(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 19, October, 2016

Chapter 64                                                                                                      

Man is Brahma – Man is the Eternal Truth

April 9, 1960.

Vedic Rishis (sages) said, ‘I am Brahma’ (Supreme Being). But the world did not accept it as Brahma. So in ‘Brahma Sutra’ you see that they have said, ‘Then there is question about Brahma’ (Athato Brahma- jigyasa).

Previously, I used to charge them saying that though they said, ‘Questions about Brahma’ yet they could not give any proof. Now I have understood that the proof won’t stand. This human race should bear this proof, and we are witnessing here. It is not I who announce ‘I am Brahma’. I say, ‘I only exist’ (Ahamasmi) and when this human race said after accepting me. The world now accepts that man is Brahma.

The Rishi was a human being. Being a human being when he said, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma), the human race at least understood that man is Brahma whether they accept it or not – So it is judicial). And the scholars getting this opportunity wrote that Brahma is beyond perception, unknowable etc. Some say ‘Dualism’, some say ‘non–dualism’, again some say both. This anomaly was created because they did not get the right thing.

Here we can quote the Great Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore ‘That man is worshiped by human race in different names’. Why? Because they did not get the right thing.

But what we are getting here? Seeing me within the bodies myriads of people male and female, child and old are making reconciliation of both ‘Advaita’ and ‘Bisistadvaita’ (Both Non-dualism and dualism) at the same time.

The Vedantists made a higher motion in abstract and struck to that, as they said, ‘Dream like’, ‘Brahma is truth and the world is false’, ‘Void’, ‘Non-dualism’, ‘I have become all these’ etc. They all said these on the basis of hypothesis which was impossible for the human race to prove and for that reason they created innumerable Gods and Goddesses.

But to-day it is proved that a human being is the truth, he is all.

[Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned thus”

“The shinning immortal Person who is in this mankind and with reference to oneself, this shinning immortal Person who exists as a human being- he is just this Soul, this Immortal, this Brahma, this All.”(2.5.13)]

The Self of Brahma or Supreme Self is Bliss – a living human being

April 10, 1960.

To-day I was walking outside and I was seeing ‘Ananda’ (Bliss) within me. I came inside and still was seeing him within me. I understood that the Bliss is myself and so it was shown like that.

But is it applicable to me only? No, whoever has seen me within them possesses this Bliss as self.

Nobody knows what is Brahma and so there is no question about knowing anything beyond Brahma. But it exists. I have understood that there are something beyond Brahma. I see those as shadows. But unless these are manifested nothing can be concluded.

What is own-self – A forecast by Jibankrishna (DImaond)

April 14, 1960.

What is own-self? The realizations of ascent and descent all are own-self. I saw water in Pranamaya Kosha (Sheath) or the naval region – that is own-self. Then in the fourth plane I saw light – that is own-self, then the  fifth plane, sixth plane, and then Atma or Soul – I saw that and I have got this knowledge that I am not this physical body, I am Atma. Then I saw the universe within this Atma, and after that I saw the manikin – all are my own-self. What happened next? I have become this world – these are all own-self. But what happened here? Am I saying to you that I have become all these? No, coming to me you are saying, ‘you are my own selves, i.e., it is just the opposite to a self knowledgeable person.

There are still so many things after this. Now coming to me you are saying, ‘Sir you are all of us. But do you know what may happen after this? I shall see this living universe within me, that means the whole world will be centralized within me and then I shall control this spiritual world.

I have understood that this is an absurd data when the whole human race will see me within them and then coming to me will announce of seeing me within them. This won’t do. So when the world will be centralized in me and when I can understand that I am controlling this spiritual world then only it will serve the purpose. It means when something will appear in my mind on spiritualism that will flash throughout the world. That is called ‘Sadvidya’ which Kashmir Shaivism has mentioned. But so long it is manifested nothing can be concluded.

[ Chandogya Upanishad mentioned about the person who visualized God or Atman as such:

“The seer sees not death,

Nor sickness, nor any distress,

The seer sees only the All,

Obtains the All entirely.

That (Soul) is one-fold, is threefold, fivefold,

Sevenfold and also nine-fold;

Again declared eleven-fold,

And also twenty-thousand-fold.” [7.26.2]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 19, October, 2016  

Seeing Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream as unknown man after his death 

Anup Kumar Pramanik of Krisnagar Town of  West Bengal State, India narrated his experiences  as such – “Once upon a time I used to dream that I was flying like a bird and got great enjoyment.”

Later on I came in contact with a person Debojyoti Mondal, son of Dhiren Mondal who used to go to Diamond for a long period and he gave me a magazine on ‘Diamond’. I began to read it regularly. Gradually I came to understand what is the inner meaning of ‘flying’- It means transformation into astral body. Then I began to start reading Diamond’s book ‘Religion and Realization’and started to have divine dreams.

My first dream runs thus : I was walking on a road at Krishnanagar City of west Bengal State. Suddenly I saw near my house an old man, complacent looking wearing Dhoti and Punjabi (Bengali dress) and having beard, short cut hair, slightly tall stature. I have never seen him in my real life. He called by waving his hand and after blessing hugged me and just at this moment my dream went off.

After a few days I narrated this dream to Debojyoti and he showed me the picture of an old man lying on death bed with flower garlands having beard and short hair-cutting. Instantly I could recognize him as seen in dream and knew he was known as Jibankrishna or Diamond. I was speechless with surprise and joy.

After this dream I am having divine dreams with a great mental change. I always feel peace and joy in mind now and gradually realize that he is God himself, thus appearing in dreams among innumerable people.

Anandamayeetala Das para Lane

Krishnanagar,Nadia, W.B.



Volume 19, October, 2016  

Chapter 82

Vision  of  future—leaving  the  accompaniment  of  devotees

376)     23rd October, 1979. Tuesday.   Place:  Makardah,  Howrah .   Early morning dream:   I had a debate with a devotee Raghunath Sen about one Yogic topics . As he gave one wrong interpretation, with a great grief I said, ‘Then I am going away’. Saying this I went to another place. I stayed there in a room. During the debate many devotees were present there. They got hart. After a while they came to take me. But I said to them , ‘Your companies are bad’. There were more talks, but nothing could be remembered. But in spite of this again I began to mix with them without any grief. The dream went off as the sleep become faint.

Then again I felt asleep and dreamt that again I met Raghunath Sen. I told him, ‘In my previous dream I had a debate with you’. Saying this I narrated the previous dream to Raghunath Sen and he asked me, ‘After going out in which direction did you go? Whether East or West’? But the answer given by me could not be kept in memory when I woke up .

The similar dream was experienced by one devotee long years ago. The devotee saw in his dream that Jibankrishna was saying to him, ‘Your companians are bad’. This was narrated to Jibankrishna.

The dream, of course, may show some future incidents, but when, cannot be said.

One thing is happening now a days i.e., the seer always has feeling a tendency of becoming alone though forcibly he was continuing the accompaniment with devotees.

Future  indication  of  austerity  of  earth

377)     29th October, 1979.  Monday.    Early morning dream:   I had gone to the Headmaster (Banamali) of my previous school at Bantra, Howrah (1954—57). He had to buy a pair of shoes and I had to buy it. But he seemed to be a different man with a very good health wearing a Punjabi which he never used to in reality. I took the measurement of his foot with an intention of buying Kabli sandal for him. Then I came back and as soon as I was on the verge of waking up, the figure of the Headmaster became prominent to me and seemed to be Jibankrishna himself with his old figures. —Without beard and hairs on head.

[The meaning of the dream remained unknown to the seer for a long time . But after 20 years (October, 1999)suddenly the meaning flashed in his mind thus :  Sri Jibankrishna saw the palm of his feet in one of his realizations and gave explanation that foot is earth . It means that he has the austere on earth and the effect of this that he will have controlling power on spiritual world . In the dream the seer had measured the foot of Jibankrishna for buying shoes which many have an indication that the seer in future may have some affects of this dream.]

Indication  of  leaving  the  contact  of  devotees  and  ‘Manikya’ Publication    

378)     30th  October,  1979 , Tuesday .   Early morning dream  :  The scene opened with the residence of Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah, Howrah where many of the devotees including me gather and stay overnights off and on to discuss spiritual aspects of Jibankrishna ideas .

In the dream many of the devotees were also seen together. I was having conversations with one of the devotee Arun Ghosh . After a while on some wrong interpretations by him I got agitated and said, ‘Then let all these mansucripts be as such’.

Raghunath Sen said, ‘Oh! This is the effect of his previous dream (seen on 23.10.79)! What a strange thing’!

But I went on saying, ‘What accompaniments you have done with Jibankrishna!’ Why such a poor conception you have got’! Saying this with great grief and sorrow I came out of that room and stood in another room of the same house. I went on thinking, why such incidents are happening in the dream again and again! Then I said to myself , ‘When such obstacles are coming,then there must be something new which may come in the long run’. At this moment I woke up .

The dream is self explanatory and may happen in reality in future.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 19, October, 2016  


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Chaitanya means undivided consciousness”.

Undivided consciousness – means one consciousness, i.e. the same consciousness will be experienced by one and all.

Sri Thakur’s consciousness took the form of the Divine Mother, Bhabatarini in the temple.

Sri Chaitanya’s consciousness took the form of Sri Krishna.

Here the consciousness of Sri Thakur varies with the consciousness of Sri Chaitanya.

Why this variation?

It is not undivided consciousness. Atman in the seventh plane is but a ‘Light’ – Paramajyoti as pointed out in the Vedas and it is so in individual life.

But the Vedic version for the Universal Self – the living and identical form of a human being who attains Brahmahood runs thus – “Swena rupena abhinispadyate, esha atmeti”.

This is but undivided consciousness of ‘Oneness’ as it is experienced in the case of ‘Diamond’. A kiddy, four years old sees Him in the same form and reports it to his parents and an old man of ninety two sees him in the same form and reports it to his son.

Nay, it evinces a bit furthermore. The One and the same Atman is in every human being – from the days of yore, it is so heard; but it is never substantiated. It is proved with Diamond as being announced by a four years old kiddy and the old man of ninety two – as He is seen alike by the kiddy and the old man.

  1. “Bahudaka and Kutichaka”.

Both the above terms are used for Sadhus.

Bahudaka – is one who drinks water from various holy places i.e. a sadhu who keeps on visiting various holy places.
Kutichaka – is he who has fixed his abode at a certain place and never leaves it.

Sadhu is he whom God-the-Preceptor has shown God and all else are but Sadhakas (aspirants).

Sadhu has seen God in his own body, i.e. in the cerebrum; so he has not to run hither and thither in quest of God. God he wants and God he has found within him. He comes to understand that God is nowhere to be found save and except in his own body. He is satisfied and is at peace. He becomes Kutichaka.

To visit various holy places in quest of God is but the ritualistic religion and it is the function of an aspirant. It transpires that he is not a Kutichaka, that is, who has not yet seen God and is dissatisfied with himself.

So far the surface meaning is alright but now to the yogic meaning.

Yes, God is in the body through and through like ivies on a wall (Alek lata – invisible creeper). When God out of His own grace frees Himself from the body and gets collected in the seventh plane and He is shown by God-the-Preceptor to the devotee, then the devotee becomes Kutichaka spontaneously. But the thing is to come at the age of twenty five in the full bloom of youth, and not in the old age when infirmities of his own body keeps him confined at a fixed place.

Thakur says, “In fact, those who keep on moving from one place to another and make disciples are but men of lower order”.

Keeping the above statement in view, we find that all the teachers of the world from Buddha down to Thakur himself moved on preaching, doing propaganda, and making disciples.

Are they Kutichakas?

A real and full-fledged Kutichaka is not to move at all for propaganda purpose. He has seen God (sixteen annas) and he has become God and everything else is to be done by Mahayoga as in the case of ‘Diamond’.

“If publicity is given by God then it is real publicity” (as ‘Diamond’ is seen by thousands).

– Sri Ramkrishna

The publicity is given through Mahayoga uniting all into One in the spiritual world and that One must be a living human being.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 19, October, 2016  

Rajesh Sharma.

