor, the life-power does not wake up. There cannot be any realization without life-power being wakened up.

The attainment of God-the-Preceptor is a kind of transformation into God-with-Form as God in the body assumes that form out of sheer mercy.

God-the-Preceptor expresses himself in the body in various measures. They are:–

(1)    “Some unknown man (a human form made of God’s light) will appear and tell you, ‘Come along with me’; then it will be a very easy journey to make climbing on his shoulder”.—Sri Ramkrishna .

This unknown man is God-the-Preceptor in full measure and he comes to the seer at an early age of twelve to thirteen.

‘Unknown man’ means the human form of God-the-preceptor whom you did not see before ; but afterwards you will be coming to know everything about him .

(2)     A devotee used to pray to God for a good preceptor. God heard his prayer and appeared before him in the form of God-the-Preceptor. The form of God-the-preceptor was a living one.It denoted that God in full measure was manifested and that the living man was God-Himself-with-form.

(3)     God-the-preceptor appears, shows the devotee his favorite deity and merges himself into the deity. Here both God-the-preceptor and the deity are made of God’s light.

(4)     God-the-preceptor appears all on a sudden with an aspect of one mad in God’s love, and with up-lifted hands indicating that God in him has separated from his body and speaks, “Remember God and talk of God—all along”.

(5)     It was dusk in a dense forest. The sky was covered with black clouds. Lightning and thunders succeeded each other, a high gale was blowing and it was tempestuous. A poor traveler was exasperated and in bewilderment cried out. “How am I to cross this forest?” A voice was heard and it spoke, “Remember God, take God’s name and there will not be the least difficulty for you to go out of the forest”.

(6)     A devotee is seeing that God-the-preceptor is giving him instruction about the waking of life-power.

(7)     A devotee is in a boat and his God-the-preceptor is the boatman and plying the boat in a river.

(8)     A devotee is standing on the sea-shore. There is a boat on the shore. His God-the-preceptor is on the boat and the helm of the boat is in his hand. The devotee is maddened with joy at the sight . He cries aloud, “Well, well, Sir! What brings you here”? The reply comes, “I have come to learn that you shall be due here and so I have come”. The devotee then gets into the boat.

(9)     God-the-preceptor assumes the form of an old man and beckons the devotee .

(10)    God-the-preceptor appears as an ancient sage (Rishi) and gives instructions .

All these realizations came upon a group of devotees in dreams.

“Does realization in dream bear any less value ?”—Shri Ramkrishna . The Brihadaranyaka and Chandogya (Upanishads), parts of the Vedas, say that realizations in dreams are purer then the realizations made with open eyes.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume- 11, June, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Uttam Jash resides at Sian, Birbhum district of West Bengal State (India). He narrated his experiences about Jibankrishna (Diamond) after reading his Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

I was acquainted with brother Sridhar Ghosh, the librarian of our village library for a long period. Whenever I used to go to his library, we had different discussion. One day during our discussion he asked me, ‘Well, Uttam, do you see any dream?’ I said, ‘Why you are asking this’? He said, ‘Through dreams God manifests himself within a human body.’ I laughed at him for that moment, but out of curiosity one day I went to his residence to listen to the reading. At the end of reading Snehamay (the reader) was explaining the meaning of dreams of many audiences. But I could not understand anything. However, I returned home and in that right I saw a dream. Somebody was telling me, ‘wake up’. Who said this I couldn’t understand. That evening I told brother Sridhar about my dream. He said, ‘This unknown person is God’. Since then I became a regular listener of the reading at his residence. In spite of so many hazards in my family life, I always used to remember Jibankrishna.

I had two remarkable dreams which I am narrating here:

1) Once I was stabbed by one relative due to our family affairs. I was seriously injured and was admitted into hospital without any sense. I was then transferred to another hospital at Burdwan town from Sian. I was lying on the operation theatre. Suddenly I had a vision. I saw that Jibankrishna was standing near my head. He said, ‘I am with you. No need to worry.’

