What is this divine dream and diamond all about

The Truth in the Vedas, the spontaneous evolution of the lifepower innate in a man and its manifestation and the experiences have been revealed in Diamond’s life who was born in 1893 at Howrah district of West Bengal, India.

His lifelong spontaneous divine realisations starting from 12 years 4months age have made him the ‘Supreme One’ as described in Upanishads, thus appearing in innumerable people’s dreams during his existence on earth and even now leading each and everyone to achieve the Truth.

This web page is prepared with a view to publish divine dreams and experiences of numerous people who came in contact with him and at the same time of those who are still seeing Diamond in their dreams and in physical body even after his demise in 1967.

An attempt is also made to publish the excerpts from his book ‘Religion and Realisation’ and his eternal sayings on a new concept of spiritualism.

In addition, I am going to publish my own divine dreams experienced after coming in contact with Diamond which is still continuing. These divine dreams indicate many aspects of the spiritual life of myself as well as the future world which are as follows:

 1. My own spiritual condition and progress as guided by ‘God-the-Preceptor’;
 2. Vision of far and near past future;
 3. Effect of my dream on waking world;
 4. Vision of Prophets, gods and goddesses with inner meaning’
 5. Near and after-death experiences and effect’
 6. Annihilation of time and space’
 7. Experiences of telepathic conversation, time-machine, fourth-dimensional condition, space-ship traveling with light-speed to other solar world indicating superior brain-power.


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