1991 A.D.

I saw in my dream that it became cloudy all through the sky. It started drizzling and it was lightening. Within that light the form of Jibankrishna was seen. Then my dream was off.

[In Upanishad the Soul or Atma was described as lightening. Jibankrishna or Diamond is Atma with form. So the seer saw this form in the light.]

[Katho-Upanishad mentions Atma as minute and great in such a manner:

More minute than the minute, greater than the great,

Is the Soul(Atman) that is set in the heart of a creature here,

One who is without the active will behold Him,

And becomes freed from sorrow. (2.20)]

Seeing Jibankrishna in miniature form

Sambhu Sinha

1991 A.D

In dream I saw that I was picking up a nail from the ground and saw that tiny Jibankrishna was seated on the top of the nail. I was surprised to see it. Then my dream was off.

[In Upanishad the Soul or Atma was described as lightening. Jibankrishna or Diamond is Atma with form. So the seer saw this form in the light.]

[Katho-Upanishad mentions Atma as minute and great in such a manner:

More minute than the minute, greater than the great,

Is the Soul(Atman) that is set in the heart of a creature here,

One who is without the active will behold Him,

And becomes freed from sorrow. (2.20)]

Jay Krishna Chaterjee

Jay Krishna Chatterjee is about 5 years old boy and a student of class 1. He often listens to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma- O- Anubhuti’ at charupalli Reading centre (Bolpur, Birbhum district of West Bengal, India). Some of his dreams are narrated below in his own version. His first dream was as such:

1.On 28th April, 1991

It was 5- 15 A.M. My youngest maternal uncle was reading the Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’ (A magazine on Jibankrishna or Diamond). Laying on bed I was listening. Then I had a trance and saw a play ground, and sitting on one side my uncle was reading ‘Manikya’. I said, ‘Let us play instead of reading.’ He said, ‘No, Let it be continued.’ Then I noticed a new boy who was playing wearing a dhoti. I called him ‘Hey boy!’ Looking at me he raised his right hand and I saw the cover picture of ‘Manikya’ (The sitting posture of Jibankrishna on a lotus within the sun) on his plam. I realized that he was Jibankrishna. Running towards him I bowed down to him and he spread something on my head. I became half conscious. After a moment I told him, ‘ Teach me a good game.’ He said, ‘ Henceforth you can play well, see now.’ I saw that really I was playing well.

Then I told my uncle, ‘See, Jibankrishna is playing with us’! But he did not believe me. I said, ‘Then who is that boy’? He looked at that boy but did not believe. The boy thought that it was useless to hide himself when joy had recognized him. So he again raised his hand and showed my uncle his palm. This time uncle believed and wanted to get up keeping the magazine aside, but he saw that Jibankrishna himself was seated beside him. When my uncle was going to hold him, he disappeared. My uncle then saw that Jibankrishna was seated holding me on his lap. When he came near us, again Jibankrishna disappeared. My uncle became surprised. I laughed and told my uncle, ‘Jibankrishna was playing a joke with you.’ Then again Jibankrishna came to us.

Once again a new game started. Jibankrishna was on one side and all of us were another side. Gradually it became evening and we returned home. My elder sister told me, ‘keep the inscence infront of Jibankrishna’s photo. When I went there I did not find the photograph. I remembered that perhaps Jibankrishna was playing in the field. So I ran towards the field and told him, ‘Stop playing and came back home’. He said, ‘Wait, I am going.’ When the game was over, Jibankrishna waved his hand all round and then and there the field became very beautiful, having new goal posts with nets. As soon as I held his hand he was transformed into a photograph and garlanded his photo. Again it was transformed into living Jibankrishna with smiling face.

Then all of our friends held his hands and legs and by hanging him we approached towards our house. When we came near the gate he was again transformed into photo and one of us took him inside the house. I kept his photo in the proper place.

My sister gave me a plate of food and told, ‘Give it to Jibankrishna.’ I put it on the floor. She said, ‘How can he eat from such a high place?’ For a reason I went to the adjacent room and coming back I saw that all the food stuffs were finished. I called my sister and said, ‘See, Jibankrishna ate all the foodstuffs!’ She came and bowed down to Jibankrishna’s photo. There were two plastic birds near the photo. They were absent so long, but now they came from somewhere and sat near the photo. Then I woke up.

[God shows His sportive forms in the dream according to the age and metal condition of the seer. This is mentioned in Upanishad.



Volume 19, October, 2016  

Chapter 44

Indication of the seer’s spiritual state

November 22, 1960:

Dhiren Roy saw in a dream that after coming to Jibankrishna’s room he was reading the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. In the meantime Jibankrishna gave him a mango. It was green and hard, Jibankrishna told Dhiren to eat it. But it seemed to him that it would be unripe and sour and so he was unwilling to eat it. But when Jibankrishna requested him again, he started eating it, and it was strange that the taste of the mango was sweet! And as he continued to eat it was not finishing. It remained as it is as it was before eating. Then he gave it to others for eating.

Jibankrishna gave its yogic meaning like this: Dhiren was reading the gospel and I gave him a mango. Say what is its meaning? As he was making me listen to his reading of the gospel, so I was giving him the ‘Brahmagyan’ (Supreme Cult). Why was the mango green? This means what I have achieved he did not get that. This is also indicating his own spiritual state. He is a ‘Barnochora mango’ (when the mango seems unripe from outside but tasty it is called so), and why he is so? It is because whomever he will say about this phenomenon will see me in dreams instead of Dhiren. Whoever will make me listen to the reading of the gospel are ‘Barnochora mangoes’.

Self-explained dreams

December 3, 1960:

Khitish Roychowdhury (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that many of us were seated here in your room. When I got up and went outside I was saying to myself on the street a word ‘Atavism’ and meant it as ‘Change’. Then after waking up I saw in Chamber’s dictionary that it means unity in diversity. I read this word somewhere but in my dream I could not remember its meaning.

Jibankrishna – It is showing here what an infinite power a human brain possesses.

Self-explained dream

December 9, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Mr. Mukherjee of Navadwip saw a strange dream. He was seeing that he was going somewhere on sea by a huge sheep. The name of the ship was destroyer. Then in a place the ship halted and someone placed him down on the sea holding his hand. Then he began to go to a far away place under the sea. He went on thinking that I was drowned in the sea of Brahma or God.

What a strange dream!

(The dream is self-explanatory)

Visualization of the universe within Jibankrishna

December 15, 1960:

Bholanath Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) – I was seeing in my dream a room having only one door completely opened. Leaning against the door with a standing posture you were looking outside. Through the gap of your body and the door I was also seeing the outside scene with endless trees, forests and the sea and hills behind them. The tops were looking white. In the room only brother Moni and I were present. Showing you I was saying to brother Moni, ‘He is God’.  Brother Moni said, ‘How is that? What is the proof that he is God?’ I said, ‘Have you not got the proof yet? Where is God? He is within the human body, then we are getting the proof that he is God’. But is seemed that brother Moni could not be satisfied. During that time I noticed that you were looking so calm and complacent which I cannot describe. The solemnity of the whole world seemed to be personified within you.

Then from that position slowly you came inside the room and stood in the middle of the room. Addressing brother Moni he asked, ‘Say what is your idea about God?’ You uttered twice these words, but those were carrying so much gravity that these seemed to be echoed throughout the whole world. Being surprised I went on looking at you. The calmness of the whole world was expressed in your eyes and it was so strange! The outside world which I saw through your gaps I was now seeing within your eyes. I lost my consciousness and could not see brother Moni and not even you. I could only see your eyes and the whole world within you. Seeing this whole scene I slept within my sleep.

When I really woke up I saw that my body was shivering and had no strength in my body.

Jibankrishna – The whole world is within the Atman or Soul in individualism but that is proof less. But I am within your brain and this whole universe is within me. You saw ‘Viswarup’ (Universe in Atman) within me.







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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 18, September, 2016

Chapter 63

In future religion will be manifested spontaneously – Man is above all

April 8, 1960.

Every being has an essence and an existence – Existence means I exist, my body exists. This truth is the most precious thing. How do I understand that there is an essence within this human body? This essence is taking the form of a living human being. Many are seeing that form. And for that it is understood that this essence is one. The existence is separate but that essence is one.

Some days ago I explained Cosmic Law, but I did not say about the form. Yesterday I discussed about the form. My body and self are merged in the five elements of Nature. And for that reason my form is always about to manifest. Wherever there is congenial ground it is manifested enveloping the world. But if everything returns to my body then the cycle will be complete. This body – self – Nature’s five elements and then again this body. Then only the cycle will be complete. And then whatever pure thoughts will arise from this body that will be manifested in the whole human race.

Do you know what do I want? Nobody has to try for manifestation of religion. None has to acquire religion by self-exertion. The religion will be manifested within the body spontaneously. It will be acquired in a natural way. This is compared with the natural habit like eating, sleeping etc. and then only it will be right process.

The man can come to know that extra something is happening within his body. It is just like this fact as you see my form within you without your knowledge or will, and this happens in a natural way.

What is Brahma or Supreme Self remained a hazy thing so long. But here you are seeing that you are that Brahma. Brahma is a living human being.

The self of Brahma is Bliss. ‘A man is above all things’ – this is established here. We have understood that beyond ‘Samadhi’ (Profound meditation merging in God which is the Zenith of individualistic austerity) there is man only.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 18, September, 2016


Alok Banerjee had a contact with Dhiren Mondal, a companion of Diamond. They had regular discussion on Diamond. One day Dhiren took him to the residence of Raghunath Sen, another companion of Diamond. It was winter then. He wore a coat and there was Rs.500/- in the pocket. Dhiren told him not to go that day with this amount of money, better to go another day. But he said that nothing would happen, it was kept inside the pocket. After having some discussions on Diamond at Raghu’s house he came back home and had a dream that night.

He saw that he had gone to a lake. No where he found an empty bench to sit. At one side he saw an old man sitting on a bench keeping his walking stick beside. While he was hesitating to sit, the old man gave him hints to sit and moved his stick away. Then he asked, ‘have you gone to the other side of the lake? The launch has come you better go to other side, it is a very nice place.’ Alok told the old man, ‘so why are you here?’ He said, ‘Boys and girls are taking their bath, so I am sitting here.’ Hearing his words Alok had gone there and saw, really the launch had come. He went on seeing the beautiful site. Suddenly it flashed in his mind that he had the money in his inside pocket. In the meanwhile some drollish young ones came and began to behave with him saucily. So the moved away from there and came to a shop like house. A man came to him and asked, ‘Something happened to you’? Alok said, ‘I have lost my coat with Rs.500/-‘. He brought a coat and asked, ‘See, whether this coat belongs to you’. Alok said, ‘yes this is mine’. But while going to wear it, it did not fit him. The man said, ‘so why have you said that it is yours’? Then he brought another coat, but I didn’t dare to say that it was mine. He said, ‘It is yours.’ Saying this, taking the Rs.500/- notes from the pocket of the coat he threw all the notes in the air and again collecting the notes returned to Alok with a laughing face. Alok felt very uneasy. Returning to his old place he noticed that the old man was moving away from the bench. Alok held his hand and went to take him to the other side of the lake. Meanwhile he saw a drunken man was coming towards him, though no smell was coming out of his mouth. So Alok held his hand also and went to take them both to the other side of the lake. But all on a sudden all the scenes vanished like magic and he saw only flowers spread all over. Wherever he casted his eyes, he saw nothing but flowers and he was standing alone. At this moment the dream went off. The old man seemed to him to be Diamond. After a few days of this dream he saw another dream. He was at Puri sea beach. Thereon a hillock Diamond was seated. When Alok came nearer to Diamond he gave him hints to sit down. Sitting there Alok told him, ‘I want to tell everybody about you, but they don’t listen to me’. Hearing this he burst into laughing which he had never heard before in his life. His heart was shivering and started running. But he saw everywhere there were walls of stones. Suddenly he saw that sitting on the wall Sri Ramkrishna was showing him something pointing his fingers. Looking at that site he noticed that the height of the wall in that region was a bit low. As soon as he went there, Sri Ramkrishna holding his hand took him on the wall and his dream went off.