Later on I was cured very fast beyond Doctor’s expectation.

2) I saw in my dream that in the late night I went out for a walk through the bank of river Ganges. The other side of the river was full of jungle. I walked for a long time. From behind my back side one old man crossed me. Surprisingly he walked on the river water and went to the other side. So I also tried to follow him but my feet were sinking into the water. I told the gentleman, ‘Oh father! Take me to the other side with you’! Hearing my call, he came back and holding my hand he started walking on the water. When we reached the midway, I saw the rising sun on the other side. Reaching the other side I recognized the old man as Jibankrishna. The sun was seen just behind him as his background and he stood there raising his two hands in the posture of blessing. My dream was off.

[Jibankrishna crossed the seer and approached which means he is in more advance stage in spiritualism than any other. Then he held the hand of the seer to take him to the other side. It means as God-the-Preceptor he leads human race to divinity through destruction of animal passion. The sun behind him signifies him as the man in the sun, mentioned in Upanishads who termed him as Parama Brahma or Supreme Being.]



Volume- 11, June, 2013

Letter of Ananda Mohan Ghosh to Jibankrishna’s companion Dhiren Roy

September 24, 1966

It was the last 20th September, Jibankrishna was newly settled in the new constructed house of Maniklal Bose (Jibankrishna’s cousin brother with whom he used to stay) at Betaitala, Howrah.

At about 7 p.m. I went to him. He told me to read your newly received letter. He was still looking a bit weak that day, though he was feeling better. Probably you have already heard that a thorough medical examination was made on his urine, stool and blood. But everything was normal except the gall bladder which was not properly functioning.

I am now talking about the discussion held on day before yesterday. He was saying, ‘See how practical is this religion, and why it has manifested in me! Was there no other person in this world! If asked, some will say that it was Nature’s selection. But is that enough? It is a type of suppression. But why it has happened and what is this phenomenon cannot be understood.

See, what a huge number of books I have read and what a wonderful memory I have! Still I cannot fathom its mystery.

Let me say one thing to you. In due course of time the Aryans’ colour become ultimately four – red, white, yellow and black. Have you ever heard that the body colour of the Aryans were four?

I am now telling you yesterday’s incident. A young boy who works in the wood factory of Gopal has seen a dream. Though he has not seen me in reality, yet he was seeing that I was walking on the road and my body color was changing to white, yellow, red and black. Then his dream was off.

What a strange dream he saw, just imagine! Yesterday I discussed about this and in the same night he saw this dream. Then what does this mean? Whatever I shall say will come true. I had an oracle – ‘I will have a new life, and this is the further extension.

In the coming 1t October, 1966 at about 11 AM he will start for Madhupur by train. His companions will be Ram, Tepu and Raghunath. The cook will be Pasupati. Your next elder brother (Sailendra Ray) has arranged everything. After arranging everything there, Raghu will return.

With regard










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Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 10,  May, 2013

The existence of the Person of Brahmapur or Cerebrum is proved

On 8.6.1962, Diamond said:

In the scriptures what is said? If anyone worships symbol, he is confined within the symbol. And if one has his austerity without symbol, then a person comes from Brahmapur (seventh plane or cerebrum). Then what does he do? He takes the seer to Brahmapur. You all know that the person comes from Brahmapur. From where God-the-Preceptor comes? From ‘Nigam’ (Descent).

So far nobody knows what is Brahmagyan (Suupreme Cult). These European scholars have translated Vedas and Upanishads and what they have understood? When they have translated that person comes from Brahmapur, they thought that these are myth. But what are you seeing here? We have seen that these are true of course who will understand all these? Unless man has realizations, he will not conceive all these.

