Religion and Realization


MARCH –1882

Place : –  Temple  of  dakshineswar

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  asThakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

1. “ Speechless  stood shri M and kept on looking ”

( Shri M is the pseudonym of Shri Mahendra Nath Gupta, the author of the Gospel  of Shri Ramkrishna .)

Everyone looses his voice when God is seen . To loose one’s voice means to get one’s inner-self transformed into God. At the sight of Shri Ramkrishna, Shri M has lost his voice . He, without his knowledge, has become transformed into God : but here it is a meagre sign of inner transformation (Samadhi ).

The voice of Ramkrishna has made God get awakened in the body of Shri M Thakur is before the eyes of Shri M and his voice is also heard, so Shri M is speechless .Thakur is Gos in flesh and blood and a living image of Satchidananda or the Supreme Bliss .

2.    “ As if Sukadev in person were speaking out the process of Manifestation of God in the body”.

Shri Aswini kumar Dutt ( a devotee and patriot of Bengal ) once asked Thakur about Shri Keshab Chandra Sen ( leader of Brahmo Samaj ) . Thakur replied, “He is a God’s man”. The reply announces that there are God’s men . Our Shri M is also God’s man . Along with Avatar comes the retinue of Avatar, Both Shri M and Shri Balaram Bose (a devotee) were seen by Thakur in the company of Shri Chaitanya (the founder of the Vaishnava sect in Bengal and an Avatar) with open eyes .

Shri  M is a God’s man and he is seeing the world with divine eyes . He sees the inner truth and speaks out truth—‘Sukadev in person’. Sukadev was the son of Vyasa. He related the process of the transformation of the lower-self into the Supreme Bliss in the body . He was looked upon as an ideal monk of India. Suka was a living image of manifestation and emanation of God’s knowledge in the body. He was not so by self-assertion but he was so made .

This mythological hero Suka is a perpetual one. It is not true that in days of yore it was so and it cannot come into being again. In the body where God will get Himself in spontaneously manifested in full measure, the very same man will be a Suka-the living image of God’s knowledge and he will relate God’s sport in the body to mankind .

At the age of eleven, Thakur was on his way to the village Anur. God emanated and manifested Himself in Thakur and Thakur;s inner-self was transformed into God (Samadhi). From the very same day ‘Thakur’s inner-self got converted into another Suka in embryo . This happening in Thakur was a rare one as it exceeded the record of Sukadev .

It was so recorded in the Purana—the old record—that Suka was twelve years in the womb of his mother. Then he came out .

At the age of twelve years four months, God’s-the-Preceptor assumes a human form, made of God’s light, appears in the body, gives him His Bliss denoting the whole future life of the devotee in a single word, teaches him the whole process of yoga (Rajyoga), the method of transformation into God, and then disappears

The God is in the body. The man is not aware of Him. He comes out and makes the man conscious of divinity in him. The man sees all these occurrences. Now Suka is born in the body in embryo .

Then commence “Sadhan” or transformation of the innerself  into Supreme Bliss. Innumerable are the conditions and realizations through which the inner-self passes and is transformed till it reaches the void zone where no ego or the last tinge of feeling exists (Brahmajnan). Then Descent follows, God in the body comes down first from cerebrum to throat , then again from cerebrum to the waist and lastly in the form of a manikin ‘Manus Ratan’. This manikin speaks out the process of God’s sport in the body. “Mother, I do not speak but you speak”. –Shri Ramkrishna .

Here God in Thakur has been addressed as mother.

Life of Suka has got only two chapters. The first chapter contains the history of emanation and transformation of God in the body till finally he becomes ‘Manus Ratan’. The second chapter is to relate and transfer his realizations to others. To hear all these narrations from very month of Suka himself produces an off-hand realization and to read these narrations will also render a secondary realization. But these realizations vary. They are conditional and keep in tune with the emanation of God-of course, spontaneous in every case from the body .

Religion and Realization
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