Thus in his dream Alok was fortunate to see both his God-the-Preceptor Diamond and Sri Ramkrishna and gradually got his peace and divine joy in his life. Later on he identified Diamond through his photo.



Volume 18, September, 2016

Chapter 81

Purification  of  Sahashrar  or  Cerebrum

372).     2nd September, 1979.

I saw in an early morning dream that I was having a loose motion several times. After a while I took bath and washed.

Loose motion means excretions of all impurities from the body. This means the Sahashrar or the cerebrum will be capable of having more powerful realizations in the long run.

The previous three consecutive dreams seem to be interlinked.

Vision  of  future—Intense  mental agitation 

 Of  the  Holy Ghost  for  mankind

373).  10th September, 1979.  Monday.

Early morning dream:  A great war started, as if bombing would start all round and there was sign of great fear everywhere.

After a while I saw Diamond. Tears were shedding from his eyes. I saw it and then said to myself – Oh! Everywhere was a sign of such tranquility and he was shedding tears for the welfare of the world! At this moment I woke up.

[The dream gives a clear indication that in far future the world will be in peace by the grace of God-the-Preceptor after overcoming all agitations. The whole mankind will be under the grace of Diamond.]

Abandonment  of  worldly  knowledge—indication  of own’s  spiritual  capacity     

374)       4th October, 1979. Thursday .  Place :  Ghatshila .     Early morning dream:  In the first scene I saw that Dhiren Mondal  and I had appeared for a final examination. I wrote my name on the answer paper. The examinees were 3-4 in number. The examiner distributed the question papers which were on political science.

But failing to answer anything, both of us came out submitting the blank papers.

In the second scene I saw that I came out of my previous house at Kadamtala, Howrah (1953-1962) out of anger.

In the third scene I saw that  Jibankrishna had come to my residence at Kadamtala and it  seemed to me that he has come back again after his physical death. I became overwhelmed with joy as I could again get the accompaniment of the Holy Ghost.

It was then 8 A.M, I thought that I should go to him before going to school. So I started and on the road I met Jibankrishna. He was coming back from his walking. Seeing me Jibankrishna passed his hand on my body and head and went back home. I thought that I would go to Jibankrishna now. So I went to Jibankrishna’s house. But from outside I went on thinking that Jibankrishna would take rest now, so it would not be proper to disturb him. With these thoughts I looked inside to see what Jibankrishna was doing now and noticed that his body was transformed into Dwijendra Nath Roy’s body (He is a companion of Jibankrishna and resides at Ghatshila). He was bowing dowing to Sri Ramkrishna Deva’s photo hanging on the wall. So I went on waiting and at this moment the dream went off.

The first scene shows that the seer’s brain has become incapable of being entangled with any worldly affairs as it has become saturated with only spiritual matters and so the same with Dhiren Mondal.

The second scene shows that the seer is becoming devoid of his body matter. Here the house depicts body.

The third scene is linked up with the second one thus: Jibankrishna had been transformed into Dwijendra Nath, whom he used to say the most suitable body of universal austerity as Dwijendra Nath was free from all prejudices. Here the seer is going to have the same effect in future.

Indication  of  gaining  sense  of  Oneness

375).     14th  October, 1979 . Sunday.   Place :  Makardah.     Early morning dream:   First I saw Dwijendranath Roy of  Ghatsila .  Then saw a man named Ratan. Dwijendranath told me that Ratan had a nice Gobindabhog rice (Best quality rice with fragrance), and to take that from him. But when I told Ratan about the rice, he showed the same with half quantity broken and half intact. So neither me nor Dwijendranath liked it. I said that I would buy rice from the market. Hearing this He said, ‘I have more superior quality of the same rice and I am giving it to you’. I said, ‘You give that’. Then dream went off.

Rice is the symbol of knowledge of Brahma or Supreme Self  in individualism. Here Gobindabhog rice is the best quality which is the symbol of knowledge of ‘oneness’ in universal austerity.  Dwijendranath also symbolizes the same. Here there is a clear indication that the seer will have the knowledge of ‘oneness’ in future.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 18, September, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Rama is only One but He has got thousand names”.

Rama – (Lit:) means One.

This saying is coming down from generations to generations but no proof of it has yet been set up.

In individual realization there is no proof of it. You have got to believe the speaker. But to believe is no religion. Religion is based on the Universal Truth. It is meant for one and all. Universal Truth bears its own proof. ‘Diamond’ is seen within them by thousands and thousands and it is a positive proof that in the spiritual world the human race is identical with ‘Diamond’. They see, they announce and they evince. Such is the wonderful force of religion. Yes, ‘Diamond’ is One in the spiritual world but He has got millions of different names and forms in the outside world.

  1. “All the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras – all scriptures, they seek Him and no one else, only that One Sat-Chit-Ananda”.

Him – Who is this Him?

There is no other ‘Him’ anywhere else, save and except, a Man becomes God and it is proved and acknowledged.

Sat-Chit-Ananda – is a state of individual Bliss. It is not a mental calculation. This Bliss comes over a man in Samadhi. His two cheeks will be seen swelled and his face will have a reddish glow with ecstasy.

There is an Universal Satchidananda in the form of a living human being and He unites all into One in the spiritual world. Nobody will call Him – “Jala, Water, Aqua or Pani” – in different appellations. On the contrary, the Buddhist sees Him within and calls Him ‘Diamond’. The Jew sees Him within and calls Him ‘Diamond’. The Moslem calls Him ‘Diamond’. It is but ‘Diamond’ and One and no other appellation. So we find here a mark of departure from “The Universal Catholic Church of Sri Ramkrishna”.

A gulf of difference lies between “Jala, Water, Aqua, Pani” and ‘Diamond’. Here the latter is pointed out in the Vedas and it is ‘Reality’; whereas, the former is symbolic and based with the view of toleration though no toleration is yet come in all the ‘Isms’ i.e. the sectarian religions of the world.

  1. “You see all the women but they are only She – the Divine Mother”.

It is but Individualism – self-created fancy– sectarianism. There is neither ‘he’ nor ‘she’, nor Sankhya, nor Vedanta; but there is Reality – the real life of a human being.

Thousands and thousands of women see within them Diamond in their own places without physically coming in contact with Him. Yes, it signifies, outwardly they are women but spiritually they are One with Him. The operation is carried on in the Mahayoga having its origin in the Mahakarana – the cause of which cannot be known but its effect reveals the Truth.

In individualism one man sees and in the case of Diamond, He does not see but thousand others see.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 18, September, 2016

Aniruddha Bhattacharjee.

1991 A.D. Aniruddha Bhattacharjee from Bahirari, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:

I saw in my dream that I was telling my friend, ‘Since now I shall not remain in any discussion other than Jibankrishna.’ As soon as I said this, the inside of my body was shocked and felt a great divine joy. In the next scene I saw a paddy straw dump behind our house and it was fired. Thinking that the five might spread I shouted ‘Fire! Fire! My dream was off.

[In the first scene the spiritual condition of the seer is indicated. In the second scene also all the defects of the seer were removed straw is the roughage which means unwanted prejudices.]

Manidip Ghosh.

Manidip Ghosh of Chaupalli Reading center (Birbhum) is an undergraduate student has narrated his dreams:

1991 A.D.

1.I saw in a dream that a butterfly sat on a flower. Bright rays of light was emerging from its eyes. Suddenly I saw that in the junction of the light emerging from the two eyes thumb like Jibankrishna was seated. Then my dream was off.

2.In the house of Babai, Snehamay uncle, Bulbuli and I had assembled. We were doing something there. Then the darkness came in the evening. It was so dark that we could not decide how to go time. Suddenly Jibankrishna came with bare upper body and wearing a white dhoti. He gave a torch to Snehamay uncle and said, ‘Take this torch, don’t worry.’ Snehamay uncle took the torch and all of us bowed down to Jibankrishna. Then my dream was off.

[ In the first dream thumb like Jibankrishna gave his grace to the seer. In Upanishad Atma or Soul or God was described as thumb like God’s light. Jibankrishna is Atma.

In the second dream it is indicated that God-the-Preceptor guides the seer with his light of knowledge.]

1992 A.D.

3.Uttam and I were standing beside a pond near a microwave centre. A thread was immersed in a pond. Its end was fixed on the land. We store inside the water and began to draw the thread. But with surprise we saw that it was a snake instead of thread. With fear we got up from the water. But we saw that it was not a snake, it was a thread. So again we got down in the water, but again saw that it was a snake. This was repeated thrice and in the fourth attempt we saw that it was a thread. When we drew it, we saw that goddess kali came out of the water. I was scared and touching my forehead with two hands I bowed to her with closed eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw that instead of goddess kali Jibankrishna was seated on the water with the posture of meditation with one hand in the posture of giving safety. The dream was off.

[God-the-preceptor was giving the seer his grace and protection.]

Haimanti Ganguly.

1991 A.D.

I dreamed that I had gone to Babydi’s house. I picked up a tumbler full of water from the well. The face of Jibankrishna was seen in the water inside the tumbler, and with surprise I was watching it. Then my dream was off.

[The divine consciousness of the seer spread all over. Again the meaning of water is life. So the seer was seeing the form of Jibankrishna inside the water, as Jibankrishna is another form of life.]



Volume 18, September, 2016

Chapter 43

Full-fledged individualistic austerity has manifested only in Jibankrishna, none in the world will have

October 25, 1960:

Today a new comer Satyaranjan Das has come to Jibankrishna. He saw a dream which is as such. He was seeing a fare with a narrow path. On both sides there were shops in rows. The path was blind on one side. The shops were off different types. Some were sweet shops, some were groceries, some were garment shops etc. These shops were attached with each other. The seer was walking looking at the shops. In the mean time suddenly earthquake started with storm. Being scared the seer began to flee away, but failed. He was falling on the ground again and again and was rolling on the ground.

Suddenly there was an oracle, ‘To get something fully one has to tolerate this storm and earthquake’. The seer shouted, ‘I cannot do it’. When the earthquake stopped the storm was not fully stopped. The seer got up and saw that an ox raising its horns chased him. There was no way out. With a great fear of life he jumped and entered into a shop. It was a sweet shop. He saw the shopkeeper but showing his unconcerned attitude was seated there. With a minute look he noticed that the shopkeeper was Jibankrishna with smiling face. Just at that moment he saw that a mad person with a laughing attitude came and told him, ‘You did not take sixteen annas (hundred percent), so give me something. I shall purchase sweet and eat’.

At this moment the seer woke up and noticed that he was sweating. The pillow and bed became wet and his throat became dried up.

Jibankrishna – Can anyone of you say what he has seen? After a silence he said, That fare is this world and is full of diversities. His mind was during that time extrovert and so he was roaming with gay. In the mean time the storm and earthquake came means his Kundalini and life force became manifested simultaneously within his body. He fell down which means he could not resist such power. Then he heard an oracle, ‘To get hundred percent he has to bear this storm’ and he shouted, ‘I cannot take it’. It shows that hundred percent individualistic austerity will not be achieved by anyone in this world. The earthquake stopped and the storm subsided which means his mind was becoming calm. Then the ox chased him which means, without hundred percent austerity the animal passion will chase which a man carries with his birth. Still they will get the shelter of God. And that mad man is fake that means this world who shares has right though it is to a little extent, as the mad person is wanting a little amount. But see, this is the individualistic interpretation. In individualism no such question arises.

Jibankrishna will annihilate the darkness of mankind

November 11, 1960:

The reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on in Jibankrishna’s room at Kadamtala, Howrah. While listening Bholanath became engaged in meditation. After a long time when the meditation was over, he told Jibankrishna, ‘In my meditation I had a vision. I saw that within an illuminated light you were standing, and just in front of you it was complete dark. Within that darkness something was moving, standing within that light you were blowing within the darkness continuously and as far as you were approaching the darkness was removing and the place was being covered with light. It seemed as if by such continuous blow you will completely break the darkness. With this thought my body was shivering.