[It has the reference in Svetasvatar Upanishad like this:

The Person has a thousand heads, A thousand eyes, a thousand feet; He surrounds the earth on all sides, And stand ten fingers’ breath beyond. (3.14)


Revival of Vedas in the era of Diamond

On 10.6.1962 Diamond said –

What has happened here? What is Veda, and what is that Lost Purusha (mentioned in Vedas) – those were lost. Today that has been revived and shown to us. But even Vedas could not clarify the phenomenon of the ‘Lost Purusha’ clearly, though Upanishads to some extent clarified it. What is the real phenomenon, nobody could say. Even this phenomenon happened long long years before Vedas. They have only mentioned on the basis of Sruti (hearing generations after generations). That this is the story of human beings they could not say. Now this mystery has been exposed to us today.

Listen, after millions of years this Purusha revives.


Discarding all the states of austerity by Diamond


I am the most ordinary man, but still people are seeing me in the sun. Firstly, Abhay saw me in sun in his dream and when he narrated to me, I thought, what an imagination! But after a long time when I got Isha Upanishad in my hand, I saw that they have mentioned about the man in sun.

At present, my state is the state of primeval man of the Vedas. But still I could not stick to any state so long. Why I could not accept? It is because if anyone has lacking he will accept, otherwise not.




(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 10, May, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dreams  without prior meeting and Knowing anything about him

Dhiren Roy


The day was December 9, 1959. In the late night I saw in a dream an old bearded man, bare upper body. Wearing a dhoti was taking me somewhere holding my hand. The road was without any crowed. After a while Swami Avedananda (Direct disciple of Sri Ramkrishna) came from the opposite side. We had a little discussion with him. Then Swamiji lied down on a fire place on his left side. It was ignited automatically, but he remained motionless. That unknown gentleman with whom I was walking was attracting me by some unknown force. All the time he kept holding my hand. Looking at a glance on that fire place he again approached holding my hand. After a while he stopped and began to talk with somebody. I could not remember those conversation and even couldn’t see anybody in front. Then with whom he was talking? Looking properly I noticed that somebody was standing behind him. I couldn’t see him as he was covered by that unknown gentleman. Now I could see him and was surprised that he was Sri Ramkrishna. The unknown gentleman pressed my right thigh with an intention so that I should not listen their conversation or to look at Sri Ramkrishna. But due to an unknown force I was wanting to look at Sri Ramkrishna again and again.

Thereafter telling the unknown gentleman something he merged into his body. I was perplexed seeing this scene. Then gentleman then approached again holding my hand.

After waking up I saw Goosebumps on my body. On my way to office I narrated this dream to my second elder brother Sailen. But I couldn’t conceive who was that unknown gentleman in my dream, though I had read the lives of many saints of India in many books or had seen their pictures. But I couldn’t tall that gentleman with anybody.

I spent the whole day in my office with a great divine feeling and signed all the papers with some half consciousness state. I realized one thing that such higher state of mind was due to seeing that unknown gentleman in dream. With that state of mind I sat at the dispensary of Sailen after my office hour.

After some time a gentleman came with winter garment on his body having white hair on head. Sailen told that gentleman, ‘Sudhin Babu, this is my younger brother Dhiren, an officer under Government of India finance department. I told you in the morning about his dream.’

Sudhin told me, ‘I have heard your wonderful dream from your brother. Yet if you have no objection I want to hear it from your own mouth.’

After hearing my dream he calmly said, ‘You have read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. You know that Sri Ramkrishna said that God is the companion, He takes the devotee holding his hand to higher spheres. Your dream is the reverberation of that saying? Then hearing the description of that unknown gentleman he said, ‘I have no doubt that he is Jibankrishna himself who resides at Howrah. He is blessed by Sri Ramkrishna whom he saw in his boyhood and got as his God-the-Preceptor. Whatever austerities Sri Ramkrishna had, all them were also manifested within his body spontaneously.

