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By Diamond picked up in the street


Place: – Temple of Dakshineswar

(Henceforth Shri Ramakrishna will be spoken of as Thakur” when required as it is so done in the Gospel)

3)  “The place where all holiness have met.”

According to the Vedas, there are seven planes in the body, and according to the Tantra there are six circles (Chakras). These planes and circles are made of God’s light and they look alike save and except the seventh plane about which Tantra is silent.

Tantra is a treatise of self-realization in the form of Divine Mother and in the end it gets merged into the ultimate reality. But in the process it does not reveal such various forms of manifestations of God as is done in the Vedas and Vedanta.

These planes or circles are called holy places as God manifests Himself, and by His manifestations they are made holy.

After crossing the sixth plane, Kundalini—the life power—has entered the seventh plane and is transformed into Atma, God. He is seen. All holiness meet there where there is God.

4)   “In Puri, as if Shri Chaitanya, with Ramananda, Swarup and other  Devotees were talking about the sports of God in the body “.

This is but the second chapter in the life of Suka where God, devotees and God’s sports come together and are spoken off.

5)    “When once you hear or utter the name of Hari or Rama and hairs on your body stand on end and on your body stand on end and tears roll down …”

God is called by some ‘Hari” and by some ‘Rama’ in India. God and His name—appellation—are one the same. Because God in form (Saguna Brahma) is ultimately transformed into sound (Nad) and also vice versa, God is evoked, remembered and he responds immediately. This response fills your body with a thrill of pleasure. These tears and standing of hairs on their end are but outward manifestations all over the body of the response of God within.


Mrs Sibani Dhol residing at Baguiati, Kolkata narrated her experiences thus:

In my house a reading centre was opened in the year 1987 where reading of Diamond’s book and Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna continued for a long time regularly. After the demise of my mother-in-law the reading was stopped for some days.

During this period, one day I was having my sleep at noon time. I suddenly heard in my dream that somebody was pushing me saying, ’Hey! Get up! Biva is coming for reading Gospel! I am going to listen it. You also come!’ I hurriedly got up and everything.

Strangely, Biva was not supposed to go for reading in my house. Something flashed in her mind and after coming to my house she saw with surprise that I was waiting for her. I then told her about my dream. This was my first dream..

Once I had a heart attack and was admitted in a nursing home. There I had a dream. I saw that a person with illuminated body was taking me somewhere holding my hand. I was feeling to walk. I asked him, ’Where are you taking me? I am uncomfortable in walking.’ That Holy man asked me,’ What do you want?’ I said.’ I only want divine devotion, and want so that I feel no trouble at the time of death.’ He said,’ that will happen.’ My dream went off and realized that the person was Diamond.

One day reading was going on at the residence of Biva and I saw in trance that Diamond was listening to the reading standing on the floor.

[On March9, 1999, Mrs Dhol expired. Upto her last days she used to attend the reading ofGospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Religion and Realization.

After her demise one lady of the reading centre dreamed that Mrs Dhol was standing in the misdst of the cloud in the sky. Another listener dreamed that in the sky Mrs Dhole was seated on the lap of Sri Ramkrishna.]

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