Jibankrishna – It clearly shows as all of you know that I shall annihilate the darkness of human race by appearing within the body.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams after reading the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’

November 13, 1960:

A new comer told to Jibankrishna – It seemed that I had seen you in dream before coming to you. It was about two weeks ago. Hiru (A companion of Jibankrishna who brought the new comer today) gave me the Foreword of your book ‘Religion and Realization’. After reading twice of thrice I saw you in dream wearing this Punjabi as now I am seeing in reality.

Jibankrishna – Now-a-days I see that by reading the Foreword some people are seeing me in dreams. And you are quite lucky that after seeing me within you, your soul is liberated in this lifetime.








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oneness the future universal religion


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 17, September, 2016

Chapter 62

The sense of Oneness is the true knowledge

April, 1960

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) has mentioned the term ‘knowledge’ so many times, but never explained what is this knowledge in true to sense. He has said, when ‘I’ ego exists, it is not termed as knowledge, but when ‘He’ exists, it is knowledge’. But what does this ‘He’ mean, he has mentioned? No, this is not the knowledge. This oneness what we have achieved here is the true knowledge, And this should be donated by mankind. Here the human race is donating this knowledge to me. Otherwise nothing stands.

What has happened here? The human race is announcing ‘We have seen you within us and we are one with you. So what has happened? You are giving me this knowledge that I am all human beings.

There is no incarnation (Avatar) in One-ism

April 4, 1960.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘Avatar (Incarnation) is for a devotee,’ – \what does it mean! Thakur had so many Avatars – but that is applicable for individualism. He is Avatar to himself. But what is there? There is only oneness. Here all are one. There is no devotee, no incarnation. What will remain – only oneness. There are no two. That means the question of devotee and God does not arise here, and who are announcing? Not I, but you are coming and informing me. Then who are eradicating all these? You are doing it, isn’t so? Then what happens? These old tradition in the spiritual world is being eradicated by you, and you can understand what is the meaning of seeing me within you?

Atma or Soul is a form of a living human being

April 7, 1960.

Rishi (Sage) Jagyabalka (In Upanishad) was saying to Usasta – “Your soul is the self of all beings.” So far Usasta and my own self are concerned it is all right, because Usasta is a living human being and I am also a living man. Here Jagyabalka has made a near approach, though could not say the real thing. He meant soul as Atma and Atma is within everybody Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) ultimately getting nothing discarded that Soul or Atma. And what we have got here? What does Atma mean? It is the form of a living human being. What they had said about Soul meant only hypothetically.

The origin of devotional religion in India and the unity in diversity

April 7, 1960.

Do you know from where this devotional cult has come? Listen – when Romans captured Palestine and made inhuman torture on the Jews, some of them fled to the South India. Thereafter we find five Alvers. These Alvers were influenced by the Jews. These five Alvers were Sankaracharya, Ramanuj, Nimbar, Madhacharya and Ballavacharya. This means that whoever wrote the interpretation of Brahmasutra, none could avoid the influence of the Jews.

Then after seven hundred years the Muslims came to South India in connection with business and influenced the Alvers with Islamism due to fallen Hinduism and trodden Budhism. Now what are the religions of these Alvers? These are Emotion and Devotion. We get these things in Jews also. For example Ezakiel used to have ecstasy. In such a manner the Bhakti cult (Devotional cult) was formed in South India.

In next centuries this devotional cult was established in North India by Nanak, Kavir, Tukaram and Mahaprabu (Sri Chaitanya).

Now come to the issue of Religion of slavery. Have I not told you if a foreign student of Philosophy studies the religions of Sri Chaitanya and Mohammed, what will he conclude? He will say that Chaitanya preached Islam in the garb of Hinduism. This devotional cult is the Non-Aryan Cult- Cult of slavery, not at all a cult.

I knew that the Alvers had no ‘A’ class proteins, without ‘A’ class protein a Cult cannot be formed. Now what is our Cult? This is a Cult of self evolution. Nay, this is a Cult of my own. I shall unite the whole world. Nothing is required. Here there is no recitation, no meditation, nothing is required. Here there is no recitation, no meditation, nothing is required. If I exist, I shall control the spiritual world. I am the Cosmic Law. I permeate the five elements of the world. From there I shall create unity. I am merged in the five elements. This is called ‘Mahakaran’. Do you know how does it happen? It is like pollen of flowers which fall on barren flowers without our knowledge and ultimately produce fruits. This is the void according to the spiritual scholars which they cannot see or know.

[This phenomenon was revealed in Jibankrishna’s life and the effect was not only seen in his life time but is still seen among myriads of people after 45 years of his death without their knowledge.]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 17, September, 2016


Nidhis Mukherjee from Baruipara lane, Kolkata was devotional from his childhood and had divine dreams sometimes. In the year 1964-65, once he saw in his dream that he was flying and ultimately reached a room. He entered into the room through the open door and saw Sri Ramkrishna lying on his cot. With folded hands Nidhis sat in front of him with kneel-down posture and then and there Sri Ramkrishna touched his leg on his chest and with a posture of blessing he kept his right hand in upward position. The dream then went off.

In 1967, he was transferred to N.R.S. Hospital  from Bagbazar office. Going everyday to the office by bus he was acquainted with Jyotirmay Basak who was a regular companion of Diamond. After  a long time he introduced Arun Ghsh, another companion of Diamond with him.

On 1st November,1979 Jyotirrmay took Nidhis to the residence of Raghunath Sen at Taltala where regular discussions on Diamond used to be held. He was so attracted that he used to go there at regular intervals. Now he got peace and divine joy in mind having regular divine dreams.

15th June,1980. Sunday.

At noon time was reading the magazine ‘Manikya’, Gospal of Sri Ramkrishna and Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond. After finishing reading, he was thinking with a great ailment that Diamond used to appear among so many people in dreams, but why he does not appear in his dream? Then he slept and dreamed. He saw in his dream that along with his elder brother and his sons and daughters he went for a walk. After a while he noticed a dog chained with his hand. They approached and ultimately saw a bridge on a calm sea. They crossed the bridge and entered into a jungle. After walking a distance he told his brother, ‘let us go back, otherwise it will become dark while returning’. Here the first scene vanished. In the next scene he saw that they had reached a locality and handing over the dog to one of his friend they returned home by a car. The house was very huge.  After a while the friend came there keeping the dog there. While Nidhis was getting down from top floor to catch the dog, he saw himself floating in air and then caught hold of the dog.

Next scene :- Someone was telling Nidhis, ‘do you know the sweet shop of Kalakanda (a type of sweet)? He answered, ‘there it is at Amherst Street’. Next moment Nidhis saw himself standing in-front of that shop and noticed that Diamond was holding some small earthen glasses in his left hand. He was the shop owner and was selling continuously two sweets in each glass. After a while he observed that a young man was also working at the shop. Somebody said, ‘The shop-owner is the father of that boy’. Then Nidhis saw a customer who gave Diamond one rupee, though the customer was not clearly visible. But Diamond did not return the customer twelve annas (3/4th of one rupee). He kept the balance in a packet of sal tree leaf and told that with this money it can be enjoyed with ganja (hashish) and sweet. The dream then went off. But there remained a repentance in Nidhis’ mind that Diamond never talked to him. Yet the consolation was there that after a long time he could see Diamond in dream. In the dream he was seen with dhoti with bare upper body just as he is seen in photo. Thereafter he saw Diamond in many of his dreams.



Volume 17, September, 2016

Chapter 80

Blessings of God-the-Preceptor upon the seer and his narration of previous dreams to Diamond

369)  13th August, 1979, Monday:

Early morning dream: I was seated in front of the Diamond with many other companions, but none of the faces were remembered. I was telling him, ‘After a long gap I have seen you in a dream.’ Saying this I narrated my dream seen on 06.08.1979, ‘you have again come back after your physical death to give companies to us. I had gone to you and come back. Again I would go to you. It was morning time and I had to go to school but had in my mind that what would be the utility of going to school. You had come back and I would require nothing else except spending days with you only.’

Hearing this Diamond being lost in ecstasy said, ‘Oh my boy, what should I say about the inner meaning of this dream! Oh my boy! See, what you have noted about your dreams in a copy book, you should bind it and tell Indu (Indranath Mukherjee, a companion) to read and discuss with others at Taltala (Where devotees assemble for spiritual discussions). I shall be staying for some more days – I shall listen and it will be beneficial.’

I told him, ‘I have seen another dream a long while ago (1.12.78). This dream shook my mind for a few days. I am seeing the inner part of my spinal cord.’ While I was narrating this dream, huge noise of the students of Birla High School were heard due to Tiffin break and it was seeming to me that they all sat in a room of the school along with a number of devotees but except Dhiren Mondal none of the faces couldn’t be remembered and Diamond was seated beside me. Paying no attention to the noise I went on narrating, ‘Inside the spinal cord I am noticing near the pelvic zone in between 3rd and 4th plane, a light whitish condensed form of fog like substance moving upwards and downwards. Seeing this I am saying, oh! This is the condensed form of life force’!

While saying this I noticed that Diamond was going to enter into Samadhi State, but he was managing to control it and sometimes he was looking very strangely at my eyes.

Then I went on narrating, I am ‘then saying to that life power – Hey, why are you here! Go up! Go up! As soon as I noticed that the life force began to go upwards in a very rhythmic manner.’ Hearing this, Diamond said, ‘See, it will be rhythmic, otherwise this would have been something else.’

I continued again, ‘Then I am seeing my palate – which  seemed to me a place of ‘Mahakarana’ where if the life power reaches death occurs.’ While saying this, I was hearing the hullabaloo of the students outside and the loud conversations of the devotees inside and in the midst of these a sound of falling of somebody’s spectacles was heard. Diamond snubbed, why did the spectacles fall’? I noticed that everybody kept mum and a devotee Mrityunjay Roy was entering the room. I sat without talking with a hope to finish the rest of the dream but at that moment the dream went off. So the rest of the dream could not be narrated.

One remarkable thing was noticed within the dream that it seemed to me that as if Diamond had come to accompany the devotees and after this he would go back to Nirguna or Infinity. Another thing came in my mind within the dream that Samadhi had come under the control of Diamond. Further development might come in the spiritual world.

One thing was not said to Diamond where I was thinking to witness death, but in lieu of that I saw Mrityunjay (who has conquered death) entering the room which indicated that in spite of physical death I have grown the power of having perpetual spiritual body. The dream also indicated the achievement of very high brain power.

Vision  of  good  symptoms

370).     22nd August, 1979.  Thursday.     Early morning dream: I spent a long time in the residence of my mother’s friend. Her name was Sulakshana(Good symptoms) whom I used to call aunt . Then the dream went off.

For the namesake the dream indicates that the seer will have many good realizations in the long run.

Gaining  of  power  from  Nirguna  or  Infinity

371).     28th August, 1979. Tuesday.    Early morning dream:   I spent my time at the residence of my friend Nisith. His house had become three storied instead of one story.

Here the dream indicates thus:   Nisith mean dark which depicts Nirguna or Infinity. Power comes from Nirguna.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 17, September, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Had Keshab Babu been a genuine one, then his disciples would have in a better plight”.

“Like father, like son”, they say.

The yogi gets the spiritual self, in the shape of his own image, transferred and established within the body of his disciple and takes his charge. He is seen to accompany him everywhere. He talks, guides and instructs him. In the spiritual world the disciple is thus uplifted.

But here in Keshab Babu it was not so found.

  1. “A man must be renouncing everything, then his teaching will be accepted by all”.

Renouncing everything – It is Vividisha. No renouncement can be made by self-exertion. Yes, he may give up everything, but yet he has got to eat. The time honored custom of living on alms was discarded by Thakur. He accepted the post of a priest and then a pension. His life recommends an honest living for one and all. He opened a new era in the spiritual world for one and all. An extraordinary phase of his life is painted herewith. Was he a Paramahansa or a Babu? No Paramahansa was ever seen throughout the length and breadth of India in an ordinary dress of a Bengali gentleman, yet he was a Paramahansa. Even a man like Gouri Pundit Jeered him saying, “Hallow, where are you Paramahansa Babu”? His dress announces that a Paramahansa does not require any special dress. Everyday dress is sufficient.