By the grace of Thakur Ramkrishna he visualized Atman or great Soul at 24 years 8 months age, then had the austerity of Vedanta within him which took 12 years for completion. Thereafter having all the austerities of descent he became transformed into Supreme self.’ Then Sudhin said, ‘go there and see whether he is your unknown person seen in dream.’ He also said that later on he would give me the address and direction.

Later on I got the address from Nalini Banerjee who used to go to Jibnakrishna off and on.

But one confusion arose in my mind. As soon as I heard that the name of this gentleman was Jibankrishna Ghosh, I became a bit depressed as how a non-Brahmin caste could be a Supreme Soul. Because according to our ideas only Brahmins can be the authority of Supreme Cult. So I prayed to Holy mother Dakshina Kali, ‘Mother, what have you done? At last I have to contact a non-Brahmin’! So I showed less interest to get the address.

In the meantime I had a dream. I saw myself standing on a vast sea beach. Somebody was taking bath in the sea water. The water level reached only up to his chest. While I was thinking who he might be, I saw that he drowned himself inside the water and as soon as he stood I saw him in the form of Lord Rama. Again he drowned and stood. This time he became Lord Krishna. After drowning he became Sri Ramkrishna. When after the last drowning he stood I saw that the same gentleman of the dream was standing there.

After a few days I got the address and on December 19, 1959, Saturday after my office hour at about 3 PM I reached his residence at Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah. I saw him seated inside the room and became overwhelmed with surprise when I saw that he was the same gentleman whom I saw twice in my dreams. Putting off my shoes outside I entered into the room. I kept on looking at him with great surprise thinking how was it possible! I was so puzzled that I even forget to bow to him. Later on all my confusion were eliminated about his status of caste.

After a while when he saw me, asked from where I had come and from whom I got his news.

When I named Sudhin he said, ‘Oh Sudhin has sent you! Do you know him’? I said, ‘No, not so much, but I had a dream.’ When he asked about the dream, I narrated the dream. Hearing my dream he asked, ‘So have you found him who was walking holding his hand’? I said, ‘Coming here now I see that you are he.’ As soon as he heard it he had frequent ‘Samadhis’ (Profound meditations being merged with Supreme self). His face became swelled and red like morning sun. I had never seen Samadhi before. Here only I witnessed it.

With a cracked voice and in that state of Samadhi he said indicating a person (Kalinath Chakravarty), ‘This man who is reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna also saw me in dream before coming to me.’ Showing some other persons in the room he again said that those persons also saw me in dreams without coming to me before and many would still come after the office hours. Then he told me, ‘Women folks see me in dreams merely sitting in their houses. Can you say how do they dream me without seeing me before. I don’t know anything about these affairs. I don’t know anything about your seeing me in dream. When you have told me I come to know. See here, so many people have seen me in dreams I don’t know anything about these. So I am asking you why so many people see a particular man in dreams, and I don’t know a single hymn, I only know Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna0 who appeared within my dream at 12 years 4 months age and performed austerity within my body in a systematic manner. By his grace he showed me God. At 13 years 8 months Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) appeared in dream and taught ‘Rajyoga’ (King of yaga) and my inside matter within the brain became completely reversed. From that date during any conversation on dreams my mind goes to Kemel and the skin is left aside. I had this idea that perhaps everybody has such condition, because I got all these without any self-exertion’. He then said, ‘I don’t know any scriptures, I only know the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna which is the extract of all scriptures. He visualized God (He again fell into ‘Samadhi’ State), and so after hearing his sayings god will automatically manifest Himself within a human body.

So, here I give esoteric interpretations on Thakur’s metaphors so that people can understand easily. He then told me, ‘When you will have time, come from time to time.’ Durin my departure he told one young man Arun to see me off at the bus stand.

Thereafter I had series of dreams.




Volume – 10 , May, 2013

Long accompaniment of God-the-Preceptor and the seer’s future

18a).    27th April, 1978, Thursday .     Early morning dream:   I saw a house which belonged to me. My God-the-Preceptor had come there and it seemed to me as if this was the second phase after he had left his physical body and come back again. Some other devotees were also with me. Jibankrishna seemed to be very cheerful. All of them having chit-chats and sometimes reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on as it used to happen in his life time. I was also attending my school and after taking class I was accompanying  Jibankrishna. Every moment was appearing joyous.

Once I told a devotee Dhiren Monsdal, ‘I shall not even go to school as I can hear more words from his mouth’.

The dream was thus running.  Sometimes I was waking up and again was accompanying with  Jibankrishna in the midst of the dream and thus the morning came when the dream went off.

The dream has two aspects : First the Holy Ghost is bestowing his blessings upon the seer by giving long accompaniment in dream and secondly, the future is shown when the seer will have more and more time to spend his life with Jibankrishna’s cult after leaving the school. It happened in 1992, when circumstances forced  the seer to leave the school and devote more times for collection and compilation of  the sayings and diaries on  Jibankrishna .


Future effect of dream on a person

Sometime in the midst of July, 1978.

19) One day in an early morning I saw in a dream that the Principal of my school called me through a messenger. I asked, ‘why’? I was told that the Principal had seen Diamond in a dream. While going to him my dream went off.

[In the long run the Principal became very much helpful to the seer in continuing his compilation work about Diamond’s sayings and dreams etc. which the seer used to do in the school during off times.’


The future indication – spreading of Diamond’s name among young ones

1st August, 1978, Monday.

20) Early morning dream:  In a football ground some young boys were playing football. I was watching it from the verandah of a house beside the ground. Then I heard some boys discussing among themselves about dreams, during the interval of the game near the verandah. Hearing this I began to explain about dreams to the boys. Here the dream went off.

This dream indicates that in future the name of Diamond may spread among young generations.

[Within a few years quite a good number of young students began to see Diamond in dreams in Bolpur, Birbhun District of West Bengal. Not only so, strangely, the same scene was repeated at Sriniketan,Bolpur after a few years, but it happened with Snehamay, a young man who discussed with the boys playing football. He saw Diamond in dreams and was a regular reader in Bolpur reading center where Diamond’s book is regularly read.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 10, May, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

142).          “You  pick  up  your  disciples  without  reading  their  nature, so  they  go  away  from  you”.

It is fundamental for becoming a disciple to get the form of the preceptor as God-the-Preceptor in his body. A human being cannot be a preceptor. God is in the physical sheath. He emanates. He assumes a human form. The form of God-the-Preceptor, and if that form is a living one then it indicates that God is in a fully emanated and awakened condition in this form.

143).          “Cakes  called  “Puli” (a Bengali  cake)  look all  alike  but  their  contents  vary .

Some ‘Pulis’ have  got  condensed  milk  in  them, some  have  sweetened .

Cocoanut  kernel  and  some  past  of  pulse”.

Puli—represents human body.

Condensed milk—in body means to see God-with-Form in body (Sttava).

Sweetened cocoanut kernel—means the aerial body as a man sees his own prototype while he files in dream (Rajas).

Paste of pulse—means that there will be no emanation of God in their physical sheath (Tamas).

144).             “I eat, drink  and  live, and  all  the  rests  are  known  to  my  Divine  Mother  in  me”.

The existence of Thakur consisted in keeping the body and soul together devoid of all other animal signs. He existed to see the sports of the Divine Mother in his own body as well as in the world around.

145).           “Preceptor,  Master,  and  Father,  these  three  words  make a shudder  pass  through  me”.

Preceptor—“A man can never be a preceptor . God-the-preceptor is the only preceptor”—Sri Ramkrishna.

Master—God is the Master of the world and everybody else in the world is but a sight-seer and a passer-by.

Father—It means to be entrapped in the temptation of the world.

After attainment of the Supreme Cult, the attainer is always protected by the awakened God in his body, so he cannot have a fall. The Supreme Cult never deserts the attainer.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 10,  May, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Abhijit Gayen from Jambuny, Bolpur (Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated his experiences after listening to the reading of Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).