‘Renouncing everything’ in the yoga means separation of body and the Self. When true and actual separation comes within, this Paramahansa becomes an Universal Self when he will be seen by thousands within their own bodies.

The actual meaning of the term Paramahansa is that whose spiritual self in the shape of his own image travels from one human body to another human body. Renouncement cannot follow, succeed, establish, or prove itself without being Universal.

Teaching will be accepted – Whosoever used to come to ‘Diamond’, he used to say, “Well, God is within you. He will assume a form and shall teach you”. The result used to be that the man so addressed got ‘Diamond’ either in dream, or in trance, or in meditation, or as a man alive in an awakened condition. This seeing of ‘Diamond’ within, declares renouncement and teaching both combined and its acceptance is announced by the seers.

  1. “Adhyatma Ramayana contains only statements of Jnan and Bhakti”.

It does not mean harmony. There are statements of Jnan and Bhakti in the Adhyatma Ramayana and it means the author has placed the Semitic cult and the Eternal cult of the evolution of the Life Power in the human body side by side. The former is self-imposed and the latter is natural; nay a bit more, the real revelation of the Self. Semitic cult is the ‘set-up Siva’. Evolution of the Life Power is the ‘Siva coming up piercing the womb of the earth’ (Muladhar in the body). It is called the Aryan cult.

  1. “Sometimes Keshab used to declare you as John the Baptist”.

This declaration of Sri Keshab does not convey the sense that Thakur was John the Baptist and Sri Keshab was Jesus Christ. It has got a deeper sense. It is not yet established but its advent is observed. This is Universalism and Oneness in the spiritual world and Thakur paved the way for its manifestation.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 17, September, 2016

Sukumar Chatterjee

Sukumar Chatterjee from Surul (Birbhum, West Bengal, India) has narrated two dreams thus:


1.I saw in my dream that one of my friend in the hostel told me, ‘I have seen you in dream.’ I asked, ‘What have you seen?’ He said, ‘I saw that you have become Jibankrishna and each of your ten fingers have become Jibankrishna.’ The dream was then off.

2.I saw in dream that I was walking in a mango orchard. Seeing a bird in front of me I threw a stick towards it and the stick penetrated its body like an arrow. Suddenly that bird was transformed into a monk. I asked him, ‘Who are you?’ Then I saw that he gave a stern look at me and began to grow larger. Out of fear I was going to flee but he said, ‘There is no way out. You are fixed with my look. Then I saw that he began to grow larger and larger and ultimately became large like the whole world. I had goose bumps and for a long time I could not speak. I felt a mixed sensation of fear and enjoyment and then my dream was off.

[Bird – Soul or Atma; The reference of arrow is mentioned in Upanishad as such]

The bird became monk who is God, because God is the real monk. Then he became as large as the world. This has also been mentioned in Upanishad like this.

Here the monk is Jibankrishna or Diamond who has his blessings on the seer.

Sikha Goswami

Ms. Sikha Goswami from Sural (Birbhum of West Bengal State, India) has narrated her dream thus.

One night in the year 1991 I dreamed that I had gone to one of my friends’ house and got up on the roof type through steps. On one side a group of girls were seated weaving white sari and on another side a group of boys were seated wearing white dhotis. I noticed surprisingly that the faces of all the boys and girls were the faces of Jibankrishna. Then the dream was off.

[Atma or Soul is one in all and the form of Atma is the form of Jibankrishna. So he is within everybody. The seer had such experience.]

Nabakumar Bauri

Nabakumar Bauri from Surul, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated some of his dreams thus.

  1. A.D.

After hearing the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) I had a few dreams.

1.One of my friends asked me, ‘What have you known about God?’ When I started to answer I felt that no words were coming out from my mouth and saw that Jibankrishna was seated inside my body. He told me, ‘Tell him that with whom you are boasting, with whose power you are speaking and working. He is the God and He is within your body’. Then my dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor is making the seer introvert and giving him the knowledge that God is nowhere outside. He is within the human body.]

2.Sri Ramkrishna was telling me, ‘Don’t be hasty, you will have many realizations’. The dream was then off.

3.Next day in the early morning I saw in my dream that at first Sri Ramkrishna, then Jibankrishna and lastly Swami Vivekananda appeared before me and said the same words and then said, ‘You have achieved ‘Brahmagyan’ (knowledge of the Supreme self).

4.After three days of the previous dream I saw in trance in my school that it was 5 A.M. I woke up but did not leave the bed. I saw that beneath my feet there were two earthen containers on the occasion of marriage ceremony. They were kept one above the other. On the body of the higher container the illuminated form of Jibankrishna was seen. I saw it with full attention for a long time. Then it disappeared.

[The container in this body. The form of Jibankrishna is always awakened within the body of the seer.]

5.After a few days I saw in my dream that I was lying on my bed. Suddenly Jibankrishna entered into the room with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. From his chest diamond like illumination was coming out. After a while he disappeared.

[The seer is always enlightened with the God’s light.]

6.I saw in a dream that I expired. But nobody was feeling sorry. Instead of that everybody was enjoying. After a while my another form appeared there and everybody was looking at me with great surprise. I told them, ‘My actual form has left. I am the second ‘Naba’. Then and there I woke up and became surprised with such unusual dream.

[The ego consciousness of the seer is gone and a divine consciousness has appeared within the seer.]



Volume 17, September, 2016

Chapter 42

 Seeing Jibankrishna in the eye in dream as a person in the eye mentioned in Upanishad

July 1, 1960

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that a saint was talking too much about these traditional religions. I said to him, ‘Say whether you have seen God?’ He could not give any answer and glared at me. Then I said, ‘Will you see?’ If you want to see God, then look at my eyes and see that Jibankrishna is in my eye’. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – It is a strange dream! This is mentioned in Chandogya Upanishad. The Purusha (Person) is seen in the right eye.

Human being will be guided by Brahma (Supreme Self) in future from inside

July 18, 1960

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream first I saw a Tantrik (A person who performs austerity by the process of Tantra). He was saying, ‘To get God something is to be performed’. Hearing it I told Abala, ‘What is he saying! By exertion God has to be achieved! And we saw that by God’s grace He is achieved. Jibankrishna says the same thing’. Then Abala and I walked out from there. I saw a guava was touched on my head. I picked up one and when I tested it, seemed to be quite tasteless like a dried unripe fruit. I spitted it outside my mouth. Abala told me, ‘You have sacrificed this fruit in Gaya for your dead father’s soul, and you are eating it!’ I said, ‘this is nothing to me’. Then both of us came to the road where we met many of Jibankrishna’s companions. I also saw that you were walking ahead. While going we noticed that a trolley was moving on the rails. It was very strange looking. A woman was seated inside. She was fully covered except the face. As soon as you touched the trolley it stopped. The woman got down from the trolley and stood on one side of the road. We did not care for her and got up on the trolley. It began to move at once. The woman stood like a statue on the same place. We were approaching and ultimately reached a field. It was fenced. Everybody somehow crossed that fence and jumped on the field. I was thinking that I am short height, so how can I cross this fence! And I had no capacity to cross the fence. Then you touched me and I saw that I was standing with others on the field. Here the dream was off.

Jibankrishna – The first phase of your dream is showing you the result of the austerity by the process of Tantra. One has to spit it one day. The second part is showing that human beings are confined in the body with ego-consciousness. So long what this body wanted human beings performed that i.e. eat, drink and be merry. So long this primeval power (woman) controlled this body. From now onwards Brahma (Supreme Self) is driving this body chariot. Where did He take? Into a field with fencing which is this cerebrum. And you also reached the cerebrum (seventh plane) crossing this fence of ego-consciousness by the touch or grace of Brahma. The most prominent feature of the dream is that from now onwards the body sense will not guide the human being. It will be guided by the Supreme Self from within the body.

The dream comes true in reality

August 27, 1960

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – A few days ago Gopal saw in a dream that Bidhan Roy (Then Chief Minister of West Bengal State) was saying in a lecture that this year the production of paddy would be so much that the State would be self sufficient. We did not require purchase of paddy from anywhere. And Kali Babu came today and said that the production of the Khariff paddy was so much this year that the cost of paddy fell down remarkably in the market. Then with production of Monsoon paddy the cost will fell down further.

Now we see that there are effects of dreams in reality.







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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 16, August, 2016

Chapter 61

Man is Brahma with infinite power

April, 1960.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘In Ramayana it is mentioned that though Rama looks like human being, yet the Universe is within him.’ Why he did not explain that this Universe is within every human being? Though he knew that there was no existence of Rama anytime. If he would have said that this Universe is with every human being, what would have happened? The man would become restless and try to see this. What they are doing? They have kept the man aside, not allowing him to know that he has immense power within him.

The Vedic Rishis (Sages) are saying, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’(I am Brahma or Supreme Being), as if they tried to say that only they became Brahma, not others. No, they meant to say that each and every human being is Brahma.

Listen, this was the country where if a man used to utter the Vedic hymns, hot lead used to be poured in his ears. What should be said for these affairs! And to retain these mentality this Vedic truth disappeared from their bodies. Where it was uttered ‘I am Brahma’, people of the same country are using cow-dung and urine as sacred offering for purifying the bodies, worshiping snakes, cows! This is your religion!

[Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad has mentioned:

When a man (the Vedic sage) thinks he is about to depart, he says to his son,’Thou art Holy Knowledge (Brahma). Thou art sacrifice. Thou art the world.’

Verily, whatever has been learned (from the Vedas), the sum of all, this is expressed by the word ‘Knowledge’ (Brahma). – 1.5.17]

When the world is centralized within the body it can control the spiritual world

April, 1960

What is the own self? Everything including the realizations in ascent and descent is the own self. See, when I saw water in pranamay Kosha (Sheath) it is my own self. When I saw light in the fourth plane, it is my own self. Then in the fifth plane and sixth plane there I had realization and ultimately in the seventh plane I visualized God’s light or Atma or the great Soul. Thereafter I gained this knowledge that I am not body but the Atma or Soul. Then I saw the universe within this Soul, then saw the manikin form of God (Manus Ratan) in the Avatarhood – All these are the ‘own selves’.

Then what happened? I have become this universe – these are all the own selves. But what happened here? Am I saying that I have become all these which I am visualizing? No! you are  saying, ‘Sir, you are our own selves, that means just the reverse of Atmagyan (Self – knowledge). There is more after this – Now you are all of us. Now what will happen after this? I shall visualize this living universe within me, that means this universe will be centralized within me and I shall control this world (spiritual).

I have realized now that this is an absurd data that all the people of the world will come and tell me that we are you. This is not possible. When this world will be centralized within me and I shall realize that I am controlling this spiritual world, then only this will be correct. It menas whatever will arise spontaneously in the spiritual world, that will flash within the human race. This phenomenon has been mentioned as ‘Sadvidya’ in Kashmir Shaivism. Though it cannot be concluded unless it manifests.

What is true Religion

April, 1960

Do you know what is the meaning of divine knowledge and devotion? Divine knowledge is the Aryan Cult and devotion is the Non–Aryan. They have meant the devotion as self–mortification and the mixture of these three are their divine knowledge and devotion. Whatever I have seen are all prejudiced. What is the meaning of Religion to me? The revelation of the hidden and unknown power of this human body. To know that infinite power of this human body is the religion.

Difference between Vedas and Upanishads

April, 1960

Whether Upanishad accepted Vedas (the ritualistic performances)? I have read before you, but none of you couldn’t conceive. Do you know where the Rishis of Upanishads are contradicting the Vedas? When they are describing the ‘Yagyas’ (Fire ceremony), they are saying ‘when the priests are entering the arena of the fire ceremony, they are chanting – Procession of dogs chanting – ‘Om let us eat, Om let us drink.’ When the priests were entering the arena of the fire ceremony, surely they were chanting the hymns of Vedas. By taunting in such a manner what did they mean? They were eradicating the Vedic hymns. That means they were not accepting Vedas (the ritualistic performances). But not only so, they contributed a new thing.

Jagyabalka was telling Usast Chakrayan, ‘It is your Soul which is the inner self of all beings.’ But what this Soul means, they couldn’t say. And what proof we have got here? We have got here the form of a living human being which they meant Soul. What does it mean? There is no necessity of Chanting hymns. Don’t go anywhere. See here! I don’t know a single word of any hymns, but all these realizations are manifested within me.

[Some thousands of years ago, Mundaka Upanishad mentioned about two kinds of knowledge – the traditions of religion and the knowledge of the Eternal (Upanishad):

It was mentioned that Rishi Angira was saying to Saunaka, a house holder, “There are two knowledges to be known – as indeed the knowers of Brahma are wont to say, a higher (Para) and also a lower (Apara). [1.4]

Of thee, the lower is the Rig-Veda, the Yajur-Veda, the Sama-Veda, the Atharva-Veda, Pronounciation, Ritual, Grammer,Definition, Metrics, and Astrology.

Now, the higher is that whereby that imperishable is apprehended. (1.1.4-5)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 16, August, 2016


Ms. Anindita Mondal lives at Ichapur, 24 Parganas (North) of West Bengal State, India. From the very childhood she used to hanker after one question – from where man comes, where does he go; why is he born and why does he die.

When she was 14-15 years old, she took interest in reading religious books. But still her thirst was not fulfilled. Lastly she got in hand the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and she felt peace. She read that Sri Ramkrishna was saying that God can be seen, only to call him from the core of the heart. Gradually she grew a great regard and attraction on Sri Ramkrishna. Whenever she fell in great agony or sorrow, she used to call Sri Ramkrishna. She had this belief that he has such force in his words, when he has said that God can be seen, one day she will find the right path.

Then in due course of time she finished her studies, got married and entered fully in family life. When she was going to give birth of a child, she came to her own house at Lake Town, Kolkata. There frequently she used to go to her father’s friend Sambhudas Chatterjee at his residence to hear discussions on Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond. Shambhudas gave her two issues of Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’. After reading the book she was mesmerized and incidentally she was introduced with Dhiren Mondal, a regular companion of Diamond. She took five issues of the magazine and the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond.

But still her thirsts were not fulfilled and one day she went to another companion of Diamond. At the first meeting he seemed to her to be so familiar. He gave her many issues of the magazine.

Then the day came when she dreamed Diamond.

The first dream was like this

Dream 1:  It was the month of September,1993. She saw a huge fair with illuminations all round. It was too noisy and surpassing that noise she heard murmuring hymns. She tried to find its source and ultimately came out the circle of the fair. She saw a thin figured monk with clean shaved head and a Kamandalu (brass bowl for keeping water) was reciting the hymns. She began to run after him, but before catching hold of him her dream went off. [He was Diamond who was the real Saint and recognized later on by his photo].

Dream 2:  January,1994.

She saw herself alone standing near a great ocean. Everywhere the blue water was seen with a foam waves and she was taking bath. She was enjoying and the touch of the water was producing a great divine joy within her mind. The dream went off, but she always feels the joy. [The ocean is the ocean of God or Supreme one and the seer experienced the touch of it].

Dream 3:  May – June,1994.

After completing the reading of the magazine, she slept and saw in the dream that the large heading ‘DHARMA-O-ANUBHUTI’ of the Bengali book (written by Diamond) was seen in the air. The dream went off.

[The effect of reading the book is being established in her.]

Dream 4:

One day in 1994, she saw in a dream that she had gone to a hill with two roads on its two sides. On the hill top there was a white marble flower – half sprouted. With a great astonishment she kept on looking at that scene, as if she had come here to visualize God. She then took another road and noticed a house. Inside the house there were a large number of people and the noise was coming. As soon as she stood near the door, a middle aged married lady, wearing a sari, covering her head took her hand into her hand and entered inside. They reached a place through a lane. That was like a portico with a mausoleum. While she was saluting with her knees down on the floor, observed that an old man was seated beside the mausoleum in a semi-shady place. He had a little beard half black half white and giving her a look with a sweet smile. She fell on his feet with crying and felt a pain in her chest. He was no other than Diamond. And the dream went off.

[By the grace of the Holy Mother she met Diamond the Supreme One.]

Dream 5:  13th November,1994.

In the dream Anindita felt that her consciousness was going to be dissolved and then felt a great divine joy. She lost her feelings of her body sense and after a while she uttered ‘Om, Om’! Then she got back her body sense and saw her father-in-law standing in front of her. He told her, ‘now you see, you can do it. Why were you saying that you had not got your initiation for worshiping deities’? Here the dream went off.

[The seer had the experience of loosing body sense.]

Dream 7:  September,1995.

Anindita has come to a narrow corridor. There was a circular room in front and she was seated on the floor outside the room. Inside there was an image of the Goddess of serpent. In front of the image 2-3 persons were seated. One of them was a woman. They were very arrogant looking. She felt very funny looking at them and asked, ‘well, what is the gain of worshiping such image’? They looked at her furiously and said, ‘why do we worship for gain’? But Anindita was not afraid and said, ‘yes of course, to achieve Godhood we worship.’ They said, ‘who are you to say all these? Have you seen God’? She answered, ‘yes’! As soon as she uttered these words she felt that she was emerging into the ocean of bliss, and an image of God in the form of Diamond sitting on an illuminated mat appeared in front of her. She was completely drowned in the ocean of bliss. When she got back her consciousness, she had still the feeling of bliss. Then those men told her, ‘It’s only once’! Anindita answered, ‘No! No! Whenever I want to see him, he will appear before me’. The dream went off.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]



Volume 16, August, 2016

Chapter 79

Indication  of  starting  of  new  phase  of  austerity

364).     14th July, 1979.  Saturday.   Early morning dream:   I was walking on the shore of the river Ganges somewhere, as if I would go to a certain place. Reaching there observed a bamboo fence with a gate. Beside the gate there was a watchman inside. As soon as I reached there, I opened the door. Then I went to another direction through that place. Within a short while I found myself in the residence of a devotee Arun Ghosh. He arranged a great supper for me there. I observed that very big sizes of sweets like Ladykenies were being taken out from big jars. Then I sat inside a room. The supper became ready. In the beginning I was served with soup and spices in a fine looking boul and as II began to take the soup after mixing spices I had to wake up by my mother’s call. It was then half past four A.M.

The dream clearly corroborates the dream seen on 14.6.79 indicating that a new phase of austerity is going to come in the life of the seer. The indication is thus: The seer is entering through a gate to another place and ultimately is found in the house of a devotee whose name is Arun meaning rising sun and is served with a great supper which means a huge number of more realizations are going to be experienced by him.

Purification  of  spiritual body  for  new  phase

365).     21st July, 1979. Saturday.   Early morning dream:   I saw that my mother became ill. I kept my mother’s body on my lap and within a short time noticed that she had recovered from her illness and the dream went off.

The meaning of the dream is that the spiritual body of the seer became somehow faulty and ultimately got rid of it to be suitable for new phase of austerity.

Indication  of  new  realizations  and  their  stability

366).     22nd July, 1979. Sunday.    Early morning dream:   I saw that a big supper was arranged for me in one of my familiar friend. The items were pulao with the finest rice and plenty of fried fishes. I went on eating. When I got back my sense, after almost finishing the items, realized that still then my mother and two others were left to eat. I also couldn’t eat more and found that some pulaos  and fried fishes were left. So I asked his mother, ‘These are still left, will it be  enough for you’? My mother said, ‘This will be sufficient for us’. Then II took a huge size fried fish and went on eating. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream corroborates the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna in his gospel—‘Mother gives somebody pulaos, fish curries etc …….’, Here it means that  mother, i.,e., Adyasakti or the Holy Mother is pleased on the seer, and will give superior realizations to him. Here the seer is going to get more and plentiful superior realizations. Fried fishes means stability of realizations as was said by Jibankrishna. This means that the effects of all the realizations are going to be stable within the body of the seer in future.

Merging of dream with reality

367)  1st week of August, 1979.

As I could not have a nice sleep in the first half of night, at the end of very late night I felt sleepy and in a trance saw that a very senior devotee Dwijendranath Roy of Ghatsila of Bihar (Now Jharkhand) was narrating some facts. Within the trance I was telling him ‘I could not hear it properly as I am feeling very sleepy. After the sleep I shall hear it properly.’ All the facts seemed to me to be a real one. But actually when I woke up from sleep, I realized – Oh! I was dreaming so long!

The dream means that I have grown this sense that reality and dream are identical as per Vedanta.

Dream and Reality became identical 

368)   6th August, 1979, Monday.

Early morning dream: I heard that Diamond had again come back to his residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. I was ever whelmed with joy. It seemed to me that Diamond again reappeared after his physical death. But everything seemed nomal to me and as usual I went to Diamond’s room, had some conversations with him and then came back as if the next day again I would go to him. At that moment I had a feeling that leaving everything I should spend my days with Diamond only.

Then I had a break in my sleep and within a short while had a trance and again had a feeling that when Diamond had come back, I would not go to school to-day. I was feeling then the existence of Diamond at his residence at Kadamtala and the whole incidident seemed real to me. But at that moment I actually woke up from sleep.

[This dream indicates that reality and dream is becoming identical to me and this feeling is going to be stable in my body. Moreover I had an experience of getting accompaniment of the Holy Ghost after a long gap. And after thirty years, such situation came when leaving all professional fame and work I had to spend days after doing work for Diamond].



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 16, August, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Year ago, it was spoken by Vaishnavcharan (a Vaishnava admirer of Thakur) that when a man would attain Perfect Knowledge, he would see God in man”.

How does God look?

It is not explained or spoken. It denotes a different story. There is no God anywhere else. A man becomes God. Of course, he is fully aware of it. But the thing does not stop there. The announcement of the attainment of the Godhood will be made in a wonderful way. The people will see Him within and they would make an open declaration (Vide the Preface).

It is not Avatar which has its origin in the Dravidian or the Semitic or the non-Aryan religion. “Man becomes God” is the perpetual truth – Sanatan Dharma.

Avatar is Individualism, whereas Prefect Man is Universalism.

This Avatarism or Dualism in another form has created the greatest discord in the human race; whereas, this Prefect Man uproots the seed of discord from the heart of the man and unites all into One. This tune of Oneness will be sung by the human race and not by the Prefect Man. This is that ‘Point of Union’ sought by Swami Vivekananda for bringing harmony in the midst of this great turmoil in the names of different religions ruling rampant in this beautiful earth.

  1. “Narayana in the guise of the sadhu.

           Narayana in the guise of the cheat.

           Narayana in the guise of the Jealous.

           Narayana in the guise of the lecher”.

How does Narayana look?

No reply to this extent has been given by anybody. From time immemorial it is the conviction that the one and same Atman is in the heart of everybody but no proof has been set up for it. It becomes hypothesis. It is declared by Swami Vivekananda. “All religions of the world are hypothesis”. The long and short story of the theme is that one realizes and the rest of the human race has got to believe him. The individual realization is no realization. An Universal realization is religion as it is meant for the whole human race. Yes, a Man becomes Narayana. When He becomes Narayana He will be Universally seen in the shape of His own person.

What about the individual realization of this Nara-narayana?

Yes, there is a realization. When a man becomes Narayana by his own internal realizations he dreams that on the palm of his hand he has got Salagram Sila, a symbol of Narayana worshipped in India. But this is Individualism and it is but a seed and ultimately the seed becomes a tree and the tree bears fruit and the fruit is tasted by the whole human race. They come to know by seeing Him within that they are also Narayana in different forms and names. So everybody is Narayana. There is no bar for becoming Narayana.

  1. “She alone knows why she assumes the two aspects – terrible and compassionate in her at the same time”.