When I first heard about Jibankrishna I liked it very much. It was a completely new thing. But to tell frankly, I could not receive it in full-fledged form. Later on when I saw him in my dreams, I got the proof written in the books and there was a drastic change in my thoughts on spiritualism.

When first time I saw Jibankrishna in my dream, I was in Kolkata. On 26th January it was supposed to read Jibankrishna’s book at the residence of Himangshu Das (a companion of Jibankrishna) and I was supposed to join that occasion. But due to eye infection I couldn’t go.

At noon I slept and I dreamt that JIbankrishna came and stood in front of me. He said, ‘If you do not go to listen the reading, come with me.’ Saying this he forwarded his stick to me. Holding the stick I followed him (In reality I could not open my eyes fully due to infection). So much I was approaching I was sinking into an ocean of Bliss. At this moment my dream was off.

Later on in one of my wife’s dream Jibankrishna told my wife about my visualization of God (in the previous dream).

For the present moment (about mid 80’s). I have to stay at Gauhati (Assam, India) due to my official work. Here I also see many divine dreams and see Jibankrishna in dreams. I am mentioning a remarkable dream here :  I saw a large gathering in a hall and I was standing there as if I was explaining something to them. Beside me instead of black board I was seeing the infinite space and it seemed to me as if this was the whole universe. I had a long stick in my hand. In that universe there was a portion which was undulating and from an area the form of Sri Ramkrishna appeared. I explained something to the audience about him. His form then disappeared. In the similar fashion a form of Swami Vivekananda appeared with a red light. I explained about him to the audience. This similar incident happened with Rabindranath Tagor and many other great men. Lastly the form of Jibankrishna appeared and I told about him to the audience. When I finished my lecture Jibankrishna told me, ‘Now you tell the audience about you.’ His words were echoing within my brain repeatedly, but I could not say anything and my dream was off.

[So long human being was quite ignorant about himself. He completely forgot that he is himself Brahma or Supreme Being. Jibankrishna came and awakened the consciousness among mankind to be aware that he is Brahma.]



Volume – 10, May, 2013

Summary of letters by Ananda Mohan Ghosh to Dhirendra Nath Roy

and Dwijendra Nath Roy

May 15, 1966

For a few days we are observing Jibankrishna full of ecstasy. One day his Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) was read. The quote of Lord Buddha ‘Nirvana’ (Dissolution) was read.

Jibankrishna said, ‘If anybody challenges you, what will be your answer? See, the religion is manifested in life time, not after death.’ What is the proof that a man achieves religion in his life time?

(Pointing out to all the listeners present in he room)  ‘Swena Rupena Abhinispadyate’ (He transform his form within everybody. What am I doing? I am transforming everybody into my form. Where? It is in the spiritual world. Why? Then they will get my attributes. Here is Patanjal’s example – ‘The attribute of the moon in the sky will be manifested within the innumerable reflected moon.’ This is both conscious and unconscious.

Vedas are saying, ‘The Soul or Atma is within everything …’ Now the question may arise : Sir, Vedas are also saying the same thing, so there this is not a new thing! No, they made an imagination. But here it is manifested with a concrete proof. What a strange and wonderful phenomenon has happened here! Who knows what has happened within me, but strangely my form was manifested within you all.’

This was an incident of yesterday. I was reading, ‘God is for all.’ Jibankrishna said, ‘This is purely academic that God is for all. But where is the proof? Then it cannot be answered. Karl Marx, Nitsche raised this question. Where is the proof that God is for all?

In modern Europe these doctrines like existentialism, Pragmatism have evolved. They are also searching the proof.’

Then he asked Jiten Banerjee, ‘Jiten Babu, your Lord Krishna was advising Arjuna, – wipe out all weakness and follow me. But in our case it is by oneness, by love.’










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