It is spoken of the human body. The image of Kali represents this human body. A man in his own body has got these two aspects – one is animal and the other is divine. Lesser the animality, greater the divinity – but this divinity in a man comes out automatically annihilating the animality, or in other words, this human body is such a wonderful machine of the Mother Shyama that it converts all the evils into Universal goodness, that is the Universal Self – the form of a living man – the attainer of Sukram (Purest of the Pure) in the Vedic term.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 16, August, 2016

Seeing Jibankrishna in reality

Gautam Goswami from Charupalli (Bolpur, Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated his experiences. In the year 1991 I was going see my clock to know the time. I was holding a hurricane. I saw in my open eyes a man inside the clock. He resembled Jibankrishna. I was scared and came back. When next time I again went there I could see nothing.

[The seer saw Jibankrishna as time because clock is the symbol of time. Time is merged in Atma or Soul. Jibankrishna’s form is Atma. This has reference in Upanishad as such.]

Bharat Mondal from Surul, Birhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated his dreams as such:

  1. In the year 1991 one night I saw in my dream that reading was going on in a room which was fully packed with listeners. All of them was unknown. I went to see the book properly and just at that moment the name of the book became large in size. I noticed that the name was ‘Dharma- O – Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version). I saw that the reader was Snehamay. There was no place to sit in the room, still I wanted to sit. But due to objection from other listeners I came out. I thought that probably Snehamay would call me, but he could not notice me and my dream was off.

[The book of Jibankrishna or Diamond became the mile stone to the seer. It will be part and parcel in his life.]

2.Another day in the year 1991 I saw in my dream that a marble like object fell into a sea water and immediately a bubble came out of the water. It was then transformed into a lotus. I saw tha Jibankrishna was seated on that lotus and then my dream was off.

[Sea water- Sea of God, Marble – seed which was transformed into Jibankrishna; Lotus- Cerebrum or seventh plane. Brahma is seed and at the same time infinite.]

Tapan Ghosh from Surul (Birbhum, West Bengal, India) has narrated his dream as such:

I saw this dream sometime in the year 1991. In our pond a huse gold fish was trapped in the net. I told me father, ‘Leave the fish.’ But he did not agree. At that moment the fish talked like a human being and told my father, ‘He is right, leave me, Then I forceably released the fish and left in the pond. At that moment I noticed that the fish had two legs like a man. Next I saw that my father went away. It was then night and the moon was seen. I was standing there still. Suddenly the fish appeared and said, ‘Go home now.’ Then and there the fish was transformed into a golden lotus and I was that Jibankrishna was seated on it. The dream was then off.

[Fish is the symbol of Atma or Soul; pond – the cerebrum or seventh plane; Golden fish – Atma looks like golden color – and is transformed into the form of Jibankrishna because the Atma is the form of Jibankrishna. The seer visualized all these.]



Volume 16, August, 2016

Chapter 41

The Religion of Jibankrishna is beyond Samadhi

June 17, 1960:

Netai Ghosh (To Jibankrishna) – I was seeing in my dream that a good number of people were fed in this room and standing on a place you were telling me, ‘Bring the page of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna where Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was telling Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) to cross the region of Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God and it is the zenith of individualistic spiritual realization).

Jibankrishna – Just see what is happening here! Our phenomenon is beyond Samadhi, though I cannot manifest it myself. If it manifests spontaneously then only it will serve the purpose otherwise there is no other way.

Indication of the seer’s spiritual condition

June 18, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Today Bhakatji came. He saw in his dream that I was telling him to give a lecture standing on a platform. I know the meaning of it. Whomever he will say about our phenomenon he or she will achieve this Supreme Cult.

Visualization of God is indicated to others and the forecast of Jibankrishna on future world

June 19, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To listeners) – Pravat never agrees that he has visualized God. Ultimately his wife saw in dream that Pravat has visualized God. Yet he disagrees. Then he himself saw in dream that he was coming to me after getting down from the bus at Kadamtala and saw that a crowed was saying very loudly that he has visualized God.

Now what is the meaning of this dream? The meaning is that whatever I shall say, the world will say the same thing. There is another thing above it, but I should not say now. Let it manifest in its own way.

Jibankrishna’s form exists within every human being unknowingly

June 21, 1960:

Bholanath Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) – Last night I saw in my dream that several group photos of ours were taken. There were some familiar and some unfamiliar persons. Just in the midst of us you were seated. When the last photo was taken, it seemed to me that I should show you one photo. But I noticed that in each photo only your outline was seen whereas we were prominent. Showing you a photo I asked you, ‘Why your figure is an outline?’ You were smiling and then said, ‘It is because you could not recognize me properly, and so I remain a mystery. But you are prominent to me’. Here the dream was off.

Jibankrishna – What should I say? It was clear in your dream. But listen to another meaning. I am in every human being unknowingly whether they see my form or not.

Samadhi in dream is above the realization in meditation

June 26, 1960:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – My brother-in-law was ill. I was called in the midnight. After finishing the nursing I went to sleep at 3.30 A.M. I dreamed that you were *** on a cot and I lied on a platform. I asked a man beside me, ‘Is he sleeping now’? He said, ‘Yes, he is in Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God) for ninety five minutes’. Then i looked outside through the window and saw some dogs. Somebody chased them and they fled. Then I drove out a herd of cows. After that I woke up. My family members said in the morning, ‘After 3.30 A.M. you could sleep for 95 minutes’.

Jibankrishna – What a strange thing! Did they say to you in the morning that you could sleep for 95 minutes! It means that you were in Samadhi for 95 minutes. In the meditation such realization is something, but in dream it is much superior.








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(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 15, August, 2016

Chapter 60

Spiritual immortality is achieved through oneness

February – March, 1960

Let me ask you, whether you have become immortal or in other words have you achieved immortality? Give proof whether you have become immortal. See, if ‘one’ is wiped out, what remains? Nothing, Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Give me one and I will give you million.’ That means, in this world ‘one’ is the eternal truth. Only

‘One’ exists in this world – it was in the past and will exist in future. When ‘oneness’ will be achieved ‘Immortality’ will automatically be achieved.

How will you eradicate ‘one’? Because you exist. As you exist, so ‘one’ will exist.

Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) oneness is the combination of Swami Vivekananda’s ‘Point of Union’and Nagarjuna’s ‘Abalokiteswar’.

February – March, 1960

After 500 years of Lord Buddha’s death Nagarjuna imagined three forms of Buddha –

Abalokiteswar Buddha, Amitava Buddha and Maitreya Buddha. These three Buddhas would come in the world to liberate human race.

And then after imagining these three images Buddhists started worshipping them.

Abalokiteswas Buddha, he made an oath that unless a single human being remains without liberty of Soul, he would not take ‘Parinirban’ or liberty of Soul. He made this oath, but does that materialize? No, not at all! There is no proof whether such person was ever born on earth.

But what we are getting here? First let us know the meaning of this term ‘Abalokiteswar’. The real meaning is the God can be visualized. Another meaning can be like this – He, who has visualized God. Both the meaning can be appropriate.

When He is seen, He exists outside which means the God who is seen both inside and outside, and he is a living human being. When we see him inside, he is the form made of light and he is Amitava Buddha. When he is seen inside by all establishing oneness, then he is Maitreya Buddha. Unless he is seen unity o oneness can be established.

So this Abolokiteswar Buddha merges with Amitava and Maitreya Buddha.

Such doctrine of Nagarjuna established such indication that, when the whole human race becomes baptized into Buddhism only then they will achieve such state. So what did it prove? Nagarjuna could not avoid the fanatic doctrine. But what Swami Vivekananda mentioned crossed all fanaticism when he said, ‘Let each and every religion be there, there should not be any conflict, but above all there should be such thing which will unite the human race – Point of Union.

But he could not clarify the meaning of ‘Point’.

Here what we have got here? Nagarjuna’s  Abolokiteswar and Swamiji’s ‘Point of Union’ – both combined. Here nobody has to leave his own religion. Let them stick to their own belief in religion. But above all what has happened here? To see my form within. But is anyone leaving his own religion? No!

Past is dead

February – March, 1960

‘Immortality of Soul’ – from where this has come? From the Vedas, where they have mentioned Soul as immortal. When they realized that the physical body was mortal, they said that Atma or Soul is immortal. But where is the proof that Atma is immortal? Then there will be no answer.

Do you know where is the proof? That book of Swami Avedananda (Life beyond  Death) and planchet! Oh! That is a great fraud! We cannot conceive these things. Just see that ‘Sradh’ ceremony (Ritual performance on the dead person). What they are doing? They will say, ‘We are performing the ritualism of the past memory.’ What is the gain? That means, you are instructing the human being to go back to the past, of course, there are many who get pleasure with the past, not with the present and don’t know the future. But what is its gain? The past is past. Human being cannot live with the past. He wants something new. ……. Had I have wealth, I would have perform an experiment with you like this. I would have dressed you with tree bark like stone age and leave you on open road. Then I want to see how many of you would agree!

See, to live with past means to humiliate God. He is infinite. So will He be limited within the past?



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 15, August, 2016


Mrs. Sikha Banerjee, 200 W.S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata. Since 1980-81 Sikha Knew me in connection with her son’s study at Birla High School. I often used to give her matters to copy for my magazine ‘Manikya’. And with a great pleasure she engaged herself with this work. In due course of time she began to have divine dreams which gave her great peace and joy in mind in spite of so many hazards in her family life.

On 29th December,1996, at about 11 PM she sat and began to read the book ‘Amritadhara’ (Messages of Diamond). In page 10, she read – Jibankrishna is saying, ‘a man is born with innumerable prejudices of his family, country, clan etc’. When she read it, it attracted her too much.

Then early in the morning she saw in her dream that her mother (expired) and she was running to a temple to worship with different materials required for worshipping. They were accompanied by many ladies. But it seemed strange to her that both of them were well behind in spite of their great attempt to hurry. At last they reached the temple, and saw many ladies wearing saris with red border and the priest was worshipping. He accepted her mother’s materials offered for the deities but when she wanted to offer her, he rejected and said, ‘I will not accept your offer’. He was surprised hearing it and said, ‘why, am I late’? The priest said,’ no, you are widow and a widow cannot offer to god’. She burst into tears and thought, why? He did not reject her mother’s offer! Everybody was looking at her with great surprise. But it was strange that within a short moment she checked herself and stood calmly. She thought, it was good that all the prejudices of ritualism were eradicated from her mind. In reality also she was free from these ritualistic ceremonies.

3rd January,1997, Friday.

For a long time Sikha had been copying the matters for publication in the Bengali magazine. To-day this copying came to an end and she felt a great peace in mind. Next day early in the morning she dreamt that along with her mother and brother she was staying in her room. She noticed that everything inside the room was burnt to ashes. Her mother was crying and she was scolded by her brother. But she stood quite unconcerned observing how everything was burnt to ashes. She felt no attraction, no grief, no sorrow, and shed no tears. Then the dream went off.

[Later on in her real life this came true. Her husband, only son died in cancer. She fell in a great financial crisis. But in spite of all these hazards she was quite strong mentally and always felt peace in mind with divine joy, passing days with Diamond’s philosophy.]

First week of December,2008

One day early in the morning Sikha had a dream. She saw a wide road like Eastern Metropolitan by-pass of Kolkata with big trees on both sides. There was none on the road. She was walking with a gentleman. He seemed to be her ex-teacher named Prankrishna. But again it seemed that he was Jibankrishna or Diamond. She was telling him not to accompany her, but he was not listening to her and held her hand saying, ‘let us go, I am accompanying you.’ She was repeatedly requesting him not to come with her. At that moment a question came in her mind that this hand did not belong to her teacher, because he was black-complexioned. This hand was a fare-complexioned and the gentleman wore full sleeved Punjabi. Instantly it flashed in her mind, these hands belonging to Diamond? Though in such a darkness she could not see him clearly. And she was continuously requesting him to leave her hand to allow her to walk alone. But he was not listening to her request at all. At this moment her dream went off and instantly it was clear to her that he was Diamond himself.

[She realized that Diamond as God-the-Preceptor will guide her throughout the life.]

4th February, 2009. Wednesday.

Early in the morning Sikha saw in a dream that a man was seated in a posture of meditation on a high place. His backside was facing her. He seemed to have black complexion with hairs upto neck. Somebody was saying, ‘he is Jibankrishna (Diamond)’. Sikha thought that Diamond had fair complexion what she has heard. So why should he be black complexioned? (every night before going to bed she prays to him’, you appear before me in dream with your real form’). However, that voice continued to say, ‘He is Jibankrishna’. Then her dream went off and she went on thinking, had she really see Diamond! Sikha is leading a life with divine peace in spite of numerous family hazards and seeing divine dreams.



Volume 15, August, 2016

Chapter 78

Prevention  of  leaving  the  accompaniment  of  devotees

359).    5th June, 1979. Tuesday.   Early morning dream:   In the residence of one senior devotee Raghunath Sen at Taltala of Kolkata during a discussion about Jibankrishna between me and another devotee Dilip Mitra he began to oppose me. I was realizing that he was not correct. But when he continued opposing, I said, ‘I am going away from here’. He noticed that others sat without saying anything. On my way to leave the place I was searching for my clothes, but could not trace anything. I was groping again and again but ultimately could not trace it. I throught at that moment then I could not leave them. Meanwhile the dream went off.

[The meaning spontaneously flashed that the seer cannot leave the accompaniment of devotees at the present moment for any reason.]

Visualization of the previous dream’s snake

360) 8th June, 1979, Friday :

Early morning dream : I saw the same snake on a table as seen in the previous dream on 19th May’79. I said to myself, ‘Oh! This is the same snake as seen in my previous dream’!  It was lying on the ground almost half dead. Then the dream went off.

[The previous dream was as such:

Early morning dream:  A thread like snake was first seen. It was highly poisonous. I pressed on the ground firmly so that it could not do any harm. It lied on the ground almost half dead. After a long time it went away somewhere almost lifelessly. The dream then was off.]

This type of repetition of dreams seemed to be very strange and no specific meaning came out. One interpretation can be drawn that snake represents Kundalini which represents Tantra. As in my case the austerity of Vedas (Spontaneous evolution of life power) has manifested, so Tantra becomes defunct as it gives stress on exertion for achieving God.

Exposure  of  new  cells  of  brain

361).    14th, June,  1979 .  Thursday .   Early morning dream:  Suddenly I heard a sound like opening of a cork from a bottle and hearing this sound I woke up.

The dream indicates that probably a new call exposed in the brain and new realizations may occur very soon.

Lamp  black  on  glass

362).     Last week of June, 1979.   Early morning dream:   I saw a lantern in front of me in which the top was not fixed properly. I fixed it properly as this was not lighting well. But I noticed after fixing the top that the glass of the lantern had been painted with lamp black and here the dream went off.

The dream indicates that the seer may have some frailties which would be recovered in its own way.

Stability  of  ‘Dharma  O  Anubhuti’  in  the  seer’s body and future publicity of Jibankrishna’s name among Oriya people

363).     7th July, 1979. Saturday.   Early morning dream:   I was traveling by a state express bus. I was carrying the Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ written by Diamond and 2 to 3 more English books (Religion and Realization). For some reasons I got down from the bus and left it. But being absent minded  I left all the books in the bus. I became doubtful whether I would get back the books. But again it came in my mind that at least the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ was there, if anybody got it, that would be of great blessings to him. Still I went forward a far distance with a hope if I would catch the bus. After a while an Oriya gentleman told me, ‘I have kept the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ with me, while other two books I have auctioned at Rs.5 each’. I said, ‘This amount you take. At least ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ is there’. Then I woke up.

The dream indicates that ‘Dharma o Anubhuti’ will be intermingled with the seer throughout his life and its many realizations will become stable in him. This was corroborated long before in a dream where Jibankrishna told the seer, ‘You will write the 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ although he had no idea of the existence of 2nd and 3rd part of the book. It meant that the austerity mentioned on those parts will be experienced in the life of the seer in future which was proved in due course of time gradually. Another aspect is indicated that in future Oriya people may have experiences with the ideology of Jibankrishna.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 15, August, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Not this, not this – process enables one to get Atman collected and accumulated in the seventh plane. When one, in the process of ‘Not this, not this’ gets Samadhi in the seventh plane then Atman is accumulated”.

Realization succeeds realization from the first plane to the entrance of the seventh plane. The aspirant is but a seer and the realizations follow from one plane to another as the awakened Kundalini marches on to her destination in the cerebrum. Here in the seventh plane Kundalini is transformed into Atman – the essence of Kundalini. Thakur very adroitly pointed it out in the metaphor where the snake held a chase and the frog tried to escape near the vicinity of the skull with rain water of the Swati star. The frog jumped over the skull. The raised hood of the snake spat the venom in the skull. As venom bespeaks the essence of the snake so Atman is the essence of the human body. But each and every iota of the transformation of Life Power comes spontaneously. ‘Not this, not this’ – indicates motion in upward move as the seer never utters this and the visualization of Atman does not take place within a day or a week or a month or a year but it takes twelve long long years and four months after the appearance of God-the-Preceptor in the body and furthermore there are other bindings and conditions.

A man gets real Samadhi in the seventh plane when God-the-Preceptor shows the Atman to the aspirant and the consciousness (pure one) of the seer remains within the Atman from where he sees and hears. He sees God-the-Preceptor to merge in the Atman. Yes, there is Samadhi in the sixth plane, known as Unmana Samadhi. The scattered mind is collected and placed in the sixth plane and Ishta or god or goddess with forms are seen and even in some cases God-the-Preceptor shows it to the aspirant.

  1. “After seeing God and being acquainted with His attributes and characteristics as if He is the dearest self of mine, one is called Vijnani”.

This is the realizations of Atman or Self as termed ‘the realizations of the Vedanta’ or ‘Videha Sadhan’ as the realizations come after the aspirant has got the knowledge that the he is not body but he is Atman. It has five aspects and it is already stated.

  1. “The pure mind acquires an attitude of Self-hood”.

A man’s mind becomes Pure after seeing Atman.

Attitude – Bhava – his own thought has taken the shape; it is not fact or reality. It is an illusory state, a far distant echo of the Reality to come after a long time.

Self-hood – I am all.

Here it is spoken of Bhava, the real thing comes in a different way. Pure means perfect. The force of this perfectness is a miracle. The people will see the Perfect Man within their own bodies and they shall declare it and that tantamount to the declaration that we are one with Him.

The knowledge of ‘Self-hood’ has got two aspects; the humanity shall be seeing the attainer of Brahma and the attainer shall be seeing the mankind in Him i.e. “One is All and All is One”.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 15, August, 2016

Chabi Banerjee.

Mrs. Chabi Banerjee from Surul reading centre (Birbhum district, WestBengal, India) has narrated her dream thus; In the year 1991, one night I saw in a dream that I was going to Kedarnath (A sacred place in the high altitude of the Himalayas). To go to one place horse riding was necessary. I was going riding on a horse. All the horses belonged to one owner and he was looking after all the horses. He wore a dhoti and had clean shaved head. I told him, ‘See I am feeing pain on my legs. I cannot go like this’. Then he said, ‘Well, I am making proper arrangement.’ Saying this he brought a small horse and made me sit on it. While riding my dream was off. After a while I realized that the owner of the horse was Jibankrishna. Then my dream was off.

[Horse – Life power, Different horses means life power of different capacities. This varies according to different human bodies. According to the capacity of the life power Jibankrishna or God the- Preceptor guides the seer.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in physical body

Biswanath Chatterjee from Charupalli (Birbhum district of West Bengal state, India) has narrated his experience how he saw Jibankrishna in physical body.

It was the year. For a few days I was hearing about Jibankrishna I attended the reading centre of Sridhar Ghosh’s residence for listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma –O- Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version). I enjoyed reading this book and at the same time I was surprised hearing that he is seen in dreams, trances etc.

In the meanwhile one day I had a strange experience in the reading centre. Snehamay was reading and all of us were listening. At that moment I saw in my open eyes that Jibankrishna with bare upper body and wearing dhoti was sitting beside Snehamay. I was once looking at him and again listening to the reading. It continued for a number of times and then he disappeared.

[The seer gets Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor and also saw him in reality by his grace.]

Jibankrishna or Diamond in Sun

Ms. Rupa Pradhan from Charupally (Bolpur, Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated her dream thus:

One night in the year 1991 I saw in my dream that an old man was telling me, ‘Will you visualize God?’ Listen, if you see a person in the sun, you should know that is God.’ Then the sun was rising. Out of fear I was going to flee. But a wall was created on all the four sides and a form of Jibankrishna was seen inside that sun. Then my dream was off.

[In Isha Upanishad the version is like this.]

Golden Jibankrishna

Malabika Mahato

Ms. Malabika Mahato from Charupalli ( Bolpur, Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated her dream thus.

In the year 1991, one night I saw in my dream that after taking my bath in a pond while I was coming back home I saw a golden statue of Jibankrishna was standing in front of me. He became alive and told me, ‘Extend your palm’. So I did that and he put a sweet on my palm. Then my dream was off.

[Golden-Atma or Soul; Golden Jibankrishna- Golden person described in Upanishad as the Supreme Being who poured blessing on the seer.]



Volume 15, August, 2016

Chapter 40

Vision of own self in the mirror

April 14, 1960:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a strange dream. I was seeing a mirror and in it instead of seeing my face I was seeing your face.

Jibankrishna asked Sudhin about its meaning. Sudhin said after thinking a while, ‘It is the ownself’.

Jibankrishna – Then, who am I?

Sudhin – You are becoming God, we have to admit.

Jibankrishna – But I am a living human being. Why should I accept the term God? A living human being is one with God in the spiritual world. Rather I should term ‘Inner Man’.

The Atman or Soul of the whole human race is the form of Jibankrishna

May 19, 1960:

Jibankrishna was discussing about immortality. He said, the cell of immortality exists in this body. Can you take it out? No, not by exertion, if it manifests spontaneously then only it will do. Yes, this cell opens, but  that is confined with individualism. But that is of no use.

Dhiren Roy then narrated two of his dreams:

In one dream seen a few days ago I saw that from one of your eyes fire was emerging and from another eye the smiling impression was seen. In reality just now it flashed in my mind and so I told you.

A few days ago I saw another dream:

I was seeing that a mango fruit was swinging from the branch. I was looking at it thinking that I was standing here alone and as soon as it would fall down I would get it. But strangely it did not fall but burst in the tree and spread in the whole world in powdered form. What had I seen?

Jibankrishna – Oh! Oh! What should I tell you? Just a few minutes ago I was saying that your longevity could increase my longevity and so you were shown that the mango fruit spread throughout the whole world in powdered form. But still it is confined with individualism. When it will manifest is reality then only its proof will be achieved. Otherwise it will be merely hypothesis which has no place in my brain my boy!

Dream comes true in reality

May 28, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To Dhiren Roy) – Moni Babu had a dream. In reality his grandson became ill. He dreamed that I had kept him on my lap.

When he came and narrated the dream, I said, ‘He was not I, He was God. So when God had taken him on lap he would recover’. Though it may have another meaning. He may die. But ultimately the boy recovered.

Indication of the seer’s spiritual condition

June, 1960:

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a peculiar dream. I was seeing that I was going somewhere by a jeep. Ultimately it took us to an old fort. There were no steps. The path lead to the fort.

After going there I was seeing through a window a man named Jyotish. Then returning from there to our house I was seated on the long corridor. Some people were seated there. They were telling me, ‘We shall see Jibankrishna’. I told, ‘I am opening my mouth, see him inside it’. I felt that during that time I was having a state of Samadhi (Profound meditation merging in God). My face was then transformed into your face and seeing it they were saying, ‘There is Jibankrishna!’. Then I saw that you were seated in all of them.

Jibankrishna – It is a very good dream. It shows that you and I are one and at the same time the dream is showing your preaching power. Ultimately you may have to do this job.







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